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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4


									Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4                                                                                       


                                                        JACK TARRANCE ZODIAC KILLER
                                                        BLOG 4

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             Hopefully, this is last Zodiac Killer blog before group of us go to Jacks spot 2011! I will try to update without giving out too much info
             as we don't want to get peoples hopes up too high. We owe it to all of the victims families & friends to keep this a secret for as long
             as possible. Jacks spot may have been much like his pendulum: a place to tune in and zone out, so, may not find any significant
             evidence. All I can say right now is that by the end of this year, Jack Tarrance will become a legend.
             3/6/11 Hardens Accurate Zodiac Killer Symbols

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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4

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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4

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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4

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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4                                                                                                                           

             2 Hardens sections are here for now. I will find the other part of the Hardens worksheet and put it in the blog later. Bottom is what was said to be in Vallejo Times-Herald. I got this out
             of a criminology book and it's the best online version of it because it is so clear. I can see the right symbols which is important when decoding ciphers. Next to it, is same portion
             printed 8/2/69 in SF Chronicle. Several symbols aren't the same as the original ones sent by Zodiac Killer.The printed & published since 1969 versions aren't all of the original symbols.
             People I talk to, that know Law Enforcement procedures, believe it was done to keep the cases integrity intact. Here's online scanned 8/2/69 Chronicle photo link w/ their section of the
             2 standout symbols in the Hardens, who were Cryptographers, correct versions are: (1) the upside-down v with line through, not above, point; (2) sideways v with line horizontal thru
             point. They both represent the same thing. When printed and it's a Λ with horizontal bar above point, it's a math symbol and Jack Tarrance knew math. See blogs 2 & 3 for his math as
             Tarrance was one heck of a cipher creator and I believe he knew that if printed a certain way, the symbols could be interpreted differently than what he really drew and sent to the 3
             papers in Vallejo and San Francisco. I am confident that he made the symbols because FBI says Tarrance was author of the Zodiac Killer communications 2010, so, this includes the
             ciphers. Anyway, the backwards and forwards Q in the printed version is actually a different type of symbol altogether in the written ones and means the same thing. The printed
             sideways v with horizontal line on either side of it appears to look like a backwards or regular K. The upsidedown T in the printed one is actually a math symbol in the written one. See
             Jacks math in blogs 2 & 3. The dot accented Greek Deka is seen in bottom right Vallejo Section (under S in IS MORE) but is dark triangle in printed version. There are so many
             inconsistancies and I will address them more later on. But, at least, I got the right symbols to work with and they help ID more locations that Jack Tarrance was familiar with and all has
             to do with writing on a wall!
             3/8/11 SF Chronicle Never Reports to LE It's 8/69 Cipher?
             See below quote in Italics. This case is so messed up! OK? I have a vital question now: 1) How did Hardens decode the cipher if 2) SF Chronicle never reported to LE it recieved a
             cipher 8/69 & 3) used different symbols than Chronicle shows in 8/2/69? There are too many inconsistancies that just seem to magically match up with the world of Jack Tarrance,
             literally, his spot that we are going to. I can only hope that it's because LE was trying to withhold info in case they find the real suspect but, com'on it's been decades and people
             thought they were using the right symbols published for decades to decode and find the killers ID. Yes, even with them in print, you can extract the mirror J & FLOV. Brief observations

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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4                                                                                                                        

             of differences (see above flicker link): B's; G looking symbol in Chronicle & Harden's add line, Chronicle w/out it; Chronicle symbol made to look like K (where GYKE was
             interpreted lately) & Hardens sideways v w/ line thru point; Hardens has blank O & Chronicle has shaded one; Chronicle has a Capital I symbol & Hardens an elongated
             sideways looking H one; Hardens use a Capitol A looking symbol where some in Chronicle are like a wide upsidedown V w/ horizontal line at bottom. So, in my humble
             unprofessional opinion based on what I have come to know about Jack, he knew that if his symbols were iterpreted, (Hardens say 1 was backwards Q SF Chronicle 8/9/69 but they're
             wrong) and then printed that they would end up looking different than originally sent. Even with those differences, there were clues to be found but with the right symbols and knowing
             the man, there are details that do add to Jack Tarrance ID. Par for the course for a man, who was a master cipher creator.
             From Jake Wark footnotes: 4. Ed N, ZodiacKillercom September 2000. While researcher Tom Voigt quotes a California Department of Justice report
             stating that this letter was received by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Chronicle never reports receiving it. An article in the competing Examiner, however, does
             mention that it was received at the Examiner (Vallejo Threats: 'Cipher Killer's' New Letter," San Francisco Examiner, 4 August 1969), indicating that the DOJ made a
             minor mistake. This would appear to be borne out by an FBI Airtel dated 6 August 1969 which lists an "undated three page letter... sent anonymously to the San
             Francisco Examiner."

