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									                            ALAGAPPA UNIVERSITY
                              FACULTY DETAILS

                                 S. GOKILAVANI

Date of Birth                    02.06.1957
Gender                           Female
Department                       Women’s Studies
Qualification                    M.A., M. Phil., Ph. D
Designation                      Professor and Head
                                 Department of Women’s Studies
                                 Alagappa University Karaikudi.
                                 51 / 55-3, Vallalar Nagar,
                                 I Street Railway Station Road, Karaikudi
Pin code                         630 003
Phone                            9442233505
Email                            drsgvi@

University Studied UG and PG :

                                                                    Year of
S.No            Degree                    University
1         B.A (sociology)      Madurai .Kamaraj. University       1977
2         M.A(sociology)       Madurai. Kamaraj. University       1979
3         M.Phil (socio)       Madurai Kamaraj University         1980

University Where Research done :

   Name of the University          Year of Study     Area of Specialization
Madurai Kamaraj University         1988            Sociology of Health
PG Specialization (subjects) :

1.Sociology of Profession                 2 .Rural Sociology
3. Research Methodology                   4. Modernization and Development

Total Teaching Experience        :

S.No          Institution                   Position
                                                             From       To
1        M.K.University              Lecturer               24.01.81-30.04.89
2        M.K. University             Teaching ,             01.09.81-29.11.89
3        Alagappa University         Reader                 30.11.89-19.12.96
4        Alagappa University         Director ,             20.12.96-15.12.97
                                     Head i/c               21.01.95-14.05.95
5        Alagappa University         Reader                 15.12.97-16.07.99
6        Alagappa University         Professor              17.07.99- 30.06.04
7        Alagappa University         Professor and Head     10.07.04 till date

Total Research Experience (No. of Years): 30

Current Research Field :

1. Women’s Studies                        2. Dalit Studies
3. Feminist Research                      4. Women in Manamgement

No. of M Phil & PhDs Guided :

M.Phil                19                     Ph.D              7

Projects done Minor/Major:

S.No                 Title                                  Year    (Ongoing/
1        Women’s Space in Information           UGC – CWS   2007   On go
     Communication Technology –
     A Study in Sivaganga District.

2    Problems of Single /              UGC CWS   2007   On go
     Unmarried Women: A Case
     Study of Single hood in

3    Women and Reproductive            UGC CWS   2007   On go
     Health: A Case Study of
     Women in Sivaganga District

4    Facets of Child Labour – A        UGC CWS   2008   Comple
     Case Study of Karaikudi in
     Sivagangai District,
5    Sexual Harassment at              NIPCCD    2007   Comple
     Workplace – An Evaluation
     Study Regional office,
6    An Evaluation Study of            TAHDCO    2007   Comple
     TAHDCO (Individual and SHG
     beneficiaries 2002-2003) in
     Sivagangai District.
7    Identification of Street          DRDA      2007   Comple
     Vendors for Financial Inclusion
8    A Study on the Status of          DRDA      2007   Comple
     Heritage Buildings in
     Chettinadu Region
9    "A Sociological Study on the      UGC       1998   Comple
     Property Rights and 30%
     Reservation Policy for Women
     in Panchayats"
10   Preliminary Survey on Child       TSWB      1998   Comple
     Prostitution in Pudukkottai and
     Madurai Districts
11   "Reference Groups of Doctors      UGC       1998   Comple
     in an Organisational Set-up A
     Comparative Study of Two
     Hospitals in Madurai
12   Success Rate of Women             UGC       1998   Comple
     Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu ,
13   " A Feministic Study on the       NCW       1997   Comple
     Role Performance and
     Experiences of Elected Women
       in Sivagangai District
14     ghujg;gpujkhpd; Ntiytha;g;G   DIC          1997    Comple
       jpl;lj;jpd;fPo; njhopy;
       KidNthh; Nkk;ghl;L gapw;rp
       Kfhkpy; gadile;Njhh; gw;wpa
15     Bonded Girl Children as       TSWB         1994    Comple
       Domestic Labourers in PMT
16     The Role of Science and       DST          1993    Comple
       Technology in Promoting
       Entrepreneurship among
       Women in P.T.T. District"

Seminar/Workshops Organized :

S.No                  Title /Workshops:                     Period
1      Developing Women’s Studies Curriculum             12-13.03.09
2      Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme      30.01.09
3      Human Rights :Issues & Perspectives               05.11.08
4      Capacity Building for Women Managers in Higher    08-12.08.08
       Education (Residential)
5      Capacity Building for Women Managers in Higher    01-05.04.08.
       Education (Non Residential)
6      Local Self Governance and Self Help     Group     27-29.07.06
7      Gender Sensitization for Bankers and Government   01.03.05
8      “Project Formulation”                             08.01.05
9      Research Methodology Workshop in Women's          23-27.05.96

10     Women's Awareness and Career Guidance             26.01.95
11     Women in Management: Opportunities & Barriers     25.07.08
12      Role of Women’s Studies in Empowerment of        21.09.07
13     Awareness Seminar for SHGs.                       26.11.06

14     Networking of Self Help Group                     03.12.05
15     District Level Industrial Seminar                 24-25.11.05
16     Women and Health                                  18.02.05
17     Employment Opportunities for Women in Armed       11.02.05
       forces of India
18   Tamilnadu Farm Women TANWA of Agricultural         09.12.97
19   Golden Jubilee Seminar on Youth and Development    05.11.97
20   Competition on Population Education                13.03.97
21   Women's Welfare and the Role of State              23.05.95
     EDP Training
22   LIV- LXX Batches                                   July04-Ap06
23   Women EDP Training for SHG                         18.01.06
24   EDP XIII Batch of PMRY Beneficiaries               15.11.97 to
25   EDP XII Batch of PMRY Beneficiaries                02.05.97 to
26   EDPXI Batch of PMRY Beneficiaries                  25.03.97 to
27   EDP X Batch of PMRY Beneficiaries                  05.02.97 to
28   EDP IX Batch of PMRY Beneficiaries                 03.05.95 to
29   EDP V Batch of PMRY Beneficiaries                  30.03.95 to
30   Industrial Visit for EDP Trainees                  27.04.95
31   Bakery Technology, Readymade Garments and          01.08.97
     Watch Repairing & Mechanism
32   Mushroom Cultivation                        08.05.97
33    Demonstration Training Programme Sweet Box 17-18.05.97
                  and Office Cover

