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					                                                                                        Job description/person specification

                                                                                                                                                   Version: 3 February 2010

                                                                                                                                           Sub-Saharan Africa
 Job title                                        Projects Manager                                     Department/office
                                                                                                                                           [Specify country/office]

 Job holder                                                                                            Job code

                                                                                                                                           LE Grade G
 Job type                                         Project & contract management                        Pay band
                                                                                                                                           CA Payband 6

 Line manager                                     [To be specified]                                    Post-related                        None

The job description/person specification should be reviewed on a regular basis. Guidance on completing job descriptions using
competencies can be found on the Competency Dictionary section of the HR homepage at If you propose to make significant changes to it, you should seek advice
from your HR Services team. If it is for a new post or you propose a change in the grading of the post, you must refer it to your HR
Services team (UK) or your HR geographical consultant (overseas staff). If you have line management responsibility, you must
include an explicit duty relating to this.
All information must be in line with the British Council’s equal opportunity policy.

                                                  To manage specific projects within the country programme in support of the British Council’s
 Job aim
                                                  overall purpose

                                                  [To be                                          [To be                                                         [To be
 Number of staff managed                                              As line manager                                 As countersignatory
                                                  identified]                                     identified]                                                    identified]

 Finances managed                                 [To be specified: enter appropriate figure for project spend per year]

 State what percentage of the job is represented by each duty.

Duty and standards – measurable in terms of time, cost, quality or quantity.

                           Project management: To manage and implement selected projects within the country programme, as directed
                           by senior colleagues. Specific tasks include:

                                Maintenance and adjustment when appropriate of project plans
                                Delivery of project outputs to achieve reach, impact and financial targets

 1 Duty (50%)                   Continual review of project progress with team (at least monthly); identification of lessons learned,
                                 potential obstacles, risks, opportunities and adjust plans accordingly.
                                Reporting to senior managers for quarterly ERMF meetings on operational risks associated with each
                                Collection of comprehensive scorecard data
                                Liaison with relevant colleagues to ensure that the projects remain in line with sector/programme area

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.                 Revised April 2005
                   Deliver the project within budget, on time, against agreed financial and non-financial targets and to
                    satisfaction of internal and external customers
                   Delivery in line with corporate policies (eg EOD/EFT) and values
Standards          Good understanding of strategic risk
                   Scorecard data complete and scortecard deadlines met in full
                   Clearly identification of roles and responsibilities within project team
                   Team members held accountable through frequent reviews

                Budget management: To manage operational expenditure against budgets for each project managed.
                Specific tasks include:

                   Agreement with senior colleagues of clear project budgets for income and expenditure
2 Duty (20%)       Tracking of expenditure against project budget using SAP reporting tools
                   Reporting to senior managers as required for monthly FCCF meetings on financial risks (mischarges and
                    potential year-end underspends and overspends) for each project
                   Adjustment of project budgets as required under direction of senior colleagues
                   Reforecasting of operational spend in-year for each project

                   Compliance with approval limits
                   Good understanding of SAP project reporting mechanisms and ability to interpret SAP reports
                   Activity plans anticipate budget provision and final outtturn within 5% of budget (except for exchange rate
                   Activities managed within budget ceilings agreed with senior staff
                   Budgetary information provided is accuarate and timely

                Partnerships: To maintain good relationships with project partners. Specific tasks include:
                   Working with partners and stakeholders to promote sustainable relationships in which British Council and
3 Duty (10 %)
                    UK are perceived as valued partners
                   Maintenance of up-to-date contacts database

                   Liaise effectively with project stakeholders to ensure expectations are agreed and managed successfully.
Standards          Positive feedback from partners
                   Relationship management to the complete satisfaction of senior colleagues

                Marketing and communications: Ensure that effective marketing and communications strategies are in place
                and are implemented effectively for each project. Specific tasks include:
                   Provision of web content, press releases and other publicity
4 Duty (10 %)      Appropriate dissemination (on site; to media; to audience etc)
                   Ensuring that quality and quantity of media coverage aimed is achieved and feedback from clients is
                    appropriately stored and used when appropriate (scorecard/storyboard)
                   Act as point of contact, as required in the local context, for managing relations with the media

                           All material supplied is within deadlines and to appropriate quality standards
    Standards              All tasks and products in line with agreed communication strategies
                           Scorecard standards and deadlines fully met

                       Performance Management: To line-manage, where appropriate, one or more Project Officers to support
    5 Duty (5 %)       project delivery, ensuring that full range of performance management tasks are carried out for each line
                       managee. Assume full responsibility for own professional development in consultation with line manager.