                                                                                                                                        (from RGs 1986 1st Ed "Zodiac")
             3/9/11 Record Month Photobucket Stats February 2011

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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4                                                                                                                            

             63, 684 File Views                5117 Album Visits Not bad for someone who just volunteers and has no financial backing or sponsors! So, I truly, thank all who visit this site,
   , @707Catseye on twitter, photobucket pages. I can't have these numbers without you who come from all over the planet! They are real global stats, despite
             what my bashers try to claim. This will be the final year of Zodiac Killer cases, I can feel it. So, they who couldn't break out of the box, like Dennis Kaufman has by solving who Zodiac
             Killer was, will just have to dry up and blow away. The finishing touches on these cases are being made, right now. You may wonder why so much silence from Kaufman & Barto.
             Well, it is that there is really no more reason to have discussions on the cases while LE & FBI deal with the last Zodiac Killer suspect yet, to be cleared. Yes, FBI says Jack Tarrance
             is the author of the communications but Napa, Solano, San Francisco cases have yet to close. While Law Enforcement does their quiet work, strides are being made and now, I know
             there are THREE spots to go, thanks to the Hardens accurate symbols that have meaning to a man like Jack Tarrance.
             3/16/11 Did Jack Tarrance Design The GE Hydraulic System Used in Fukushima Reactor 1?

             collage created at photobucket See other blogs here for complete pictures of the two.
             I believe so! Like many people, I have been following the Japanese twin disasters of earthquake & tsunami with the subsequent Fukushima Nuclear Reactors crisis caused by the
             two. My heart goes out to all those affected by the catastrophies. We in California did get hit with the tsunami and I hear that there was trouble with it in Oregon, too. Anyway, I found
             myself readilly understanding the reactors situation because of what I came to know about Jack Tarrance and his pioneering work with General Electric Atomic Energy. But lately,
             when news sources from all over the world would talk about Fukushima 1, that it was a boiling water reactor and how old it was, I began to realize why it was so familiar to me. It was
             something I read over several months while researching Jack Tarrance and his Atomic Energy field that he probably designed that hydraulic system and I had come across
             Fukushima Atomic Plant in the process. Jack Tarrance worked in Atomic Energy with GE & I believe had alot to do with Idaho National Lab & it's test breeder program which is seen in
             information on the Japanese Atomic plant. This was 1950s to early 1960s. Well, before I go on, I hope my information I present here is as accurate as possible because I don't work in
             the Atomic Energy field & it's the result of bits and pieces of online information which is, in some cases, fragmented due to a nations nuclear energy security. The type of GE Atomic
             Energy Reactor 1 in Fukushima was, if I recall correctly, a resulting decision of where to put it because countries like USA were finding out that there may have been chronic low level
             radiation leakage such as in the butt welds of hydraulic system that moved the wastewater from the reactor and wasn't ok to have this in a major metropolitan area. In the 1960s, they
             were being phased out from the larger population centers and constructed in areas where there was a lower risk to the general public. Hence, Fukushima in norther Japan over 100
             miles away from the more populated areas of Tokyo, etc, got an Atomic plant going along the coastline. The issues of possible leakage and testing for it, regular maintenance to
             prevent it was improved by the later 1960s when this was being constructed. At any rate, I am confident that the hydraulic system Jack Tarrance designed for GE was used
             in Fukushima Reactor 1 and it is very, strange to have this coincidence happen yet, I am able to post on twitter how to be educated in the events of radiation exposure and hopefully
             ease peoples fears. It has also been helpful to gain substancial knowledge of Gulf War Syndrome due to effects of radiation tainted dust, smoke, rain from depleted uranium- a
             byproduct of wastewater- which many say is very, similiar to fallout symptoms. I don't have the Gulf War Syndrome blog running anymore as it is quicker to tweet what someone
             has posted online on twitter. As I type this blog post, there are people clearing out stores and online sites of anti-radiation pills, Geiger Counters, all over the planet due to radiation
             fears. For now, I have no plans on participating in getting pills & radiation detection equipment as I believe, just like Japan has said, that once the event of radiation is detected, it is
             best to leave. I am concerned like many people in California, though, because this is an unprecendanted event of at least 4 reactors in threat of more partial meltdowns if not eventual
             full multi-meltdowns and my government, through media sources, tells us there is no immediate danger but they too are keeping a watchful eye on radiation levels. So, I too am keeping
             a watchful eye through various online sources. I already know about getting plastic & tape and other supplies to help shelter in place in case of a nuclear emergency, and may get

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Jack Tarrance Zodiac Killer Blog 4                                                                                                                            

             those supplies as the basics are good for Earthquake preparedness, too. So, to those who have stocked up on pills & Geiger Counters and have me beat in getting shelter-in-place
             supplies, as I've said on twitter, I will say here: It is better to be prepared for the worst, hope for the best and be thankful nothing happened. Godspeed Hero's in Japan fighting the
             Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Crisis and may Buddha lend a helping hand, too!

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