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									                                                                       Sales &

                                                                                                     ACHIEVE TANGIBLE RESULTS
                                                                                                       WITH TOOLS, TACTICS AND
                                                                                                      TECHNIQUES FROM SALES &
                                                                                                           MARKETING EXPERTS

Diploma in professional sales           93   Advanced selling skills for        98    Bid & tender management              102   Everything you wanted to        109
& business development                       new business sales                       Finance skills for sales             102   know about copywriting
The perfect sale pitch                  94   The client meeting:                99    professionals                              Institute of Direct Marketing
Telesales professionals                      face-to-face selling                     Introduction to successful selling   103   Complete direct marketing       110
Winning telesales techniques            94   Successful negotiation skills      99    Essentials of sales                  104   Complete digital marketing      110
Best practice for telesales             95   Sales managers                           Marketing                                  Best practice search            110
                                             Leading & building                 100   Marketing communications             104   engine marketing
Advanced selling skills for telesales   95
                                             a sales team                                                                        Effective email marketing:      110
Account managers                                                                      Introduction to marketing            105
                                             Best practice for sales managers   100                                              beyond the basics
Best practice for account managers      96                                            Developing successful products       106
                                             How to create a winning            101                                              Briefing & evaluating           110
Advanced selling for                    96   sales strategy                           Effective market research            106
                                                                                                                                 creative work
account managers                             Developing a successful            101   Effective internet marketing         107
Key account management                  97   sales team                               Creating effective events            107
New business sales professionals             Managing the sales process         101   Strategic marketing planning         108
Sell and present with impact            97   Performance management             101   Writing newsletters & magazines      108
Best practice for new business sales    98   for sales managers                       Introduction to public relations     109

                                             MORE.INFO@REEDLEARNING.CO.UK                   WWW.REEDLEARNING.CO.UK                 0800 132 446 OR 01628 513 091
92   Sales & Marketing

     Cutting	edge	sales	skills	that	will	drive	your	figures	upwards

                                                                                                      Programme structure
                                                                                                      Best practice workshops
                                                                                                      Understand	what	best	practice	for	your	role	looks	like	and	learn	how	to	adopt	a	full	toolkit	
                                                                                                      of	tried	and	tested	techniques	to	sell	on	‘value’	by	creating	compelling	sales	propositions.
                                                                                                      Advanced selling skills
                                                                                                      A	two	part,	in-depth	development	programme	that	first	analyses	your	specific	strengths	
                                                                                                      and	areas	for	development	in	your	role	and	then	builds	a	tailored	courses	to	address	these.
                                                                                                      1.				 ive	sales	evaluation	in	a	role	play	environment	conducted	and	evaluated	by	
                                                                                                           our	sales	experts.	Over	170	objective	measurements	will	be	taken	during	your	
                                                                                                           evaluation	to	build	a	detailed	dashboard	that	scores	your	sales	ability.	This	analysis	
                                                                                                           is	used	to	inform	the	content	of	stage	two.
                                                                                                      2.				 n	interactive,	two	day,	intensive	skills	development	course	that	takes	the	analysis	
                                                                                                           from	stage	one	and	hones	the	course	content	to	deliver	targeted	training	in	the	
     What makes our sales development                                                                      areas	where	improvement	is	required.	The	workshop	is	based	around	understanding	
                                                                                                           and	practicing	specific	sales	behaviours	and	will	give	you	techniques	to	take	back	to	
     so effective?                                                                                         work	and	use	straight	away	for	immediate	results.
     •		 ur	holistic	approach	to	training	equips	you	with	the	enormous	range	of	skills	
       needed	in	each	specific	sales	environment.                                                     Specific courses for each sales role
     •		 	unique	evaluation	option	offers	you	feedback	on	your	performance	in	a	live	
       A                                                                                              Our	understanding	of	the	distinctions	between	different	sales	roles	and	our	belief	that	
       sales	scenario	and	a	development	plan	to	advance	your	skills	to	the	next	level.                sales	development	should	be	as	specific	and	targeted	as	possible	means	that	we	have	
     •		 ll	courses	equip	you	with	a	methodology	to	overcome	objections,	differentiate	
       A                                                                                              four	categories	of	courses	designed	specifically	for	different	sales	roles:
       yourself,	and	rule	the	competition	out	of	the	equation.                                          T
                                                                                                      •		 elesales	–	for	those	focusing	on	lead	generation	and	appointment	setting.
                                                                                                      •		 ew	business	sales	–	impressing	prospects	face	to	face	in	that	“critical	hour”.
     What makes these courses different?                                                                A
                                                                                                      •		 ccount	management	–	developing	client	accounts	to	maximise	their	value
     •		 raditional	‘sheep	dip’	training	focuses	on	generic	elements	such	as	negotiation	
                                                                                                      •		 ales	management	–	for	leaders	of	sales	teams,	whether	you’ve	been	thrown	in	at	
       skills	or	closing	techniques,	irrespective	of	the	skills	required	for	your	specific	role.
                                                                                                        the	deep	end	or	have	some	management	experience	but	want	professional	training.
     •		 hese	new	workshops	in	best	practice,	advanced	selling	skills	and	professional	
       sales	management	focus	on	training	for	the	whole	role	rather	than	just	part	of	it.             So... which course is right for you?
     •		 hat’s	more,	we	provide	an	objective	analysis	of	sales	performance	in	live	                   1. Does any of your role involve selling to clients face to face?
       selling	situations,	allowing	us	to	identify	key	strengths	and	weaknesses	of	each	                 No:		We	would	recommend	our	telesales	development	programme	See page 96	
       salesperson	and	tailor	training	to	distinct	needs.                                                yes:	Please	go	to	next	question
     •		 very	year,	thousands	of	organisations	waste	millions	on	ineffectual	sales	                   2. When you close a piece of new business, do you pass it on to
       training	programmes.	This	needs	to	stop	and	we	have	the	training	courses	to	                      a different department to manage?
       prevent	further	such	waste	of	budget.	It	is	possible	to	dramatically	improve	a	                   yes,	I	bring	in	new	business	but	don’t	manage	accounts	See page 98
       salesperson’s	capabilities	–	but	only	if	you’re	prepared	to	go	back	to	the	drawing	                    for our new business courses	
       board	and	rework	the	way	you	train	your	salespeople	from	the	ground	up.                           No, 		 	look	after	the	account	myself	-	we	would	suggest	our	account		
                                                                                                              management	programme	will	suit	you	best	See page 96

                                              ) Account Manager Competency Score
                                                                                    Account Manager
                                                                                                      “These programmes transformed my sales force,
                                                                                                       taking them from £750k a month to £4m a
                                                                                                       month in six months. The precision of the
                                                                                                       evaluation data enabled us to make immediate
                                                                                                       decisions on the development plan for each of
     Dashboard	used	to	analyse	                                                                        our salespeople.” Mike Siddon, Regional MD,
     delegates’	sales	competencies                                                                     Cable and Wireless.

     Silent Edge
     These	new	workshops	are	endorsed	for	best	practice	by	Silent	Edge.	Their	unique	
     approach	to	driving	sales	performance	has	received	outstanding	feedback	and	                        Endorsed for best practice
     national	recognition,	including	two	British	Excellence	in	Sales	and	Marketing	Awards	               by Silent Edge
     (BESMAs)	from	the	Institute	of	Sales	and	Marketing	Management’s	2006	awards	
     (‘Most Effective Use of Sales Automation’ and ‘Sales Trainer of the year’).

                                                                                                                    Sales & Marketing               93

                                                             DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL SALES
                                                                   & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
                              Develop	the	core	skills	essential	to	maximise	your	personal	sales	performance	
                             with	a	diploma	endorsed	by	the	Institute	of	Sales	and	Marketing	Management

 Diploma	in	professional	   Introduction to successful      Who	is	it	for?                              Flexibility
                            selling (2 days, p102)          The	modules	provide	a	thorough	             We	understand	that,	as	a	sales	
 sales	&	business	                                          grounding	in	essential	sales	skills	for	    professional,	time	out	of	the	office	can	
 development	               Winning telesales               those	new	to	the	profession	and,	for	       be	costly.	Our	training	is	delivered	at	
                                                            those	with	more	experience	looking	         locations	nation-wide	to	minimise	this.	
                            techniques (2 days, p94)
                                                            to	refresh	and	update	skills,	the	          Plus,	with	no	fixed	start	and	end	date	
                                                            latest	sales	tips	to	energise	business	     and	courses	running	frequently,	you	
                                                            development	activity.                       can	fit	your	learning	around	work	and	
                            Successful negotiation skills
                                                                                                        life	commitments.	Delegates	typically	
                            (2 days, p99)                   What	is	it	about?                           take	between	six	and	twelve	months	
                            OR                              In	a	challenging,	competitive	sales	        to	complete	the	programme.
                            Key account management          environment,	can	you	afford	to	miss	
                            (2 days, p97)                   out	on	techniques	that	give	you	            Accredit	existing	learning
                                                            the	edge?	The	diploma	has	been	             Reed	Learning	courses	attended	
                                                            designed	to	provide	cutting	edge	           previously	can	count	towards	these	
                            Professional presentation       business	development	training	in	           qualifications.	Build	on	essential	
                            skills (2 days, p16)            a	flexible	format	that	allows	you	          skills	already	developed	and	benefit	
                                                            to	select	the	modules	to	meet	your	         from	significant	discounts	on	the	
                                                            needs	and	fit	the	learning	around	          programme	prices.	Call	us	now	to	
                            Bid and tender management       your	commitments.	The	choice	of	            discuss	your	prior	learning	–	0800	
                            (2 days, p102)                  modules	allows	you	to	select	the	           132	448.
                                                            training	relevant	to	your	role	and	
                                                            requirements.	Evaluation	of	your	           Certificate	overview
                                                            learning	is	through	an	assessed	            Choose	6	days	of	training	from	the	
                                                            presentation.                               options	opposite	followed	by	a	short	
                                                            The	diploma	delivers	the	                   assessed	presentation	to	gain	the	
                                                            endorsement	and	recognition	                diploma.
                                                            of	the	Institute	of	Sales	and	
                                                            Marketing	Management	–	the	only	
                                                            professional	body	for	sales	people.

“This programme has had a real impact on my
 ability to exceed my sales targets and has
 given a significant boost to my performance
 and career.” Alex Douglas, Business
 Development Manager

                                                            Duration & cost                             6	Days,	£2,495	+	VAT	

                                                               Endorsed by the Institute of Sales
                                                               and Marketing Management

                                                                                                  EMAIL MORE.INFO@REEDLEARNING.CO.UK
94   Sales & Marketing

     THE PERFECT SALES PITCH                                                             WINNING TELESALES
     How	to	sell	on	value,	not	price                                                     TECHNIQUES
                                                                                         Telephone	sales	tuition	from	an	expert

     Who	is	it	for?                                                                      Who	is	it	for?	
     Anyone	from	sales,	marketing	                                                       This	course	is	for	telesales	and	customer	
     and	management	involved	in	                                                         service	personnel	who	deal	with	in	and	
     communicating	with	customers	who	                                                   out-bound	sales	calls	and	make	sales	
     needs	to	differentiate	themselves	from	                                             appointments	on	the	phone.
     the	competition.
                                                                                         What	is	it	about?
     What	is	it	about?                                                                   It	takes	a	look	at	the	elements	that	
                                                                                                                                      “As a sales trainer
     This	workshop	focuses	on	the	crucial	                                               make	up	successful	telesales	calls		          I think ‘Winning
     art	of	developing	and	communicating	                                                and	then	gives	practical	feedback		           telesales techniques’
     sales	value	propositions	to	customers	                                              to	delegates	how	to	improve	their		
     and	prospects.	It	will	give	you	the	                                                own	techniques.	
                                                                                                                                       is a particularly
     skills	to	develop	highly	effective	value	                                                                                         effective foundation
                                                                                         What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
                                                                                         •		 ales	techniques	to	make	your	calls	
                                                                                                                                       level course. The
     What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                  Course	Overview                                                                       phone coach system
                                                                                           ten	times	more	effective
                                                 •		 ow	to	sell	on	value	using	sales	
     •		 	method	to	help	you	sell	using	
                                                   value	propositions
                                                                                         •		 uestioning	techniques	to	identify	        we use ensures
       value	to	differentiate	your	message                                                 exact	customer	needs	
     •		 	greater	understanding	of	your	
       A                                           U
                                                 •		 nderstand	the	importance	
                                                                                         •		 egotiating	techniques	to	close		
                                                                                                                                       maximum practical
       own	company’s	capabilities                  of	sales	value	propositions	for	        the	sale                                    application and
                                                   your	customers,	prospects,	your	
     •		 onfidence	in	delivering	an	‘Elevator	
                                                   company	and	yourself                  Course	overview	                              allows us to set very
       Pitch’	to	prospects	and	customers
                                                 •		 ow	to	enhance	your	image	and	
                                                   H                                     •		 ommunication	skills	
                                                                                           	                                           realistic practice
                                                   customer	perceptions	using	value	     	 –		 mprove	rapport	by	adapting	your	
                                                                                             I                                         sessions.“
                                                   propositions                              behaviour	accordingly
                                                 •		 eveloping	the	perfect	sales	
                                                   D                                         A
                                                                                         	 –		 nalyse	verbal	communication,		
                                                                                                                                       Melody McMillan,
                                                   pitch	for	your	products	and/or	           in	particular	tone,	projection		          Reed trainer
                                                   services                                  and	pace
                                                 •		 ayering	sales	value	propositions	
                                                   L                                         S
                                                                                         	 –		 ecure	visible	results	through	
                                                   to	reinforce	key	company	                 open/closed	questions	and	                   C
                                                                                                                                      	 –		 lose	the	call	and	capitalise	on	the	
                                                   messages	                                 probing	techniques                           sale	by	recognising	buying	signals
                                                                                         	 –		 reate	impact	using	effective	
                                                                                             C                                            O
                                                                                                                                      	 –		 vercome	objections	by	staying	in	
                                                 •		 ligning	your	value	propositions	
                                                                                             opening	statements                           control	of	your	calls
                                                   to	your	customers	requirements
                                                 •		 eveloping	different	propositions	     T
                                                                                         •		 he	sales	process                         Follow-up	courses	
                                                   for	different	buyers	within	the	          K
                                                                                         	 –		 now	the	importance	of	planning	
                                                                                                                                      	 uccessful	negotiation	skills	p99.		
                                                   account                                   and	research
                                                                                                                                      Key	account	management	p97.	
                                                                                         	 –		 aintain	focus	and	professionalism	
                                                 •		 ow	and	where	to	use	sales	
                                                   H                                                                                  Managing	difficult	&	demanding	
                                                                                             when	making	outbound	calls	by	
                                                   value	propositions	within	your	                                                    customers	p37.
                                                                                             introducing	a	coherent	structure
                                                   company	communications

     Duration                                    1	Day	                                     Duration & cost                              2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
     & cost		                                    £495	+	VAT                                 London	                                      N
                                                                                                                                         	 ov:	19-20	Jan:	15-16		
     London	                                     Feb:	20	May:19                                                                          Mar:	3-4	Apr:	21-22
     Code 	                                      PSP                                        Code 	                                       WTT

                                                                                                   Download bite size MP3 training when you book this course.
                                                                                                   See for details
                                                                                                   Forms part of the diploma in sales & business development,
                                                                                                   endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (p93)

     TO BOOK CALL 0800 132 448 OR 01628 513 091
                                                                                                                                                   Sales & Marketing                95

         BEST PRACTICE FOR TELESALES                                                                     ADVANCED SELLING SKILLS
                                      Benchmark	your	sales	skills                                                 FOR TELESALES
                                                                                        In	depth	evaluation	and	expert	skills	development	
                                                                                                                 to	drive	sales	excellence

Who	is	it	for?                             Course	Overview                           Who	is	it	for?                                  Stage	one	–	Evaluation
Telephone	based	sales	people	involved	     This	is	an	intensive	event	of	            Telesales	professionals	who	want	               You	will	undertake	an	award	winning	
in	cold	calling	and/or	up	selling	into	    information	giving	and	awareness	         techniques	that	will	help	them	work	            skills	evaluation	that	measures	sales	
new	and	existing	accounts.                 sessions,	exercises	and	group	            smarter	rather	than	harder	and	                 performance	against	best	practice	
                                           discussions	covering:                     become	even	more	effective.                     behaviour	in	a	role-play	situation.	
What	is	it	about?                                                                                                                    Over	170	objective	measurements	are	
                                           •		 rticulation	
This	overview	course	covers	all	the	                                                 What	is	it	about?                               recorded.	These	are	then	summarised	
core	areas	of	expertise	a	telesales	         M
                                           •		 anner
                                                                                     The	workshop	will	accelerate	your	              into	five	core	categories.
professional	needs	to	master	in	order	       I
                                           •		 dentifying	the	decision	maker
                                                                                     understanding	of	the	key	elements	of		          Each	category	of	the	scorecard	
to	excel	in	their	role:	getting	to	the	      L
                                           •		 ocating	the	decision	maker            sales	calls	and	your	own	behaviours.	           represents	a	best	practice	activity	that	
decision	maker;	gaining	interest	and	        E
                                           •		 stablishing	credibility               It	will	increase	your	knowledge	of	the	         telesales	people	encounter	within	
establishing	rapport;	uncovering	          •		 etting	past	the	gate	keeper
                                             G                                       ‘art	and	science’	of	selling,	allow	you	        their	role.	The	final	report	you	receive	
customer’s	pains	and	converting	them	                                                to	learn	and	practice	sales	psychology	
                                           •		 bjection	handling	at	the	start	of	
                                             O                                                                                       generates	a	bespoke	development	plan	
into	needs;	promoting	your	offering	                                                 techniques	in	order	to	help	improve	
                                             the	call                                                                                for	you	to	take	into	stage	two	of	the	
and	presenting	solutions;	dealing	
                                           •		 pening	pitch                          your	effectiveness,	time	management,	           programme.
with	objections;	concluding	and	
                                                                                     and	personal	performance.
progressing	to	next	steps.                   P
                                           •		 itching                                                                               Stage	two	–	Course	overview
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   C
                                           •		 ompany	offerings                      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                      This	intensive	and	experiential	workshop	
                                           •		 ase	studies	and	anecdotes               E
                                                                                     •		 valuation	and	analysis	of	your	             covers	the	following	topics	and	will	
•		 dentify	and	understand	best	
                                           •		 robing	for	information
                                             P                                         individual	sales	skills                       be	specifically	tailored	to	meet	the	
  practice	in	all	the	key	stages	of	the	
                                           •		 dentifying	and	using	your	Sales	
                                             I                                         F
                                                                                     •		 eedback	on	performance	in	a	sales	          development	needs	identified	in	stage	one:
  telesales	call
                                             Value	Proposition                         scenario                                      •	What	makes	great	telesales	people
•		 hare	best	practice	and	identify	
                                           •		 ifferentiating	your	organisation/
                                             D                                         A
                                                                                     •		 	personal	development	plan                  •	Planning	and	preparation	
  strategies	to	overcome	challenges
                                             offering	from	the	competition           •		 uestioning	techniques	that	help	you	
                                                                                       Q                                             •	The	telephone	sales	framework
•		 dentify	the	key	areas	for	further	
                                           •		 nderstanding	the	prospect	needs
                                             U                                         to	stay	in	the	conversation	longer              G
                                                                                                                                     •		 aining	multi-level	entry	into	the	
  individual	development
                                                                                     •		 	clearer	picture	of	your	prospect,	their	
                                                                                       A                                               organisation
•		 apidly	apply	new	practices	and	
  R                                          A
                                           •		 ttentiveness
                                                                                       needs	and	their	buying	motives.	              •	Gaining	interest	–	opening	pitch
  behaviours	with	customers	and	             C
                                           •		 oncluding	the	sale
                                                                                     •		 ubconscious	motivational	
                                                                                       S                                             •	Questioning	and	probing	techniques
  prospects                                  D
                                           •		 ealing	with	objections	when	
                                                                                       strategies	and	language                         A
                                                                                                                                     •		 voiding	assumptions	through	
•		 ain	new	insights	into	customers	
  G                                          concluding	the	sale
  thought	processes	to	easily	engage	      •		 greeing	next	steps	and	negotiating	
                                             A                                         B
                                                                                     •		 est	practice	top	tips
                                                                                                                                     •		 ow	to	use	your	sales	value	
  and	build	trust.                           deadlines                                 T
                                                                                     •		 ools	to	maximise	peak	personal	
                                                                                                                                       proposition	to	differentiate	yourself
•		 enefit	from	easy	to	implement	tips,	
  B                                                                                    performance	and	goal	achievement
  which	will	further	accelerate	your	
                                           Follow-up	courses	                                                                          R
                                                                                                                                     •		 uling	out	the	competition
                                           	 dvanced	selling	skills	for		
                                           A                                                                                           E
                                                                                                                                     •		 ffectively	using	objections	to	progress	
                                           telesales	p95.                                                                              the	sales	conversation
                                                                                                                                     •	Utilising	benefit	statements
                                                                                                                                     •	Recognising	buying	signals
                                                                                                                                     •		 ummarising	/	closing	and	next	steps
                                                                                                                                     •	Negotiating	with	authority
                                                                                                                                     •		 uilding	rapport	and	trust	through	
                                                                                                                                       sales	psychology