     Panchayati Raj Training Organised
34    Elected and Contested Women in Panchayati Raj     12.04.97
                 Elections in Sivagangai
35   National Commission for Women                      20.08.97
     International Day Celebration
36   Women’s Day Celebration                            16.03.06
37   International Women’s Day Celebration,             18.03.06
38   Women’s Day Celebration, World Vision India        07.03.06
39   International Women’s Day Celebration              31.03.05
40   Children’s Day Celebration                         30.11.04
41   Legal Services Day Celebration & Legal Awareness   08.11.04
42   International Women's Day Celebrations             22.03.97
43   International Women's Day Celebrations INSARD      23..03.97
44   International Women's Day Celebrations             16.03.95
     Awareness Programmes Organised
45   Girls Education for Rural Community.               27.02.06
46   Legal Awareness Campaign for Rural Community.      24.02.06
47   Girls Education for School Teachers.                22.02.06
48   Career Choices to Girls Students                    23.02.06
49   SSA for Teachers, Anganvati workers ANMS            18.10.05
50   Total Sanitation Campaign” to the Panchayat         03.04.04
51   Nutrition Awareness Camp                            15-16.10.04
52   Illicit Liquior Distillations                       18.08.04
53   DWCRA Scheme to Rural Women                         05.04.97
54   Employee Meet for the Placement of TRYSEM           08.07.97
55   TRYSEM Trainings                                    02.07.95
56   Women       Physical      Education     Teachers,   26.02.95
                  Government Education Department
57   Legal Awareness Camp to Rural Women                 18.02.95
58   Village Camp for M.W.S. Students                    20-22.02.95
     Developmental     Programmes      Organised   as
     Programme Executive
59   EDP Food processing                            27.05.06
60   Training Cover, Paper Bag and SweetBox Cutting 29.03.06 to
     for Self Help Groups                           31.03.06
61   Vegetable Cultivation                          23.03.06 to
62   Coir & Allied Product                          23.03.06 to
63   Wood Carving Training                          13.03.06
64   Wood Carving Training for SHG                  10-15.03.06
65   Screen Printing Training                       01-07.02.06
66   Ornamental Beads Tying                         23-27.01.06
67   Mushroom Cultivation – Tourism Camp 2004 – 05  2004-2005
68   Animal Husbandry Programme for Rual Mass            Nov1995
69   Mother Crafting and Child Care                      Oct 1995
     Other Programmes Organised
70   Child Rights Campaign to School Children         23,27,28,30,
71   District Level Marketing Cum Exhibition of SHG 10-11.03.06
72   Innovative Educational Scheme under SSA          19.12.05
73   Tsunami Exposure Visit to Nagapattinam, Karaikal 05-06.02.05
74     Revival of Defunct                                     03.02.05
75     Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques & prevention of        17.01.05
       Female Infanticide
76     Legal Literacy Camp                                    03.11.04
77     Income Generating Activities                           11-29.10.04
78     Bankers, Developmental Officials and Self Help         20.08.04
       Groups interaction meeting

Seminar/Workshops Attended :
     (a) National

                                     Institution and Event
S.No              Title                                          Period
1      "Duties and                  Madurai Rural             Nov 2002
       Commitments of Police
2      Gender Analysis of Case      Capability Approach
       Studies                      Dindigul
3      “International Women’s       FORD                     11.04.08
       Day”                         Pillayar patti
4      Capacity Building of         Women Studies            24.03.08
       Women Managers in            Perspective
       Higher Education
5      Policies and Programme       Sri Parasakthi College
       for Women                               for         12.03.08
       Empowerment                   Women Coutrallam,

6      Women’s Property Rights      Central     Cooperative
                                                Society     08.03.08
                                    Pudukottai ( Dist.)

7      Awareness creation           Adidravida        Welfare
       seminar for Govt. officers                Office,      25.02.08
       on SC & St Empowermen        Sivagangai
                                    “Need for SC & ST

8      Gender Sensitisation &       NABARD, Pudukottai
       Prospects of women in                                 05.11.07
       Social Participation
9      Women Empowerment            Madura          College,
                                                 Madurai     09.03.06

10     “Woman in Folk Society       Department of Tamil
                                    Alagappa University      20.02.06
11   Women Self Help Group       Alagappa Chettiar
                                 Engineering college         20.02.06

12   Researching Women’s         GRI, Gandhigram
     Issues                                            11.10.02
13   Sethu Samuththiram          Sethu     Samuththira 03.10.04
     Project                               Project
                                 Alagappa University
14   Curriculum Development      NMKRV College
     for Women’s Studies         Bangalore             21.03.03

15   Women’s Day Celebration Social Service Society, 01.04.05
16   Women’s Day Celebration Sri Saradha Nikedan
                              College for Women
                             Amaravaythyputhur,      03.03.05
                             Women’s             Day

17   Critical Analysis of        Dept of Environmental
     National Policy for         Economics ,
     Empowerment of Women        Madurai         Kamaraj     20.09.02
                                 National Policy for
                                 Empowerment            of
18   National Policy for         YMCA, Nagercoil.
     Empowerment of Women        Empowerment            of   14.09.02
     2001”                                   Women
19   "National Policy for        World Vision of India,
     Empowerment of Women        Madurai                     26.08.02
     2001                        Empowerment            of
                                 Women 2001
20    A Methodological           NMKRV      college    for
     Solution                    Women                       18.01.02
                                 Unearthing        Gender
21   Employment for              Fatima           College,
     Sociology Graduates                     Madurai.        17.12.99
                                 Women’s          Studies
                                 Avenue     for    Higher
23   Gender Equity in Politics   Seminar on Gender
                                            Equity         30.12.98
                                NSS VHNSN College
                                Virudhunagar        ,
                                          Seminar on
                                Gender Equity
24   Entrepreneurship and       Chettinadu Polytechnic.
     You                        Entrepreneurship
25   Women and Development Kandanoor,            Golden
                                            Jubilee     11.03.98
                                Year             Village
                                Scheme’s Special Camp
                                          of NSS
26   24 Hour Famine Day         World Vision of India
     Programme on Save a        Karaikudi, “Women and
     Child                                  Developme 10.11.98
                                Programmes        of
27   Women as Upholders of      S.S.A.         College,
     Values                                 Devakottai  11.12.97
                                National Seminar Cum
                                Camp     WOMEN   AS
28   De Addiction of Southern   Ponmalai, Trichy.          02.09.97
     Railway Works Labourers    Impact of Alchoholism
29   Chief Guest in Annual      Little Flower School,
     Teachers                   Karaikudi Parents Day      06.04.97

