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profile grinding machine


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									AUCTIONS!           ONLINE BIDDING!
                       Woodline Manufacturing Inc.
                                                   w w w. i r s a u c t i o n s . c o m
                                                   Mapleton Wood Products
                                       Assets no longer required for the continuing operations of                             Assets no longer required for the continuing operations of
                                       Woodline Manufacturing Inc.                                                            Mapleton Wood Products.
                                       Closing Date: September 13th                                                           Closing Date: September 13th
                                       COLD PRESS                                    GRINDERS                                 BANDSAW                                  Sweed 505E-1 Metal Banding Scrap
                                       Hydraulic Cold Press                          Foley 75-12 Profile Grinder              Meber SR600 Bandsaw                       Chopper

                                       CONVEYOR                                      MOULDERS                                 BORERS & DRILL PRESSES                   PLANER/SANDER
                                       Several Hytrol & Other Belt Conveyors         Weinig U17AL Thru Feed Moulder           Castle Pocket Bore                       AEM 502-37-KA Planer/Sander
 Mereen Johnson 431DC Dip Chain                                                      Wadkin GC 3020 12" Feed Thru             Custom Made Vertical Borer                                                               Timesaver 352-4HD 4-Head
          Gang Rip Saw                 DOUBLE END TENONER                              Moulder                                Custom Made Sgl. Spindle Borer           ROUTERS                                              Wide Belt Sander
                                       Scmi Concept 2000 Dbl. End Tenoner            Diehl Dl 405 Feed Thru Moulder           Newton BA600 Horiz. 2-Spindle Borer      Custom Made Router
                                                                                                                              Powermatic 1150A 15" Drill Press
                                       DUST COLLECTION                               STRAIGHT LINE RIP SAW                                                             SAWS
                                       Pneumafil 11.5 Dia. Dust Collector            Mattison 202 Straight Line Rip Saw       CLAMP CARRIER                            Meber SR600 Bandsaw
                                                                                                                              Taylor 20-Section Clamp Carrier          CTD M416 Manual Feed Chop Saw
                                       GANG RIP SAW                                  WIDE BELT SANDERS                                                                 Omga MEC-300ST "US" Chop Saw
                                       Mereen Johnson 431DC Dip Chain Gang           AEM 606-43 HT KP/S BT & 606-43HD         CLAMPS                                   Delta 34-444 Contractors Saw
                                        Rip Saw                                        KP/S BT Top & Bottom Sanding Line      Castle Face Frame Assembly Easel         Dewalt GWM Radial Arm Saw
                                                                                     Timesaver 119-1HD Wide Belt Sander       Ritter R-300 Easel Frame Assembly        Dewalt GP Radial Arm Saw

