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                                           maintaining operational relations within UNESCO”

Dear IPA Friends

I trust that this Newsletter reaches you all in good health and that 2009 was a good year for all.

For members who pay in advance, through debit order or are serving members of the SAPS,
please make sure your membership stamp for 2010 is attached. If not please give us a ring.
Other readers, you will receive your 2010 stamp as soon as we receive your membership fees
for 2010.

With regards to the 2008 Newsletter, we received quite a few remarks and feedback, which we
appreciate very much. It helps to keep us on our toes and we hope to do better in this letter.

The remarks were as follows:-

   •   No telephone or fax numbers, no e-mail address and bad grammar mistakes.

   •   Many appreciations were received for the informative news regarding what various IPA
       Regions had been doing over the course of the past year. One serious query from
       members pertained to keeping them informed in advance of functions. It was asked “why
       have we not been informed of all these happenings in our Region so that we also could
       have participated?”.

   •   Lack of communication between National, Regions and Branches has always been a
       serious drawback between the aforementioned and the members.

Communication today is very costly, printing, stamps etc. A few years ago we had a quarterly
Newsletter, but unfortunately, it became prohibitively expensive for National to publish it.

Many IPA members have referred to e-mail but this option is not the solution because so many
of our members do not have access to this facility. I do, however, invite you to supply us with
your email address if you have one and we will distribute it to your respective regions to keep
you informed. Your address will be treated with the necessary confidentiality and perhaps this
can ensure that members receive more current – even day to day – news.

This letter will also be displayed on our website for anyone to read.

During this past year your Regions, together with their Branches, were once again very active.
What’s very pleasing to see and to hear is the role the South African Police Service is playing in
some of these activities. IPA very much welcomes their support. Thank you.

We would like to thank you very much for the kind support during 2009 and we look forward for
your further support in the coming years.

                                 DO YOU WANT TO TRAVEL?

XLTURNERS is a travel agency who made a presentation in order to become the official travel
agency of the International Police Association of South Africa’s travel agency both here and
abroad. We have accepted their proposals and these are as follows:-

i)     Bookings are done directly with XLTURNERS.

ii)    When phoning please mention that you are a IPA member wanting to make a
       booking – quote your IPA number.

iii)   You must be a paid up IPA member. Your IPA membership number will be required and
       once a month IPA National Office will be informed of all IPA members making use of the
       travel agency. IPA National will also verify the credentials of IPA Members making use of
       this service. Your travel tickets will be available at the airport and please remember your
       IPA membership card and ID.

iv)    Vehicle booking can also be done through the agency.

v)     International bookings can also be done through the agency.

Other advantages by booking through XLTURNERS are:-

i)     2 Free admin changes (date / time changes)

ii)    Additional changes cost only R150-00

iii)   Name change costs only R120-00 per change.

iv)    Refunds permitted, up to 4 hours before you fly.

v)     Refunds of tickets, R150-00 per sector.

All IPA members book directly with the Durban office from all over South Africa. Please remember an
extra administrative cost of R82-00 p.p. per booking one way excluding vat. Kindly enquire the costs for
International bookings.

Each person booking a flight will be responsible for full payment by credit card. Please note, neither
IPA (SA), nor any of its Regions or Branches, is responsible for the payment of individual IPA
members. The only exception will be for National Executive Committee members or other designated
members whose bookings will be done directly from the IPA National Office by Dirkie Vos or Chris
What is in it for IPA? There are no hidden perks involved for IPA. In order to continue with the
services as listed above, it is expected that IPA will make use of the travel agency to the value of R50
000-00 a year. Depending on sales, IPA National may receive free flights for NEC members to attend
official IPA meetings, at the discretion of the agency.

A special word of thanks to Tessa Deyzel, NEC members and members from XLTURNERS travel
agency who traveled to Pretoria to address the NEC during a National Executive Committee meeting.

These benefits were negotiated for IPA members only – Please support our effort.

To book your flights kindly dial the following number:- 031 368 8000

Consultant : Cindy Williams       e-mail :             or
Consultant : Thoko Msibi          e-mail :

If you experience any difficulties please contact the travel agency, but we ask that you also inform IPA
Head Office as we would like to know what difficulties you have experienced. This will help us to
ensure that a smooth service is being offered to members. Enjoy it!!!!!!!


The South African IPA delegation was Pilot Loots and IPA (SA) 3rd Vice President Johan
Oschmann and Treasurer André de Bruin who were the observers.

The congress was held at Antalya, the largest city and year round holiday resort on the Turkish
Mediterranean. The Gulf is surrounded by the Taurus mountain range to the North and offers
over 200km of beaches, caves, bays, valleys, forests and picnic sites to explore and enjoy.
Antalya is also one of those unique places in the world where it is possible in the same day to
ski on snow in the morning and sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon.

We were accommodated in the Maritime Pine Beach Resort Hotel, a five star hotel. It was our
good fortune to have easy access to many things, but considering the Rand to Euro exchange
rate, it was best to leave some things “unexplored”. It was a costly trip, but still a great honor to
represent IPA (SA).

Other matters of interest that were discussed and voted on are:-

   •   The credit card size membership card was again under discussion. A point was made
       about design and once again many problems were identified in the proposal, for which
       solutions could not be found. The President said this matter should be left for a few
       years so that its teething problems could be sorted out. The existing membership card
       (with stamps) has been in operation for almost 60 years and many sections still use it
       without problems.

