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									                           Scope of Work (Rider 101)

           Clinical Nurse Pre-Employment Assessment Instrument

I. Scope & Intent

 In the past sixty years, the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has
 built a worldwide reputation for excellence in cancer patient care. The art and
 science of nursing is a major reason M. D. Anderson Cancer Center maintains this
 worldwide reputation for excellence in cancer care. Superior nursing service has
 always been a key determinant in M. D. Anderson Cancer Center‟s success, and
 that standard of excellence received international recognition when M. D. Anderson
 Cancer Center received “Magnet” hospital status – the highest nursing service
 award in the world.

 Possessing an elite status among hospitals for providing outstanding patient care,
 M. D. Anderson Cancer Center seeks the services (hereby known as the Contractor)
 to provide administration of a pre-employment clinical nurse selection tool.

 The Contractors bid response should include the following items:

    A. Bid on each subsections of Section II. Scope of Services independently as
       firm fixed price on price sheet located in section 8 of this Scope of Work. A
       no cost bid of a subsection should be denoted, and each subsection should
       be considered a project stage ending with customer acceptance milestone.
    B. Each of the subsection bids should include the following: the respective
       hours, hourly rate, fees, examples of the proposed solutions (including but not
       limited to screen shots, reports, table structure, sample work, etc.), and any
       other information that would show the superior functioning of your tool and
    C. Any statement or item that is taken as an exception by the Contractor must be
       documented in the request for proposal (RFP) response in the form of a red-
       line or modified Scope of Work. If exceptions are not made and
       communicated to M. D. Anderson in the RFP, the Contractor will be held
       responsible for providing all items as outlined in this document.
    D. A detailed projected schedule with tasks that outline each of the subsections
       and their respective time durations. The schedule will include things as
       customer acceptance milestones and feedback opportunities to modify the
    E. A copy of the resume of the project manager, etc. that will be working on the

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 Scope of Services

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center‟s goal is to partner with a Contractor possessing the
highest caliber of expertise in nursing pre-employment assessment. Each
subsection should be considered a project stage ending with customer acceptance

A. Qualifications and Work-Related Characteristics Tool

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center will review off-the shelf tests, reporting capabilities,
and associated technical manuals to determine the appropriateness of a test for pre-
employment clinical nurse selection. Criteria involved in determining appropriateness
include the type of test and the psychometric information available for the
assessment. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center is most interested in an assessment
that examines the work-related characteristics that have been shown to identify
those nursing applicants who would be most successful in the role of a clinical nurse
at the institution.

The clinical nurse‟s work-related personal characteristics that are of interest, include,
but are not limited to the following:

                        Analyzes information and situations accurately to
                        identify and diagnose problems, develops
                        alternatives, and makes sound decisions.
   and Decision
                        Researches topics or refers to resources to
                        investigate and suggest solutions. Involves
                        others to troubleshoot sources of problems.

                        Develops and maintains effective and respectful relationships
      Teamwork          with others. Works with others to accomplish a task, sharing
                        and soliciting information from others when necessary.

  Organization and      Effectively plans and prioritizes activities for self, recognizing
     Planning           the need to adjust plans to meet unexpected needs.

                        Gives careful attention to various work details (e.g., conducts
                        thorough examinations, ensures paperwork is complete).
  Attention to Detail   Completes work that is thorough and within established
                        standards of accuracy. Enjoys focusing on a task until

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                     Learns, understands, and applies information and job
   Trainability      knowledge presented in training classes, on-the-job training,
                     and manuals. Acquires new information quickly.

                     Understands and follows safety policies and procedures and
Safety Awareness     performs work in a manner which is safe and prevents
                     damage to property, self, and others.

                     Presents a professional, courteous, and positive attitude to
                     patients. Identifies and assists patients with requests.
Service Oriented
                     Follows through on questions and requests of patients. Acts
                     with patients‟ interests in mind.

                     Follows written and verbal rules, directions, procedures, and
Follows Directions   policies when performing job activities. Identifies appropriate
 and Procedures      procedures or rules for various situations faced on the job.
                     Keeps up-to-date on policy or procedure changes.

