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									                                     DISTRICT OF SOOKE

                        Sooke Economic Development Commission
                                        September 9, 2010
                                7:00 p.m. Municipal Meeting Room
Committee Members Present:
           Bryan Mooney (Chair)
           Neil Flynn, Sooke Region Tourism Association
           Gwen Fisher, Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce
           Dana Lajeunesse
           Lorien Arnold
           Steve Grundy
Council:         Councillor Sheila Beech
                 Councillor Herb Haldane
Staff:           Evan Parliament, CAO
                 Bonnie Sprinkling, Corporate Officer (Recorder)
                 John Zaremba, Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce
                 Laura Byrne, Engineering Tech
                 Sarah Temple, General Support Clerk

Members of the Public: Frederique Phillip, Terrance Martin, Wayne Nowak
1.       Call to Order
         The meeting began at 7:00 p.m.

2.       Approval of Agenda
         MOVED to approve the agenda with the addition as New Business letter
         received from Blair Cusak, Chair, Juan de Fuca Economic Development

3.       Adoption of Minutes:
         MOVED that the minutes of June 2, 2010 (as amended) and August 11,
         2010 (no quorum) be adopted as circulated.

4.       Delegation – Penticton Ironman Experience
         Laura Byrne and Sarah Temple

         Laura Byrne and Sarah Temple gave a powerpoint presentation on the
         Penticton Ironman they attended August 29th, 2010 to determine best
         practices for a potential Sooke Ironman experience. Should the Ironman
         take place in Sooke, we need to:
             • Look for business support
             • Rally the community, develop year-round support
             • Give back to the community
             • Safety first
             • Invest in Capital to support events

District of Sooke
September 9, 2010                                        Sooke Economic Development Commission
         •   Consider profit-sharing approach

     The Committee discussed:
        • Waiting until 2012; which will not be possible if awarded the event in
        • Need to develop partnership with media
        • Volunteer coordinator critical
        • Penticton would be willing to be a resource for Sooke event
        • We would be able to manage the event in 2011, but we need to start
           planning now

     The Ironman Canada will be announcing whether or not Sooke will be
     awarded the event later this month. Lifesport makes the major investment
     and takes on risk for the event. Staff will talk to Lifesport as to a business
     plan and Marlene Barry as a possible volunteer coordinator and organize a        Staff
     workshop to prepare for the event.

     Delegation – Sooke Convention Centre Collaboration Opportunity
     Charlene SanJenko, Distinctly West Coast (Tofino Air)

     Charlene SanJenko and Buffy Barrett gave a powerpoint presentation on
     Distinctly West Coast, an agency that represents complementary partners
     and is an event management team. DWC would like to discuss with the
     Commission the opportunity for a partnership with DWC, Sooke and Tofino
     Air. The travel and tourism opportunity:
         • floatplane transportation
         • marketing, sales & convention bookings
         • public & media relations
         • strong international contacts through strategic alliances
         • event planning team

     The Commission discussed:
        • float plane landing conditions in Sooke Harbour & Basin
        • Sooke EDC’s role could be to develop master plan for harbour as a
           tourist destination
        • Possibility of a Custom’s office in Sooke
        • Conference planning

     John Zaremba will provide information on placement of customs contact in         John
     Sooke.                                                                           Zaremba

     Staff will investigate the proposal further and bring a report back to the
     Commission.                                                                      Staff

     Delegation – Added Value Forest Industry Potential in Sooke
     John Brohman

     John Brohman and Kelly Schellenberg, RPF, gave a presentation on the
     promotion of value added wood product industry in the District of Sooke.
     Sooke has an opportunity to take advantage of forestry; tree farm,
District of Sooke
September 9, 2010                                        Sooke Economic Development Commission
     cogeneration plant and value added wood products. There are also
     opportunities for educational programs using value added wood products.
     Mr. Brohman would like to discuss with the Commission funding
     opportunities for value-added forest industries in Sooke; how can we make
     this into a project for Sooke.

     The Commission discussed:
        • What industry would the cogeneration plant run from?
        • Power plants separate from mill
        • Heritage of Sooke is forestry; value added wood
        • Recycling and composting
        • District heating system – who can you sell the heat to?

     Commission directed Evan Parliament to meet with Kelly Schellenberg to         Evan
     look at models for cogen plant, funding, and to develop a business plan.       Parliament

5.   Mountain Bike Tourism Marketing through MBTA

     Lorien Arnold suggested that the Commission join the Mountain Bike
     Tourism Association; the cost would be $1,500.

     MOVED to become a member of the Mountain Bike Tourism Association.             Staff

6.   Monthly Reports:

     The commission accepted the monthly reports:
     • Sooke Harbour Chamber of Commerce (July, August, September)
     • Chief Administrative Officer Update:
       o Upcoming emergency training exercise for burning of Manuel
       o Community Radio will have a display at the Chili Cook Off; it is now a
           registered society – “Stickleback FM” is the name of the station.
       o Goodridge Island opportunities
     • Sooke Region Tourism Association (July)

7.   Chamber, EDC, SRTA, Juan de Fuca EDC Alliance Update

     Evan Parliament advised that discussions are ongoing as to models for the      Evan
     alliance and will meet shortly.                                                Parliament

8.   Grant Writer Potential Candidates

     Evan Parliament advised that we could contract out for a grant writer and      Staff
     would formalize the process with a Request for Proposal. Staff will research
     and present a report to Council.

9.   New Business - Email received Blair Cusack

     Staff will invite Blair Cusack to an upcoming meeting.                         Staff

District of Sooke
September 9, 2010                                      Sooke Economic Development Commission
10.   Schedule Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

11.   Adjournment
      The meeting adjourned at 10:07.

                                        Certified by:

__________________________              ____________________________
Brian Mooney                            Bonnie Sprinkling
Chair                                   Corporate Officer

District of Sooke
September 9, 2010                                   Sooke Economic Development Commission

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