                                                                                                                              FEEDERS                                  SAWS - UP CUT
                                       Superior Dimension & Door                                                              Masterwood Euromatic 4-Roll Feeder
                                                                                                                              (2) Maggi/Steff 2048 4-Roll Feeders
                                                                                                                                                                       Northfield 212 Upcut Saw
                                                                                                                                                                       Industrial 510L Up Cut Saw
AEM 606-43 HT KP/S BT & 606-43HD       Assets no longer required for the continuing operations of                                                                                                                     SCMI CL130 Wide Belt Sander
 KP/S BT Top & Btm Sanding Line
                                       Superior Dimension & Door.                                                             FORKLIFTS                                SHAPERS
                                                                                                                              Yard Lift                                (2) Delta RS15 Shapers
                                       Closing Date: September 13th                                                           Presto PSTA 2127 Elec. Forklift          Northfield #9 Dbl. Spindle Shaper
                                                                                                                                                                       (2) Reliable Cutting Tools Shapemaster
                                       BORERS                                        MOULDERS                                 GLUE SPREADERS                             Jigs
                                       (2) Castle Pocket Borers                      Weinig Hydramat H23c Jointed Moulder     (2) Black Bros. Top & Bottom             Cantek SS-512C Shaper
                                                                                     Weinig 970070 Balancing Stand
                                       CONVEYOR                                       W/Optical Comparitor                    HIGH FREQ. GLUERS                        STRAIGHT LINE RIP SAW
                                       Hytrol Motorized Belt Conveyor                                                         RFS EG50X100S High Freq. Gluer           Mattison 202 Straight Line Rip Saw
                                                                                     ROUTERS                                  Rosenquist 800H4.5 High Freq. Gluer
                                       DOOR EQUIPMENT                                Amerock WM15 Dbl. Hinge Router                                                    TABLE SAWS
                                       Unique Machine & Tool Co 250 Profile                                                   JOINTERS                                 Paolini P150CE Tilting Arbor Sliding Table
                                        Door & Arch Shaper                           SAWS - UP CUT                            Rockwell/Delta 37-600 6" Jointer         SCMI SI-16F Tilting Arbor Table Saw
 Weinig U17AL Feed Thru Moulder        Mereen Johnson 640SET Sgl. End                Whirlwind 1000L Up Cut Saw                                                                                                      Taylor 20-Section Clamp Carrier
                                        Tenoner/Arching Machine                      Whirlwind 1000R Up Cut Saw               MISCELLANEOUS                            WIDE BELT SANDERS
                                                                                                                              Siemens Sentron Low Amp Bussway          SCMI CL130 Wide Belt Sander
                                       EDGE SANDER                                   SAWS - TABLE                               Cat. Sl4010eth-S Buss Duct
                                       Acme Xl4C Dbl. Sided Edge Sander              Darra James 10" Table Saw                  Disconnect Bar

                                       GRINDERS                                      SHAPERS

                                                                                                                              Furniture & Wood Novelty
                                       Weinig R934 Profile Grinder                   (5) Delta RS15 Shapers
                                       Schneeberger 6 Musca Universal Straight       (2) Casadei F/114 Shapers

                                                                                                                              Manufacturer Closes
                                        Knife Grinder                                Powermatic 26 Shaper

                                       MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT                         TENONERS
                                       Republic Republic-16"-S Engine Lathe          (2) Balestrini Pico European Round End   Closing Date: September 9th
                                       Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine             Tenoners
  SCMI Concept Dbl. End Tenoner                                                      Mereen Johnson Dbl. End Tenoner          COMPRESSORS & DRYERS                     PLANER                                       RFS EG50X100S High Freq. Gluer
                                       MATERIAL HANDLING                             Mereen Johnson 640SET Sgl. End           Airtek Air Dryer                         Whitney 24 Dbl. Sided Planer
                                       Dynaric DF-20 Strapping Machine                 Tenoner/Arching Machine
                                                                                                                              BANDSAWS                                 RADIAL ARM SAW
                                       MORTISERS                                     WIDE BELT SANDERS                        Tannewitz GH Type 36" Bandsaw            Dewalt 7790/3431 Radial Arm Saw
                                       (2) Balestrini Micron 2-Head Slot Mortisers   Timesaver 352-4HD 4-Head Wide Belt
                                       Rye J-2 Dbl. Sided Slot Mortiser                Sander                                 BORERS & DRILL PRESSES                   ROUTERS
                                                                                                                              Root C-311 Hyd. Multi Spindle Borer      Onsrud W-240 Overhead Router
                                                                                                                              Root D-170 Horiz. Hyd. Borer             Westflex Rotary Table Router