30   “Science Day               TamilNadu       Science
     Celebrations                          Forum           22.02.97
                               Felicitation address
31   "Women and Society"       S.M.S. Girls Hr. Sec.
                                           School,    10.01.97
                               International Women's
32   Reproductive Health       Education        Resource   24.07.96
     Education                              Centre,
                               Gandhigram          Rural
                               Awareness Programme
                               Population      Education
                               Mahila             Mundal
                                            Members in
33   Leadership Training for   Isai Gnaniar
     Women                            Madhar Sangham       24.05.96
                               , Kundrakudi
                               Awareness Camp
34   "Women and their Roles"   Lions Club of Madurai
                               "Political Role of          July 1995
                               Women in Human
                               Development” Seminar
35   Women’s Week              Sivagangai Collectorate
                               Handicapped Days            21.04.95
36   Women’s Awareness         ACCTE at Surakudi.          25.02.95
     Camp                      Women’s Awareness
37   “Feminism: A New          S.A.College Pallathur       31.01.95
     Perspective               Awareness Camp for
38   Road Safety and           Police Department
     Women’s Role              Karaikudi                   05.01.92
                               Road Safety Week
39   “Need for Mobilizing      Youth        Social
     Women for National        Service Organisation,       26.05.90
     Development”              Pallathur
                               Need for Mobilizing
                                Women for National

40   “Capacity building for     Anna University,          18-22.04.06
     Women Managers in          Chennai,
     higher Education”          National Training
41   “Pappatti Syndrome –       Annamalai University      07.04.06
     Panchayats in Action:      Political Science and
     Emerging Forms and         Public Administration
     Issues                     Wing,
42   “NGOs – Bankers            NABARD, Sivagangai        28.03.06
     Interface”                 NGOs – Bankers
43   Gender identity in the     Centre for Women’s
     Emerging Global Context    Studies, PSGR             23.03.06
                                Krishmnammal College
                                for Women,
                                Coimbatore, National
44   women & Environment        Fatima College,           10.03.06
                                National Seminar
45   People Education           Divisional Office,
     Programme                  Commissioner for
                                Khadi & Village           02.03.06
                                industries, Ministry of
                                ARI, Government of
                                India, Madurai ,

46   Awareness for child        District Welfare Board,   30.07.05
     Adoption                   Sivagangai, Seminar
47   “Alternative Agriculture   Alagappa
     Development”               University,Karaikudi,     08.07.05
                                One day Seminar
48   Expert Opportunities for   Bank of India,            31.06.05
     Agro Products and          Sivagangai,
     Handicraft                 Seminar on Export –
49   Self Help Artician         Self Help Artician        11.04.05
     Groups”,                   Groups”
                                Karaikudi, Awareness
50   The Changing Scenario      Carmel College, Mala,
     Seminar III Women's        Kerala                    14.08.03
     Rights and Low"            Rural Women and
51   Status, Trends, and         Dept. of Applied
     Supervision of Research     Research, Gandhigram      12.04.02
     in Rural Developmen         Rural Institute,
                                 National Seminar
52   Widowhood in India          Center for                220-22.03.02
                                 Gerontological Studies,
                                 Trivandrum Women's
                                 Empowerment Cell
53   Changing Social             Mother Teresa             6-07.03.02
     Institutions and its        Women's University R
     Impact on the Quality of    & E Centre Madurai,
     Life                        IASSI's National
54   Changing Social             Bharathidasan
     Institutions and their      University, Trichy, UGC   18-19.02.02
     Impact on the Quality of    National Seminar
55   Communal Harmony            Madurai Kamaraj           22-23.01.02
                                 UGC National Seminar
56   Interdisciplinary           PSG College of Arts &
     Approach to Women           Science Coimbatore        10-11.01.02
     Empowerment                 UGC National Seminar
57   Integrated Water            Bharathidasan
     Resource Management         University,               28-
                                 Tiruchirappalli,          29.03.2000
                                 Environment and
                                 Empowerment of
58   Business Education in the   Annamalai University,
     New Millennium              UGC National Seminar      22.03.2000
                                 School of Management
59   Industry Interactions       Annamalai University,
     Ways and Means              UGC National Seminar      21.03.2000
                                 School of Management
60   New Dimensions of Caste     Dept, of Sociology        8-9.03.2000
     System                      Annamalai University,
                                 UGC National Seminar
61   Atrocities on Women         Dept. of Sociology, Sri   01-
     Break the Silence           Venkateswara              02.03.2000
                                 University, Tirupati,
                                 UGC National Seminar
62   Human Rights and            Madurai Kamaraj           16-18..12.99
     Marginal Groups             University,
                              National Seminar
63   Current Issues           Dept. of Sociology
                              Madurai Kamaraj             25-26.11.99
                              UGC National Seminar