Duration & cost                            1	Day,	£845	+	VAT                         Duration                                         2	day	course	+	½	day	evaluation	
London	                                    J
                                           	 an:	23	Mar:	19	May:	27                  & cost		                                         £1445	+	VAT	

Code 	                                     BPTS                                      London	                                          E
                                                                                                                                      	 valuation – Mar: 14	
                                                                                                                                      Course – Mar:	31-1
                                                                                     Code 	                                           ASST

  Endorsed for best practice by Silent Edge                                             Built in evaluation, measurable results

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96   Sales & Marketing

     BEST PRACTICE FOR                                                                     ADVANCED SELLING SKILLS FOR
     ACCOUNT MANAGERS                                                                      ACCOUNT MANAGERS
     Selling	in	the	‘Critical	Hour’                                                        A	two	stage	sales	excellence	programme	to	equip	you	
                                                                                           with	cutting	edge	account	growth	techniques

     Who	is	it	for?                                                                        Who	is	it	for?                               Stage	one	–	Evaluation
     Account	Managers	who	both		win	                                                       New	or	experienced	account	                  You	will	undertake	an	award	winning	
     and	want	to	build	profitable,	lasting	                                                managers	who	want	to	build,	sharpen	         skills	evaluation	that	measures	sales	
     relationships	with	customers.                                                         and	stretch	their	sales	skills	to	become	    performance	against	best	practice	
                                                                                           as	smart	and	efficient	as	they	can	be.       behaviour	in	a	role-play	situation.	
     What	is	it	about                                                                                                                   Over	170	objective	measurements	are	
     This	is	about	doing	all	the	right	                                                    What	is	it	about?                            recorded.	These	are	then	summarised	
     things	to	influence	the	customer	in	                                                  This	is	a	two	part	programme.	The	           into	five	core	categories.
     the	limited	time	available	during	                                                    first	stage	takes	you	through	an	expert	     Each	category	of	the	scorecard	
     meetings.	It	provides	a	complete	                                                     evaluation	and	analysis	of	your	sales	       represents	a	best	practice	activity	that	
     overview	of	the	proven	best	practice	                                                 skills	to	benchmark	them	against	best	       telesales	people	encounter	within	
     approaches	that	will	enable	you	to	                                                   practice.	The	second	part	takes	these	       their	role.	The	final	report	you	receive	
     develop	new	business	in	a	face	to	face	                                               results	and	delivers	a	tailored	course	      generates	a	bespoke	development	
     environment.                                                                          to	meet	your	development	needs,	             plan	for	you	to	take	into	stage	two	of	
                                                •		 rofessional	behaviour	at	the	          providing	comprehensive	coverage	            the	programme.
     What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   beginning	and	throughout	the	            of	the	skills	and	techniques	that	will	
     •		 	practical	understanding	of		
       A                                          meetings	to	impress	and	make	an	         let	you	maximise	the	growth	of	your	         Stage	two	–	Course	overview
       best	practice	selling                      impact	with	customers                    accounts	and	succeed	in	winning	new	         This	is	an	intensive	and	experiential	
     •		 mproved	personal	productivity,	
       I                                        •		 ruly	understanding	customers’	
                                                  T                                        business.                                    workshop	covering	the	following	
       effectiveness	and	time	                    needs	and	effectively	capturing	vital	                                                topics,	tailored	to	meet	the	needs	
       management                                 information	to	use	later	in	the	sales	
                                                                                           What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   identified	in	stage	one:
     •		 uick	fixes	and	longer	term	
       Q                                          cycle                                      E
                                                                                           •		 valuation	and	analysis	of	your	            T
                                                                                                                                        •		 horough	preparation	to	ensure	
       performance	improvements                   P
                                                •		 romoting	your	solutions	in	a	            individual	sales	skills                      successful	customer	meetings
     •		 aximised	chance	of	achieving	your	
       M                                          memorable	way	to	raise	and	keep	           F
                                                                                           •		 eedback	on	performance	in	a	role-          U
                                                                                                                                        •		 se	of	sophisticated	communication	
       account	objectives                         the	customer’s	interest                    play	sales	scenario                          techniques	to	uncover	customer’s	
                                                •		 aining	commitment	from	the	              A
                                                                                           •		 	personal	development	plan	to	             current	and	future	needs
     Course	Overview                              customer	and	ensuring	that	you	            advance	skills	to	the	next	level             U
                                                                                                                                        •		 sing	customer	value	stories	to	
     •		 nderstand	the	key	elements	of	           keep	the	momentum	going                    S
                                                                                           •		 ales	tools,	techniques	and	                make	presentations	powerful
       account	planning	and	preparation           A
                                                •		 ctions	to	help	you	apply	the	            influencing	skills	to	maximise	your	         H
                                                                                                                                        •		 ow	to	create	impact	in	customer	
     •		 dentify	key	customer	contacts	and	
       I                                          concepts	to	real	customers	                conversion	rate	in	crucial	client	and	       meetings	and	presentations
       the	customer’s	decision	making	            immediately                                prospect	meetings                            U
                                                                                                                                        •		 nderstanding	competitors	
       process                                                                               I
                                                                                           •		 n	depth	knowledge	of	the	best	             offerings	and	pricing
     •		 ain	an	understanding	of	all	the	key	   Follow-up	courses	                           practice	approaches	to	maximise	             H
                                                                                                                                        •		 ow	to	influence	the	sales	cycle
       elements	of	best	practice	selling	in	    	 dvanced	selling	skills	for	account	
                                                A                                            account	growth
                                                                                                                                        •		 p-selling	and	Cross-selling	within	
       face-to-face	situations:                 managers	p96.                                A
                                                                                           •		 	structured	approach	to	control	           customer	accounts
     •		 reparing	and	researching	
       P                                                                                     negotiations
                                                                                                                                        •		 nderstanding	different	buyer	group’s	
       appropriately,	in	order	to	accelerate	
                                                                                                                                          motivations	and	levels	of	influence
       progress	in	customer	meetings
                                                                                                                                        •		 	structured	approach	to	negotiation

     Duration & cost                            1	day,	£495	+	VAT                          Duration & cost                              2	days	+	½	day	evaluation		
     London	                                    Dec:	7	Feb:	22	Apr:	23                                                                  £1445	+	VAT	

     Code 	                                     BPA                                        London	                                      E
                                                                                                                                        	 valuation – Jan: 28	Apr: 23	
                                                                                                                                        Course – Feb: 14-15 May: 15-16
                                                                                           Code 	                                       ASA

        Endorsed for best practice by Silent Edge                                             Built in evaluation, measurable results

                                                                                                                                              Sales & Marketing               97

             KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT                                                      SELL AND PRESENT WITH IMPACT
       A	structured	approach	to	account	development	     	                                         A	toolkit	of	tips	to	make	your	preparation	as	
                 and	building	great	client	relationships                                              efficient	as	possible	and	the	end	result	an	
                                                                                                  impressive	pitch	that	will	secure	the	business

Who	is	it	for?	                            Course	overview	                           Who	is	it	for?                              Course	overview
Newly	appointed	account	managers	            	
                                           •		 ractical	exercises	to	determine	       Sales	people	and	account	executives	          	
                                                                                                                                  •		 hat	makes	a	successful	sales	
who	wish	to	learn	the	most	profitable	       what	is	needed	in	key	account	           with	at	least	one	year’s	sales	               presentation?
way	to	manage	accounts.	                     management,	and	what	makes	the	          experience	who	use	presentations	to	          	
                                                                                                                                  •		 ow	best	to	present	your	goods	or	
                                             top	account	manager	successful	          win	new	business.                             services	in	a	manner	that	will	show	
What	is	it	about?                            	
                                           •		 now	your	role	as	an	account	                                                         benefits
This	course	helps	you	manage	accounts	       manager:	assess,	set	goals,	
                                                                                      What	is	it	about?
                                                                                                                                  •		 he	five	key	reasons	people	buy	and	
effectively	in	a	competitive	market	         benchmark,	bridge	                       This	practical	course	helps	you	to	look	
                                                                                                                                    how	to	tap	into	them
where	clients	can	be	increasingly	                                                    at	your	presentation	through	the	eyes	
                                           •		 now	what	you’re	up	against	                                                          W
                                                                                                                                  •		 hat	preparation	is	vital?
demanding.	You	will	learn	best-practice	                                              of	your	buyer,	match	your	style	to	their	
                                             by	researching	and	analysing	                                                          	
                                                                                                                                  •		 	structure	to	give	your	presentation	
techniques	to	engage	with	clients,	                                                   needs,	and	deliver	with	real	impact.	You	
                                             competitors	                                                                           clear	direction	and	aid	memory	
negotiating,	reporting	and	providing	                                                 will	benefit	from	expert	feedback	on	
                                           •		 dentify	the	decision	making	unit	                                                    retention
high	levels	of	service	when	managing	                                                 your	individual	approach	and	pointers	
                                             (DMU)	                                                                                 H
                                                                                                                                  •		 ow	to	manage	and	harness	nervous	
multiple	relationships.	                                                              on	how	to	improve.
                                           •		 ngage	with	the	buyer’s	point	of	                                                     energy	before	a	big	pitch
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   view	to	correctly	realise	their	needs	   What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                    M
                                                                                                                                  •		 aking	the	most	of	your	“stage”	and	
•		 usiness	development	skills	for	          I
                                           •		 dentify	client	expectations	and	       •		 	higher	conversion	rate	and	more	
                                                                                        A                                           time	slot
  gaining	entry	to	potential	new	            negotiate	mutual	goals	                    sales                                       E
                                                                                                                                  •		 nhancing	your	delivery	style	to	
  clients                                    W
                                           •		 ork	with	your	client	to		
                                                                                      •		 our	audience’s	attention	and	             maximise	credibility	and	rapport	in	
•		 now-how	to	build	long-term	              manage	change	                             interest                                    your	clients	eyes
  relationships	at	all	levels	within	        	
                                           •		 earn	different	styles	of	persuasion	     	
                                                                                      •		 he	ability	to	leave	a	memorable	
                                                                                        T                                           T
                                                                                                                                  •		 ips	on	professional	team	
  clients’	organisations	                    and	influence	                             impression	and	message	                     presentations
•		 egotiation	skills	to	persuade,	          B
                                           •		 est	practice	in	database	and		           L
                                                                                      •		 earning	from	previous	experiences	
                                                                                                                                  •		 	modern	consultative	approach	to	
  influence	and	grow	existing	accounts       report	management                          to	get	it	right	the	next	time               the	sales	pitch
•		 etworking	skills	to	grow	your	                                                                                                  E
                                                                                                                                  •		 ngaging	and	controlling	audience	
  existing	client	base	                    Follow-up	courses	
                                                                                                                                    interaction	and	question	sessions
•		 bility	to	manage	multiple	
  A                                        T
                                           	 he	client	meeting	–	face-to-face	
                                                                                                                                  •		 elegates	will	deliver	two	short	
  relationships	with	equally	high		        selling	p99.	Effective	communication	
                                                                                                                                    presentations	recorded	on	disk	and	
  levels	of	service                        p19.	Advanced	negotiation	skills	p63.
                                                                                                                                    receive	individual	coaching,	feedback	
                                                                                                                                    and	analysis

                                                                                                                                  Follow-up	courses
                                                                                                                                  Key	account	management	p97.
                                                                                                                                  Bid	&	tender	management	p102.
                                                                                                                                  Successful	negotiation	skills	p99.

  Duration & cost                             2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                     Duration & cost                             2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
  London	                                     D
                                              	 ec:	5-6	Jan:	24-25	Feb:	25-26		       London	                                     N
                                                                                                                                  	 ov: 19-20	Jan:	7-8		
                                              Mar:	27-28	May:	6-7                                                                 Mar:	10-11	May:	14-15
  Code 	                                      KAM                                     Code 	                                      SFP

            Forms part of the diploma in sales & business development,
            endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (p93)

                                                                                                                     TO BOOK CALL 0800 132 448 OR 01628 513 091
98   Sales & Marketing

     BEST PRACTICE FOR                                                                 ADVANCED SELLING SKILLS FOR
     NEW BUSINESS                                                                      NEW BUSINESS
     Field	sales	excellence	-	maximise	your		                                          Maximise	your	influence	when	face	to	face	with	
     effectiveness	in	the	‘Critical	Hour’                                              new	customers.	Transform	your	conversion	rate

     Who	is	it	for?                                                                    Who	is	it	for?                                 Stage	one	–	Evaluation
     Sales	people	responsible	for	                                                     New	or	experienced	field	sales	people	         You	will	undertake	an	award	winning	
     identifying	potential	new	clients	and	                                            who	want	to	build,	sharpen	and	stretch	        skills	evaluation	that	measures	sales	
     building	new	business	opportunities.                                              their	sales	skills	to	become	as	smart	and	     performance	against	best	practice	
                                                                                       efficient	as	they	can	be.                      behaviour	in	a	role-play	situation.	
     What	is	it	about?                                                                                                                Over	170	objective	measurements	are	
     This	course	provides	an	overview	of	                                              What	is	it	about?                              recorded.	These	are	then	summarised	
     tried	and	tested	methods	that	will	                                               This	is	a	two	part	programme	                  into	five	core	categories.
     enable	you	to	get	the	most	out	of	                                                commencing	with	an	expert	evaluation	          Each	category	of	the	scorecard	represents	
     those	critical	meetings	when	you	are	                                             and	analysis	of	your	sales	skills	to	          a	best	practice	activity	that	telesales	
     face	to	face	with	prospects.	You	will	                                            benchmark	them	against	best	practice.	         people	encounter	within	their	role.	The	
     learn	what	best	practice	looks	like,	                                             This	analysis	is	used	in	part	two	which	       final	report	you	receive	generates	a	
     identify	your	strengths	and	areas	for	                                            builds	these	results	into	a	tailored	course	   bespoke	development	plan	for	you	to	
     personal	development,	and	practice	                                               to	meet	your	development	needs,	               take	into	stage	two	of	the	programme.
     using	key	sales	skills.                  Course	Overview                          providing	comprehensive	coverage	of	
                                                                                       the	skills	and	techniques	that	will	let	you	   Stage	two	–	Course	overview
     What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                 P
                                              •		 reparing	and	researching	
                                                appropriately	to	accelerate	your	      maximise	the	growth	of	your	accounts	          This	is	an	intensive	and	experiential	
     •		 	practical	understanding	of	best	                                             and	succeed	in	winning	new	business.           workshop	covering	the	following	topics,	
                                                progress	in	prospect	meetings
       practice	selling                                                                                                               tailored	to	meet	the	needs	identified	in	
     •		 mproved	personal	productivity,	
                                              •		 esearching	competitors’	strengths	   What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                     stage	one:
                                                and	weaknesses                           E
                                                                                       •		 valuation	and	analysis	of	your	
       effectiveness	and	time	                                                                                                          F
                                                                                                                                      •		 ully	understand	prospect’s	needs
       management                               P
                                              •		 rofessional	behaviour	in	meetings	     individual	sales	skills
                                                to	make	an	impact	with	your	                                                            T
                                                                                                                                      •		 he	art	of	effective	questioning	and	
     •		 uick	fixes	and	longer-term	
       Q                                                                                 F
                                                                                       •		 eedback	on	performance	in	a	live	            listening
                                                prospects                                sales	scenario
       performance	improvements                                                                                                         U
                                                                                                                                      •		 sing	anecdotes	to	bring	solutions		
                                              •		 ruly	understanding	prospect’s	         A
                                                                                       •		 	personal	development	plan	to	
     •		 aximised	chance	of	achieving	your	                                                                                             to	life
                                                needs	and	capturing	vital	               advance	skills	to	the	next	level
       sales	objectives                                                                                                                 P
                                                                                                                                      •		 resenting	relevant	and	compelling	
                                                information	for	later	use
                                                                                       •		 ales	tools,	techniques	and	skills            information	to	prospects
                                              •		 vercoming	objections
                                                                                       •		 roven	techniques	to	structure	your	          H
                                                                                                                                      •		 ow	to	differentiate	yourself	and	your	
                                              •		 romoting	solutions	in	a	memorable	     meeting	strategy
                                                way	to	keep	the	prospect’s	interest                                                     company	from	the	competition
                                                                                       •		 ncreased	ability	to	control	                 U
                                                                                                                                      •		 nderstand	your	personal		
                                              •		 egotiation	skills                      negotiations                                   negotiation	style
                                              •		 aining	commitment	and	ensuring	
                                                that	you	keep	the	momentum	going                                                        U
                                                                                                                                      •		 se	a	negotiation	planning	framework
                                                                                                                                      •		 andling	objections
                                              Follow-up	courses	
                                              Advanced	selling	skills	for	new	
                                              business	p98.

