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                                                                                               Inside the
A newspaper is full of pages
with stories, photographs and
pictures. Often the pictures go
with the stories, but sometimes the
pictures are advertisements, or ads.
                                                                                        Look at these display ads:
Advertisements make up a big part of
                                                                                        •   What are they selling?
a newspaper and pay for the cost of
                                                                                        •   What makes you stop and look at the ads?
printing and producing newspapers.
                                                                                        •   Which pictures do you like the best? Why?
Ads sell things. The ads scattered throughout
                                                                                        •   How do they make you feel?
the newspaper are called display ads. They
usually have pictures,                                                                  •   What kinds of things are being sold? Do you
graphics or photographs                                                                     think you would buy them?
to go with them, and can                                                                •   How much do the things in these
be any size.                                                                                advertisements cost? Are there any prices?
                                                                                        •   What kinds of ads do you like best? Why? Is
                                                                                            it the pictures or the language? How about
                                                                                            the text format?

 Ads are not only paid for by businesses. Sometimes
 ordinary people will pay to place classified ads into
 newspapers. Classified ads are different from display
 ads: they’re all put into one section.

 Look at these classified ads:                        Cash Loans
 • How are classified ads different                   1-6 months loans. No
   from display ads?                                 sureties. Loans approved in
 • What types of classified ads are                   15mins. Call 084 111-1111
   there? What sorts of things are
   being sold?
 • Who has placed these ads?
 • What are some of the methods                     Welder required
   people use to try to get your                    Experienced in aluminum
   attention in ads like these?                     welding & general
                                                    sheet metal work. Good
                                                    understanding., hardworking
              Nissan for sale                       & highly motivated. Stillfontein.
                                                    Call: (011)123-1234
              2.7D. Good condition. R85 000
              cash. Call 095 124-1244

                                              Computers 4 Sale
               Flat to let
                                              P3 COMPAQ computers
               3 bedroom flats to let.         complete with monitors for sale
               PTA CBD, JHB CBD &             at unbelievable prices of R1 000
               surrounding areas. Call        each. Call now (012) 333-3333
               (012) 123-1234

Newspaper ads are
also placed by the
government, charities
and people offering
Sometimes a group or
organisation wants to
announce an event, or give its
opinion on an issue.
Search in your newspaper for
examples of ads that ...
•   have been placed by the
•   are seeking a professional
•   advertise for a local meeting
    or fundraising event.

    The tricks of advertising                                                Do your own
                                                                             Look at the items pictured here. Choose one and write an ad for it. Add a
    Let’s brainstorm some of the                                             twist to your choice of product (use it in a new way or challenge the way
    “tricks” advertisers use to sell their                                   it is currently being used).
    products, such as colours, logos,                                        List the important features of your product, then think up ways to attract
    emotions and celebrity endorsements.                                     someone to buy it. Design your ad either by hand or using a computer.
    Also look at the language used to describe
    products and their functions. Do you think the
    descriptions are completely honest, or do they
    exaggerate to make the product seem better?
    Write your thoughts on the brainstorm below.

                             The tricks of

    Finding ads
                                                                           WIN!                 Send us your ad
                                                                                                and you could s                       The best, most
                                                                                                                                     creative and wel
                                                                                                win R500 cash!                       thought out ad
       Advertisers use                                                                                                               – wins the prize!
                                                                              Don’t delay, send
       different attention                                                    remember to incl it by post to PO Box 1654, Saxo
       devices to attract                                                     postal address. ude your first name, surname, age, nwold, 2132 . Please
                                                                                                                                 cellphone numbe
       readers. Find ads                                                                                                                          r and
       that use:
       •   a headline
       •   a graphic
       •   the price of goods or services
                                                                                                        CUTES IN THE NEWS
       Another device advertisers                                                                               Life’s a yawn
       use is emotional appeal.                                                                                 A five-week-old baby
       Find ads that use:                                                                                       chimpanzee, Sule, yawns
                                                                                                                as he clings to his mother,
       •   comfort                                                                                              Sacha, at Sydney’s Taronga
       •   romance                                                                                              Zoo. Sule is the second
                                                                                                                chimp to be born into the
       •   humour                                                                                               zoo’s 20-strong chimpanzee
       •   hero worship                                                                                         group this year.
       •   success
       •   security
       •   adventure
       •   youth                                                                                Times
                                                                                    :AP – The

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