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					Agriculture                                                 Last update 06 September 2005

       Trade in Agriculture: Selected Online Resources

This page lists 10 key links from various Internet sources as regard to relevant up-to-date
agricultural trade issues in the UNESCAP Region. It aims to provide interested
researchers with an online starting point for further work, and is periodically reviewed for
relevance purpose. Suggestions of additional online resources are welcome and may be
sent to

Agricultural Trade Policy and Issues
A website dedicated to research and policy issues involving agricultural trade. Reports on
conferences, research projects, and other activities related to agricultural trade are posted
here for use by public, decision makers as well as members of the academic community.

This website is a portal on international agricultural trade issues. It aims to improve the
availability of information and to increase the awareness of information sources on
agriculture, on the rural sector and on their development. It also support the integrated
use of communication channels and help to intensify contacts and information exchange
among concerned stakeholders (including NGOs, government officials and negotiators)
on agricultural and rural matters.

UNCTAD Commodities Branch Documents
The UNCTAD INFOCOMM project - market information in the commodities area -
seeks to promote market transparency, to improve the understanding of commodity
structures and to access to useful analysis for the formulation of pertinent policies in the
areas of commodity production, marketing, processing and financing. The webpage is a
door to the Commodities Branch’s database from which searching requests can be done
either by key words or thematic browse.

World Bank: Agricultural Trade
This webpage is a platform to the pro-development, pro-poor global trading system
actions for agriculture. As part of its commitment for this system, the World Bank
provides access to resources classified in the following items: “news and events”,
“publications”, “partnerships” and “themes”.

WTO Agriculture Gateway
The main page leading to all the information about the work of the organization toward a
liberalized worldwide agricultural market, from the Uruguay Round Agriculture

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Agriculture                                                 Last update 06 September 2005

Agreement to the current negotiations. It particularly provides a comprehensive source of
information covering the Doha Agenda for a better understanding of the current issues.

FAO Agricultural Support Services Division
The agricultural support services division assists FAO Members in the development of
appropriate policies, strategies and methodologies for agricultural support systems and
services as well as technologies for rural development, production and post-production in
the agricultural and food sectors. Its website particularly stresses the issue of agricultural
products’ marketing for developing countries and provides diverse resources to develop
knowledge and capacities in successfully bringing products into agricultural trading

IATP (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) Trade and Agriculture Program
The Trade and Agriculture Program of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
focuses on international trade policies, practices, and treaties that affect consumers,
farmers and rural communities around the world.

The International Agricultural Trade Policy Center
The International Agricultural Trade Policy Center (University of Florida) aims at
serving as a focal point and resource base for research on international agricultural trade
and trade policy issues, facilitating dissemination of agricultural trade-related research
results and publications as well as encouraging interaction between researchers, business
groups and policy makers in the examination and discussion of agricultural trade policy

OECD Trade and Agriculture,2686,en_2649_33785_1_1_1_1_37401,00.html
As an important part of the mandate of the OECD is to provide analytical support to
agricultural trade liberalization, this particular webpage offers evaluations of the Uruguay
Round implementation as well as estimations of the effects of further liberalization.
Emerging issues relevant to agricultural trade are also analyzed.

APEC Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group
The Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCWG) promotes
agricultural technical cooperation between APEC Member Economies. The aim is to
improve the economic development and social welfare of Member Economies by
improving agricultural cooperation and capacity building. Among other activities, the
ATCWG works on contributing to APEC's trade facilitation agenda by reducing business
transaction costs, building capacity in marketing and managing the implementation of
FTAs involving trade in agricultural products.

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