     Duration                                 1	Day	                                   Duration                                       2	day	+	½	day	evaluation	
     & cost		                                 £495	+	VAT                               & cost		                                       £1445	+	VAT
     London	                                  Dec:	5	Feb:	11	Apr:	21	                  London	                                        E
                                                                                                                                      	 valuation – Mar: 25	
     Code 	                                   BPNS                                                                                    Course – Apr: 15-16
                                                                                       Code 	                                         ASN

       Endorsed for best practice by Silent Edge                                          Built in evaluation, measurable results

                                                                                                                                                Sales & Marketing             99

                              THE CLIENT MEETING:                                      SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATION SKILLS
                             FACE-TO-FACE SELLING                                                   Maximise	your	negotiating	power	to	secure	
               Develop	rapport	with	clients	and	negotiate		                                        agreements	that	both	parties	are	happy	with
                                          with	confidence

Who	is	it	for?	                                                                        	Who	is	it	for?                             Course	overview
Sales	professionals	who	want	to		                                                      Well	anyone	really	–	anyone	who	              I
                                                                                                                                   •		 n	this	two-day	workshop	you	will	
gain	new	business	and	develop	existing	                                                wants	something	that	is.	Basically	this	      have	the	opportunity	to	have	your	
accounts.                                                                              course	is	for	sales	managers,	sales	          own	negotiation	skills	assessed
                                                                                       executives	and	purchasing	managers	           E
                                                                                                                                   •		 xplore	the	three	main	factors	
What	is	it	about?                                                                      looking	to	get	the	best	deal.                 of	successful	negotiation:	stages	
This	workshop	teaches	delegates	                                                                                                     of	negotiation,	planning	the	
practical	skills	in	structuring	and	                                                   What	is	it	about?                             negotiation,	styles	of	influence
controlling	a	face-to-face	sales	                                                      It’s	about	planning	your	negotiation	
                                                                                                                                   •		 ndertake	short	negotiation	
meeting.	The	course	offers	helpful	                                                    to	ensure	success,	eliminating	threats,	
                                                                                                                                     exercises	and	receive	constructive	
insights	into	rapport	building,	                                                       maximising	your	negotiating	power	
                                                                                                                                     feedback	from	the	trainer
overcoming	objections	and	making		                                                     and	ultimately	forming	lasting	
                                                                                                                                   •		 now	when	to	push,	and	when	
a	memorable	impact.	It	is	a	popular	                                                   agreements	that	make	all	parties	
                                                                                                                                     to	pull,	depending	on	the	
session	of	real	value	to	those	who	                                                    happy.	
                                           •		 se	features	and	benefits	to	
                                             U                                                                                       circumstances
regularly	visit	clients.	
                                             demonstrate	your	capability	              What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                    D
                                                                                                                                   •		 etermine	the	variables	and	
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?	                •		 ain	the	maximum	possible	
                                             G                                           A
                                                                                       •		 	definition	of	what	negotiation	is	       concessions	for	beneficial	needs	and		
•		 chieved	objectives	from	every		
  A                                          commitment	to	move	the	sales	               (and	what	it	isn’t!)                        currency	analysis
  sales	meeting	                             process	forward                           •		 he	ability	to	achieve	win/win	
                                                                                         T                                           U
                                                                                                                                   •		 se	currencies	to	establish	a	higher	
•		 ontrol	of	the	discussion	without	
  C                                        •		 eal	with	resistance
                                             D                                           outcomes	every	time                         base	price
  resorting	to	aggression	or	pleading      •		 nticipate	resistance	and	overcome	
                                             A                                           A
                                                                                       •		 	strategy	for	successful	negotiation	     O
                                                                                                                                   •		 pen	the	negotiation	and	set	the	
•		 onfidence	in	face-to-face	selling	
  C                                          objections	to	your	product	or	service       based	on	careful	planning                   right	questions:	How	high?	How	
•		 he	formula	to	beat	resistance	and	
  T                                                                                    •		 eaningful	questioning	techniques	
                                                                                         M                                           firm?	How	soon?
                                           •		 ake	clients	more	flexible	in	their	
  overcome	all	possible	objections           expectations	                               to	gain	an	understanding	of	what	           U
                                                                                                                                   •		 nderstand	the	power	balance:	
                                                                                         the	trade	currency	is                       know	each	party’s	inter-dependence	
Course	overview	                             G
                                           •		 et	your	key	selling	points	across	so	
                                                                                       •		 ffective	consolidated	agreements	
                                                                                         E                                           on	the	other
                                             they	are	remembered	will	be	sold	on	
•		 repare	for	the	meeting                                                               with	all	clients	and	suppliers              M
                                                                                                                                   •		 aster	the	10-point	planning	guide
                                             by	your	buyer	internally
•		 esearch	the	meeting	effectively
•		 nderstand	the	client’s	organisation	
  U                                        Follow-up	courses	                                                                      Follow-up	courses	
  and	its	core	values                      P
                                           	 ersuading	and	influencing	people	                                                     The	perfect	sales	pitch	p94.	
•		 tructure	the	meeting
  S                                        p28.	Key	account	management	p97.	                                                       Professional	presentation	skills	p16.	
•		 earn	the	four-part	structure	that	
  L                                        Sell	and	present	with	impact	p97.                                                       The	client	meeting	–	face-to-face	
  signposts	the	meeting	and	maximises	                                                                                             selling	p99.		
  selling	opportunities
•		 ncover	client	needs	through	
  advanced	questioning	techniques	
  and	active	listening
•		 evelop	rapport	with	your	clients	
  through	non-verbal	communication	

Duration & cost                            1	Day,	£495	+	VAT	                          Duration & cost                             2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
London	                                    Dec:	3	Feb:	6	Mar:	25	May:	6                Birmingham	                                 Nov:	26-27	Jan:	31-1		
Code 	                                     SCM                                                                                     Mar:	27-28	May:	12-13
                                                                                       London	                                     Nov:	21-22	Dec:	20-21	Jan:	31-1		
                                                                                                                                   Mar:	6-7	Apr:	14-15	May:	20-21
                                                                                       Code		                                      SNS

                                                                                                 Download bite size MP3 training when you book this course.
                                                                                                 See for details
                                                                                                 Forms part of the diploma in sales & business development,
                                                                                                 endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (p93)

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00   Sales & Marketing
                                                                                            BEST PRACTICE FOR
      LEADING & BUILDING                                                                    SALES MANAGERS
                                                                                            ‘Increase	your	company’s	sales	performance	by	
      Generate	an	environment		                                                             enhancing	your	sales	management	capability’	
      for	success

      Who	is	it	for?	                                                                       Who	is	it	for?
      This	is	a	popular	course	for	sales		                                                  Sales	managers	who	want	to	
      managers	who	lack	formal	                                                             refresh	and/or	improve	their	sales	
      management	training	but	aspire		                                                      management	approach.
      to	be	more	effective	in	their	role.
                                                                                            What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
      What	is	it	about?                                                                       A
                                                                                            •		 n	understanding	of	best	practice	
      This	course	defines	the	unique	                                                         in	all	the	key	elements	of	sales	
      challenges	of	leading	rather	than	just	                                                 management	
      managing	a	sales	team.	Delegates	                                                       S
                                                                                            •		 elf-management	skills	to	appraise	
      will	learn	to	organise	the	day-to-day	                                                  your	sales	management	strengths	
      tactics	of	each	member	of	their	sales	                                                  and	weaknesses
      force	to	ensure	they	exceed	targets.	                                                   T
                                                                                            •		 he	ability	to	identify	key	
      You	will	learn	how	to	facilitate	sales	                                                 blocks	in	your	organisation	that	
      through	motivating	individuals	and	          D
                                                 •		 eveloping	individuals	in	the	sales	      currently	hamper	optimized	sales	         D
                                                                                                                                      •		 uring	the	training	you	are	likely	
      creating	synergy	in	the	team.                team		                                     performance	                              to	have	a	range	of	responses	that	
                                                   	–		 he	four	styles	of	sales	                                                        include:
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                      management	
                                                                                            •		 t	least	three	highly	practical	
                                                                                                                                      	 –	I	knew	that	
                                                                                              solutions	to	real	management	
      •		 eadership	skills                       	 –	Trotters	independent	traders                                                          I
                                                                                                                                      	 –		 	knew	that	however	I’d	forgotten	
                                                                                              situations	that	you	can	apply	
      •		 xceeded	targets	through	guidance,	
                                                 	 –		 ow	coaching	and	facilitating	fits	                                                  about	it	and	now	I	can	re-
                                                                                              immediately	after	the	workshop
        coaching	and	training	                        into	the	process                                                                     introduce	it	to	improve	my/my	
      •		 ach	team	member	realising	their	
        E                                          E
                                                 •		 mpowering	the	sales	team		             Course	overview                                team’s	results
        maximum	potential	                         	–	KIASU	                                  U
                                                                                            •		 nderstanding	and	managing	the	             I
                                                                                                                                      	 –		 	didn’t	know	that	and	I	really	
      •		 	synergy	in	your	team	to	reach	best	
        A                                             H
                                                 	 –		 ow	delegating	fits	into	the	           corporate	context	for	sales                  want	to	learn	how	to	do	it	because	
        ever	results                                  process	                              •		 ormulating	and	refining	your	sales	
                                                                                              F                                            I	could	definitely	use	it	to	good	
      •		 	great	team	that	really	pulls	         	 –	Motivation	theory                        strategy                                     effect
        together                                   D
                                                 •		 eveloping	a	sales	team		               •		 tilising	marketing	and	customer	
                                                                                              U                                            T
                                                                                                                                      	 –		 hat	aspect	is	interesting,	however	
                                                   	–		 enerating	synergy	so	that	the		       service	for	sales	success                    I	don’t	think	it	would	work	for	me	
      Course	overview	                                team	achieves	more	than	the	sum	                                                     or	for	my	business
                                                                                            •	Setting	up	the	sales	organisation
      •		 eading	a	sales	team,	rather	than	
        L                                             of	its	parts	
                                                                                            •	Sales	process	management                  A
                                                                                                                                      •		 ll	or	any	of	such	responses	are	
        merely	managing	it	                      	 –	Classic	team	roles	of	a	sales	team	
                                                                                            •	Sales	performance	management              valid	–	the	purpose	of	the	training	
      	 –	The	three	great	sins	                  	 –	The	mastery	ladder
                                                                                                                                        workshop	is	to	lay	out	best	sales	
      	 –	Handling	mavericks	                                                                 T
                                                                                            •		 ime	management	to	maximise	
                                                 Follow-up	courses	                           effectiveness
                                                                                                                                        management	practice,	so	that	you	
      	 –	Being	firm	without	causing	upset	                                                                                             can	pick	and	choose	which	aspects	
                                                 Management	development		                     M
                                                                                            •		 anaging	meetings	-	making	them	
                                                 –	the	missing	link	p50.	Leadership,	                                                   are	the	most	valid	for	you	and	for	
                                                                                              work	for	you                              your	business
                                                 innovation	&	enterprise	skills	p63.	
                                                                                            •	The	power	of	self	evaluation		
                                                 Coaching	skills	for	managers	p57.

      Duration & cost                            2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                        Duration & cost                           2	Days,	£845	+	VAT
      London	                                    N
                                                 	 ov: 19-20	                               London	                                   Jan:	24-25	Mar:	25-26	May:	27-28
                                                 Jan: 17-18	Mar: 13-14	May: 8-9             Code 	                                    BPSM
      Code 	                                     LBST

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                                                                                                                                                   Sales & Marketing              0

   DISCOUNTS                                                                                                             ADVANCED SALES
                                                                                                                     MANAGEMENT COURSES
   50% SEE P4                      50%
                                                                                                       Get	the	best	out	of	yourself	and	your	team	to	
                                                                                                                             maximise	sales	revenue

HOW TO CREATE A                               DEVELOPING                                   MANAGING THE                                PERFORMANCE
WINNING SALES                                 A SUCCESSFUL                                 SALES PROCESS                               MANAGEMENT FOR
STRATEGY                                      SALES TEAM                                   Sales	Processes	that	deliver	               SALES MANAGERS
Understand	the	corporate	context	of	your	     Recruit,	evaluate	and	mould	your	            accurate	forecasting,	reporting	and	        Unlock	the	untapped	capability	in		
organisation	and	develop	a	robust	sales	      team	to	maximise	their	capability		          performance	management.                     your	sales	people.
strategy	to	match.                            to	deliver	results.

Who	is	it	for?                                Who	is	it	for?                               Who	is	it	for?                              Who	is	it	for?
Sales	managers	who	want	to	align	their	       Sales	managers	seeking	to	optimise	          Sales	managers	who	want	to	                 Sales	managers	who	want	practical	
strategy	with	wider	organisational	goals	     the	structure	of	their	team	for	             implement	tried	and	tested	sales	           methods	to	get	the	most	out	of	their	
and	develop	a	structured	path	to	achieve	     maximum	performance.                         processes	into	action	to	enhance	           sales	team.
sales	growth.                                                                              their	management	and	provide	their	
                                              What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   teams	with	the	tools	to	increase	           What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                      A
                                              •		 n	understanding	of	best	practice	in	     performance.                                  T
                                                                                                                                       •		 echniques	to	coach	sales	people	to	
•		 nderstand	key	benefits	of	aligning	the	
  U                                             sales	recruitment                                                                        improve	their	sales	effectiveness
  sales	strategy	with	organisational	goals    •	Evaluating	your	current	sales	team
                                                                                           What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                    S
                                                                                                                                       •		 ales	meetings	that	are	relevant	
•		 ecognise	how	sales,	customer		                                                           C
                                                                                           •		 larification	of	the	sales	processes	      for	all	attendees	and	that	motivate	
                                              •		 dentifying	where	improvements	
  service	and	marketing	strategy		                                                           and	procedures	a	sales	manager	             the	team
                                                can	be	made
  work	in	conjunction                                                                        needs	to	be	successful                      P
                                                                                                                                       •		 ractical	hints	and	tips	for	what	to	
                                              •		 otivating	the	sales	team	for	
•		 he	key	steps	involved	in	producing		                                                     S
                                                                                           •		 etting	and	monitoring	targets             do	when	you	get	back	to	work	to	
                                                performance	improvement
  a	sales	strategy	and	a	sales	plan                                                          U
                                                                                           •		 nderstanding	of	the	power	of	sales	       increase	your	people	management	
•		 ethods	to	make	these	plans	a	reality	
  M                                           Course	Overview                                pipelines	and	how	to	use	them               effectiveness
  rather	than	a	paper	exercise                  R
                                              •		 ecruiting	the	right	people                 P
                                                                                           •		 ractical	tips	to	increase	the	
                                                                                             effectiveness	of	the	sales	
                                                                                                                                       Course	Overview
                                              	 –		 dentifying	competencies	that	
Course	Overview                                    correspond	with	your	sales	               management	processes	and	                   O
                                                                                                                                       •		 ne-to-one	coaching
•		 ow	to	understand	your	company’s	               strategy                                  procedures	in	your	or	ganisation            O
                                                                                                                                       •		 ne-to-one	performance	reviews
  strategies	and	goals                        	 –		 atching	individuals	skills	with	the	
                                                   M                                                                                     A
                                                                                                                                       •		 ddressing	poor	performance
•		 he	successful	sales	manager	–	
                                                                                           Course	overview                               M
                                                                                                                                       •		 otivational	techniques
                                                   needs	of	the	team
  identifying	what	your	organisation	                                                         R
                                                                                           •		 eviewing	past	performance	and	
                                              •		 valuating	the	current	sales	
                                                E                                                                                        R
                                                                                                                                       •		 unning	effective	sales	meetings
  requires	of	you                                                                             planning	for	the	future
                                                organisation	against	requirements
•		 efining	your	remit	and	scope
  D                                                                                        •	Setting	goals	and	targets
                                              •		 valuating	human	resources	against	
•		 ligning	sales,	customer	service	and	
  A                                                                                        •	Internal	Sales	Meetings
                                                gaols	and	identifying	gaps
  marketing	to	achieve	common	goals                                                        •	Sales	Pipelines
                                              •		 aining	management	support	for	
•		 ormulating	a	three	year	sales	strategy
  F                                             changes	and	investment	required            •	Monitoring	KPI’s	and	Forecasting
•		 roducing	meaningful	yearly	sales	plans
  P                                           •		 reparing	for	one-to-one	briefings	
                                                P                                          •	Reporting	up-line
•		 ommunicating	your	strategy                  with	your	sales	people                        T
                                                                                           •		 op	tips	to	increase	sales	
•		 etting	a	compelling	vision	to	mobilise	
  S                                           •		 otivating	techniques	-	how	to	keep	
                                                M                                             management	process	effectiveness	
  sales	performance                             morale	up	to	drive	performance                in	your	organisation
•		 pplying	your	strategy	–	how	to	avoid	
  putting	it	‘in	the	drawer’

   Duration           1	Day	                  1	Day	                                       1	Day	                                      1	Day	
   & cost		           £495	+	VAT              £495	+	VAT	                                  £495	+	VAT	                                 £495	+	VAT	
   London	            D
                      	 ec: 19		              Dec: 4	Feb: 26		                             Dec: 19	Feb: 18		                           Dec: 10	Feb: 12		
                      Mar: 2                  May: 14                                      May: 9                                      Apr: 29
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02   Sales & Marketing

      BID & TENDER MANAGEMENT                                                                FINANCE SKILLS FOR SALES
      Ensure	your	bid	engages	the	client	and	sets		                                          PROFESSIONALS
      up	the	basis	for	a	profitable	contract                                                 Develop	financial	awareness	to	improve		
                                                                                             your	sales	performance