                     Remains calm during situations that may be threatening to
                     self and others (code blues). Works effectively in fast-paced,
Stress Tolerance
                     dynamic situations by adapting to surroundings and changing

                     Meets obligations in terms of attendance, punctuality, and
Dependability and    work commitment. Demonstrates willingness to work
   Reliability       independent of supervision. Undertakes activities without
                     being instructed to do so.

                     Understands the emotional needs and challenges faced by
                     others. Demonstrates support and understanding to others.

                     Convinces others to adopt an idea or change behavior in a
Assertiveness and
                     desired direction. Demonstrates willingness to share
                     information in a direct and straight-forward manner.

  Urgency and        Demonstrates determination and persistence in adhering to a
  Perseverance       course of action or strategy. Strives for personal excellence
                     (i.e., getting more done in less time). Sees importance in

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                        providing and completing quality care.

                        Talks to others in a professional manner to effectively and
                        credibly convey information. Shares information with a group
                        in a logical, concise manner.

Turnover and other outcome criteria for registered nurses available from the work of
the vendor with other organizations will be compared

B. Review of the Assessment

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center will be conducting a concurrent criterion-validation
study in conformance with federal regulations (i.e., Uniform Guidelines) as outlined
in subsection A. Qualifications and Work-Related Characteristics Tool. M. D.
Anderson Cancer Center has developed performance appraisal criteria that will be
used as part of a local validation study. It is assumed the criteria will be reviewed by
the vendor to ensure that the dimensions included will map to the vendor‟s
assessment. A sample of approximately 250 clinical nurses will take the vendor‟s
assessment. The vendor assessment data will be analyzed along with performance
appraisal data by both M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and the vendor for evidence
of validity.

The following is an overview of the process that will be used:

   The Contract Objectives and Guidelines
      o Validation with current employees‟ vendor assessment scores and
        manager appraisal ratings
      o Enhance assessment value by breaking out specific nursing roles

C. Implementation

Depending on validity evidence, implementation of assessment will be considered
for inclusion in the selection process of clinical nurses into M. D. Anderson Cancer
Center. Please provide the fiscal year licensing fee for 3,000 assessments to be
completed. Monthly assessments statements should be provided to the program
coordinator as defined by the contract.

Incremental pricing should be provided to M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in 200
assessments taken increments and billed at the end of the contracting period if the
volumes of 3,000 survey assessments are performed in any one fiscal year.

Only additional consulting services that are approved by M. D. Anderson Cancer
Center Supply Chain Services in the form of an amendment will be paid.

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  The Contractor should use their creative abilities to most effectively exceed the
  desired solutions based on current industry skill, statistical information, flexibility to
  update versions of the instrument, and standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities.

  D. Training and Documentation

  The Contractor should provide training for a group of individuals with at least two on-
  site and three Webinar training sessions. The training should consist of: a complete
  review of the product, definitions, screen shots, data entry, report processing, and ad
  hoc reporting. The expectations of training are that the instrument will be effectively
  and efficiently implemented by MD Anderson employees.

  Documentation on the on the field names, definitions, screen shots, data entry,
  report processing, ad hoc reporting, etc. will be provided to M. D. Anderson Cancer
  Center. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center will have the right to distribute the training
  materials in multiple formats for employee access.

II. Credentials

  The Contractor shall provide M. D. Anderson Cancer Center evidence of their
  credentials and experience in deploying this instrument.

III. Information Technology Requirements – Does your product meet these
     technical requirements: Yes or No.

  M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has implemented an institutional standards program
  for computer software throughout the institution. Information services provided to M.
  D. Anderson must support these institutional standards:

      Desktop Operating Systems
         o Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2
         o Macintosh OS X – v. 10.2, 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger – on G5 only)
         o Microsoft Access 2003

      Web browsers & plug-ins
         o Microsoft IE 6.0.2800 SP1
         o Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1
         o AppleSafari 2.0.3, Build 417.8
         o Adobe Macromedia Flash Player

      Anti-Virus
          o Windows: Trend Micro OfficeScan Corporate Edition v. 7.3, Engine
          o Macintosh: McAfee Virex 7.7

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       LMS (Saba) compatibility – M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Education Center
          o Ability to exchange necessary data with our version of Saba 5.2 and 5.3
             patch will be installed later this year

       PeopleSoft compatibility
          o PeopleSoft 8.9

       Information Security
            o Ability to allow M. D. Anderson Cancer Center end users to comply with
              current M. D. Anderson Cancer Center‟s Policy IV.H.2.00 Information
              Security Office Policy for the Use and Protection of Information
            o Vendor should detail how it will protect the confidentiality and the
              physical and electronic security of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center data
              (e.g., personnel data; policies and procedures content; etc.) contained
              on the Contractor‟s server.

