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Cutting edge technology
for surface and profile grinding

                                   More than Precision

                                                                                          The new definition for surface
                                                                                          and profile grinding
                                                                                          The next generation PLANOMAT excels due to substantially increased
                                                                                          feed and acceleration rates using high precision re-circulating ball
Power (kW)
                                                                                          screws and digital servo drives.
                                                                                          Nearly maintenance free linear guideways, linear glass measuring
  20.0                                                                                    scales for Y- and Z-axis as well as powerful grinding spindle drives
                                                                                          of 15 kW (opt. 24.5 kW) complete the future orientated PLANOMAT
                                                                                          HP CNC concept.

                                                                                          The PLANOMAT HP CNC is available with a Siemens 840D or GE Fanuc
                                                                                          CNC control. Large dimensioned coolant exit channels ensure that
   0.0                                                                                    high coolant volumes can be utilized for efficient profile grinding
         0          1,000         2,000   3,000   4,000   5,000   6,000   7,000   8,000
         Grinding spindle speed (rpm)                                                     applications. The 3 point location and integrated cabinet guarantee
                                                                                          a fast installation.
  Grinding spindle drive power curves
The modular platform concept with high-grade
components made of cast iron is thermal and
vibration optimized using 3D-CAD and finite-
element analysis.

Selected components guarantee high precision
and long life.

Z-axis, direct drive with linear       High-grade, ground re-circulating   Precision guideways for         Cartridge type spindle with
glass scale                            ballscrews in all axes for silent   stick-slip free motion          short taper for repeatable grinding
                                       operation                                                           wheel positioning

Technical Data
 PLANOMAT HP                                                   408             412           608            612       616         620
 Grinding range                                          mm 400 x 800       400 x 1,200 600 x 800 600 x 1,200 600 x 1,600 600 x 2,000
 Table clamping area with auxiliary surface              mm 400 x 1,200     400 x 1,600 600 x 1,200 600 x 1,600 600 x 2,000 600 x 2,400
 Distance table to spindle centre                        mm                         150 … 700 (option 950)
 X-axis machine table longitudinal travel                mm    900            1,300          900           1,300     1,700       2,100
 Feed rate                                            mm/min                       30 … 40,000                          30 … 30,000
 Y-axis wheel head vertical travel                       mm                                    550 (option 800)
 Feed rate                                            mm/min                                     4 … 6,000
 Z-axis column cross travel                              mm    360             360           560            560       560         560
 Feed rate                                            mm/min                                     4 … 6,000
 Grinding spindle drive, variable speed, AC motor     kW/rpm                            15/1,000 (Option 24.5/1,250)
 Grinding wheel size (OD x W x ID), max                  mm                                 400 x 30 … 80 x 127
 Dimensions          Width                               mm   3,410           4,410         3,410          4,410     5,450       5,450
                     Depth                               mm   2,200           2,200         2,600          2,600     2,600       2,600
                     Height                              mm   2,550           2,550         2,550          2,550     2,900       2,900
 Machine weight                                            kg 4,100           4,400         4,900          5,400     7,000       8,000
                                                                                                                 Subject to technical alterations

Table mounted dresser type PEA-TL200S for diamond rolls    Table mounted dresser type PEA-TLR 40 for universal          Universal dressing unit, tilting type (pneumatically con-
up to a width of 200 mm or for contour dressing with two   diamond dressing disks for contour dressing. The roll        trolled) for single point dressing diamonds, diamond blades
universal diamond dressing disks and a rough dressing      arbors can be tilted by 0.3 mm for calibrating of grinding   and diamond chisels.
disk.                                                      wheels.

Process optimized accessories

                                                           NC indexing table, 1 or 2 axis,                              Horizontal internal grinding spindle for grinding wheel
                                                           indexing accuracies up to ± 1”                               dia. 25 … 70 mm, up to 45,000 rpm

                                                           Horizontal grinding spindle arm for grinding wheel           Measuring probe, pneumatically retracting from measuring
                                                           dia. 50 … 100 mm, up to 20,000 rpm                           position, up to 2 1/2 axes, measuring accuracy ± 1 µm

Additional accessories
- Electro-permanent magnetic chucks
- Automatic balancing systems
- Coolant filtration units
- Automatic coolant nozzle tracing systems
- Coolant mist exhaust units
- Accessory package for the use of pure
  grinding oil
- Acoustic sensors                                         Vertical auxiliary grinding spindle,
- Special horizontal or vertical grinding spindles         on sliding bracket, 5 kW, max. 30,000 rpm
The comfortable solution
for profile and contour grinding

The BLOHM operator interface with graphical operator guidance for
the CNC control Siemens 840D with PCU 50 assists the operator in
combining parametric grinding and dressing cycles to a part program.
Process parameters can be easily adjusted which leads quickly to an

                                                                              CNC control
optimal grinding process.
Additional options are available to adapt programs even faster and
with greater flexibility.

BLOHM profile generates automatically grinding and dressing
programs with complex contours. The software simulates program
sequences as well.

The Software option single piece and batch production for the
Siemens 840D permits that programs are easily set up to meet individual
grinding tasks.

The main focus as it relates to dressings cycles is to support the operator
at the machine to CNC profile dress the wheel fast with great flexibility.

The grinding part of the software supports three different grinding
cycles, i.e. plunge, surface and creep feed grinding. Each cycle has
two individual input screens, one for the part geometry and one
for the grinding technology. The clear software structure makes it
very user friendly.

The specialties of the new software are related to many manual                Selection out of six pre-defined profile   Profile parameters

interventions which are possible before and after the program has been
- Push button to start dressing on demand while the program is running
- Manual downfeed via handwheel to make part contact and continuing
   in automatic program mode
- Program interruption with automatic lift-off and continuation of the
   program are possible at any time (e.g. for measuring)

                                                                              Definition of part geometry                Definition of grinding technology

BLOHM solutions
Automotive industry and sub-suppliers

                                                Rocker arm for diesel engine

Sector shaft         Steering rack piston nut   Roller for injection-pump

Bearing industry

                     Linear guideway

Bearing race
Machine building
                                           Inner profile of hydraulic pump stator              Outer profile of hydraulic pump rotor

                                           Hirth-coupling                                      Vane pump rotor

Turbine industry

Five-sided grinding of shroud components                                    Vane and blade

Tool and die industry

Broach tool                                                                 Press-break tool

                                                PL HP CNC 08/05 e

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