                           Full compliance with corporate standards in respect of each line managee, to include:
                                o    Up-to-date job descriptions and performance agreements (with appropriate deliverables) are in
    Standards                   o    Annual performance evaluations undertaken against job descriptions and deliverables
                                o    Regular job discussions held to include development needs
                           Line managees all working to full potential
                           Personal development items articulated in own performance agreement

                       Teamworking: Provide support as required to the work of the wider country/regional team, carrying out tasks
                       from time to time which might be considered appropriate to either more senior or more junior grades. Tasks
                       might include:
    6 Duty (5%)            Contributing to the work of other project teams in response to workload demands
                           Responding postively and proactively to requests from senior colleagues
                           Participating in working groups/panels such as EOD, EFT, etc

    Standards              General willingness to engage with wider directorate issues

Person specification
       Use the Behavioural competency dictionary (which you will find within the Competency Dictionary Section of the HR homepage
        at to help you list here the relevant behavioural competencies
        needed for the job – aim for no more than six. Assign the appropriate level to each competency.
       Use the Role profile dictionary to help you list the relevant skills, knowledge and experience needed for the job. Include any
        specialist qualifications.

       You should not state requirements which could potentially disadvantage particular groups or individuals, e.g. previous
        experience in a British Council office overseas.

       Indicate whether each criterion (behavioural competency, skill, knowledge and experience) is essential (E) or desirable (D) for
        selection and recruitment purposes.

       For recruitment and selection purposes state also how evidence of each criterion will be assessed. You may state one or more
        of: application form; performance evaluation; interview and, where appropriate, presentation exercise or specialist test. (You
        should aim for no more than six criteria to be assessed by interview.)

                                                                                       Indicate which
          Criteria: behavioural                                                                                State how each criterion
                                                Essential (E)   Which duties does      criteria will be used
          competencies (assign levels),                                                                        will be assessed for
                                                or desirable    this criterion         for recruitment and
          skills, knowledge experience, and                                                                    recruitment and selection
                                                (D).            support?               selection (aim for
          specialist qualifications.                                                                           purposes.
                                                                                       no more than six).

          Behavioural competences

    1     Achievement (3)                       E               All                    Yes                     Interview, application, PE

 2     Professional confidence (2)           E               All                    Yes                   Interview, application, PE

 3     Holding people accountable (2)        E               All                    Yes                   Interview, application, PE

 4     Analytical thinking (2)               D               All

 5     Leading and developing others (2)     E               All                    Yes                   Interview, application, PE

 6     Entrepreneurship (2)                  D               All
       Relationship-building for influence
 7                                           E               All                    Yes                   Interview, application, PE
       Skills and experience
       Project & contract management
 8                                           D               All
       (monitoring and reporting: 2)
       Financial planning and
                                                                                                          Application, PE, possible
 9     management (monitoring and            E               All                    Yes
       reporting: 2)
       Fluency in English: broadly
 10    minimum IELTS 6.5 (reading and        D               All

List here any special requirements of the job, e.g. occasional unsocial hours, flexible working. It is assumed that all jobs can be job-
shared unless valid reasons are given below. Disability is not normally a disqualifying factor for a job.

 Occasional unsocial hours, flexible working, availability to travel when required for project support

 Line manager’s name

                                     Head Projects & Partnerships or
 Post title                                                                       Department/country
                                     Business Devevelopment Director

 Signature                                                                        Date


 Signature                                                                        Date


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