      Who	is	it	for?	                                                                        Who	is	it	for?	
      Managers,	sales	people	and	support	                                                    Sales	professionals	who	wish	to	             A
                                                                                                                                        •		 dopting	financial	knowledge	into		
      staff	with	responsibility	for	all	or	part	                                             understand	the	way	in	which	financial	       the	sales	strategy
      of	the	bid	process.	                                                                   awareness	can	improve	the	profitability	     P
                                                                                                                                        •		 lanning	sales	in	line	with	business	
                                                                                             of	their	sales	and	help	them	better	         objectives
      What	is	it	about?                                                                      understand	client	requirements.              S
                                                                                                                                        •		 ales	forecasting
      This	course	examines	the	whole	
                                                                                             What	is	it	about?	                              U
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 nderstanding	the	role		
      bid	cycle	and	provides	tools	and	
                                                                                                                                             of	forecasting
      structures	to	enable	you	to	analyse	                                                   To	maximise	performance,	it	is	
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 ractical	forecasting	techniques
      the	requirements,	pull	together	the	                                                   important	for	sales	professionals	to	
      resources	and	information	required	                                                    understand	the	financial	implications	       	
                                                                                                                                        •		 robability	of	sale	analysis
      and	develop	a	compelling	proposal	                                                     of	their	decisions.	This	practical	          M
                                                                                                                                        •		 aking	discounts	work	for	your	
      whilst	sticking	to	tight	deadlines.	                                                   course	provides	sales	professionals	         business
                                                                                             with	an	introduction	to	the	financial	          T
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 he	impact	of	discounting		
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   •		 nalyse	who	should	be	on	the	team	
                                                     	                                       skills	required	to	forecast	accurately,	        on	profitability
      •		 rocesses	to	deliver	high	quality	bids	     E
                                                   •		 stablishing	a	bid	plan	
                                                     	                                       negotiate	profitably	and	manage	                H
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 idden	discounts	as	added	value
        within	strict	timescales                     H
                                                   •		 ow	to	make	the	document	work	         targets	effectively.                         S
                                                                                                                                        •		 ales	performance
      •		 bility	to	identify	and	focus	your	       •		 iscovering	what	will	excite		
                                                     D                                                                                       H
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 ow	to	track	and	measure	
        attention	on	the	bids	that	matter                                                    What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                      performance
                                                     the	customer	
      •		 ompelling	documentation	
        C                                                                                      A
                                                                                             •		 n	introduction	to	the	key	financial	     P
                                                                                                                                        •		 rofit	and	volume	strategies
                                                   •		 ow	to	sell	the	benefits	of	the	         accounts
        to	support	your	proposal	and	                proposal	                                                                            N
                                                                                                                                        •		 egotiating	for	success
        differentiate	you	from	the	                                                            A
                                                                                             •		 n	understanding	of	how	sales	
                                                   •		 roduction	of	the	document	
                                                     P                                                                                       F
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 inancial	implications		
        competition                                                                            figures	impact	on	the	whole	business
                                                                                                                                             of	negotiation
                                                   •		 arrying	out	post	tender	activities	     T
                                                                                             •		 he	ability	to	use	financial	
      •		 ids	that	demonstrate	an	                                                                                                           M
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 anaging	negotiation		
        understanding	of	the	client’s	               P
                                                   •		 resenting	to	the	customer	              understanding	to	make	more	
                                                                                                                                             to	improve	profitability
        requirements	(explicit	&	implied)            N
                                                   •		 egotiating	the	deal                     profitable	decisions
                                                                                                                                        •		 resenting	persuasive	financial	
                                                                                             •		 mproved	sales	performance	and	
      Course	overview	                             Follow-up	courses	                          profitability
                                                   	 rofessional	presentation	skills	p16.	                                                   I
                                                                                                                                        	 –		 dentify	your	client’s	needs	and	
      •		 nderstand	bid	basics	                                                                	
                                                                                             •		 eaningful	sales	reporting
                                                   Introduction	to	regional	&	remote	                                                        how	you	will	help	them	achieve	
      •		 ecognise	the	bid	cycle	
                                                   management	p51.	Successful	               Course	overview	                                their	objectives
      •		 stablish	the	role	of	management	                                                                                                M
                                                                                                                                        •		 aintaining	a	healthy	business	
                                                   negotiation	skills	p99.                     	
                                                                                             •		 inancial	Analysis
        and	the	procedures	                                                                                                               pipeline
                                                                                             	 –		 aking	sense	of	the	key	financial	
      •		 dentify	the	customer’s	perspective	                                                                                             R
                                                                                                                                        •		 eporting	meaningful	figures
      •		 ualify	the	opportunity	                                                                 –	Balance	sheets	                       A
                                                                                                                                        •		 voiding	common	pitfalls
      •		 etermine	the	bid	strategy	                                                              –	Profit	and	loss	
      •		 he	customer’s	needs	
        T                                                                                         –	Cash	flow	statement                 Follow-up	courses
      •		 ompetition	analysis	
        C                                                                                         B
                                                                                             	 –		 asic	accounting	principles           Successful	negotiation	skills	p99.		
                                                                                                                                        Sell	and	present	with	impact	p97.		
                                                                                             	 –		 atio	analysis
                                                                                                                                        Key	account	management	p97.
                                                                                             	 –		 rofitability	and	liquidity
                                                                                             	 –		 earing

      Duration & cost                              2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                       Duration & cost                            2	Days,	£845	+	VAT
      London	                                      Dec:	19-20	Feb:	4-5	Apr:	3-4              London	                                    D
                                                                                                                                        	 ec:	20-21	Feb:	28-29	May:	12-13
      Code 	                                       BID                                       Code 	                                     FFS

                                                                                               All Sales management modules can be attended as stand alone courses
                Forms part of the diploma in sales & business development,                     but we recommend you attend ‘best practice for sales managers’ to
                endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (p93)                identify the skills you need to develop

                                                                                                                             Sales & Marketing               03

NOW RUNS IN          E                                          INTRODUCTION TO SUCCESSFUL SELLING
& EDINBURGH                M                                                         Launch	your	sales	career	with	a	flying	start

                                                                     Who	is	it	for?	                            Course	overview
                                                                     A	foundation	course	for	those	new	to	        U
                                                                                                                •		 nderstand	the	vital	role	of	the	sales	
                                                                     sales	or	who	have	experience	but	no	         person
                                                                     formal	training	in	selling.	                 M
                                                                                                                •		 ake	the	most	of	your	time	–	
                                                                                                                  research	and	set	objectives
                                                                     What	is	it	about?
                                                                                                                •		 dentify	decision	makers	with	the	
                                                                     A	natural	sales	ability	together	with	
                                                                                                                  correct	use	of	questions	to	uncover		
                                                                     stacks	of	enthusiasm	is	useless	unless	
                                                                                                                  sales	opportunities
                                                                     channelled	in	the	right	direction.	This	
                                                                                                                •		 resent	your	case	using	benefits	
                                                                     course	teaches	new	sales	people	
                                                                                                                  not	features	and	how	best	to	quote	
                                                                     tried	and	tested	techniques	to	give	
                                                                                                                  your	price
                                                                     a	solid	foundation	from	which	to	set	
                                                                     off.	It	also	provides	great	support	         A
                                                                                                                •		 dapt	your	closing	techniques	to	
                                                                     and	guidance	for	current	salespeople	        meet	individual	sales	situations
                                                                     who	are	looking	for	more	structure	          H
                                                                                                                •		 andle	and	overcome	objections
                                                                     and	immediately	useful	tools	and	            R
                                                                                                                •		 ealise	the	effects	of	customer	
                                                                     techniques.	                                 behaviour	patterns	on	the	buying	
                                                                     What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   selling	process
                                                                     •		 xpert	guidance	to	increase	sales	        H
                                                                                                                •		 arness	the	hidden	potential	of	
                                                                       levels	                                    body	language	to	increase	sales
                                                                     •		 ore	appointments	secured	by	             M
                                                                                                                •		 ake	successful	cold	call	
                                                                       telephone	using	a	structured	              appointments
                                                                                                                •		 se	role	play	and	group	exercises	
                                                                     •		 erceptive	questioning	skills	to	         to	plan	and	carry	out	real	sales	
                                                                       uncover	requirements	                      situations
                                                                     •		 mproved	close	ratio	by	matching	         P
                                                                                                                •		 roduce	a	personal	action	plan	for	
                                                                       customers’	needs	to	product	benefits       your	future	sales	career

                                                                                                                Follow-up	courses	
                                                                                                                Key	account	management	p97.	
                                                                                                                Successful	negotiation	skills	p99.		
                                                                                                                The	client	meeting:	face	to	face		
                                                                                                                selling	p99.

“Fantastic two days! Have left with so
many ideas and a real understanding of the
profession.” Nikki Brown, Azkoyen UK Limited

                                                                        Duration & cost                            2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
                                                                        Birmingham	                                Dec:	5-6	Feb:	18-19	Apr: 21-22
                                                                        Edinburgh                                  Feb:	11-12	Mar:	1-2
                                                                        London	                                    N
                                                                                                                   	 ov: 26-27	Jan:	14-15	Feb:	14-15	
                                                                                                                   Mar: 17-18	Apr: 21-22	May: 27-28
                                                                        Manchester	                                Nov:	29-30	Jan:	22-23	Apr:	28-29
                                                                        Code 	                                     ISS	 	

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   See for details
   Forms part of the diploma in sales & business development,
   endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (p93)

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04   Sales & Marketing

      ESSENTIALS OF SALES                                                                     MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS
      Understanding	the	key	behaviours	which		                                                Design,	develop	and	deliver	powerful	messages		
      underpin	21st	century	selling                                                           for	real	return	on	investment

      Who	is	it	for?	                                                                         Who	is	it	for?
      This	is	an	essential	course	for	all	those	   •		 ommunication	–	the	development	
                                                     C                                        Marketing	managers	and	business	
      new	to	sales	and	those	wanting	to	             of	verbal	and	non-verbal	techniques	     managers	who	want	to	improve	their	
      revise	the	fundamental	principles	of	        •		 aking	the	right	first	impression	
                                                     M                                        bottom	line.	
      good	sales	behaviour.                          D
                                                   •		 eveloping	rapport	through	active	      What	is	it	about?
      What	is	it	about?	                             listening	techniques	
                                                                                              This	course	is	about	devising	
                                                   •		 pening	the	meeting	–	do’s	and	
      This	course	will	teach	new	sales	                                                       communication	plans	that	stand	
      people	the	fundamentals	of	good	                                                        out	among	the	1500	commercial	
      sales	techniques	such	as	how	to	build	         T
                                                   •		 elephone	selling	–	making	an	          messages	an	individual	receives	in	a	
      rapport,	leading	the	customer	towards	         impact	in	the	first	20	seconds	          day.	The	course	will	help	you	evaluate	
      the	buying	decision	and	finally	closing	       A
                                                   •		 	five	part	structure	for	taking	       and	revise	your	existing	plan,	looking	
      the	deal.	The	course	will	deal	with	how	       control	of	the	contact	                  at	new	systems,	technology	and	best	
      to	handle	objections,	negotiation	skills	    •		 uestioning	techniques	–	open		
                                                     Q                                        practice.	Delegates	will	leave	with	a	
      and	gaining	ongoing	commitment	by	             and	closed	questions	                    set	of	immediately	useful	tools	that	       customer	relationship	management	
      understanding	how	to	manage	the	             •		 nderstanding	needs	and	how	to	
                                                     U                                        can	be	utilised	the	very	next	day.          plan	
      client	relationship	effectively.	              facilitate	the	conversation	so	the	                                                  S
                                                                                                                                        •		 ponsorship	–	how	to	get	the		
                                                                                              What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                  most	out	of	it
                                                     client	is	ready	to	buy	
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                                                                B
                                                                                              •		 udgeting	tools	for	an	effective	
                                                   •		 elling	your	product	and	service	–	
                                                                                                                                        •		 ales	promotion	–	how	it	contributes	
      •		 n	understanding	of	the	qualities	of	                                                  communication	plan                        to	bottom-line	profit
                                                     use	of	features	and	benefits	
        a	successful	sales	person                                                             •	Measurable	targets	
                                                   •		 andling	and	overcoming	objections	
                                                     H                                                                                    M
                                                                                                                                        •		 easurability	–	how	to	evaluate	
      •		 he	ability	to	control	any	sale	with	a	                                                I
                                                                                              •		 ntegrated	above	and	below	the		         the	plan	and	revise	in	changing	
                                                     –	the	4	classic	sales	objections	and	
        structured	approach                                                                     line	strategy                             conditions
                                                     how	to	deal	with	them	
      •		 he	verbal	skills	to	demonstrate	your	                                                 A
                                                                                              •		 n	optimal	media	mix	for		               B
                                                                                                                                        •		 udgeting	methods	–	how	to	ensure	
                                                   •		 aining	commitment	from	your	client	
        capabilities	both	over	the	phone	and	                                                   maximum	impact                            that	spend	is	not	wasted
        face	to	face                                 P
                                                   •		 resentation	skills	
                                                                                              •		 	communication	plan	that		
      •		 kills	to	overcome	objections
                                                   •		 egotiation	skills	–	the	unbreakable	                                             Follow-up	courses	
                                                                                                stands	out
                                                     rules	of	negotiating	
      •		 	knowledge	of	the	steps	to	
        	                                                                                     •	Improved	return	on	investment           Strategic	marketing	planning	p108.	
        successful	negotiation                       S
                                                   •		 cenarios	and	practice	                                                           Everything	you	wanted	to	know		
                                                   •		 ction	planning
                                                     A                                        Course	overview	                          about	copywriting	p109.	Writing	
      Course	overview	                                                                        •		 he	communications	process		
                                                                                                T                                       newsletters	&	magazines	p108.
      •		 iscover	the	model	of	successful	
                                                   Follow-up	courses	
                                                                                                –	how	the	different	methods	interact	
        negotiation	and	work	through	the	          Persuading	&	influencing	people	p28.	
                                                                                              •		 he	communications	mix	–	achieve	
        important	three	factors                    Key	account	management	p97.	
                                                                                                maximum	impact	
      •		 hat	makes	a	great	salesperson?	
        W                                          Advanced	negotiation	skills	p63.
                                                                                              •		 ow	to	write	an	effective		
      •		 he	3	P’s	–	the	qualities	that		                                                       communications	plan
        underpin	sales                                                   RESIDENTIAL            T
                                                                                              •		 he	impact	of	advertising	–	raising	
      •		 ales	behaviour	–	what	works	and	
        S                                                                COURSE                 and	maintaining	awareness	
        what	doesn’t	                                                                           P
                                                                                              •		 lanned	public	relations	–	and		
      •		 reparing	for	your	sale	

      Duration & cost                              3	Days,	£1,495	+	VAT	(inc	accom)           Duration & cost                           2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
      Cotswolds (Residential)	                     D
                                                   	 ec:	10-12	Jan:	9-11	Feb:	27-29	          London	                                   J
                                                                                                                                        	 an:	23-24	Apr:	4
                                                   Apr:	1-3	May:	7-9                          Code		                                    AMC
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                Residential course

                                                                                                        Sales & Marketing             05

 NEW COURSES                                            INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING

      ON P130
                                                               A	toolkit	of	practical	marketing	techniques

                                               Who	is	it	for?	
                                               All	those	new	to	marketing	and	staff	          F
                                                                                            •		 orecasting	life	cycles,	the	Boston	
                                               who	are	customer	facing	and	need	to	           Matrix,	Ansoff	&	Porter	models	
                                               be	aware	of	marketing	principles.              R
                                                                                            •		 elationship	marketing	and	Pareto’s	
                                               What	is	it	about?                              M
                                                                                            •		 arketing	planning:	the	marketing	
                                               This	course	covers	the	principle	              audit,	SWOT	and	planning	process	
                                               theory	and	practice	of	marketing,	             S
                                                                                            •		 egmenting	and	positioning	in	the	
                                               and	includes	practical	examples	               market	
                                               and	exercises	to	aid	understanding.	           P
                                                                                            •		 ricing	processes	and	strategies	
                                               Delegates	will	be	equipped	to	assess	          C
                                                                                            •		 ustomer-driven	marketing	
                                               the	marketing	process	in	their	                strategies	
                                               organisation,	understand	how	their	
                                                                                            •		 onsumer	behaviour:	hierarchy	of	
                                               products	are	positioned,	and	work	
                                                                                              needs,	why	people	buy	
                                               more	effectively	with	suppliers	and	
                                                                                            •		 etting	the	most	from	advertising/
                                                                                              research	agencies
                                               What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                     	
                                                                                            •		 he	communications	mix	
                                               •		 kills	to	segment,	profile	and	target	
                                                 S                                            H
                                                                                            •		 ow	advertising	works	and	
                                                 customers	for	increased	return	on	           advertising	terminology	–	push	and	
                                                 investment                                   pull	strategies
                                               •		 bility	to	create	effective	promotion,	
                                                 A                                            A
                                                                                            •		 wareness,	image	and	perceptions	
                                                 advertising	and	direct	marketing	            –	creative	themes,	copywriting	and	
                                                 campaigns                                    strap-lines
                                               •		 ompetitive	advantage	through	            Follow-up	courses	
                                                 identification	of	the	benefits	and	
                                                                                            	 ffective	internet	marketing	p107.	
                                                 unique	selling	points	of	your	product	
                                                                                            Strategic	marketing	planning	p108.	
                                                 or	service
                                                                                            Everything	you	wanted	to	know	about	
                                               Course	overview	                             copywriting	p109.
                                               •		 efinitions	and	origins	of	marketing
                                               •		 ifferences	between	product-
                                                 led,	sales-led	and	marketing-led	
                                               •		 ree	markets:	supply	and	demand	
                                               •		 arketing	orientation	in	your	
“Had a fantastic time and learnt a lot. Very     T
                                               •		 he	four	P’s	and	the	extra	P’s	
 good interaction rather than a lecture”         C
                                               •		 ompetitive	advantage	and	unique	
 Lutia Searby, Mayne Pharma Plc                  selling	points	–	features,	advantages,	

                                               Duration & cost                              2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
                                               London	                                      N
                                                                                            	 ov:	19-20	Dec:	10-11	Jan:	15-16	
                                                                                            Feb:	11-12	Mar:	11-12	Apr:	7-8		
                                                                                            May:	6-5
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06   Sales & Marketing

      DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL                                                                   EFFECTIVE MARKET RESEARCH
      PRODUCTS                                                                                Don’t	waste	money	on	research	for	research’s		
      Refined	product	development	processes	to	support	                                       sake:	get	the	mix	of	techniques	right	so	you	find		
      those	innovative	new	ideas	through	to	market                                            out	what	really	matters

      Who	is	it	for?                                                                          Who	is	it	for?
      This	course	is	for	those	involved	in	the	     I
                                                  •		 nsight                                  Anyone	involved	in	commissioning	            S
                                                                                                                                         •		 ources	of	information	–	internal	
      product	development	process	from	           	 –		Idea	generation
                                                       	                                      or	designing	market	research	                and	external	–	how	to	access	these
      idea	generation	to	implementation;	                 M
                                                  	 	 –		 aximising	idea	sources              programmes.	This	course	has	been	of	         Q
                                                                                                                                         •		 ualitative	Research
      specifically	marketing	professionals,	                                                  particular	use	to	marketing	and	brand	          W
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 hen	to	use	qualitative	research
                                                  	 	 –		 reative	thinking	and	other	
      product	managers,	research	&	                                                           managers	across	all	sectors.                    M
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 ethods	available	and	how	to	
                                                          practical	tools	for	generating	
      development	managers	and	those	                                                                                                         choose	the	right	one
      responsible	for	generating	new	
                                                          ideas                               What	is	it	about?
                                                  •		 esearch
                                                    R                                                                                         W
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 hat	is	involved	in	structuring	
      product	ideas.	                                                                         This	course	covers	the	different	uses	
                                                  	 –		Making	the	most	of	your	
                                                       	                                                                                      qualitative	research
                                                                                              of	market	research	and	looks	at	
      What	is	it	about?                                information	sources                    how	to	plan	and	execute	a	research	          Q
                                                                                                                                         •		 uantitative	Research
      By	applying	a	framework	to	the	             	 –		Ensuring	you	reach	the	right	
                                                       	                                      programme.	Its	purpose	is	to	provide	           W
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 hat	to	measure	and	the	
      development	of	a	product,	its	                   people                                 clear	guidance	on	where	to	look	for	            techniques	available
      potential	for	success	is	maximised.	        	 –		Testing	the	market	effectively,	and	
                                                       	                                      information	and	how	to	commission	              A
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 dvantages	and	disadvantages	of	
      This	course	looks	at	the	development	            avoiding	common	pitfalls               market	research.                                different	methods
      of	products	from	conception	to	                                                                                                         S
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 ampling	–	who	do	we	want	to	
                                                  	 –		Analysing	the	results
                                                       	                                      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                      talk	to?
      launch,	covering	topics	such	as	
                                                  •		 onception	and	development                 W
                                                                                              •		 ays	to	fill	information	gaps
      idea	generation,	market	research,	                                                                                                      Q
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 uestionnaire	design
                                                  	 –		Turning	ideas	into	tangible	designs      U
                                                                                              •		 nderstanding	of	how	to	use	
      marketing	and	sales.	                                                                                                                D
                                                                                                                                         •		 IY	or	market	research	agency?
                                                  	 –		Harnessing	simple	project	
                                                       	                                        and	commission	qualitative	and	
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                                                                                                              S
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 eparating	what	can	be	done	
                                                       management	methodologies	for	            quantitative	research
                                                                                                                                              internally	from	what	should	be	
      •		 n	effective	strategy	for	the	                the	development	of	your	product          I
                                                                                              •		 mproved	understanding	of	the	               done	externally
        development	of	products                   •		 reparation
                                                    P                                           market	and	competitors
                                                                                                                                         •		 inding	and	briefing	a	market	
      •		 kills	to	write	and	implement	a	
        S                                         	 –		Managing	risk	to	meet	timescales	
                                                                                              •		 ethods	to	test	new	products,	            research	agency
        product	development	plan                       and	budget                               services	and	communication                    H
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 ow	to	look	for	the	right	agency
      •		 reative	thinking	techniques
        C                                         	 –		Sales	forecasting
                                                                                              •		 deas	to	help	you	gauge	attitudes	           W
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 hat	the	agency	will	require	
      •		 nowledge	to	help	maintain	your	
        K                                         •		 irth
                                                    B                                           and	performance                               in	terms	of	a	brief	and	possible	
        organisation	at	the	leading	edge	of	      	 –		Launching	strategies
        product	development,	and	improve	
                                                                                              Course	overview
                                                  	 –		Identifying	PR	and	marketing	
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 greeing	timescales,	costs	and	
        the	performance	of	your	products	                                                       W
                                                                                              •		 hy	do	we	need	market	research?
                                                       opportunities                                                                          outputs
        every	time	                                                                             N
                                                                                              •		 eed	to	know	or	nice	to	know?
                                                  	 –		Briefing	internal	stakeholders	on	
                                                                                                                                         	 –		 lient	participation/observation
                                                                                              	 –		 ho	needs	the	information	and	
      Course	overview                                  product	specification
                                                                                                  for	what	purpose?                      Follow	up	courses
      •		 dopt	a	proven	product	
        A                                           T
                                                  •		 he	route	to	success                         W
                                                                                              	 –		 ho	else	might	benefit	from	it	and	   Strategic	marketing	planning	p108.	
        development	framework                          	
                                                  	 –		A	checklist	to	give	your	products	         might	wish	to	influence	it?            Effective	internet	marketing	p107.	
      	 –		Strategic	steps	in	the	
           	                                           the	greatest	chance	of	profitability       W
                                                                                              	 –		 hat	is	the	cost/benefit?             Developing	successful	products	p106.
           development	of	new	products
                                                  Follow	up	courses                               C
                                                                                              	 –		 an	the	information	be	provided	
      •		 roduct	life	process                                                                     in	a	timescale	that	will	ensure	its	
                                                  PRINCE2TM	Practitioner	p69.	Strategic	
      	 –		Overview	of	each	stage	of	the	
                                                  marketing	planning	p108.	Finance	for	
           cycle	and	a	brief	look	at	other	       non-financial	mangers	p75.
           product	development	models

