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					Healthcare Safety
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                                                                      Healthcare Safety

                                        Welcome to the Greater Baltimore
                                        Medical Center Healthcare Safety CBL


                                        This computer-based learning (CBL)
                                        course addresses several general safety
                                        issues including safety-sensitive areas,
                                        medical device accidents, accident
                                        reporting, and the no smoking policy.

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                                                                      Healthcare Safety

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                              Safety-Sensitive Areas
                                Medical Equipment
                              OSHA Lock-out/Tag-out
                        Medical Device-Related Accidents
                                General Guidelines
                          Employee Accident Reporting
                                 No Smoking Policy

                                 Hotword Definitions
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                                                                 Healthcare Safety

        This program is designed to familiarize employees with the
        following safety issues:

                  Safety-sensitive areas
                  Medical device accidents
                  Medical equipment management
                  Electrical safety
                  Accident reporting.
                  No smoking policy

        These issues affect patients, employees, and visitors.
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                                                                 Healthcare Safety


        Certain areas in this facility are
        safety-sensitive because of:

                  the materials used or stored in
                   the area
                  the level of
                   security/confidentiality needed
                   for patient care

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety
        Safety-sensitive areas may

                  Obstetrics
                  Emergency room (ER)
                  Pharmacy
                  Medical records
                  Nuclear medicine
                  Electrical and boiler
                  Operating rooms (OR)
                  Medical waste storage
                  Cashier’s office
                  Gift shop

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                                                                    Healthcare Safety


        Public access should be controlled in all safety-sensitive areas.

                  Persons in sensitive areas must have a reason for being
                  Persons gaining access to sensitive areas must be
                   approved by admitting or our Security Department and
                   will be issued a special badge to allow them access.
                  Employees working in a sensitive area should be
                   oriented to the area when they are first hired, followed by
                   annual reviews. Orientation should include education
                   about the sensitive nature of the area and procedures
                   necessary to control public access to the area.

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                                                                    Healthcare Safety

        Safe Medical Device Act Requirements
        Anyone who

                  witnesses
                  discovers
                  otherwise becomes aware of information

        that a piece of equipment has, may cause, or contributes to the
        death of a patient is responsible for immediately assessing the
        patient and reporting the incident.
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                                                                    Healthcare Safety

        Safe Medical Device Act Requirements

                  Report the incident to the supervisor by a verbal report.
                  Remove the equipment from service, tagging the
                   equipment with the date, time, and reason for removal.
                  Complete an incident report.
                  Maintain the setting on the equipment or document the
                   original settings.
                  Have the equipment assessed as soon as possible.

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                                                                    Healthcare Safety

        Medical Gases

        Know where the shut-off valves and zone valves are located
        when working with oxygen, vacuum, and medical air.

        Be prepared to shut off valves as instructed during a fire.

        Authorized personnel for shutting off oxygen valves include The
        Charge Nurse, Respiratory Therapy or Maintenance and
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                                                                Healthcare Safety

        Who maintains medical equipment at this facility?

        Clinical Engineering has Clinical and Radiological Engineers
        who are available to install, repair, and calibrate diagnostic,
        therapeutic, monitoring and Radiological/Imaging equipment.

        These Engineers have electronic training and appropriately test
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                                                                Healthcare Safety

        Immediate Response

        There is an immediate response when there is a problem with
        any life support equipment.

        If there is any chance the equipment has harmed a patient in
        any way:

               remove the item from service immediately
               label it as defective
               complete an incident report

        DO NOT try to repair it yourself, and DO NOT allow it to be
        worked on or examined by someone else.
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                                                                Healthcare Safety

        Additional Guidelines

        All equipment is inspected as required.

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety


        Engineering and biomedical
        technicians must safely work on
        equipment with its energy turned

        To prevent others from turning
        the energy source "on," lock-out
        or tag-out procedures are used.
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                              Hotword Definitions
          lock- When a locking device is applied to a machine to keep it
            out from being turned on or energized.
           tag- When a tag or label is applied to a machine to keep it
            out from being turned on or energized.