64   Women's Studies Theory   Mother Teresa
     and Method               Women's University,         29-30.09.99
                              National Seminar
65   Women's Studies Theory   Gandhigram Rural            Jan 1999
     and Method               University,
                              State Level Seminar
66   Senior Citizens -        Dept of Women’s             11.02.1996
     Problems and Solutions   Studies,
                              Karaikudi ,Seminar
67   Higher Education in      Madras & Inner Wheel        08.03.1993
     United States            Club of Karaikudi,
68   Practicing Women         Department of Science
     Entrepreneurs in PMT     & Technology, New           20.05.1992
     Dist. Problems &         Delhi,
     Perspective              Seminar
69   Dowry Eradication,       Lions Club of Madurai       1991
     Female Infanticide and   Aristo and Temple,
     Protective Laws for      “Intercollegiate
     Women”                   Seminar
70   Women & Development      Alagappa      University,   29.04.1990
                              Karaikudi, Seminar
71   Communication in         Madurai          Kamaraj    26-
     Development              University,     Madurai,    30.03.1990
                              “UGC National Seminar
72   Recent Researches and    NCERT, REC Ajmer
     Innovations in           National Seminar            04-06-10.88
     Educational Technology
73   Futurology - Towards     Madurai         Kamaraj     225-
     21st Century             University,                 26.03.1987
                              Madurai,        National
74   “Gender Sensitivity      Univerisity           of    22.12.05
75   “Prevention of Sexual    National Institute of       16-18.11..05.
     Harassment at work       Public Co-operation and
     Place                    Child       Development
76   “District Human          A Visionary Workshop        11.11.05.
     Development Report”      Sivagangai
77   The Latest Trends and        , Annamalai University,   23 – 24 April
     Issues in Social Science                               2004
     Research Methodology”
78   “Gender Justice and          Do’s    Soc.Tamil    and 15 -
     Periyar”                     History Manonmaniam 16.03.2004.
                                  Sundaranar University,
79   “Women’s Legal Rights        History      Association    13.02.2004
     and Laws”                    Meeting     Govt.    Arts
                                  College, Pudukkottai
80   Social Responsibilities of   Communication        and    29 & 30
     Media                        Media: “Challenges and      Jan 2004.
                                  Department             of
                                  Sociaology,     Madurai
                                  Kamaraj University.
81   “Gender and Crime: A         Crime     and     Society   22, 23
     Theoretical Perspective”     Department             of   March
                                  Sociology,    Annamalai     2003
82   “Women and their             State Level Seminar on      10.10.2003
     Empowerment in Tamil         Facets of Modern Tamil
     Nadu”                        Nadu. V.V. College for
                                  Women, Virudhunagar,
83   “Gender Issues and           Gandhigram          Rural   24.12.2003
     Social Issues in Training    Institute – The Deemed
     Programme for Field          University, Gandhigram
     Organizers / Supervisors
     of WWT in Do Rural
84   Women’s Role in Modern       Inaugural      Address      3.9.2003
     Society                      Career Guidance Cell.
                                  Seetha Lakshmi Achi
                                  College for Women,
85   Women’s Legal Rights -       National       Seminar      2003.
     National and                 Series     and    Rural
     International Scenario       Women              and
                                  Development.       The
                                  changing Scenario Do
                                  Sociology,      Carmel
                                  College, Mala
86   National Policy for          Department           of     20th Sep
     Women Empowerment            Environmental               2002.
                                  Economics School of
                                  Economics,     Madurai
                                  Kamaraj University
87   Role of Panchayati Raj       National Institute of       March 23
      Institutions in the Health   Health     &    Family
      Care of Vulnerable           Welfare New Delhi and
      Elderly with Focus on        Center             for
      Women.                       Gerontological Studies
88    Gender in Management         IMG, Trivandrum,              6-10 Aug
89    Family and Contemporary National     Consulation           1992.
      Society,                 Workshop       National
                               Consulation Workshop
90    Girl Child and Family in National      Planning            March 5-8,
      India                    Workshop Trivandrum,              1990
91    Script-writing and           Script-writing      and         ,     21
      Television Production        Television    Production        March
      Technique                    Technique         EMRC,         11 April,
                                   CIEFL, Hyderabad,               1988.

92    XVI All India Sociological   Annamalai University          29-31
      Society Conference                                         December

93    Gender and Livestock         Centre for Women’s            20.02.08
      Development                  Studies,      Bangalore
94    IX Conference of             Political Science DDE         1-2. 03.02
      Academy of Public Affairs    Annamalai University
95    Women in 21st Century -      Two Day Workshop on           2-3   Feb.
      Reconstructing Social        KSWDC,          NMKRV         2000.
      Equality (Ascertaining in    College for women
      a different Voice...)
96    PRA Training Workshop        TADCO       officials    of   9-11, Jan
                                   Tamil Nadu State              2000.
97    Senior Citizens and          Workshop on Dept. of          2     Dec.
      Human Rights                 Sociology,        Madurai     1999.
                                   Kamaraj University
98    Regional Seminar on          Dept.    of    Sociology,     25-27 Feb.
      Street Children              Gandhigram            Rural   1998
99    50 years of India's          XXV       All       Kerala    23-25 Jan.
      Independence - A             Sociological Conference       1998.
      Sociological Analysis
100   Mahalir Thittam - IFAD       Two Day Workshop on           Chennai      -
      Scheme                       the         Tamilnadu         October
                                   Corporation        for        15-16,
                                  Development         of       1997.
                                  Women Ltd
101    Methodology for PMRY       Tamilnadu Government         13-14 Aug,
       Training Institutions      Two Day Workshop to          97
                                  Evolve         Common
                                  CED Madurai Kamaraj
                                  University, Madurai
102    XXIV All Kerala            Kerala                       1996
       Sociological Conference
103    XIII All India Women's     Hyderabad                    9-10    Aug
       Educational Conference                                  1996
       of the Andra Pradesh
       Women's Welfare
104    Research Guides'           ASRC Hyderabad,              3-4
       Workshop in American                                    October,
       Studies,                                                1989.
105    Irrigation Management      Workshop - Cum -             October
       under Scarcity             Training     Programme       1988.
       Conditions,                Irrigation Management
                                  Training        Institute
106    Science and Society        National Symposium           1983
                                  Madurai         Kamaraj
107    Poverty & Nutrition in     First Annual Conference      1983
       Tamil Nadu                 of Madurai Sociological
                                  Society , MKU, Madurai
108    Interdisciplinary          Seminar - Cum –              1978
       Approach to Social         Workshop           MKU,
       Research                   Madurai

(b) International

                                          Institution and Event
S.No                 Title                                         Period
1      Development Paradigm Social        Univ. of                Aug,27-
       Transformation and Gender          Madras,Chennai          29-2001
       performance in Asia
2      Empowerment of Women in             British Council        March
       Cotton Textile Industries in India, Division, Chennai      10-12,
3      Gender Perspective Curriculum in     British Council          June
       Higher Education                     Division" Chennai        1998

4      XIII World Congress of Sociology, Bielefeld, Germany          July 18-
5      XII World Congress of Sociology      Madrid, Spain            July 9-
6      XI World Congress of Sociology       New Delhi,               18-22
7      International Symposium on           Blue Cross Society of    July
       Alcohol Problems                     India, Madurai           1987.