      Duration & cost                             2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                         Duration & cost                            1	Day,	£495	+	VAT	
      London	                                     J
                                                  	 an: 29-30	Feb: 13-14	May: 6-7             London	                                    Feb: 14	May: 2
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                                                                                                                                                   Sales & Marketing          07

  EFFECTIVE INTERNET MARKETING                                                                        CREATING EFFECTIVE EVENTS
              Is	your	website	‘sticky’	enough?	Does	your	
                                                                                                                                   How	to	plan	for	trouble-free,	
               viral	marketing	make	your	customers	sick?	                                                                                   exceptional	events
            Do	you	know	your	‘bots’	from	your	‘spiders’?

Who	is	it	for?	                                                                          Who	is	it	for?
Marketing	professionals	and		                •		 iscussion	forum	marketing.	Mailing	
                                               D                                         Anyone	who	needs	to	become	a	first	
non-specialists	alike,	requiring	an	           lists;	usenet	newsgroups;	web	based	      class	event	organiser,	or	those	who	
understanding	of	the	internet	and		            forums;	promotion	techniques;	            require	hints	and	tips	on	how	to	do	it	
its	role	within	the	marketing	mix.	            targeting	discussion	forums               better.	This	course	is	also	invaluable	
                                             •		 earch	engine	&	directory	marketing	
                                               S                                         to	PAs	and	marketers	involved	in	
What	is	it	about?                              	–		 iffering	search	engines;	search	
                                                  D                                      organising	events.
Demystify	internet	marketing.		                   engine	and	directory	liaisons;	
This	course	will	open	the	door	to	the	            getting	top	search	result	position;	
                                                                                         What	is	it	about?
benefits	and	cost	efficiencies	that	can	          how	not	to	get	penalised               From	grand	openings	to	informal	
be	had	from	optimising	your	online	                                                      social	events,	your	events	need	a	plan	
                                             •		 irect	email	marketing		
marketing.	It	will	teach	you	the	right	                                                  for	success.	This	course	will	teach	
                                               	–		 o	spam	or	not;	opt-in	direct		
way	to	optimise	your	search	engine	                                                      you	where	to	start,	what	to	take	into	
                                                  emailing;	promotion	techniques;	
presence,	drive	traffic	to	your	site,	the	                                               account,	what	could	go	wrong	and	
                                                  email	push
promotion	techniques	available,	and	
                                             •		 ne-to-one	web	marketing	
                                                                                         what	to	do	if	it	does.                        Follow-up	courses	
crucially,	how	to	measure	the	result.                                                                                                  	 trategic	marketing	planning	p108.	
                                               	–		 ite	personalisation;	building	web	
                                                  S                                      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                        site	community;	online	customer	                                                     Everything	you	wanted	to	know		
                                                                                         •		 aximum	attendance	through	
                                                  service	and	sales                                                                    about	copywriting	p109.	Advanced	
•		 n	online	marketing	strategy                                                            effective	promotion
                                                                                                                                       project	management	p71.
•		 ntegrated	internet	activity	with	your	
  I                                            V
                                             •		 iral	marketing	                           I
                                                                                         •		 mprovement	on	previous	events	
  overall	marketing	plan                          V
                                               	–		 iral	internet	marketing;	viral	        through	evaluation	and	analysis	
                                                  marketing	techniques;	successful	
•		 ncreased	traffic	to	your	site	through	                                                 M
                                                                                         •		 inimised	problems	and	risks	by	
                                                  viral	marketing	strategies
  search	engine	optimisation                                                               having	a	contingency	plan	in	place
                                             •		 easuring	e-marketing	
•		 he	skills	to	plan	and	execute	a	viral	
  marketing	campaign
                                               	–		 easuring	hits,	measuring		           Course	overview	
                                                  user	sensation;	measuring	user		       •	Planning	tools	and	techniques	
•		 easurement	tools	to	evaluate	the	
                                                  click-paths;	measuring	revenues;	      •	Ingredients	of	a	successful	event	
  success	of	your	web	activity
                                                  measuring	tools
                                                                                         •		 he	importance	of	the	briefing	
Course	overview	                             Follow-up	courses	                            document
•		 nternet	marketing	fundamentals                                                         P
                                                                                         •		 re-event	promotional	plan	
                                             Strategic	marketing	planning	p108.	
	 –		 ost/benefits;	push-pull	strategy;	                                                   C
                                                                                         •		 ontingency	planning	
                                             Everything	you	wanted	to	know	
     branding;	building	trust
                                             about	copywriting	p109.	Managing	             F
                                                                                         •		 inancial	management	
•		 nternet	marketing	plans                  successful	projects	p71.                      O
                                                                                         •		 rganising	fringe/social	events
	 –		 trategic	planning;	situation	
                                                                                         •		 roduction	techniques	
     analysis;	customer	analysis;	
     market	and	product	forces:	pricing	                                                   H
                                                                                         •		 ealth	and	Safety	at	events	
     strategy;	product	distribution;	                                                      A
                                                                                         •		 voiding	the	pitfalls
     promotion	mix	                                                                        E
                                                                                         •		 valuating	and	analysing	the	event

Duration & cost                              2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                         Duration & cost                               1	Day,	£495	+	VAT	
London	                                      Nov:	28-29	Jan:	30-31	Apr: 3-4              London	                                       Nov:	21	Dec:	17	
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                                                                                                                                       May: 23
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08   Sales & Marketing

      STRATEGIC MARKETING                                                                     WRITING NEWSLETTERS
      PLANNING                                                                                & MAGAZINES
      Maximise	return	on	investment	                                                          Write	engaging	and	motivating	publications	

      Who	is	it	for?                                                                          Who	is	it	for?
      This	course	is	for	all	those	involved	in	     A
                                                  •		 dapt	a	plan	to	brand/market	needs	      Those	new	to	producing	newsletters	
      the	development	of	marketing	plans.	             H
                                                    	–		 ow	to	use	the	planning	process	      and	magazines.	
      It	will	suit	those	managing	smaller	             for	different	brands	at	different	
      businesses	needing	to	review	their	              stages	of	maturity                     What	is	it	about?
      marketing	strategy	or	marketing	            •		 arketing	audit	
                                                    M                                         This	practical	course	will	show	you	
      managers	from	larger	organisations.	          	–		 he	rules	and	guidelines	for	
                                                       T                                      how	to	find	the	right	content	and	write	
                                                       conducting	a	marketing	audit           about	it	in	an	engaging,	informative	
      What	is	it	about?                                                                       and	stimulating	format.	It	covers	
                                                  •		 he	tools	of	strategic	marketing	
      The	course	is	about	strategic	planning	                                                 layout	and	design	techniques	to	
      to	get	the	most	from	your	marketing	                                                    capture	your	readers’	interest	and	
                                                    	–		 n	investigation	into	the	planning	
      budget.	As	well	as	gap	analysis,	                                                       hold	their	attention.	
                                                       tools	available
      targeting	and	segmentation,	it	also	
      looks	at	new	ideas	and	best	practice.	
                                                  •		 egmentation,	targeting	and	             What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
                                                    positioning	                                L
                                                                                              •		 oyalty	from	existing	customers            W
                                                                                                                                         •		 riting	copy	that	interests	readers	
      You	will	learn	how	to	grow	and	
                                                    	–		 dentify	the	company’s	key		                                                        and	gets	the	corporate	message	
      defend	your	market	position	whilst	                                                       M
                                                                                              •		 otivated	and	well-informed		
                                                       target	segments                                                                      across
      maximising	profitability.	                                                                work	force	
                                                  •		 ompetitive	advantage	analysis	                                                        A
                                                                                                                                         •		 dapting	writing	styles	to	suit	
                                                                                              •		 nformed	and	educated	shareholders
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                       D
                                                    	–		 iscover	the	roots	of	competitive	                                                  readership	and	message
                                                                                              •		 ood	internal	and	external	PR	for	
      •		 he	steps	to	undertake	a	marketing	
        T                                              advantage
                                                                                                your	organisation	or	department             M
                                                                                                                                         •		 aintaining	the	corporate	
        audit                                       M
                                                  •		 arketing	research	                                                                    and	human	interest	balance
      •		 	marketing	plan	for	your	
        A                                              A
                                                    	–		 	review	of	the	techniques	           Course	overview                               E
                                                                                                                                         •		 diting	copy	without	offending	others
        organisation	                                  available	and	when	to	use	them           R
                                                                                              •		 ecognising	what	makes	corporate	          D
                                                                                                                                         •		 esigning	eye-catching	and	effective	
      •		 egmentation	techniques	to	identify	
        S                                           S
                                                  •		 etting	goals	and	objectives	              publications	successful                     layouts
        your	key	target	audience                       U
                                                    	–		 se	analysis	and	planning		             C
                                                                                              •		 omparing	different	types		                M
                                                                                                                                         •		 aking	pictures	work	to	your	
      •		 lear,	measurable	objectives	for		
        C                                              to	set	clear	and	achievable	goals		      of	publications                             advantage
        your	marketing                                 for	the	business
                                                                                              •		 reparing	issues	and	planning	to	          C
                                                                                                                                         •		 hecking	page	proofs	and	avoiding	
      •		 nalysis	tools	to	measure	and	refine	
        A                                           M
                                                  •		 arketing	communications	strategy	         meet	deadlines                              the	classic	mistakes
        your	results	                                  H
                                                    	–		 ow	the	communication	process	
                                                                                              •		 etting	and	sticking	to		                  I
                                                                                                                                         	 *	 n	order	to	get	the	most	from	this	
                                                                                                production	schedules
      Course	overview	                            •		 easurement	and	evaluation
                                                                                                                                            courses	delegates	are	asked	to	bring	a	
                                                                                              •		 ecoming	a	news	hound,	finding	            sample	of	their	corporate	publication	
      •		 arketing	orientation
      	 –		 hat	determines	a	marketing-led	
           W                                      Follow-up	courses	                            good	stories	and	selecting	content          with	them	on	the	training	day
                                                  	 ffective	internet	marketing	p107.	          A
                                                                                              •		 greeing	key	messages	and	
           company?	                                                                                                                     Follow-up	courses	
                                                  Marketing	communications	p104.	               considering	reader	response
      •		 he	elements	of	the	marketing	mix	                                                                                              	 verything	you	wanted	to	know	
                                                  Everything	you	wanted	to	know		               W
                                                                                              •		 orking	with	contributors	and	
        	–		 he	classic	four	P’s	of	marketing	                                                                                           about	copywriting	p109.	Essentials	of	
                                                  about	copywriting	p109.                       making	the	most	of	contributors
           explained	and	used	practically                                                                                                business	grammar	p23.	Introduction	to	
                                                                                              •		 arrying	out	effective	research
                                                                                                                                         marketing	p105.
                                                                                              •		 rranging,	carrying	out	and	writing	
                                                                                                up	interviews

      Duration & cost                             2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                         Duration & cost                            1	Day,	£495	+	VAT	
      London	                                     D         J
                                                  	 ec:	6-7		 an:	31-1	Mar:	27-28             London	                                    Nov:	28	Feb:	15	May:	30
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                                                                                                                                                 Sales & Marketing               09

                                            INTRODUCTION TO                                          EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO
                                            PUBLIC RELATIONS                                          KNOW ABOUT COPYWRITING
                  Learn	proven	industry	techniques	to	make		                                        Create	vibrant	and	engaging	communications	
                                    the	media	work	for	you

Who	is	it	for?	                                                                           Who	is	it	for?
In-house	PR	executives,	press	officers,	        M
                                              •		 edia	relations	–	handle	the		
                                                media	effectively		                       An	essential	course	for	those	required	
and	agency	account	managers.
                                                	–		 nderstand	and	work	with		
                                                   U                                      to	write	sales	and	marketing	copy.	
What	is	it	about?	                                 the	media	                             What	is	it	about?
This	course	will	equip	delegates	                  L
                                              	 –		 earn	how	to	sell	your	stories:	
to	build	the	reputation	of	their	                  pinpoint	the	‘who’,	the	‘where’		
                                                                                          To	create	a	clear	message	you	            “Thought the
                                                                                          need	to	keep	it	simple,	compelling	
organisation	through	an	effective	                 and	the	‘what’	
                                                                                          and	grammatically	correct.	Your	
                                                                                                                                     course was very
                                              	 –		 rrange	interviews	efficiently	and	
PR	strategy	and	how	to	minimise	the	
impact	any	bad	press	may	have	on	                  brief	your	spokespeople	properly	
                                                                                          communications	need	to	be	succinct,	       informative and
this.	Delegates	will	learn	the	tricks	        	 –		 eal	with	‘bad’	press	decisively	
                                                                                          coherent	and	tempt	your	customers	         importantly,
                                                                                          to	find	out	more.	This	course	will	
of	getting	press	releases	noticed,	                and	minimise	negative	exposure	
                                                                                          teach	you	how	a	good	understanding	        interactive. Great
making	sure	they	fulfil	their	objectives	          L
                                              	 –		 ess	is	more:	structure	and	write	
and	gain	maximise	exposure.	The	                   effective	press	releases
                                                                                          of	your	customers’	motivations	will	       trainer with an
course	also	covers	how	to	stretch	your	       •		 anage	long	term	campaigns		
                                                                                          help	you	produce	advertisements	
                                                                                          and	marketing	materials	with	real	
                                                                                                                                     excellent approach
marketing	budget	using	targeted	                	–		 aintain	interest	after	the	launch	
                                                                                          influence.	                                and attitude.”
stories	to	get	column	inches	for	free.	            I
                                              	 –		 nternal	communications	
                                              	 –		 ponsorship	
                                                   S                                      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                 Vicky Nichols,
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                    	 –		 orporate	PR	and	lobbying	
                                                   C                                                                                 Indigo Services UK
                                                                                          •		 n	understanding	of	the	
•		 echniques	to	sell	a	story	into		               C
                                              	 –		 risis	management                        creative	aspect	of	marketing	
  the	media
•		 ffective	press	release	writing	skills
                                              Follow-up	courses	                            communications                             A
                                                                                                                                     •		 dvertising	copy,	including	assessing	
                                              	 trategic	marketing	planning	p108.	
                                              S                                             G
                                                                                          •		 uidelines	for	clear	and	succinct	        examples	of	good	and	bad	
•		 bility	to	handle	bad	press                                                              writing	
                                              Everything	you	wanted	to	know	about	                                                     copywriting	
•		 now-how	to	manage	a	crisis                                                              T
                                                                                          •		 he	technique	to	formulate	a	
                                              copywriting	p109.	Creating	effective	                                                    C
                                                                                                                                     •		 opy	of	brochures	and	leaflets,	
•		 kills	to	develop	and	implement		          events	p107.                                  professional	brief                         including	structure	and	writing	
  a	PR	strategy                                                                             I
                                                                                          •		 mproved,	compelling	advertising	         technical		
Course	overview	                                                                            copy                                       product	sheets	
•		 uild	and	sustain	your	reputation                                                        C
                                                                                          •		 onfidence	and	fluidity	in	your	          B
                                                                                                                                     •		 2B	copywriting	and	how	it	differs	
	 –		 R	and	its	role	in	business		                                                          writing	style                              from	consumer	copy	
     and	marketing                                                                                                                     H
                                                                                                                                     •		 ow	to	improve	grammar	
                                                                                          Course	overview	
	 –		 hat	is	PR?	What	are	the	benefits?
     W                                                                                                                                 S
                                                                                                                                     •		 tructure	copy	effectively,	from	the	
                                                                                          •		 he	role	of	advertising	
	 –		 hat	are	the	drawbacks?	
     W                                                                                                                                 headline	to	end-line	
                                                                                          •		 ow	copywriting	acts	as	your	best	
•		 R	in	practice	–	plan	and	develop	
  P                                                                                                                                    T
                                                                                                                                     •		 he	future	of	copywriting,	including	
  interesting	campaigns		                                                                                                              an	overview	of	web-copy
                                              NEW GREEN                                     W
                                                                                          •		 hat	people	expect	of	your	copy	
  	–		 et	your	objectives	                     PR COURSE
	 –		 efine	your	target	audience	and	
     D                                                                                      and	what	you	should	expect	from	         Follow-up	courses	

                                                 ON P134
     deliver	key	messages	                                                                  them	                                    S
                                                                                                                                     	 trategic	marketing	planning	p108.	
	 –		 elect	the	right	mediums	&	tools	                                                      P
                                                                                          •		 lanning	copy,	from	briefing	to	        Bid	&	tender	management	p102.		
•		 chedule	and	evaluate	PR	campaigns                                                       layouts	                                 Introduction	to	PR	p109.