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety


        Report all accidents related to a
        medical device if there is any chance
        the device caused or helped cause a
        death, serious injury, or illness.

        Employees who discover, witness, or
        are notified of a medical device-related
        incident should:

               remove device from use
               complete an incident report
               report the incident to their immediate supervisor or
                Nursing Administrator

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                            Hotword Definitions
         medical An instrument, apparatus, implement, machine,
          device contrivance, implant, invitro reagent, or other similar or
                  related article, including any component part or
                  accessory, which is 1) recognized in the official
                  National Formulary or in the United States
                  Pharmacopeia, or any supplement to them; 2)
                  intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other
                  condition, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or
                  prevention of disease in any man or animal; or 3)
                  intended to affect the structure of any function of the
                  body of man or other animals, and which is not
                  dependent upon being metabolized for the
                  achievement of any of its principal intended purposes.
         serious Physical harm that: (1) is life threatening; (2) results in
           injury permanent (irreversible) impairment of a body function
                  or permanent damage to a body structure; (3)
                  necessitates immediate medical or surgical
                  intervention to preclude permanent impairment of a
                  body function or permanent damage to a body

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                                                                  Healthcare Safety

        Electrical System

        When external power is interrupted, an emergency power
        system takes over.

               Diesel-fueled generators power the system.
               The emergency power system comes online within 8
                seconds when normal power is interrupted.

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                           Hotword Definitions
                emergency power system Emergency generators.

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                                                                  Healthcare Safety

        Employees who use electrical
        equipment should be trained on how to
        properly use the equipment.

               Any employee who has not received proper training
                should not use the equipment.

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety


        When working with electrical equipment, watch for the following

               electrical cords that are damaged or have broken
               loose electrical connections
               electrical cords or connections in or near water or other
               electrical tools that spark, shock, or smoke due to
                damage or defect
               loss or lack of grounding

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety


        Maintain enough space around electrical equipment to safely
        operate and maintain it.

        Use adequate lighting in all workspaces near electronic
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                                                              Healthcare Safety


        If you suspect a problem with electrical
        equipment, contact the Maintenance
        Office or Engineering Office at ext. 2171

        Do not try to repair the equipment

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                                                              Healthcare Safety

        Fire Detection and Suppression

               Be familiar with the fire detection
                and suppression system (for
                example, a Class C fire).
               These systems are inspected
                and tested regularly.

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                               Hotword Definitions
         Class fires involve energized or plugged-in sources. Sources
             C include electrical equipment such as household
               appliances, surgical equipment, and computer

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                                                              Healthcare Safety

        If you suspect an on-the-job injury or
        job-related illness, regardless of how
        slight, report it to your supervisor and
        Employee Health as soon as

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety


        The supervisor should:

               see that the injured employee
                receives necessary treatment
               complete and sign an Employee
                Incident Report

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety

        No Smoking Policy
        Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Environmental Policy

                   As of Jan. 1, 2006, this policy is now in place to
                    provide a smoke-free and tobacco-free environment
                    to employees, patients (inpatients and outpatients),
                    volunteers, visitors, physicians, residents, students,
                    emergency medical staff, contractors and others. The
                    policy will also promote and encourage healthy
                    lifestyles throughout our community.
                   In general, smoking and the use of tobacco products
                    are not permitted on the campus of GBMC. Smoking
                    in personal vehicles is permitted. All smoking
                   materials must be extinguished inside the vehicle.

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                                                                 Healthcare Safety

        Be aware of safety-sensitive areas and restrictions.

        Immediately report all accidents related to:

               a medical device
               on-the-job-injuries
               job-related illnesses

        Complete an incident report for visitors and patients and an
        Employee Incident form for Employees.

        For additional information, contact our Safety Officer or review
        the Hospital Safety Manual/Policies, which are available on the
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                                                                 Healthcare Safety

        We hope this Computer Based Learning course has been both
        informative and helpful.

        Feel free to review this course until you are confident about
        your knowledge of the material presented.

        Click the Take Test button on the left side when you are ready
        to complete the requirements for this course.

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