Papers Presented           :
        (a) National

                                           Institution and
S.No                   Title                                        Period
                                            Event Name
1      "Women's Legal Rights:            Carmel College,        14.08.2003
       International and National
2      “Advocacy Research for Rural      Gandhigram             12.04 2002
       Development - A Need of the
3      “Widowhood - A Perennial          CGS                    20-22 –
       Curse to Women in India"                                 03.2002.
4      "Women's Quality of Life with     Mother Teresa          6-7 .03.
       special reference to Crime        Women's Univ           2002.
       and Violence on Women”
5      "Gender Issues in Tamilnadu       Annamalai Uni.         1-2 .03.
       Politics"                                                2002
6      "Changing Pattern of Families     Bharathidasan          18-19 Feb
       and Women's Quality of Life"      University, Trichy     2002.
7      "Politics of Caste,               PMT Chair, Madurai     23-Jan 2002.
       Communities and Communal          Kamaraj Univ.
       Riots - with Special
       Reference to Kandadevi
       Temple in Sivagangai
8      "Sociological Implications of     PSG College of Arts    10-11 Jan
       Women's Empowerment"              & Science              2002
9      "Obstructions before Gender       Sri Venkateswara       26-27-Nov
       Equality - Sociologists Vs        University, Tirupati   2001.
10   "Sociology of Terrorism - A      Sri Venkateswara       26-27-Nov
     Trend of Danger for Future       University, Tirupati   2001
     Life in Society"
11   "Women's Access to               GRI                    24-25 March,
     Marketing in the context of                             2001
     Globalised Economy - A Case
     Study Analysis of Uzhavar
     Santhai in Tamilnadu"
12   "Socialization and Sex Role      Fatima College         3-4 August,
     Stereotyping in Families in                             2000.
13   "Sustainability of Women's       Bharathidasan          28-29 March
     Development through              University,            2000
     Political Empowerment"
14   "Role of Women in Water          University of          23-24 March
     Resource Management"             Madras                 2000
15   "Women and Business              Annamalai              March      22,
     Education in India”              University             2000
16   "Productivity of Education       Annamalai              March      21,
     and Technology - A               University,            2000
     Sociological Perspective to
     Industry-Institute Interaction
     in India"
17   "Caste in 21st Century India:    Annamalai              8 & 9 March
     Inter Caste Relations, Caste     University             2000
     Identities and their Changing
18   Gender Discrimination in         Sri Venkateswara         1-        2
     India - An Analysis on the       University,              March
     basis of Statistical Profile                              2000.

19   "Women Legal Rights and the      Venkateswara           2nd      March
     Role of Enforcing Machineries    University,            2000
     in India"
20   "Reconstructing Social           NMKRBV College for     2nd       Feb.
     Equality for Women in 21st       Women, Bangalore       2000.
21   "Human Rights, Violence and      Madurai Kamaraj        16-18     Dec.
     Anomie: A Trend Analysis of      University,            1999
     Incidence of Violation of
     Human Rights"
22   "Changing Trend of the care      Madurai Kamaraj        25-26
     of the Elderly in India"         University,            Nov.1999.
23   "Methodological Issues in        Mother Teresa          29-30,    Sep.
     Women's Studies”                 Women's                 1999.
24   "Women and Labour Laws"          Gandhigram Rural        Jan. 1999
25   Capitalising Human               Gandhigram Rural        25-27    Feb.
     Resources - Rehabilitation of    University,             1998.
     Street Children: Problems
     and Prospects
26   Women for Technology or          XXV All Kerala          23-25    Jan.
     Technology for Women? - A        Sociological            1998.
     Feministic Perspective           Conference, Trichur
27   “Dr.B.R. Ambedkar and            Silver Jubilee          9th January
     Women’s Development”             Celebrations Dept.      1997
                                      of History, Madurai
28   “Gender Roles in                 Kerala Sociological         30 Nov 01
     Development Programme of         Society’s                   Dec1996.
     India”                           Conference,             “
                                      University of Kerala,
29   “Experiential Analysis in        Research                23-27    May
     Feminist Research”               Methodology             1996
                                      Workshop in
                                      Women Studies,
                                      ICSSR, Alagappa
30   "Sexist Concepts in Feminist     Seminar on              Jan 1995.
     Research"                        Research in
                                      Women's Studies
                                      Perspectives and
                                      methods to
                                      Women's Studies
                                      Research Scholars
31   “Female Infanticide - A Case     Intercollegiate         27       Oct.
     Study in Usilampatti Village”,   Seminar on Dowry        1990,
                                      Eradication, Female
                                      Infanticide and
                                      Protective Laws for
                                      Women, NMSS
                                      Vellaichamy Nadar
                                      College, Madurai
32   “Women’s Development             National Seminar on     26       April
     through Mass Media”,             Women and               1990.
33   “Unknown Strategies of           National Seminar on     26-30 March
     Communication - A Case           Communication in        1990
     Study during Electioneering” Development,
                                  Department of
                                  Sociology, Madurai
                                  Kamaraj University,
34   “Research Experience in      Research Guides        3-4th
     Indian Universities - with   Workshop in            October
     particular reference to      American Studies,      1989.
     Madurai Kamaraj University”, American Studies
                                  Research Centre,
35   “Religious Sanctions for the Women’s Day of         6th       Sep
     Secondary Position of Women Binnium                 1989
     in Hinduism”                 Celebrations,
36   “Tribal Food Health and      National Seminar on    20-22     April
     Nutrition”                   Tribal Development     1989.
                                  Strategies and
                                  Planning, Thanjavur
                                  Tamil University,
37   “New Dimensions to Rural     National Seminar on
     Development - Irrigation and Rural Development
     Equalization”                Perspectives and
                                  University of
                                  Kalyani, West
                                  Bengal (India)
38   “Methodological Issues on    Research               5th       Nov
     Reference Group Studies in   Colloquium,            1988
     Health”,                     Department of
                                  Education, Madurai
                                  Kamaraj University,
39   “Population Explosion in     Workshop-cum-          15th October
     Irrigated Areas”             Training Programme     1988
                                  on Irrigation
                                  Management under
                                  Scarcity Conditions,
                                  Training Institute,
                                  Tamilnadu, Trichy,
40   “Role on Sociologists in     Special Lecture,       7th Oct1986
     Health”                      Department of
                                  Special Education,
                                  Regional College of
                                  Education, Ajmer
41   “Social, Religious and          Seminar on National    9-11Jan
     Cultural Aspects of National    Integration and        1988.
     Integration”                    Indian Culture,
                                     Inter University
                                     South Zone, Youth
                                     Festival, Madurai
                                     Kamaraj University,
42   “Problems of Urban Women        Seminar on the Role      11    Oct
     (with special reference to      of Voluntary             1987.
     Employed Women)                 Organisations in
                                     Development DAWN
                                     - Development
                                     agency for women’s
                                     Needs Tamilnadu
                                     Seminary, Madurai,
43   “Diagnostic Approach in         National Seminar on    25-26 March
     Health Sociology - a            Futurology             1987.
     Futuristic Perspective”         (Towards 21st
                                     Century) Madurai
                                     Kamaraj University,
44   “Sociological Consequences      Gandhi Jayanthi
     of Alcoholism”                  Celebrations,
                                     Gandhi Memorial
45   “Alternative Strategy for       Seminar on Rural         31 March
     Rural Development - A           Social Structure and     1986.
     Special Approach                Rural Development,
                                     Madurai     Kamaraj
46   “Relative Satisfaction and      Special     Seminar,     22 August
     Relative Deprivation of         Madurai     Kamaraj      1984.
     Doctors in a Hospital Set-up”   University,

47   “The Role of Nutrition          I   Conference  of 1983
     Rehabilitation Centre in        MSS on Poverty and
     Catering to the Needs of Poor   Nutrition        in
     People - A Case Study in        Tamilnadu
     Government Rajaji Hospital”,
48   “Educational System and         UGC Symposium on         20-27
     Scientific Productivity”        Science        and       June
                                     Society,   Madurai       1973.
                                     Kamaraj University,

49   The Relevance of Scientific     UGC Symposium on         27    June
     Researches to the               Science      and         1983.
     Instrumental Needs of the       Society, Madurai
       Society - A Study at the         Kamaraj University,
       University Level”
50     “Role of Youth in Nation         Gandhi     Museum, 1981
       Building”                        Madurai

       (b) International

                                           Institution and
S.No                 Title                                        Period
                                             Event Name
1       "Women Collective Behaviour       Univ. of Madras.     Aug      27-
        In Tamilnadu"                                          29, 2001.