Duration & cost                               2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                         Duration & cost                           2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
London	                                       Jan:	9-10	Mar:	13-14	May:	19-20             London	                                   Dec:	4-5	Jan:	30-31	Mar:	6-7	
Code 	                                        UPR                                                                                   Apr:	22-23
                                                                                          Code		                                    COP

                                                                                                    Loyalty discount – significant discounts available when you
                                                                                                    attend more than one course. See p4 for details

                                                                                                                          TO BOOK CALL 0800 132 448 OR 01628 513 091
0   Sales & Marketing

      Expert	training	from	Europe’s	leading	provider	of	direct,		
      data	and	digital	marketing	skills

                                                 COMPLETE DIRECT                               BEST PRACTICE SEARCH                         BRIEFING &
                                                 MARKETING                                     ENGINE MARKETING                             EVALUATING
                                                 A	course	for	anyone	who	has	little	           Develop	the	skills	to	increase	the	          CREATIVE WORK
                                                 or	no	experience	of	direct	marketing	         quantity	and	quality	of	visitors	to	your	    Discover	how	to	get	great	creative	
                                                 and	needs	a	broad	–	but	thorough	–	           website	via	search	engine	optimisation	      work	every	time	in	this	inspiring	
                                                 understanding	of	what	it	is	(and	what	        and	paid	for	search.	These	two	days	         two-day	workshop.	The	workshop	
                                                 it	is	not),	why	it	is	growing,	what	it	can	   will	equip	you	with	the	knowledge	           includes	getting	the	brief	right,	
                                                 achieve	and	how.	You	will	gain	a	clear	       to	improve	the	performance	of	your	          why	propositions	are	crucial,	how	
                                                 understanding	of	how	direct	marketing	        website.	A	course	for	anyone	involved	       to	evaluate	creative	work	and	the	
                                                 is	planned,	executed	and	controlled.	         in	online	marketing	wanting	to	get	the	      principles	of	successful	creativity.	A	
                                                 Through	the	expert	tuition	of	                very	best	results	for	their	search	engine	   good	course	for	account	handlers	
                                                 seasoned	practitioner	Brian	Thomas,	          marketing	budget	including	sales	and	        and	others	with	responsibility	for	
                                                 every	delegate	will	return	to	work	           marketing	managers,	online	marketers	        briefing	and	evaluating	creative	work.	
                                                 with	the	skills	required	to	plan	and	         and	consultants.	By	applying	the	            You’ll	leave	with	skills	to	formulate	
      About	the	IDM                              manage	accountable	direct	marketing	          learning	from	this	course	your	website	      inspiring	briefs,	construct	clear	
      In	partnership	with	the	Institute	of	      programmes,	reducing	the	risk	of	             ranking	and	position	will	be	boosted	        selling	propositions,	make	objective	
      Direct	Marketing	(IDM),	Europe’s	          mistakes	and	significantly	increasing	        within	the	results	pages	of	all	the	         assessments	of	creative	output	
      leading	provider	of	direct,	data	and	      competence	levels.	                           major	UK	and	global	search	engines,	         and	establish	excellent	working	
      digital	marketing	skills,	Reed	Learning	                                                 maximising	the	marketing	return	on	          relationships	with	creative	teams.
      is	offering	a	suite	of	cutting	edge	                                                     your	website	investment.                     Working	in	small	groups	delegates	will	
                                                 COMPLETE DIGITAL
      marketing	courses,	all	of	which	are	run	                                                                                              be	set	a	series	of	exercises	through	out	
      by	the	IDM	in	West	London.
                                                                                               EFFECTIVE EMAIL                              the	two	days	so	that	they	can	learn	
                                                 Learn	how	to	plan,	manage	and	
      Booking	through	Reed	Learning	entitles	                                                                                               through	experience	and	from	each	
                                                 execute	successful	digital	campaigns.	        MARKETING:
      you	to	the	member	discount	even	if	                                                                                                   other	in	a	non-threatening	and	fun	
      you	are	not	a	member	of	the	IDM.
                                                 Over	three	days	you’ll	learn	how	             BEYOND THE BASICS                            environment.	For	example:
                                                 to	work	with	digital	data	and	take	           Gain	the	tools	and	techniques	to	get	
      For	more	details	of	these	courses		                                                                                                   •	Getting	the	brief	right
                                                 advantage	of	e-marketing	tools	such	          the	most	out	of	your	email	marketing	
      visit	                                                                                                     •	The	Propositions	Quiz
                                                 as	search	engines,	banner	advertising,	       campaigns,	in	this	intensive	two	day	
      To	book	call	0208	614	0277		                                                                                                          •	Evaluating	Creative	Work
                                                 email	broadcasts	and	SMS.	This	course	        course.	Key	areas	covered	include	
      quoting	“Reed”.
                                                 is	for	anyone	new	to	digital	marketing	       acquiring	new	customers,	profile	data,	      •	DM	Creativity:	Principles	&	Practice
                                                 needing	to	understand	how	digital	            beating	filters,	creative	guidelines	and	
                                                 marketing	is	planned,	executed,	              campaign	management.	Ideal	for	
                                                 integrated	and	controlled.	Upon	              anyone	responsible	for	the	planning	or	
                                                 completion	of	the	course,	delegates	          implementation	of	email	campaigns	
                                                 will	be	able	to	plan	and	implement	           who	wants	to	improve	results	through	
                                                 a	digital	marketing	campaign	                 the	use	of	best	practice	tools	and	
                                                 encompassing	one	or	more	digital	             techniques.	The	course	will	help	
                                                 marketing	tools	such	as	interactive	          improve	your	skills	and	knowledge	in	
                                                 advertising	and	email.	                       this	increasingly	popular	form	of	new	
                                                                                               media	marketing,	allowing	you	to	
                                                                                               make	a	real	impact	of	your	company’s	
                                                                                               marketing	communications.

                                                 COMPLETE DIRECT MARKETING                     BEST PRACTICE SEARCH                         BRIEFING & EVALUATING
                                                                                               ENGINE MARKETING                             CREATIVE WORK
      Duration & cost	                           3
                                                 	 	days	£1,199	(£1,059	for	Members)	          	 	days	£899	(£799	for	Members)	
                                                                                               2                                            2
                                                                                                                                            	 	days	£1,099	(£959	for	Members)	
      Dates                                      Nov:	28-30	Jan:	30-1		                        Nov:	26-27	Feb:	27-28		                      Nov:	15-16	Feb:	27-28		
                                                 Mar:	17-19	May:	14-16                         Apr:	17-18                                   Apr:	3-4
      Code	                                      IDM1                                          IDM3                                         IDM5

                                                 COMPLETE DIGITAL MARKETING                    EFFECTIVE EMAIL MARKETING:
                                                                                               BEyOND THE BASICS
      Duration & cost	                           3
                                                 	 	days	£1,199	(£1,059	for	Members)           	 	days	£1,099	(£959	for	Members)	
      Dates                                      Dec:	10-12	Feb:	4-6		                         Mar: 10-17	
                                                 Mar:	26-28	May:	6-8
      Code	                                      IDM2                                          IDM4


                                                                                                      EXPERT IT
                                                                                                     AT A LEVEL
                                                                                                    TO SUIT YOU

ITIL – foundation                                    Microsoft Office 2007 courses     112   Visual Basic for Excel
                                                                                             – fundamentals & advanced
                                                     Microsoft Excel – fundamentals,   113
certificate New for                                  intermediate & advanced                 Train the IT trainer              118
2008. See page 67                                    Microsoft Word – intermediate     114   Essentials of Microsoft Outlook   118
                                                     & advanced                              Fundamentals of web design        119
                                                     Microsoft PowerPoint              115   Getting to grips with Windows,    119
                                                     – fundamentals, intermediate            Microsoft Office & email
                                                       & advanced
                                                     Microsoft Access                  116
                                                      – fundamentals, intermediate
                                                        & advanced
                                                     Microsoft Project                 117
                                                     – introduction & advanced

                      MORE.INFO@REEDLEARNING.CO.UK        WWW.REEDLEARNING.CO.UK               0800 132 446 OR 01628 513 091
2   Information Technology

      Get	to	grips	with	Microsoft’s	all-new	Office	products	
      Learn	all-new	shortcuts	and	tips

      CONVERTING TO                                MICROSOFT                                MICROSOFT                               MICROSOFT
      MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007                        EXCEL 2007                               POWERPOINT 2007                         WORD 2007
      Who	is	it	for?                               FUNDAMENTALS                             FUNDAMENTALS                            FUNDAMENTALS
      Anyone	with	experience	of	previous	          •		 ow	to	master	the	ribbon
                                                     H                                      •		 xploring	the	new	user	interface
                                                                                              E                                     •		 xplore	the	various	user	interface	
      versions	of	Microsoft	Office	who	              L
                                                   •		 earn	the	new	keyboard	shortcuts        C
                                                                                            •		 reating	and	editing	presentations     elements
      needs	a	quick	masterclass	to	convert	          W
                                                   •		 orking	with	contextual	tabs            W
                                                                                            •		 orking	with	the	ribbon                H
                                                                                                                                    •		 ow	to	master	the		ribbon
      to	Office	2007.	This	course	features	          F
                                                   •		 ormatting	tables                       I
                                                                                            •		 nserting	and	formatting	graphics      N
                                                                                                                                    •		 ew	keyboard	shortcuts
      Office	Excel	2007	and	Office	Word	             C
                                                   •		 reating	forms                          O
                                                                                            •		 rganising	and	running	your	           S
                                                                                                                                    •		 ee	how	contextual	tabs	work		
      2007.	Familiarity	with	previous	               U
                                                   •		 nderstanding	basic	formulas            slideshow                               to	manipulate,	edit,	and	format
      versions	of	these	products	is	essential.       S
                                                   •		 etting	up	data	for	printing                                                    A
                                                                                                                                    •		 pply	quick	styles
                                                   •		 dding	headers	and	footers                                                      C
                                                                                                                                    •		 ontrol	page	setup	and	appearance
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   •		 urning	your	figures	in	to	charts
                                                     T                                      INTERMEDIATE                              A
                                                                                                                                    •		 pplying	document	themes
      •		 ind	out	where	all	your	favourite	                                                 •		 etting	to	grips	with	the	ribbon
                                                                                              G                                       U
                                                                                                                                    •		 se	SmartArt™	for	flow	charts,	
        icons	have	gone                                                                       C
                                                                                            •		 reate	custom	slide	layouts		          illustrations	and	much	more
                                                   INTERMEDIATE                               and	themes
      •		 earn	the	all	new	keyboard	shortcuts	                                                                                        U
                                                                                                                                    •		 tilising	new	template	features
        and	update	the	old	ones                    •		 aming	cells	and	ranges
                                                     N                                        W
                                                                                            •		 orking	with	charts	and	tables         A
                                                                                                                                    •		 dd	tables	to	a	document
      •		 earn	how	all	the	old	tasks	you		           S
                                                   •		 etting	up	entire	workbooks		           U
                                                                                            •		 sing	animations	and	effects           S
                                                                                                                                    •		 et	up	headers	and	footers
        used	to	do	can	now	be	completed	             with	group	editing                       V
                                                                                            •		 arious	slide	show	controls            S
                                                                                                                                    •		 etting	up	a	mail	merge
        much	more	quickly                            U
                                                   •		 sing	lookup	statements
                                                   •		 inking	spreadsheets	and	workbooks	
      Course	overview	                             •		 If’	statements	and	calculations
                                                     ‘                                      ADVANCED                                ADVANCED
      •		 ow	to	master	the	ribbon
        H                                            A
                                                   •		 ll	new	conditional	formatting	       •		 reate	high	impact	slides	with		
                                                                                              C                                     •		 hortcuts,	tips	&	tricks
      •		 ew	keyboard	shortcuts
        N                                            features                                 new	Office	07	features                  A
                                                                                                                                    •		 dvanced	editing	of	style	sheets
      •		 orking	with	contextual	tabs
        W                                            S
                                                   •		 orting	and	filtering	data            •		 dvanced	slide	customisation
                                                                                              A                                       M
                                                                                                                                    •		 anaging	large	documents
      Word 2007                                      A
                                                   •		 ttaching	security	to	a	spreadsheet   •		 dding	special	objects	and	
                                                                                              A                                       H
                                                                                                                                    •		 andling	different	page	layouts
      •		 se	galleries	to	apply	design	features      S
                                                   •		 etting	up	and	utilising	templates      multi-media                             C
                                                                                                                                    •		 ontrolling	headers	and	footers
      •		 pply	quick	styles                          U
                                                   •		 tilising	custom	chart	types            I
                                                                                            •		 mporting	and	linking	with		           C
                                                                                                                                    •		 ontrolling	page	numbering
      •		 ontrol	page	setup
        C                                                                                     other	applications                      N
                                                                                                                                    •		 ewspaper	columns	and	newsletters	
      •		 dding	and	removing	page	breaks           ADVANCED                                   U
                                                                                            •		 nderstanding	action	buttons		         I
                                                                                                                                    •		 nserting	&	controlling	graphics
      •		 uickly	apply	document	themes
        Q                                                                                     and	using	hyperlinks                    I
                                                                                                                                    •		 nserting	charts	and	managing	
                                                   •		 ext	functions
      •		 se	SmartArt™
        U                                                                                                                             surrounding	text
                                                   •		 dvanced	‘if’	statements
      •		 tilising	new	template	features
        U                                                                                                                             A
                                                                                                                                    •		 dding	captions	and	cross	
                                                   •		 uditing	worksheets
      •		 dd	tables	and	tabs	to	a	document
        A                                                                                                                             references
                                                   •		 ocate	errors	in	formulas
                                                                                             ALL-NE E
      •		 et-up	headers	and	footers
        S                                                                                                                             C
                                                                                                                                    •		 reating	an	automatic	table		
                                                   •		 atch	and	evaluate	formulas
                                                                                             MS   OFFIC                               of	contents
      Excel 2007                                     G
                                                   •		 oal	seek	to	reverse	calculate		
                                                                                              2007 CO LINES
      •		 xcel	keyboard	shortcuts
        E                                                                                                                             W
                                                                                                                                    •		 orking	with	multiple	versions		
                                                     a	formula
                                                                                                      T                               of	a	document
                                                                                              FULL OU W.
      •		 ormulas	and	functions                      C
                                                   •		 reate	a	pivot	table	reports
                                                                                                                                    •		 evision	markers
                                                                                                  : WW
      •		 sing	absolute	references                   I
                                                   •		 mporting	text	files
                                                                                               AT       ARNING.
                                                                                                                                    •		 sing	OLE	to	link	with	other	
      •		 etting-up	data	for	printing                C
                                                   •		 onnecting	excel	to	the	web
      •		 dding	headers	and	footers
        A                                                                                                                             applications
                                                   •		 ecording	macros
      •		 urning	your	figures	into	charts
        T                                          •		 reating	your	own	menu
                                                     C                                          CO.UK                                 C
                                                                                                                                    •		 reating	macros	to	automate	tasks

                                                   FUNDAMENTALS                             FUNDAMENTALS                            FUNDAMENTALS
      London	              N
                           	 ov:	19	Dec:	17	       Jan:	15	Feb:	13	Mar:	7	Apr:	8	           Jan:	16	Feb:	29	Apr:	21	                Dec:	13	Jan:	8	Feb:	18	Apr:	1	May:	7	
                           Feb:	1	Mar:	28          May:	14
      Code		               COF07                   ITE07                                    ITP07                                   MIDW07
                                                   INTERMEDIATE                             INTERMEDIATE
      London                                       Nov:	29	Jan:	16	Feb:	15	Mar:	10		        Jan:	28	Mar:	5	Apr:	14	May:	30
      Code                                         Apr:	16	May:	19                          MIDP07	
      London                                       ADVANCED                                 ADVANCED                                ADVANCED
                                                   Jan:	25	Mar:	3	Apr:	9	May:	21            Jan:	11	Feb:	29	Apr:	23                 Jan:	30	Mar:	19	Apr:	29
                                                   ADE07                                    ADP07                                   ADW07

      Duration & cost      All	courses:	1	Day,	£250	+	VAT

                                                                                                                                Information Technology                      3

  RUN WEEKLY                                                                                                               MICROSOFT EXCEL
                                                                                  Modular	Excel	training	for	all	levels	of	requirement

                                     FUNDAMENTALS OF                           INTERMEDIATE                                 ADVANCED
                                     MICROSOFT EXCEL                           MICROSOFT EXCEL                              MICROSOFT EXCEL
                                     Who	is	it	for?                            Who	is	it	for?                               Who	is	it	for?
                                     This	course	is	suitable	for	complete	     Suitable	for	people	who	have	                This	course	is	suitable	for	people	who	have	
                                     newcomers	to	Excel	and	also,	because	     attended	the	introduction	course	            attended	the	intermediate	course	or	have	
                                     of	the	‘quick	tips’,	for	anyone	who		     or	have	sufficient	knowledge	and	            good	knowledge	and	understanding	of	
                                     is	self-taught.                           understanding	of	the	basics	of	Excel	        Excel	and	would	like	to	explore	the	more	
                                                                               and	are	looking	to	expand	this.              complex	functionality	it	can	offer.	
                                     What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
                                     •		 nhanced	worksheets	by	learning	       What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
                                       how	to	give	them	a	professional	          K
                                                                               •		 now	how	to	protect	your	data	using	        L
                                                                                                                            •		 earn	how	to	use	advanced	‘If’	
                                       finish	                                   the	security	features	                       statements	and	macros	to	automate	
                                     •		 uicker	and	easier	data	entry	by	        A
                                                                               •		 chieve	automation	of	worksheets	           repetitive	tasks
All courses are run using              learning	quick	editing	techniques	        using	Excel	look	up	features	                B
                                                                                                                            •		 e	able	to	use	analysis	tools	to	forecast	
Windows XP. This is also suitable      and	filling	formulae	                     I
                                                                               •		 mproved	interpretation	of	data	by	         figures	based	on	a	range	of	scenarios
for Windows 2003 users.                S
                                     •		 kills	to	present	your	work	clearly	     learning	to	create	and	customise	            E
                                                                                                                            •		 nsure	important	data	is	highlighted	
For Vista/Office 2007 see page 112     by	learning	how	to	create	purchase	       graphs,	including	plotting	trend	lines	      by	summarising	large	workbooks	and	
                                       orders,	bank	statements	and	compile	      L
                                                                               •		 earn	how	Excel	can	make	decisions	         sorting	data	into	key	elements
                                       sales	figures                             using	the	‘If’	function	and	
                                                                                 conditional	formatting
                                                                                                                            Course	overview	
                                     Course	overview	                                                                       •	Advanced	‘If’	statements	
                                     •		 xcel	and	MS	Office,	understanding	    Course	overview	                             •	Count	functions	
                                       the	Excel	window	                       •		 eview	of	Excel	fundamentals	
                                                                                  R                                         •	Data	consolidation	
                                     •		 alling	on	help	
                                       C                                       •		 uilding	3-dimensional	worksheets	
                                                                                  B                                         •	Goal	seeking	
                                     •		 pening	and	navigating	through		          and	worksheet	templates	                    D
                                                                                                                            •		 ata	projection	–	‘What	If’	scenarios	
                                       a	worksheet	                            •		 rotection	and	security,	grouping	
                                                                                  P                                         •	Data	tables	
                                     •		 reating,	saving	and	printing	            worksheets	                                 D
                                                                                                                            •		 ata	summarising	with	pivot	tables	
                                       worksheets	                             •		 ata	tables	and	lookup	functions	
                                                                                  D                                           U
                                                                                                                            •		 tilising	the	macro	recorder	
                                     •		 diting	a	worksheet	
                                       E                                       •		 ntroduction	to	the	‘If’	function	
                                                                                  I                                           C
                                                                                                                            •		 reating	buttons	on	the	worksheets	
                                     •		 hanging	the	look	of	a	worksheet	
                                       C                                       •		 roup	and	outline	functions	
                                                                                  G                                           U
                                                                                                                            •		 sing	outlining	to	handle	large	
                                     •		 ormatting	and	manipulating	data	
                                       F                                       •		 uilding	graphs	and	using	trend	lines	
                                                                                  B                                           worksheets
                                     •		 erforming	calculations	with	
                                       P                                       •		 atabase	features	including	sorting	
                                                                                  D                                         •	Advanced	filters
                                       functions	and	formulae	                    and	filtering	data	                       •	Concatenate
                                     •		 uick	data	entry	techniques	
                                       Q                                       •		 ethods	to	validate	data	
                                                                                  M                                           T
                                                                                                                            •		 ext	functions
                                     •		 ntroduction	to	graphs
                                       I                                       •		 olours	based	on	values	(getting	
                                                                                  C                                         •	Changing	case
                                                                                  Excel	to	change	the	formatting	           •	Data	Import	from	text	files
                                                                                  characteristics	based	on	the	cell	        •	Connecting	to	databases
                                                                                  contents)                                 •	Setting	up	web	queries
                                                                                	                                           •	Watch	window
                                                                                                                            •	Formula	evaluation	auditing
                                                                                                                            •	Customising	menus
                                                                                                                            •	Retrospective	validation

