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					                              The Berwickshire High School
                          Daily Bulletin for Tue 1st March 2011
Duty Manager:

Staff out of School:


 S1 Courses:                          Citizenship week and Art block 2
 S6 Enhancements:                     Block 5

D OF E GOLD GROUP: Meeting in Mr Walkers room Wednesday tomorrow from after school up
until 5pm. We are planning route for practice expedition.

RED NOSE DAY: Generate Radio will be collecting money for Red Nose Day in the Library.
Please help by donating any spare change you have. You can also listen to the show between
5pm and 6pm every Friday on

3rd Year Duke of Edinburgh Bronze (Wednesday Group) There will be meeting after school on
Wednesday 2nd March, between 4pm and 5pm in Maths Room 1 when we will start the
expedition training.                Mr Tait

World Book Day Quiz: All team names and 50p should be turned in to your English teacher by
Wednesday Lunchtime. The quiz will start at 1.15 pm on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing a
lot of you there!

MUSIC DEPARTMENT – SENIOR OCTET: Rehearsal today at 1:30pm in Music 1

Payment 3 will be due from Monday 7th. March. A lot of pupils who are going on this trip are
still outstanding payment 2. Please try to keep payments up to date. Thank you. Mr Drummond

LIBRARY: The library will be closed today periods 5 & 6. The Author Karen Campbell who is a
renowned Crime Fiction writer will be in the library at this time. Anyone wishing to listen to
her is most welcome to attend. Mrs Corbett

LOST PROPERTY: Three rings were found in the Library yesterday. Please come to the office
with a description if they belong to you.

NETBALL: Well done to the S1 netball team who are through to the 1/4 finals of the Scottish
Schools Cup after a fantastic 26-2 win against Gryffe High School in Glasgow. Good luck girls.
Unfortunately the S2 team were beaten in a home tie against Dundee High School and are now
out of the cup. Superb team spirit from both teams.
Both teams had games against Peebles B in the Peebles league at the weekend. Both teams
achieving a winning score of 18-5. Well done S1 and S2. With one league game left each the
S2's sit 2nd and the S1's 3rd in the league tables. Keep up the hard work girls.