2       "Empowerment of Women in          Indo British         12th March
        Cotton Textile Industries in      Workshop,            1999.
        India" I                          Alagappa
3       “Employment Avenues for           Indo British           23-25,
        Gender Studies in India”          Workshop,              March
                                          Alagappa               1998.

4       “Impact of Feminist Ideology      XIII World           1994
        and the Care of the Elderly”      Congress of
        A Micro Level Empirical Study     Sociology,
        among Different Socio-            Bielefeld,
        Economic Categories of
        Women in Tamil Nadu”,
5       “Electioneering                   XIII World           1994
        Communication: A Case Study       Congress of
        of Tamil Nadu Elections”          Sociology,
6       “Women Vendors of Tamilnadu       XII World            11     July,
        - A Comparative Study among       Congress of          1990
        Madurai Women”                    Sociology, Madrid,
7       "A Comparative Study on           XII World            11 July 1990
        Worker’s Health & Safety in       Congress of
        Two Health Care Oranisations      Sociology, Madrid,
        in Madurai - A Case Study in      Spain
        Tamilnadu India"
8       “Compound Wall                    XII World          9July 1990.
        Communication and Dravidar        Congress of
        Kazhakam in Tamilnadu”            Sociology, Madrid,
9       “Health of Inner Cities and       Multidisciplinary  4-7      Sep
         Urban Areas - A Survey on the      International          1989
         Health Environment in the City     Conference on
         of Madurai”,                       Health of Inner
                                            Cities and Urban
                                            Areas Cardiff,
10       “III Health and Injustice of       International          1-3 August
         Social Institutions - The Indian   Conference on          1988.
         Social Scene”                      Social Justice and
11       Service - Orientation of           XI World                 18-22
         Doctors in India: An               Congress of              August
         Application of the Concept of      Sociology                1986.
         Relative Deprivation to            International
         Doctors of Madurai City”           Sociological
                                            Association, New
12       “Socio-Economic Injustice and          XI        World    18-22
         Hospitals: A Socio -                   Congress      of   August
         Geographic study on the                Sociology,         1986.
         Location of Hospitals in the           International
         City of Madurai”                       Sociological
                                                New Delhi, 18-
                                                22       August
13       “Alcoholism A Sociological         The            First 25-26      May
         Study”,                            International        1985
                                            Symposium        on
                                            Alcohol Problems,
                                            Blue          Cross
                                            Society of India,

     Papers Published
       (a) National

                                                Name of
S.No               Paper Title              Journal, Volume
                                              No and Page
1BR      “Prosocial Development in          Review          July 2008
         Children Helping, Sharing and      Projector
         Comforting”                        (India) An
                                       Indian Book
2 BR   “Offenses Against Women –       Review           Oct – Dec
       Socio – Legal Perspectives”     Projector        2003 p - 36
                                       (India) An
                                       Indian Book
                                       Review Vol:6,
                                       Issue No:4,
3 BR   "Drug Abuse and Youth"          Review           Oct. -
                                       Projector        Dec.1999.
                                       [India] An
                                       Indian Book
                                       Review vol.2
4 BR   Problems and Potentials of      Review           July-
       Women Professionals"            Projector        Sep.1999.
                                       [India] An
                                       Indian Book
                                       Review Vol.2
5 BR   The State of Pakistan's         Review           Jan.-Mar.
       Children"                       Projector        1999.
                                       [India] An
                                       Indian Book
                                       Review vol.2
6 BR   "Emancipation and               Review           July- Sep.
       Empowerment of Women"           Projector        1998.
                                       [India] An
                                       Indian Book
                                       Review vol.1
7      Women and Health with           GEM Gender,      Sep 2007. pp
       Reference to AIDS affected      Equity & Main    41-51
       Women (Co-author)               Streaming,
                                       Volume IV
8      Influence of Stress on Coping   KJWS Kakatiya    March 2007.
       and Quality of Life among       Journal of       pp 50-62
       Women Living with HIV           Women’s
       infection                       Studies, Vol.1
9      Performance of SBI Mutual       Journal of         Jan 2007.
       Fund Systematic Investment      Extension and      pp 43-45
       Plan (Co-author)                Research
                                       Volume IX Nos.
                                       1 & 2,
10     Backward Among Backwards :      Research           October
       A Community Profile Study of    Highlights,        2006.   pp
     Barbers Living in Tirunelveli   JADU Vol.16,         215-222.
     District. (Co-author)           No.4,
11   “Widows in Tamilnadu in         The Women          2006. pp.121
     Nayar.P.K.B “Widowhood in       Press, New         – 142,
     Modern India”                   Delhi,
12   Widowhood – A Perennial Curse   GEM Gender         March   2005
     to Women in India (Co-author)   Equity & Main      pp.57-80.
                                     Streaming Vol.1
13   “Gender Sensitization : Issues  A Journal of the   June    2004
     and Perspective Samanvitha      Department of      DD. 11 – 18
                                     Studies vol. No.
                                     6 Issue No. 1
14   “Gender Sensitization : Issues  An International   March 2004,
     and Perspectives” Third         Journal of         pp.33 – 40.
     Concept                         Ideas, ISSN
                                     0970 – 7247,
15   “Gender Sensitization : Issues  A Journal of the   July - Sep
     and Perspective Samanvitha      Department of      2003.
                                     Studies vol. No.
                                     6 Issue No. 3
16   Caste in Tamilnadu in “Social   Indra R &          2003
     Change in India                 Jaspal Singh
17   "Empowering Women - A           Guru Nanak         April 2002
     Sociological Perspective        Journal of
                                     vol.23, No.1
18   Crawling Women – The Vittil     Child                March
     Poochigal                       Prostitution in      2002
                                     two Districts of
                                     Institution of
                                     Corporation and
19   "Women Labour Laws and their Empowerment           2002 pp 95 -
     Enactments" in Sudhir, M.A.,    of Rural Women     103.
     and A. Balakrishnan             Labour Force
                                     New Delhi :
                                     Publications Pvt
20   "Impact of Feminist Ideology on Gender and         1999 pp.291-
     the Care of the Elderly" in R.     Society in India   300
     Indira & D.K. Behera (eds)         Vol.One Theme
                                        Papers and
                                        Urban Studies
                                        N.D. : Manak
                                        Private Ltd.
21   Capitalizing Human Resources -     Social Defence       January
     "Rehabilitation of Street          vol.48 No.139        1999.
     Children: Problems and
22   "Employment Avenues for            University News    August
     Gender Studies in India            Vol. 37 No.33      16,1999
23   Programmes "in Sociology for                          1998
     Social Development,
24   Women, Gender and                  A Feministic       Dec.1997.
     Development:                       view of Indian
                                        Programmes in
                                        Vol.XXV. No.2
25   Facilitating Research and          Report on          March 1995
     Publication - A Panel Discussion   Planning and
     Report                             Management of
                                        Centres, NIEPA
26   "Basic Concepts of Sociology       Sociology - An     1995
                                        +1 Text Book
27   "TotalLiteracy Mission and         News Bulletin,     Feb.1994
     Women's Role - A Study in PMT      Alagappa
     District"                          University
28                                      MASS NEWS          Jan.1994
     "Women in Total Literacy
     Mission - A Sociological
29   "Women's Development though Madurai                     Jan.1993.
     Communication MASS NEWS        Sociological
30   "Leka: A Flash Back - A Review Suttum Vizhi             Dec.1990.
         from       Women's        Studies Sudar (Tamil
         Prospective                         Journal)
31       "Electioneering Communication" Vidura                  1991
                                             Government of
                                             India's mass
                                             Magazine, New
32       "Population      Explosion       in Irrigation         October 1998.
         Irrigated Areas", Report on the Mangement
         Workshop – cum Training Training
         Programme        on     Irrigation Institute,
         Management under Scarcity Tamilnadu,
         Conditions                          Trichy,
33       Sociological Consequences of Journal of                July   1987,
         Alcoholism      with       Special Alchohol            pp.3-7
         Reference      to     Newspaper Problems, No.5,
34       "Alcoholic Habit - A Sociological Alcohol              October    1,
         Study"                              Problems           1986, pp.4-8.
                                             Proceedings of
                                             Symposium on
                                             Problems, Blue
                                             Cross Society of
                                             India, Madurai,