  Duration & cost                    1	Day,	£250	+	VAT                         1	Day,	£250	+	VAT                            2	Days,	£450	+	VAT
  London	                            N
                                     	 ov:	13,	21,	30		                        Nov:	14,	23,	28		                            Nov:	15-16,	26-27		
                                     Dec:	6,	14,	20		                          Dec:	7,	11,	21	                              Dec:	4-5,	18-19		
                                     Jan:	4,	10,	21,	28		                      Jan:	3,	7,	11,	17,	23,	29		                  Jan:	3-4,	14-15,	23-24		
                                     Feb:	5,	11,	20,	27		                      Feb:	8,	14,	18,	22,	24,	28		                 Feb:	4-5,	13-14,	25-26		
                                     Mar:	5,	14,	19,	26		                      Mar:	6,	13,	17,	20,	25,	31		                 Mar:	11-12,	17-18,	25-26		
                                     Apr:	7,15,	21,	25	                        Apr:	7,	9,	17,	28,	30		                      Apr:	2-3,	14-15,	24-25,		
                                     May:	2,8,19,28                            May:	6,	9,	14,	20,	27                        May:	1-2,	12-13,	28-29
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4   Information Technology

      INTERMEDIATE                                                                 ADVANCED
      MICROSOFT WORD                                                               MICROSOFT WORD
      Create	professional	documents	efficiently                                    Create	and	manage	complex	documents

      Who	is	it	for?                                                               Who	is	it	for?
      Anyone	with	a	basic	understanding	                                           This	course	is	suitable	for	people	
      of	Word.                                                                     who	have	attended	the	intermediate	
                                                                                   course	or	have	a	good	knowledge	and	
      What	is	it	about?                                                            understanding	of	Word.
      This	course	will	reaffirm	your	existing	
      knowledge	of	MS	Word	and	provide	a	                                          What	is	it	about?
      wealth	of	additional	features	that	will	                                     An	in	depth	look	at	MS	Word’s	
      enhance	your	documents	and	use	of	                                           advanced	features	that	can	save	
      you	time.                                                                    you	significant	amounts	of	time	and	
                                                                                   help	you	produce	highly	polished	
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                                                   documents.	A	good	knowledge	of	
      •		 ime	saving	techniques	to	teach	
        T                                        “Very professional                Word	is	required.
        Word	repetitive	typing	and	utilising	     – both the administra-
                                                                                   What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
        mail	shots	
                                                  tion & the course                •		 he	ability	to	ensure	you	can	protect	
                                                                                                                               Course	overview	
      •		 nhanced	impact	to	your	documents	
        by	adding	colour	and	other	effects	       itself. Venue very                 the	confidentiality	of	your	work	by	
                                                                                                                               •		 reating	templates	
                                                                                                                               •		 sing	document	styles	to	automate	
      •		 reater	organisation	to	your		           comfortable & well-                applying	document	security	
                                                                                   •		 onfidence	to	format	longer	
        long	documents	using	headers		
        and	footers
                                                  equipped. I felt the               documents	using	style	sheets	               O
                                                                                                                               •		 utlining	documents	
                                                  material was well                •		 kills	to	automate	repetitive	and	
                                                                                     S                                           M
                                                                                                                               •		 anaging	large	documents	with	
      Course	overview	                                                                                                           breaks	
      •		 ocument	navigation	with	
                                                  explained & would                  tedious	tasks	through	the	use	of	
                                                                                                                               •		 andling	different	page	layouts	and	
        bookmarks	                                definitely recommend             •		 educed	time	spent	on	major	
                                                                                     R                                           headers	and	footers	
      •		 nserting	and	formatting	tabs	
        I                                         to others.” Jean                   rewrites	by	using	document	outlining        N
                                                                                                                               •		 ewspaper	columns	and	news	letters	
      •		 reating	standard	paragraphs	            Sargeant, Laddaw UK                                                            C
                                                                                                                               •		 reating	an	automatic	table	of	
      •		 ile	management	
      •		 andling	envelopes	and	labels	
        H                                                                                                                        R
                                                                                                                               •		 evision	markers	
      •		 sing	borders	and	shading	
        U                                                                                                                        U
                                                                                                                               •		 sing	OLE	to	link	with	other	
      •		 aragraph	numbering	
        P                                                                                                                        applications	
      •		 andling	bullet	points	
        H                                                                                                                        H
                                                                                                                               •		 andling	pictures	with	captions	and	
                                                                                                                                 cross	reference	
      •		 nserting	headers	and	footers	
                                                                                                                               •		 riting	macros	to	automate	tasks
      •		 sing	Word	mail	merge	features

      Duration & cost                             1	Day,	£250	+	VAT	               Duration & cost                             1	Day,	£250	+	VAT	 	
      London	                                     N
                                                  	 ov:	27	Jan:	10,	29	Feb:	15		   London	                                     N
                                                                                                                               	 ov:	21	Jan:	18	Feb:	19	Mar:	18		
                                                  Mar:	12	Apr:	4,	30	May:	15                                                   Apr:	18	May:	23
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                                                                                                                                     Information Technology                    5

                                                                                                          MICROSOFT POWERPOINT
                                                                               Select	the	right	course	to	suit	your	level	of	learning	need	
                                                                                                   with	modular	MS	PowerPoint	training

                                     FUNDAMENTALS OF                               INTERMEDIATE                                 ADVANCED
                                     MICROSOFT POWERPOINT                          MICROSOFT POWERPOINT                         MICROSOFT POWERPOINT
                                     Who	is	it	for?                                Who	is	it	for?                               Who	is	it	for?
                                     All	individuals	who	prepare	or	oversee	       Delegates	who	have	attended	the	             Individuals	with	a	good	working	
                                     the	preparation	of	presentations	and	         Introduction	to	PowerPoint	course,	          knowledge	of	PowerPoint,	ideal	for	those	
                                     need	to	understand	the	fundamentals	          or	self	taught	delegates	with	a	basic	       that	have	attended	the	Intermediate	
                                     of	this	package.	Knowledge	of	the	            understanding	of	PowerPoint.                 PowerPoint	course.
                                     Windows	environment	is	essential.
                                                                                   What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
                                     What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                    •		 ncreased	visual	impact	of	your	
                                                                                     I                                            G
                                                                                                                                •		 reater	efficiency	by	discovering	
                                     •		 n	understanding	of	how	to	use	
                                       A                                             presentations	by	adding	objects		            shortcuts	and	quick	ways	to	format	
                                       different	slide	types	to	hold	your	           to	slides	                                   presentations	
                                       audience’s	attention	                       •		 ore	sophisticated	and	impressive	
                                                                                     M                                            I
                                                                                                                                •		 ncreased	substance	to	presentations		
All courses are run using            •		 dded	value	for	your	presentation	
                                       A                                             slide	shows	                                 by	importing	data	from	other	sources	
Windows XP. This is also suitable      by	producing	notes	and	handouts	for	        •		 nhanced	visual	impact	through	the	
                                                                                     E                                            A
                                                                                                                                •		 	truly	professional	presentation	
for Windows 2003 users.                attendees	                                                                                 technique	by	considering	the	full		
For Vista/Office 2007 see page 112                                                   use	of	different	styles	and	layouts	
                                     •		 he	confidence	to	present	your	ideas	
                                       T                                             when	preparing	your	presentations            range	of	elements	and	principles	that	
                                       and	information	through	the	correct	                                                       make	a	good	slide	show
                                       use	of	slides	                              Course	overview	
                                                                                   •		 he	need	to	plan	
                                                                                                                                Course	overview	
                                     •		 he	ability	to	prepare	effective	
                                                                                                                                •		 rinciples	of	good	slide	design
                                       presentations	from	start	to	finish            R
                                                                                   •		 eview	basic	PowerPoint	features
                                                                                                                                	 –		 reating	high	impact	slides,	communi-
                                                                                   	 –		 diting	slides:	text,	graphics
                                     Course	overview	                                                                                cating	the	message	effectively
                                                                                   •		 lide	designs
                                                                                                                                •		 ustomising	Microsoft	PowerPoint
                                     •		 reating	presentations                          W
                                                                                   	 –		 orking	with	the	slide	master,	
                                                                                                                                	 –		 ustomising	templates,	masters	and	
                                     	 –		 tarting	from	scratch,	using	                 creating	a	new	template                      back-grounds,	customising	individual	
                                          different	slide	layouts,	creating	and	     A
                                                                                   •		 dding	other	objects                           slides
                                          formatting	text	slides,	text	effects          I
                                                                                   	 –		 nserting	and	editing	charts,	            A
                                                                                                                                •		 dding	special	objects
                                     •		 sing	graphics	and	pictures                     creating	and	editing	organisation	           U
                                                                                                                                	 –		 sing	tables	to	display	data,	adding	
                                     	 –		 reating	and	formatting	drawings,	            charts,	creating	and	editing	tables	         sounds,	movies	and	graphics	to	slides,	
                                          inserting	clip	art	objects,	inserting	        and	spreadsheets,	creating	flow-             adding	special	effects	and	multi-media
          price                           other	pictures,	formatting	graphics
 winter – book
                                                                                        diagrams,	manipulating	objects	           L
                                                                                                                                •		 inking	to	other	software	applications
                                     •		 rganising	the	presentation                     –	grouping,	aligning	and	replicating	
 freeze rses
                                                                                                                                	 –		 mporting	and	linking	data	from	MS	
                                     	 –		 lide	sorter	view,	producing	
          u                                                                          R
                                                                                   •		 unning	the	slide	show
 2008 co prices.
                                                                                                                                     Excel	to	charts,	importing	information	
                                            speaker	notes	and	audience	                 A
                                                                                   	 –		 dding	animations	for	maximum	               from	other	applications,	importing	
  at 2 005                                  handouts,	printing	                         impact,	using	slide	show	controls            and	exporting	slides	to	other	software
  see p11                              R
                                     •		 unning	the	slide	show                       C
                                                                                   •		 reate	more	sophisticated	and	              O
                                                                                                                                •		 rganising	a	slide	show
                                                                                     impressive	slide	shows                          U
                                                                                                                                	 –		 sing	hyperlinks,	creating	action	
                                                                                                                                     buttons,	advanced	slide	show	features	
                                                                                                                                     and	controls,	using	the	pack	and		
                                                                                                                                     go	wizard

Duration & cost                      1	Day,	£250	+	VAT	                            1	Day,	£250	+	VAT                             1	Day,	£250	+	VAT
London	                              N
                                     	 ov:	22	Dec:	10	Jan:	14,	22	Feb:	15	         Nov:	26	Dec:	10	Jan:	9,	18	Feb:	6,	20	        Nov:	19	Dec:	10	Jan: 17	Mar:	3		
                                     Mar:	4,	27	Apr:	16	May:	7,	16                 Mar:	3,	28	Apr:	9,	29	May:	8,	27              Apr:	18	May:	30
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6   Information Technology

      MICROSOFT ACCESS                                                                                                                                       REPEAT
                                                                                                                                                             ANY COURSE
                                                                                                                                                             FOR FREE
      Modular	Microsoft	Access	courses	to	enable		                                                                                                           SEE P4

      you	to	select	the	right	training	for	your	needs

                                                FUNDAMENTALS OF                            INTERMEDIATE                              ADVANCED
                                                MICROSOFT ACCESS                           MICROSOFT ACCESS                          MICROSOFT ACCESS
                                                Who	is	it	for?                             Who	is	it	for?                            Who	is	it	for?
                                                New	users	of	Access	and	those	who	         Those	who	have	attended	the		             Those	who	have	attended	the		
                                                are	self	taught	and	wish	to	consolidate	   introductory	course	and	individuals	      intermediate	course	and	users	with	
                                                their	understanding.                       wanting	to	expand	their	knowledge		       a	fair	understanding	who	need	to	
                                                                                           of	MS	Access’	functions.	Some		           develop	a	knowledge	of	Access’		
                                                Course	overview	                           understanding	of	MS	Access	is	            advanced	functionality.
                                                •		 atabase	concepts	and	terminology	      required.
                                                  	–	The	Access	environment		                                                        Course	overview	
                                                  	–	Planning	&	designing	databases	       Course	overview	                            A
                                                                                                                                     •		 dvanced	query	features	
                                                •		 ccess	basics		                           U
                                                                                           •		 sing	advanced	query	features	              C
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 reating	and	running	macros	
                                                  	–		 ables	forms	queries	and	reports
                                                     T                                          C
                                                                                           	 –		 alculated	fields	and	action	          A
                                                                                                                                     •		 dvanced	macros	
      Summary course outlines are                 C
                                                •		 reating	databases		                         queries	                                  C
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 reating	macros	to	provide	user	
      featured on this page. For more                C
                                                  	–		 reating	a	database	using	the	         C
                                                                                           •		 reating	advanced	queries	                  interaction	
      detailed course overviews please               table	wizard		                             C
                                                                                           	 –		 rosstab	queries,	parameter	              C
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 reating	macros	that	require	user	
      visit                   W
                                                	 –		 orking	in	design	view	                    queries	and	indexes                       decision	
                                                •		 orking	with	fields	and	records	          E
                                                                                           •		 nhancing	forms	                         E
                                                                                                                                     •		 xploring	Access	SQL	
                                                	 –		 dding,	editing,	finding	and	              A
                                                                                           	 –		 dding	graphics,	calculations,	           I
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 dentifying	different	clauses	in	an	
                                                     sorting	records                            combo	boxes	and	unbound	                  SQL	statement	
                                                •		 uerying	tables	                             controls	                                 W
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 riting	SQL	statements	
                                                	 –		 odifying	query	results		               W
                                                                                           •		 orking	with	fields	and	records	         I
                                                                                                                                     •		 nternet	Integration	
                                                     and	queries	                               C
                                                                                           	 –		 ustomising	headers	and	footers	          W
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 orking	with	hyperlink	fields	
                                                •		 reating	and	using	forms	                 C
                                                                                           •		 reating	Charts	in	forms	and	reports     S
                                                                                                                                     •		 ecurity	fundamentals	
                                                •		 reating	and	using	reports	
                                                  C                                          A
                                                                                           •		 dvanced	forms	                             S
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 ecuring	databases	
                                                                                           	 –		 utomatic	data	entry	
                                                                                                A                                         U
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 ser-level	security	
                                                •		 mporting	and	exporting	objects
                                                                                           	 –		 nhancing	the	user	interface	
                                                                                                E                                         T
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 esting	cascading	updates	and	
                                                •		 reating	relational	databases	
                                                	 –		 nalysing	table	relationships	
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 uplicate	and	unmatched	records	
                                                •		 orking	with	related	tables	                                                           queries	
                                                	 –		 sing	the	lookup	wizard	                                                             D
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 ebugging	macros	
                                                •		 efining	data	entry	rules	                                                             O
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 bject	linking	and	embedding	
                                                	 –		 etting	validation	rules	and		                                                       (OLE)	
                                                     lookup	fields                                                                        E
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 xcel	and	OLE,	Word	and	OLE	
                                                                                                                                     	 –		 atabase	performance	issues	

      Duration & cost                           2	Days,	£450	+	VAT	                        1	Day,	£250	+	VAT                         1	Day,	£250	+	VAT
      London	                                   N
                                                	 ov:	19-20	Dec:	12-13	Jan:	8-9,	24-25	    Nov:	12	Dec:	17	Jan:	30	Feb:	21		         Dec:	3	Feb:	1	Apr:	8	
                                                Feb:	12-13,	25-26	Mar:	10-11,	19-20	       Mar:	28	Apr:	29	May:	29	                  	
                                                Apr:	2-3,	22-23	May:	12-13,	21-22
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                                                                                                                                         Information Technology                 7

                                     MICROSOFT PROJECT                                                            VISUAL BASIC FOR EXCEL
                 Break	projects	into	manageable	parts	that	                                        Manage	your	data	through	powerful	VBA	tools
                                 you	can	keep	under	control