       Site access/security requirements
            o Non-restricted access (e.g., no username/password) to reference
               content on the site from inside M. D. Anderson Cancer Center‟s network
               (e.g., via specified ranges of institutional IP addresses).
            o Authenticated access to the Educational Site by individual users from M.
               D. Anderson Cancer Center Educational Center
            o Alternative method for authenticated access to site for necessary

IV. Sample Project Milestones and Target Dates – Would your company be able to
    meet target dates such as these: Yes or No.

  The following is an example of the estimated/working milestones with their
  respective targets dates for the project. These dates and milestones are all subject
  to change as more information becomes available or further defined.

  Working Milestones                    Target Dates
    Data collection                    November 2007
    Analysis                           December 2007
    Implementation                     January 2008

V. General Provisions – Vendors will not be scored on the following provisions,
   but will be required to adhere to these Terms and Conditions if awarded. If
   not in agreement, please redline the provisions.

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Additional Services

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center may purchase additional Services under this Master
Agreement from time to time by executing one or more supplemental Scope(s) of
Work that will reference and be subject to the terms and conditions of this


The Contractor will not at any time, except as necessary in the performance of the
services rendered or as authorized in writing by M. D. Anderson Cancer Center,
supply, disclose, or otherwise permit access to any information that the Contractor
may in any way acquire by reason of performance of this Agreement and that
concerns or in any way relates to M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. This includes
without limitation any information, data or records pertaining to M. D. Anderson
Cancer Center‟s faculty, staff, patients, business, financial affairs, procedures, and

All M. D. Anderson Cancer Center individual (employee or student) information, all
training records, and created Access database will remain the intellectual property of
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and is confidential. The confidential and intellectual
property cannot be shared with any other business, agency, and government without
the express consent of the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center contracting official.

Confidentiality Breach

If the Contractor encounters any of the following activities including but not limited to:
1. Suspected misuse of access by Users
2. Suspected security breaches by unauthorized Users
3. Security events in the audit logs that require further investigation to determine if
the system has been compromised
4. A server that has been infected with a virus or other malicious program

They must notify the project coordinators as defined by the contract and all of the
following departments at the first suspect of a security incident:

   Information Security (713)745-9000
   Division of Information Services and the CIO Office (713)745-7960

The Contractor must provide status of their investigation in progress reports, the final
report of the incident, and corrective measures that were recommended and

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  Contract Period

  A contract period will be on a fiscal year basis in compliance with M. D. Anderson
  Cancer Center‟s budgeted calendar, unless contractual agreed to by both parties in
  the form of a contractual amendment.

  Project Coordinators

  The Project Coordinators for each engagement shall decide all questions, which
  may arise as to the fulfillment of this Agreement on the part of the Contractor, and
  his/her determination thereon shall be final and conclusive. The Project
  Coordinators for this Agreement will Clifford Mertink, Inpatient Business Manager for
  the Division of Nursing, or their assigned representative(s).


  It is the policy of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center that no endorsement by M. D.
  Anderson Cancer Center be stated or implied by Contractor for any of Contractor‟s
  products or services. All materials utilizing the name or trademarks of M. D.
  Anderson Cancer Center or The University of Texas in advertising, marketing and
  sales promotion materials must be submitted to the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center‟s
  Office of Public Affairs for prior approval.

  Force Majeure

  During periods of disruption, such as extraordinary weather conditions, epidemics,
  war, riots, flood, fire, sabotage, or any other circumstance of the like, the Contractor
  agrees to Rider 103 Standard Terms & Conditions clause 14 Force Majeure.
  Disaster readiness should be a component of the system with a plan and process for
  back-up of the system during „down-time‟.

VI. Fee & Payment Terms

  Fee Schedule

  For services rendered, the Contractor shall be compensated in accordance with
  each of the subsections listing his/her hourly rate, workshop fees, assessment fees,
  etc. as outlined in Section II of this Scope of Work. The agreement pricing will be
  Firm Fixed Price.