       (a) International

                                                 Name of
S.No                Paper Title              Journal, Volume
                                               No and Page
1        Sociological Abstract               (38/6)              July 1990
2        XII World Congress of Sociology
3        90's 22516 / ISA                    6198                1990

4        90's 22517 / ISA                    6199                1990
5        Late Arrival ISA                    0262

Books Published / Course material written
 S.No               Title                      Publisher         Year
1       Communal Riots and Women            Regal            2009
        Victims                             Publishers New
2       Women’s Studies: Principles,        Shivathmika      2009 (II ed)
        Theories and Methodologies          Publishers
3       Marriage Dowry Practice and         Regal            2008
        Divorce                             Publication,
                                            New Delhi
4       Women as Victim of Alcoholism       Regal            2008
                                            New Delhi
5       Women’s Consumer Rights and         Regal            2007
        their Awareness                     Publishers,
                                            New Delhi
6       Women Mathematicians: Their         Regal            2007
        Contributions: A Critique           Publishers New
7       Women’s Studies: Principles,        Shivathmika      1999 (I ed)
        Theories and Methodologies          Publishers
        Mimiographs/Research Reports
8       Facets of Child Labour:A Case       CWS UGC          2007
        Study of Karaikudi Sivagandai
9       Main Currents in Gender Studies                      2001
        in India Vol II
10      Uzhavar Santhai                                      2001
11      A Survey Report on Heritage                          2007
        Buildings in Chettinadu
12      An Evaluation Report on Sexual                       2008
        Harrassment at Work Place Cell
        in Tamilnadu
13      An Evaluation Report on the                          2008
        Beneficiaries of TAHDCO 2002-
14      "Reaching the Unreachable                            1997
        Women's Participation in
        Panchayat Raj Administration"
15      Gender, Law and Equality - A                         1998
        Socio - Feministic Study on the
        Property Rights and 1/3
        Reservation for women in
        Sivagangai District
16      Crawling Women - The Vittil                          1998
        Poochigal, (Child Prostitution in
17          Entrepreneurship Development                           1997
            Programme Training Manual (in
            Tamil)     (editor),   njhopy;
            KidNthUf;fhd gapw;rp Ehy;.

18          Role of Youth and National                             1997
            Development Proceedings of the
            Golden Jubilee Seminar on Youth
            and Development (in Tamil),
19          Main currents in Gender studies                        1997
            in India Vol.1.
20          Women,           Politics     and                      1997
            Empowerment - A Micro Study
            on the Elected and Contested
            Women in Panchayat Elections of
            PMT District
21          Bonded      Girl     Children  as                      1994
            Domestic Labourers,
22          "Sociology - An Introduction" A                        1995
            Text book for +1 Students
            appointed by the Text Book
            Corporation of the Tamilnadu
23          "Sociology in Indian Context" A                        1996
            Text book for +2 Students
            appointed by the Text Book
            Corporation of the Tamilnadu
24          GEM (Gender Empowerment and                            2007
            Mainstreaming ) Vol.4
25          CWS Newsletter                                         2007
26          GEM (Gender Empowerment and                            2005
            Mainstreaming ) Vol.1

Exposures as Resources persons/ Chairpersons, etc

                   Name of Conference /          Institution and
     S.No                                                                 Date
                    Seminar/ Workshop                 Place
1               Resource Person Question        Rajiv Gandhi        29.04.09
                Bank and Gender Studies         National                to
                                                Institute of        30.04.09
2             Keynote Address Research          Dept of          31.03.2009
              and Extension of Women’s         Women’s
              Studies Centres in State         Studies &
              Level Symposium on “             Karnataka
              Women’s Studies:                 Women’s
                                               Association, at
                                               NMKRV College
                                               for Women -
3             Key note address Resource        Dr.    Durgabai
              Person in Three day              Deshmukh
              Colloquium on Redesigning        Center        for
              P.G.SYLLABI / CURRICULUM         Women’s
              OF WOMEN’S STUDIES               Studies,

