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					                    LEASING COMPANIES
Just when you think you have seen it all, more appears! Funny,
entertaining, ENCOURAGING. Josh Wood, Account Manager,
Autow Nationalease of Alabama

Billy combines magic, illusions, and humor to influence your mind,
heart, and soul. John Keating, Nationalease of Kansas City

GREAT!!! The best program we've ever had!!! Gene Scoggins,
National VP of Sales, Nationalease.

Excellent!!! Best ever! I enjoyed the magic as well as the info on self-
confidence and sales techniques! Brian Bosillo, Internet Leasing
Agent, D&M Auto Leasing

Outstanding! Great pacing. Really reinforced the positive side of
sales – successful sales, that is! Doug Wright, Leasing Agent

Entertaining, engaging, dynamic. A great speaker with an even
better message. Kate Rounsley, Leasing and Marketing Manager,
Allen and O’Hara

Wonderful, entertaining, hilarious, inspiring. Need I say more? It was
awesome to watch. I’m leaving with new ideas! Stacy Snead,
Leasing Consultant, D&M Auto Leasing

Best presentation I’ve ever seen! WONDERFUL!! Brandon Davis,
Finance Director, ProLease, Houston, Texas

Excellent speaker, very entertaining. Billy accurately diagnosed my
condition and has opened my eyes! Earnest Taylor, Leasing
Manager, D&M Auto Leasing

Very informative and exciting at the same time. I really have no
words to describe his performance. It was great! Lindsay
Woodring, Leasing Professional, The Pointe Apartments, Allen
and O’Hara

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