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askTel Virtual Private Servers


									            askTel Virtual Private Servers
Experience the benefits of virtualization
Businesses traditionally use dedicated servers to support
specific applications. As the number of applications increases
so does the number of servers required, resulting in time and
money spent on acquiring and managing server technology.

An alternative, more cost effective solution is server
virtualization using SaskTel Virtual Private Servers.

SaskTel Virtual Private Servers allow you to optimize your
server usage by creating multiple virtual machines from one
physical server.

Maintain your own private and secure virtual environment
housed in SaskTel’s world class, state-of-the-art Data Centre.
                                                                 A Virtual Private Server partitions a physical
The infrastructure costs are carefully managed by SaskTel so
                                                                 server into multiple virtual machines.
you only pay for what you need

Spend less time and money managing your IT resources
Server technology is constantly changing, making it costly to manage and keep your own servers up to date. With
SaskTel Virtual Private Servers you spend less money on server infrastructure. Let SaskTel worry about the cost of
infrastructure while SaskTel experts take care of server management allowing your IT resources to focus on
growing your business.

Create an effective disaster recovery plan
Server virtulization can help simplify disaster recovery. In the event of an outage, SaskTel Virtual Private Server
technology reduces the time it takes to get your systems up and running. With virtualization, everything from your
hardware configuration and firmware to your operating system and application installation are simplfied into a set
of files which are easy to back up, move, and copy. Virtual machines can also be restored to remote sites.

Experience greater scalability and flexibility
With SaskTel Virtual Private Servers, changes to requirements can be accomodated much more quickly than with
dedicated physical servers. Virtulization makes it easy to change your server requirements as your business needs

Provide high availability solutions
Each virtual server can quickly and easily be moved to other physical servers within the environment, providing a
high availability solution.

Build a greener IT infrastructure
SaskTel Virtual Private Servers help build a greener IT infrastructure by reducing energy consumption and cooling
requirements through the sharing of resources among customers.
SaskTel Virtual Private Server feature highlights:

        •     Provision additional servers in minutes without investing in new hardware.
        •     Support a wide variety of operating systems including Microsoft® Windows and Red Hat® Linux.
        •     Remotely manage your Virtual Private Servers using the secure, web-based user interface.
        •     Daily server backup.
        •     Flexible contracts are available including short term and month-to-month.
        •     Can be part of a complete Managed Hosting solution.
        •     24/7 support and monitoring by SaskTel.
        •     SaskTel Service Level Agreements to fulfill your business requirements.

Expect more from SaskTel
SaskTel is the first hosting service provider in Canada to achieve Signature Certified Status from Hewlett-Packard,
establishing SaskTel as an industry-recognized service provider. This certification is a result of a detailed review
and assessment of SaskTel’s Data Centre operations and is based on technology, processes, and people, ensuring a
world-class facility.

With SaskTel Virtual Private Servers, your information is stored in SaskTel’s secure Data Centre, a state-of-the-art
hosting facility that ensures:

Physical Security

Security guards are on duty 24/7, all entries are electronically secured, the Data Centre is monitored by closed circuit
cameras, motion detectors, biometric scanners, and keycard access.

Environmental Security

The Data Centre is a building within a building including a windowless environment, walls and doors with a fire
rating of 1.5 hours, two-stage fire suppression systems with cross-zoned detection systems responsive to either heat
or smoke, ventilation provided by redundant roof-mounted air conditioning units, and a raised floor.


Redundant, parallel, and synchronized uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, protection from power surges,
and three generators capable of providing power for up to 2 weeks.

For more information on how SaskTel Virtual Private Servers can benefit your business, contact your Sales
Representative, call 1-888-694-1568, or visit us at

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