23rd – 25th
4             “Women as Stakeholders of        Arulmigu            16th and
              Higher Education”                Palaniandavar       17th March
                                               Arts College for    2009
                                               Women, Palani
5             Chief Guest in Gender            Malleswaram         13th
              Sensitization Programme on       Ladies’             February
              need for Gender                  Association         2009,
              sensitization, Gender Equality   First grade
              and women contribution to        college for
              Indian Economy                   women,
6             “Empowerment of women –          Malleswaram         13th
              Challenges ahead” in two day     Ladies’             February
              state level seminar              Association         2009,
              Methodology: feminist            First grade
              methodology in                   college for
              understanding women’s            women,
              empowerment                      Bangalore

    Membership in Professional Bodies

S.No            Name of the institution and place                 Capacity /
1    South Asian Regional Group of the International   Life Member
     Commission on the Anthropology of Food-
2    American Studies Research Centre                  Life Member
3    RC - 30 Sociology of Work of International        Life Member.
     Sociological Associations
4    International Sociological Association            4Year
                                                       Member, 1994
5    RC - 15 Sociology of Health of ISA                2Year
                                                       Member, 1994
6    RC on Ethnic Race and Minority Relations          4        Year
                                                       Member, 1994
7    Indian Sociological Society                       Life Member
8    Madurai Sociological Society                      Life Member
9    Indian Association of Women's Studies             Life Member
10   Academy of Public Affairs                         Life Member
11   Applied Linguistic Forum                          Annual
12   Madurai Historical Society                        Annual
                                                       Member (1986
                                                       - 88)
13   University Women's Association of Madras          Annual
     (Madurai Chapter)                                 Member (1987
                                                       - 88)
14   Sociology,Bharathidasan University,Trichy         14.02.06
15   History,Bharathidasan University,Trichy           05.05.05
16   Sociology,Gandhigram RuralInstitute(Deemed        2004-05
     University), Gandhigram
17   Futurology, Gandhigram Rural Institute(Deemed      2004-05.
     University), Gandhigram.
18   Community Policing, karaikudi Police Station.

19   Publicity Media Committee INFO-EXFO on            03-07.02.06.
     Empowering India by press information Bureau
     under Ministries & Department of Government of
20   One Day Orientation Training Programme on         08-09.01.06
     Elected Women Representatives of all     Urban
     Local bodies Supported under Institutional
     Development            ( TNUDP-III), MaduraI,
21   District Child Labour Monitoring Committee,       26.04.05
22   District Level Task Force Committee of Policy
     Note Announcement work
23   Rejuvenation of Drinking Water Oorani under       14.03.05.
     SGRY, Sivagangai
24   District Advisory Committee on Crime Against          29.04.05
25   District        Advisory      Committee        on     2005-06
26   District Leprosy Sub Committee, Sivagangai.           14.3.05
27   District TRIBAL WELFARE- Development                  24.02.05.
     Monitoring Committee System of
      Grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organization
28   District level Monitoring Committee for Private       19.12.05 to
     Cable Television Channels, Sivagangai                 18.12 .07.

29   District Level Implementation and Tourism             19.12.05.
     Facilitation Committee. Sivagangai.
30   Environment Preservation Committee, Water             08.06.05
     Supply Department,       Karaikudi.
31   Arivoli Iyyakkam (Total Literacy Campaign)            1997
     Executive Committee
32   Programme Advisory Committee, JANSHIKSHAN             18.02.2006
     SANSTHAN, Kundrakudi
33   Joint - Secretary - Lions Club of Karaikudi Vennila   2001 - 2002.

34   Joint - Secretary - Lions Club of Supreme,            2000 – 2001
35   Vidhyalaya Executive Committee                        1999-2001
36   Vidyalaya Management Committee                        1997 - 1999.
37   Board of Directors Lions, Club of Karaikudi           1996.
38   President, Social Service Trust, Dindugal             1995
39   Founder President Sakthi Junior Chamber,              1995
40   Sociology, Annamalai University,                      2006
41   Department of Social Science, Tamil University,       03.06.2006 –
     Thanjavur                                             30.06.2009.
43   Adhoc Committee for B.A Sociology,                    16.05.05
     CBCS,Bharathidasan University
45   Women’s Studies,Hampi,Kannada University              28.06.04
46   Sociology University of Madras                        2000-2003
47   Committee on Sociology State Board of Higher          1996
     Secondary Examinations
48   Text Book Committee, Tamilnadu Text Book              1995-96.
50   Paper Evaluator for SET-2006 (Karnataka State         2006
     Eligibility for Lectureship), Kuvempu University,
     Jnana Sahyadri, Shankaraghatta-577 451.
51         Member of Panel for Paper Setting –UGC NET(for 2005 till date
           Paper II & Paper III – Women’s Studies),
           University   Grants    Commission,    National
           Educational Testing Bureau, South Campus,
           University of Delhi, Benito Juarez Road, New

52         Review    of     Question       Papers-Summative 2007
           Examination,      Lady          Doak     College,

53         Women’s Studies ,Mother Teresa Women’s                 2007 till date
54         Women’s Studies,Bharathidasan University,Trichy 2007 till date
55         Women's Studies, NMKRV College, University of   1995-99        &
           Bangalore                                       2002 - 2005.
                                                           2007 till date
56         Observer, Vinayaka Mission Research Foundation, 26–
           (Deemed University) Salem                       28.05.2006 &

Awards/Rewards/Fellowship/any other Recognition

            Name of the Award/         Institution awarding the
S.No                                                                     Year
                 Fellowship                      Honor
1          Kalvimamani               Kundrakudi Aathinam              2008

Additional Administrative Positions Held
    S.No                  Position
                                                      From                To
1           Professor & Head                       01.08.04       - till date
            Department of Women’s Studies
2           Professor , Director & Head            25.06.07           07.12.07
            Department and Centre for
            Women’s Studies
3           Professor , Director & Head            01.06.04       - 31.07.06
            Department and Centre for
            Women’s Studies
4           Reader = Director & Head i/c           20.12.96       -   14.12.97
            Department and Centre for
            Women’s Studies
5           Reader - Director Head i/c             21.01.95       - 15.05.95
            Department and Centre for
            Women’s Studies
6           Warden                                 Jan 1991       - April 1998
            University Ladies Hostel
7       Deputy Warden                        Jan 1990   - April 1990
        University Ladies Hostel

Service Seniority order Number (As per Attendance Register) No 1

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