                                       Woodline Sawmills
                                                                                                                              Delta 17-600 Floor Model Drill Press     Porter 612 Overhead Router
                                                                                                                              Root GM Direct Drive Drill Press         (2) Onsrud 36210 Inverted Routers
                                       Assets no longer required for the continuing operations of                             CLAMP CARRIERS                           SANDERS - MISCELLANEOUS
                                       Woodline Sawmills.                                                                     Taylor 30-Section Clamp Carrier          Grinding & Polishing Machine E.R.W.
Unique Machine & Tool Co 250 Profile
                                                                                                                                                                        Pump Sander
                                       Closing Date: September 13th
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Balestrini Pico European
        Door & Arch Shaper
                                                                                                                              CLAMPS                                   Wysong & Miles Spindle Sander                       Round End Tenoner
                                                                                                                              Lancaster 1100 Revolving Case Clamp
                                       AIR COMPRESSORS/DRYERS                        MATERIAL HANDLING                        Manual End Clamp                         SAWS - MISCELLANEOUS
                                       Airtek M150 Drain Master II Air Dryer         Sorting Turn Table                                                                Hess & Anderson 5 Swing Saw
                                       Arrow A15 Air Dryer                           Baker Belt Conveyor                      DOUBLE END TENONERS
                                                                                     Mellott Unscramble Deck                  Challoner 820 Dbl. End Tenoner           SHAPERS
                                       BANDSAWS & RESAWS                             Timberland Machinery Flat Bed Belt                                                Whitney T-110 Single Spindle Shaper
                                       Forester (1998) 900RSUSAResaw                   Conveyor                               DUST COLLECTION                          Whitney 299 Automatic Shaper
                                       Brewer ESAU 5-Head Horiz. Resaw                                                        Murphy Rodgers MRT-10A 4-Bag Dust
                                       Brewer Type 2-Head Horiz. Resaw               MISCELLANEOUS                             Collector                               STRAIGHT LINE & GANG RIP
                                       Unitronix FOD 36" Resaw                       Dvorak 314 Hyd. Iron Worker Sheet                                                 Diehl SL-50 Straight Line Rip Saw
                                       Greenlee Bandsaw                                Metal Punch                            EDGE SANDERS                             Hermance 300GS 12" Gang Rip Saw
                                                                                     MDI Metal Detector                       Pearson Profile Form Block Edge Sander
    Weinig R934 Profile Grinder        DUST COLLECTION                               Black Bros. 50" Pinch Roll               Wysong & Miles 604 Dbl. Sided            STROKE SANDER                                Wadkin GD352 Feed Thru Moulder
                                       Large Blower                                  G E F4HA08TTIST Buss Bar With             Oscillating Edge Sander                 Oakley D Stroke Sander
                                       Murphy Rodgers NR15 Medium Size                 Terminal
                                         Blower                                      Garrett PSM Portable Sawmill             FINISHING EQUIPMENT                      TABLE SAW
                                       Medium Size Blower                            Precision PCS-55 Screener W/Hopper       Hook Type Motorized Finishing System     Powermatic 66 10" Table Saw
                                       Johnson Ad104-H6 Bagger                       Benshaw RSD6-150-480-1 Soft Start        Devilbiss Spray System                   Tannewitz J Tilting Arbor Sliding Top
                                       Air Sentry Baghouse & Cyclone                                                          Devilbiss D-T Spray Booth                  Table Saw W/Feeder
                                       GRINDERS                                      Oliver Planer                            HOGS                                     UP CUT SAWS
                                       Moon's ASMI Bandsaw Blade Grinder                                                      Montgomery 10hb Blo-Hog W/Starter &      Whirlwind 212-R Up Cut Saw
                                                                                     SAWS - MISCELLANEOUS                      Conveyor                                Whirlwind 212-L Up Cut Saw
                                       HOGS & CHIPPERS                               Industrial Shaker Saw (Scrap Saw)
                                       American Pulverizer WC Hammer Hog             Timber Chop Saw                          MOULDER                                  WIDE BELT SANDER
                                       Montgomery Blo-Hog                                                                     Wadkin GD352 Feed Thru Moulder           Sandingmaster CSB-2-900 Wide Belt
      Weinig Hydramat H23C                                                                                                                                              Sander                                         Sandingmaster CSB-2-900
         Jointed Moulder                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wide Belt Sander

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                        Plant Closings, Leasing Co. Repos & Other Assets & Equipment

               P.O. Box 5086 • York, PA 17405

                                                   PH: 717-854-0316                                                                               FX: 717-843-7826

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