FUNDAMENTALS OF                                ADVANCED                                   FUNDAMENTALS OF                             ADVANCED
MICROSOFT PROJECT                              MICROSOFT PROJECT                          VISUAL BASIC                                VISUAL BASIC
Who	is	it	for?                                 Who	is	it	for?                             Who	is	it	for?                              Who	is	it	for?
New	users	of	Microsoft	Project	wishing	        Those	who	have	attended	the		              For	those	people	who	would	like	to	use	     Existing	users	who	want	to	expand	
to	use	the	software	to	assist	in	project	      introductory	course	and	managers		         VBA	to	enhance	their	usage	of	Excel.	       their	knowledge.	
management	tasks.                              of	complex	projects.
                                                                                          What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                  What	will	I	get	out	of	it?
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                     What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   B
                                                                                          •		 asic	programming	skills	                  A
                                                                                                                                      •		 n	advanced	understanding	of	
•		 bility	to	create	a	schedule	of	              I
                                               •		 mproved	management	of	resources	       •		 now	how	to	edit	and	alter	Macros
                                                                                            K                                           methods	of	data	management
  activities	as	a	Gantt	chart	                   by	using	the	resource	pool               •		 he	ability	to	update	VBA	
                                                                                            T                                           I
                                                                                                                                      •		 mproved	interfaces	between		
•		 kills	to	keep	track	of	your	projects	        G
                                               •		 reater	control	of	large,	complex	        programmes                                  Excel	spreadsheets	
  by	generating	reports	on	the		                 projects                                                                               A
                                                                                                                                      •		 n	in-depth	understanding	of	how	
  project	plan	                                •		 wift	importing	and	exporting		
                                                 S                                        Course	overview	                              to	edit,	amend	and	update	the	VBA	
•		 n	understanding	of	the	scope	of	             of	data                                    M
                                                                                          •		 acros	–	writing	and	editing               programmes
  Microsoft	Project	                           •		 earn	how	to	customise	MS	Project	
                                                 L                                          A
                                                                                          •		 ssigning	macros	to	a	button	in		
•		 he	capability	to	add	resources	to	           to	your	own	requirements                   the	toolbar                               Course	overview	
  the	project                                                                             •		 he	Visual	Basic	integrated	
                                                                                            T                                           M
                                                                                                                                      •		 acros	–	debugging	&	tracing	errors	
                                               Course	overview	                             development	environment                     V
                                                                                                                                      •		 isual	Basic	objects	
Course	overview	                                 R
                                               •		 eview                                  •		 ts	components	–	properties	window,	
                                                                                            I                                           R
                                                                                                                                      •		 ange,	object	flexibility	and	
•		 erminology	in	project	management                R
                                               	 –		 eview	project	scheduling,	review	      project	explorer	and	code	window            constraints	
•		 lanning	and	defining	a	project	
  P                                                 resource	allocations,	resolve		                                                     O
                                                                                                                                      •		 bject	hierarchy	
                                                                                          •		 reating	and	editing	modules,	
•		 cheduling	tasks	and	creating	the	
  S                                                 over-allocations	
                                                                                            objects	and	procedures                      W
                                                                                                                                      •		 orkbooks	and	worksheets	
  Gantt	chart                                    W
                                               •		 orking	with	multiple	projects
                                                                                          •		 dding	input	and	output	message	           A
                                                                                                                                      •		 ctivating	worksheets	&	workbooks	
	 –		 inking	tasks	and	defining	
     L                                              U
                                               	 –		 sing	workspaces,	consolidating	
                                                                                            boxes                                       C
                                                                                                                                      •		 onstants	and	variables	
     relationships,	setting	milestones	             projects,	linking	projects	
                                                                                          •		 rocedures	and	conditions                  S
                                                                                                                                      •		 tructure	control	
     and	constraints,	outlining	a	project        U
                                               •		 sing	resource	pools
                                                                                          •		 riting	private	and	public	                S
                                                                                                                                      •		 ub-routines	and	non-structured	
	 –		 reating	sub-projects	(WBS),	
     C                                              S
                                               	 –		 haring	resources	from	an	existing	
                                                                                            sub-routines                                information	
     critical	path	analysis	and	other		             project	and	creating	a	separate	
     task	views	                                    resource	pool                           C
                                                                                          •		 reating	new	functions	for	use		           C
                                                                                                                                      •		 ustomising	forms	&	dialogue	boxes	
	 –		 etwork	diagram	and	calendar
     N                                                                                      in	Excel                                    U
                                                                                                                                      •		 sing	forms	with	pre-defined	
                                               •		 ustomising	Microsoft	Project	
•		 lanning	resource	usage                          C
                                               	 –		 reating	a	custom	view,	                D
                                                                                          •		 eclaring	constants	and	variables          dialogue	boxes	
	 –		 dding	resources	to	the	project,	              customising	tables	and	columns	         V
                                                                                          •		 ariable	types                             F
                                                                                                                                      •		 orm	controls	and	properties	
     defining	and	allocating	resources,	       •		 mporting	and	exporting	data
                                                 I                                          W
                                                                                          •		 riting	and	understanding	loops	           C
                                                                                                                                      •		 ustomised	forms	
     analysing	the	project	budget              	 –		 reating	export	maps	to	Microsoft	
                                                    C                                       and	arrays                                  A
                                                                                                                                      •		 dding	in	other	applications	
•		 etting	a	baseline	                              Excel,	exporting	graphical	views,	      D
                                                                                          •		 o	while	and	do	until	loops                G
                                                                                                                                      •		 enerating	an	add-in	
•		 eporting	the	project	plan
  R                                                 importing	files	for	use	with	           A
                                                                                          •		 rrays	–	static	and	dynamic                U
                                                                                                                                      •		 sing	add-ins	in	a	workbook	
                                                    Microsoft	Project                       U
                                                                                          •		 sing	Advanced	‘If’,	‘Elseif’	and	the	     E
                                                                                                                                      •		 rror	handling	within	the	
                                                                                            ‘Case	Selection’	alternative                programme	logic

Duration            1	Day	                     1	Day		                                    Duration          2	Days	                   1	Day		
& cost		            £250	+	VAT                 £250	+	VAT                                 & cost		          £450	+	VAT                £325	+	VAT
London	             N
                    	 ov:	12,	30	Dec:	5	       Nov:	23	Jan:	28	                           London	           	 ov:	28-29	Dec:	13-14	
                                                                                                            N                         Feb:	1		
                    Jan:	11,	25	Feb:	11,	21	
                                           	   Mar:	4	May:	21	                                              Jan:	7-8,	21-22		         Mar:	10	
                    Mar:	5,	27	Apr:	8,	23	     	                                                            Feb:	18-19		              Apr:	28	
                    May:16                                                                                  Mar:	13-14,	31-1		        	
Code 	              IMSP                       AMSP                                                         Apr:	21-22	May:	14-15
                                                                                          Code 	            VBE                       AVBE

                                                                                                    Free refresher courses – repeat any course free of charge.
                                                                                                    See p4 for details

                                                                                                                   BOOK ONLINE NOW AT WWW.REEDLEARNING.CO.UK
8   Information Technology

      TRAIN THE IT TRAINER                                                                      ESSENTIALS OF
      Structure	and	deliver	technical	training	courses	to	                                      MICROSOFT OUTLOOK
      maximise	understanding	and	knowledge	transfer                                             Harness	the	powerful	organisational	and		
                                                                                                communication	features	of	Microsoft	Outlook

      Who	is	it	for?                                                                            Who	is	it	for?
      Novice	and	experienced	IT	trainers	                                                       Anyone	wishing	to	fully	utilise	
      who	would	like	to	pick	up	practical	                                                      the	features	of	Outlook.	No	prior	
      training	techniques	and	refresh	skills.	                                                  knowledge	of	Outlook	is	necessary.	
      Trainers	from	other	skill	areas	who	                                                      Delegates	should	have	a	working	
      wish	to	widen	their	expertise.                                                            knowledge	of	Windows	and	be	
                                                                                                comfortable	using	the	mouse.
      What	is	it	about?
      IT	training	poses	its	own	unique	                                                         What	is	it	about?
      challenges	separate	to	those	of	soft	                                                     Microsoft	Outlook	is	more	than	just	
      skills	training.	This	course	is	delivered	                                                a	simple	email	programme,	it	has	
      by	experienced	IT	trainers	who	will	                                                      much	additional	functionality	that	can	
      share	their	extensive	knowledge	                                                          enhance	the	efficiency	of	day	to	day	
      and	experience	with	you	to	provide	                                                       tasks.	This	course	explores	these	as	
      practical	techniques	and	tips.               Course	overview	                             well	as	the	more	basic	email	functions	      M
                                                                                                                                           •		 ail	customisation	
                                                   •		 tructure	your	sessions	to	make	          to	give	you	complete	confidence	using	       S
                                                                                                                                           •		 etting	up	rules	
      What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                                                                this	programme.
                                                     them	memorable	and	fun	                                                                 O
                                                                                                                                           •		 utlook	workspace	and	toolbars	
      •		 mproved	feedback	ratings	by		
                                                   •		 uild	courseware	that	is	intuitive		
                                                     B                                          What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   U
                                                                                                                                           •		 tilising	Outlook	shortcuts	
        making	your	courses	more	interesting	
                                                     and	effective	                             •		 	thorough	understanding	of	the	
                                                                                                  A                                          A
                                                                                                                                           •		 dding,	finding	and	deleting	
      •		 ethods	to	produce	quality	training	
                                                   •		 orkshops	to	practice	presentation	
                                                     W                                            fundamentals	of	Outlook	                   contacts	
        materials	to	support	the	learning	
        process	                                     skills	and	explore	training	situations	    •		 onfidence	to	send,	receive,	read,	
                                                                                                  C                                          S
                                                                                                                                           •		 ending	email	to	contacts	
      •		 ncreased	effectiveness	of	your	            S
                                                   •		 et	realistic	objectives	and	overcome	      delete	and	file	emails	as	well	as		        A
                                                                                                                                           •		 dding,	updating	and	deleting	tasks	
        sessions	by	motivating	delegates	            potential	obstacles	                         add,	save	and	delete	attachments	          O
                                                                                                                                           •		 verview	of	votes	feature	
        to	learn                                     M
                                                   •		 anage	delegate	expectations              •		 mproved	time	management	
                                                                                                  I                                          A
                                                                                                                                           •		 dding	appointments	to	the	diary	
                                                   	 –	guiding	groups	with	mixed	abilities.	      through	effective	use	of		                 I
                                                                                                                                           •		 nserting	recurring	appointments
                                                   •		 ow	to	create	an	effective	course	          Outlook	Diary
                                                   	 –		 here	to	start	–	building	your	
                                                        W                                                                                  Follow-up	courses	
                                                        session	                                Course	overview	                           F
                                                                                                                                           	 undamentals	of	web	design	p119.		
                                                   	 –	Balance	telling	with	doing	                O
                                                                                                •		 verview	of	Outlook	features	           Intermediate	MS	Excel	p113.	
                                                   	 –	Develop	your	trainer	guide	              •		 etting	message	formats	
                                                                                                  S                                        Intermediate	MS	PowerPoint	p115.
                                                   	 –	Produce	delegate	handouts	                 C
                                                                                                •		 reating	email	messages	
                                                   	 –	Run	practical	sessions	                    S
                                                                                                •		 ending	a	web	page	
                                                   	 –	Control	keyboard	fidgeting
                                                                                                •		 ending	a	hyperlink	
                                 ALSO SEE
                                                   Follow-up	courses                              R
                                                                                                •		 eading,	replying	and	deleting	email	
                                 TRAIN THE         	 est	practice	for	training	managers	p88.	
                                                   B                                              F
                                                                                                •		 iling	email	and	folder	management	
                                 TRAINER           Training	and	learning	needs	analysis	
                                 P89                                                              A
                                                                                                •		 ttaching	files	to	emails	
                                                   in	practice	p88.
                                                                                                •		 pening,	reading	and	saving	

      Duration & cost                              2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	
      London	                                      D
                                                   	 ec: 10-11	Feb: 11-12	May:	8                Duration & cost                            1	Day,	£250	+	VAT	

      Code		                                       ITNT                                         London	                                    Dec:	6	Jan:	16	Mar:	7	May:	6
                                                                                                Code		                                     MO

                Loyalty discount – significant discounts available when you
                attend more than one course. See p4 for details

                                                                                                                                     Information Technology               9

    FUNDAMENTALS OF WEB DESIGN                                                                       GETTING TO GRIPS WITH
            Create	and	manage	successful	websites	that	
                                                      	                                          WINDOWS, MICROSOFT OFFICE
                        add	value	to	your	organisation                                                             & EMAIL
                                                                                                Understand	how	to	use	Windows	and	MS	Office	
                                                                                                 programmes	and	how	they	can	assist	you	with	
                                                                                                                             everyday	tasks

Who	is	it	for?                                                                         Who	is	it	for?
Individuals	who	prepare	or	update	        •		 ebsite	graphics
                                            W                                          Those	wishing	to	expand	their	
web	pages,	public	websites	or	            	 –		 dding	graphics
                                               A                                       knowledge	of	Windows	and	those	
intranets.	A	working	knowledge	of	        	 –		 aking	image	background	
                                               M                                       intending	to	use	email	and		
Microsoft	Windows	is	required.                 transparent                             Microsoft	Office.
                                          	 –		 ypes	of	image	files
What	is	it	about?                         	 –		 ixels	and	screen	resolutions
                                               P                                       What	is	it	about?
An	effective	website	is	central	to	the	   •		 yperlinks	
                                            H                                          This	course	will	equip	new	users	with	
marketing	and	operations	of	any	          	 –		 inks	between	pages,	links	to	
                                               L                                       a	thorough	understanding	of	how	to	
organisation.	This	course	teaches	             external	sites,	links	to	email	and	     navigate	the	windows	environment	
you	the	basics	of	web	design	and	              other	files	and	links	to	a	mid-point	   and	the	basics	of	Microsoft	Office	–	
maintenance	using	Microsoft	                   in	the	page                             giving	users	with	little	experience	the	
FrontPage	and	will	give	you	the	                                                       confidence	to	use	these	programmes	
                                          •		 sing	tables
confidence	to	take	on	website	                                                         in	every	day	tasks.
                                          	 –		 dding	tables	and	setting		
development	or	update	projects.                                                                                                     I
                                                                                                                                  •		 ntroduction	to	Word	
                                               table	properties                        What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                   U
                                                                                                                                  •		 tilise	the	menu	bar	and		
What	will	I	get	out	of	it?                  O
                                          •		 ther	document	formats                      S
                                                                                       •		 kills	to	add	shortcuts	to	frequent	      toolbar	icons	
•		 kills	to	follow	a	project	through	
  S                                            C
                                          	 –		 onverting	from	Office	documents          tasks	                                     C
                                                                                                                                  •		 reating	a	letter	
  from	an	initial	idea	to	the	creation	     F
                                          •		 rontPage	bots                              A
                                                                                       •		 bility	to	be	organised	by	creating	
                                          	 –		 nclude	bot,	site	search	bot	and	
                                               I                                                                                    T
                                                                                                                                  •		 he	Excel	window	
  and	publishing	processes	                                                              a	personalised	filing	system	and	
                                               page	counter	bot                                                                     I
                                                                                                                                  •		 nsert	text,	figures	and	formulae	
•		 ncreased	traffic	to	your	site	                                                       discovering	how	to	find	lost	files	
                                          •		 ublishing	the	website
                                            P                                                                                       F
                                                                                                                                  •		 undamentals	of	email	
•		 onfidence	to	utilise	the	FrontPage	                                                  T
                                                                                       •		 he	confidence	to	create	
  features                                	 –		 pload	to	FrontPage	servers.
                                               U                                         professional	letters	and	spreadsheets	     S
                                                                                                                                  •		 end,	receive,	and	reply	to	mail	
                                          	 –		 sing	FTP                                                                            A
                                                                                                                                  •		 ttach	files	to	email	
                                                                                       •		 educed	reliance	on	paper	by	
Course	overview	                               T
                                          	 –		 est	and	debugging
                                                                                         learning	how	to	send	and	receive	          D
                                                                                                                                  •		 elete	mail
•		 orld-wide	basics
  W                                            U
                                          	 –		 pdating	the	site:	adding	pages
                                                                                         emails,	including	attaching	files
	 –		 ow	the	world	wide	web	works	
     H                                         C
                                          	 –		 hecking	for	and	fixing	broken	                                                    Follow-up	courses	
	 –		 RLs	and	domain	names                     lines                                   Course	overview	                           	 ntermediate	MS	Word	p114.	
	 –		 eb	servers
     W                                    •		 echniques	for	promoting	your	site
                                            T                                          •		 indows	–	understanding	the	
                                                                                         W                                        Introduction	to	MS	Excel	p113.	
•		 icrosoft	FrontPage
  M                                            S
                                          	 –		 ite	statistics                           desktop	                                 Introduction	to	MS	PowerPoint	p115.
	 –		 ntroduction                                                                        U
                                                                                       •		 se	the	start	button	and	the	taskbar	
	 –		 reparation
                                          Follow-up	courses	
                                                                                       •		 se	mouse	buttons	and	keyboard	
	 –		 orking	from	a	brief
     W                                    	 ffective	internet	marketing	p107.	
	 –		 roducing	a	site	map
     P                                    Managing	successful	projects	p71.	
                                          Everything	you	wanted	to	know		                S
                                                                                       •		 tarting	programs	and	working	with	
•		 reating	a	new	website                                                                two	concurrently	
                                          about	copywriting	p109.
	 –		 tarting	a	new	website
                                                                                       •		 reate,	store,	find,	copy	and		
	 –		 reating	and	saving	pages
                                                                                         delete	files	
	 –		 aving	page	properties
                                                                                       •		 dding	folders	and	filing	
	 –		 mporting	and	exporting	text

Duration & cost                           2	Days,	£845	+	VAT	                          Duration & cost                            1	Day,	£250	+	VAT	
London	                                   D
                                          	 ec:	3-4	Feb:	7-8	Apr:	10-11                London	                                    N
                                                                                                                                  	 ov:	20	Dec:	12	
Code		                                    CMW                                                                                     Feb:	4	Apr:	14
                                                                                       Code		                                     IWO	

  Endorsed for CPD purposes by
  CIMA Mastercourses

                                                                                                                        TO BOOK CALL 0800 132 448 OR 01628 513 091

     What to expect on the day – answers to some common questions

     Where will my course                     Where can I stay?                            Are there breaks?
     be held?                                 If you book on a residential course in       Our trainers would be pretty upset if
                                              the Cotswolds, you’ll automatically          there weren’t, let alone our delegates.
     Reed Learning runs open courses
                                              be booked into the hotel where               Morning and afternoon coffee breaks
     in central London, Birmingham,
                                              the course takes place. This                 are built into the timetable to keep
     Manchester, Edinburgh and at
                                              accommodation is included in the             you feeling fresh. Typically courses
     a range of selected hotels in the
                                              residential price. If you need to stay       start about 9am and finish around
     Cotswolds. We also have a business
                                              overnight for other non-residential          4.30-5pm with an hour for lunch
     school in the Cotswolds where courses
                                              courses our customer service team            and two 15 minute breaks.
     leading towards professional finance
                                              can put you in touch with our
     qualifications are run.
                                              recommended hotel booking                    Can I check emails and
                                                                                           get on the internet
                                              How many people will                         during breaks?
                                              be on my course?                             Yes, many of our training centres
                                                                                           are wi-fi enabled and all have PCs
                                              Courses very rarely run with more
                                                                                           available to use. We would stress that,
                                              than 10 people in order to maintain
                                                                                           if you can, it is best to try and keep
                                              the level of individual attention our
                                                                                           work communication to a minimum
                                              experiential learning requires. Equally
                                                                                           for the duration of the course so you
                                              we will not run a course with less than
                                                                                           can remain focussed and maximise
                                              4 delegates so that group exercises
                                                                                           the benefit you gain from the learning.
                                              can still take place. Meeting other
                                              delegates with different approaches
                                              to similar challenges is a crucial benefit
                                              of attending our open courses.

     How will I know where
     to go and what to do?
     Well in advance of the course you’ll
     be sent comprehensive joining
     instructions. These will give you all
     the information you need to find
     the venue and will detail arrival
     times and any pre-course work.
     Our customer service team is always
     on hand to answer queries and
     provide confirmation of bookings
     (call 0800 132 448). You can
     also access maps online at
                                              Will there be lunch?                         Who will I meet on
     Is it easy to get there?                 Of course! You will either enjoy a           the day?
                                              buffet in one of the comfortable break
     All the training centres we use are                                                   You will be greeted by reception staff
                                              out areas in the training centre, visit
     centrally based in major cities, close                                                at the training centre who will register
                                              a local restaurant with your fellow
     to major transport links and the                                                      your attendance and point out where
                                              delegates or be given vouchers to
     residential locations in the Cotswolds                                                things are. Having had a coffee,
                                              use in the numerous eateries nearby.
     are easy to find with our joining                                                     you’ll meet your trainer and fellow
                                              All options are included in the
     instruction maps. We wouldn’t                                                         delegates. Part of the benefit of open
                                              course price.
     recommend you drive to our central                                                    courses is that a mix of experiences
     London centre though!                                                                 and backgrounds is present on
                                                                                           each course, allowing a sharing of
                                                                                           knowledge to supplement that of
                                                                                           the trainer. 0800 132 448

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