   •   Youth Gatherings – The age limit has been amended. A participant should be not
       younger that 16 and not older than 17 years and not 17 years becoming 18 years old.
       Furthermore a child should not be allowed to go twice on a Youth Gathering.

   •   Regarding the World Police Prize – unfortunately the PEB did not find any of the
       candidates nominated to be suited to be awarded the prize.

   •   The theme “International Terrorism and Methods to Combat It” was presented by three
       doctors / professors from the Turkish Police Academy. This presentation lasted
       approximately an hour and was very informative and interesting. It was interesting to
       note that studies found that there are 109 definitions considered to be terrorism.
       Unfortunately many countries see crimes such as like organised crime as terrorism,
       which is simply not the case.

   •   England, America and Belgium were very unhappy with the conference in Russia,
       especially the Friendship Week, which led to a long discussion. The Russians apologised
       and explained that they had given the task of organising the event to an outside
       company, but had failed to keep their hand on the matter. After much discussion, the
       matter was laid to rest and hopefully countries who host future International Conferences
       will have noted the problems discussed.

   •   A Guest House Managers Meeting will be held in Poland from 25 – 29 May 2010. The
       costs are as follows: Double room 250 Euros per person and a single room 600 Euros
       per person. There is no further information available at present.

Of much importance: The PEB will forthwith start imposing suspension of Sections (Countries)
who do not submit annual reports as requested. It is important to note that the NEC can only
complete information as requested from the PEB if Regions submit their reports to us timeously.

There was an intense discussion, both for and against, regarding “Civilians” in the Police who
may become IPA members as in IPA (SA) Constitution, as well as the International Rules, was
held. IPA (SA) put in hours of research in this matter and presented a well prepared motion for
the keeping of civilians as IPA members.

The International Statute and Rules will be amended as the proposal was adopted, 55 in favour
and 10 against. The magic word is not “civilians” but those in the “employment” and for once
this matter can be laid to rest.

soon as possible please. To make things happen we unfortunately do need money.


For many it is an unknown fact that there is an organization known as the Elderly Care Fund.
This organization is a self-governing organization and has very little to do with the SA Police
Service, with the exception of it’s pensioned members who may be in need.

During March 2009 we mentioned something about the Elderly Care Fund on our website which
I gladly repeat:-

                        FROM THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE?

For those of us who have started to be called “Oom” and “Tannie”, the time has come to start
acknowledging the fact that, though we may not feel it, we are considered elderly by the
younger generation – No, not old, but elderly. However, do we know of all the benefits which
are available for “Oom and Tannie”?

If one considers how financial circumstances have changed since retirement from the SA Police
15 – 30 years ago or longer, then you can understand that some of our elderly colleagues may
be having great difficulty in keeping up with their day to day payments such as food, housing,
clothing, medical bills and transportation. There are many more little things that have become
an unbearable burden for them in day to day living.
Yes, we have an organization that cares and will help where possible within its means.
Unfortunately, they do not always know who those elderly people in need are and again, many
who need assistance do not know that there is an Elderly Care Fund for Police Officers whom
they may approach.

The IPA has offered to assist where possible. We have undertaken to report all cases that we
become aware of and also to provide the names and addresses of our colleagues – even if they
are not IPA members – to the Elderly Care fund so that they can build a more accurate
database of our elderly.

The rural areas in our country are of great importance because of the lack of communication.

True to our motto “Servo per Amikeco – Service through Friendship” IPA (SA) by way of it’s
National Executive Committee and it’s National Council, has decided that this is a worthy course
for IPA and its members to get involved with.

The problem with the Elderly Care Fund is they do not have the personnel to look into all
matters concerning the Police elderly throughout our Country and they are looking for IPA
members who are prepared, on a voluntary basis, to visit and perhaps confirm matters
regarding the well being of an elderly police pensioner or their widow / widower. For instance
should the Elderly Care become aware of someone in “Rietgat” and they know of an IPA
volunteer in “Rietgat”, then they can contact that person and so determine the importance of the
case or otherwise the IPA member can report matters of this nature to the Elderly Care Fund.

The Elderly and the Elderly Care Fund desperately needs your assistance as a volunteer.

Expansion of Volunteers:-

   •   Volunteers will be, to a great extent, the promoters of the ECF in the future.

   •   Volunteers are people who offer their time, knowledge and skills to promote a specific
       matter without receiving compensation. Women have been more dominant in this field,
       but as more and more men are going on early retirement these days, they too are getting
       more involved with volunteer work.

   •   An established volunteer corps is the key to an effective service for our elderly. We
       appeal to all who can contribute, even in a small way, to give his/her information through
       to the ECF so that it can be added to the data base.

   •   Volunteers can be of assistance in many fields i.e. visiting the elderly, visiting the elderly
       in hospitals. Words of encouragement can be far more important than financial
       assistance. A volunteer can act only as a contact person, being the eyes and ears for
       the ECF, giving through information of emergency situations where support and/or
       assistance is urgently required.

All elderly people need some form of assistance at some time or another.

The words of Thomas Routh, an expert in the field of volunteer work, are quite appropriate:
“Volunteers come from all walks of life; rich and poor alike, professional and non-professional.
… All, however, are united in a common desire to give of themselves to make easier the lot of
their fellow man.”

Thank you if you are thinking of to become a volunteer.

Friends, the Elderly Care Fund’s telephone and fax numbers as well as e-mail address are
reflected below.

Elderly Care Fund : Police
P O Box 5084

Tel: (012) 345-3005 Fax: (012) 345-5764 e-mail:


                           WIDOWS / WIDOWERS

Servo per Amikeco


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