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Fee Decrease and Increases

In the event of a price decrease to the general trade during the term of this
Agreement, such decrease must be passed on to M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.
Failure to notify M. D. Anderson Cancer Center of such decrease may result in the
cancellation of this agreement.

Rates may not increase by more than 3% in any contract year. Requests for rate
increases must be expressed in writing to Supply Chain Services, and must include
a justification for the rate increase.

Miscellaneous Fees

Out-of-pocket miscellaneous expenses (such as mileage, parking, books, manuals,
testing, shipping costs, reproduction expenses, mileage, travel, hotel stays, meals,
etc.) cannot be invoiced to the client in addition to the fees in execution of this Scope
of Work.

Agreement Limit

The total expenditure for this Agreement shall be in Accordance with the M. D.
Anderson Cancer Center Agreement and shall not exceed these limits without the
prior written authorization from Supply Chain Services. Such changes shall be
effective by a formal Addendum to the Agreement and shall be signed by both
parties. The Contractor understands that without such prior written authorization,
invoices will be returned unpaid when this limitation is reached.

Invoice Submission & Payment

The Contractor must be capable of and willing to submit invoices and the summary
report (as described in section II. of this Scope of Work) electronically as PDF files to
the Project Coordinator for the engagement at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center within
thirty (30) days of work performed. Each subsection of II. Scope of Services section
should be invoiced independently due after customer acceptance of the milestone.

The Contractor must also be capable of and willing to receive electronic Automated
Clearing House (ACH) payments. To expedite payment, the following discount
terms will be applied to all invoices:
   3%, 10 days
   2%, 15 days
   1%, 30 days

The discount terms calculation will begin on the date that the invoice is received by
the Project Coordinator for each engagement at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

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   Late Invoice Acceptance

   All invoices must be received within 60 days of work performed, or risk denial of

   Fiscal Year Closing Period

   M. D. Anderson Cancer Center‟s fiscal year runs from September 1 through August
   31. In an effort to minimize carryover from one fiscal year to the next, invoice
   submission in June, July, and August must be accelerated. Invoices for time worked
   in June, July, through August 5th must be submitted by noon (12:00 PM) August 5th.

   Volume Rebate

   M. D. Anderson Cancer Center will receive a rebate (“Rebate”) based on the total
   fees paid to the Contractor under this Agreement. The Rebate will be calculated as
   follows: aggregate annual spend with Contractor, less expenses. Aggregate annual
   spend will encompass all fees paid to the Contractor by M. D. Anderson Cancer
   Center, less reimbursable expenses. The Aggregate Annual Spend will be
   calculated by M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and verified by the Contractor on or
   before September 30 of each Contract Year. The Contractor will issue M. D.
   Anderson Cancer Center a credit for the rebate amount on or before October 31 of
   each Contract Year.

                  FY08 MDACC         Growth     Rebate  Max rebate
                     Spend                     % earned  earned
                    $100,000          0%          0%        $0
                    $125,000          25%        2.5%      $625
                    $150,000          50%        5.0%     $1250
                    $175,000          75%        7.5%     $1875

   The baseline for the Rebate is established at $100,000. Rebate will be awarded at
   the rates identified in the chart above. For example, with an aggregate spend of
   $125,000 or more; M. D. Anderson Cancer Center earns 2.5% of the incremental
   volume beyond the baseline, which is 2.5% of $25,000, or $625.

VII. Agreement Document
    M. D. Anderson will use their Agreement document, (see section 7 of RFP) to set up
    Agreement between M. D. Anderson and awarded vendor. If your company requires
    certain language be included, please provide your documentation.

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VIII. RFP Price Sheet – Vendors will be scored on this section.
     Please itemize pricing for this Agreement. You may add rows if necessary. Please
     keep to this format. If there is an item without a charge, please list description of item
     and note “No Charge” in the Fee column.

  DESCRIPTION                                        Fee                    Extended Fee

  A.                                                   $                          $
  B.                                                   $                          $
  C.                                                   $                          $
  D.                                                   $                          $
                                                       $                          $
                                                       $                          $
  FEES SUBTOTAL                                        $                          $

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