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Marketing Executive Experience Certificate Format document sample

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Role Title:        Retention and Development Senior Marketing Executive
Grade:             4
Reporting To:      Head of Retention and Development
Division/          Fundraising
Department:        Retention and Development

Role               To project manage and implement UK supporter stewardship
Purpose:           strategies for financial supporters, campaigners and ad hoc
                   donors across all product streams in order to maximise net funds,
                   general funds, supporter actions and loyalty.

                   To take responsibility for the creation, promotion and
                   development of specific fundraising products and activities in
                   accordance with team plans.

Key Contacts: External: Individual Supporters; Direct Marketing agencies;
(Internal and Telemarketing Agencies; Direct Marketing expert groups
External)     Internal: Head of Supporter Marketing, Head of Recruitment and
              Engagement and Team; Data and Insight Team; Supporter Care
              Team; Country Programme staff; Authorisation signatories;
              Communications Team and Policy and Campaigns team.
Date:         May 2010

To project manage day to day               To work closely with Supporter
stewardship and on-going                    Retention Manager to feed into
retention communications                    strategy development and to
(Such as ‘Action’ magazine                  implement on-going retention
and Anniversary                             communications.
communications) across all                 To work closely with Recruitment and
supporter types.                            Engagement Marketing Executive to
                                            seamlessly implement welcome
                                            communication strategies to further
                                            develop commitment amongst all
                                            supporter types
                                           To work with Data and Insight team to
                                            agree trigger based selections for
                                            anniversary mailings and other ‘thank
                                            you’ and value added communications
                                           With Head of Retention and
                                            Development and Supporter Retention
                                            Manager to agree monitoring and
                                            testing framework
                                           To continually monitor, test and amend
                                            various communications trails to
                                            ensure optimisation with key messages
                                            and work of the organisation
                                           To liaise with ActionAid country
                                            programme staff to ensure that all
                                            communication as part of on-going
                                            stewardship strategies are accurate,
     Senior Marketing Executive – grade 4
                                                meaningful, engaging and meets
                                                required standards
                                               To liaise effectively with Supporter
                                                Care teams – in particular Supporter
                                                Communications Team based in
                                                Chard, Somerset - to ensure all
                                                elements of stewardship
                                                communications are accurate, timely,
                                                appropriate and market leading
                                               To work with agencies / outside
                                                suppliers to constantly refine all
                                                communications to optimise retention
                                                and development.
                                               To keep up-to-date with best practice
                                                for retention and development

 To project manage and                         To manage the process from inception
output supporter development                    to completion and evaluation stage -
communications. Which                           informing future campaigns based on
could Include appeals,                          plan schedules and timings.
relevant uplift and                            To work with Supporter Retention
development communications                      Manager and Head of Retention and
and anniversary                                 Development on refining appeal and
communications                                  unrestricted giving strategy.

To project manage                              To work with the Emergencies Protocol
Emergency communications                        paper and amend as necessary in
on and offline to existing                      consultation with line manager/ Head
supporters and cold                             of Retention & Development
audiences in partnership with                  To Liaise effectively with
the Recruitment and                             agencies/suppliers to output
Engagement Executive                            emergency appeals promptly and
                                               To liaise with key internal departments
                                                (Supporter Care, MMP, Data & Insight,
                                                IECT), Finance, Media and PR) to
                                                ensure co ordination and synergy of
                                               Ensure compliance with DEC rules
                                                where applicable
                                               To ensure optimisation of all channels
                                                for recruitment messaging and ongoing
                                                relationship building of supporters
To provide regular reports on                  Weekly and monthly updates provided
owned work areas within                         to line manager and other key
team and division KPIs                          stakeholders
                                               Reports to align with team format for
                                                ease of comparison
                                               Actively engage with feed into rolling
                                                forecast process within agreed format
                                                and parameters
                                               Narrative on monthly management
                                                accounts to be within agreed
     Senior Marketing Executive – grade 4
                                            timescales and formatting

To support the promotion of               Ensure that all output on and off line
the AAUK brand in the market               adheres to AAUK brand guidelines and
place                                      best promotes the essence of AAUK
                                           and its mission
                                        To ensure all agencies understand and
                                           implement the brand guidelines
                                           accurately and effectively
                                        To adhere to agreed internal
                                           authorisation processes with key teams
                                           across the organisation
To contribute actively                 To meet regularly with Recruitment
integrated working across the            and Engagement team, Supporter
entire organisation (UK and              Care Supervisors, Data and Insight
internationally)                         team, Multi Media Productions, Policy
                                         and Campaigns team and other key
                                         and pertinent teams (depending on
                                         activity) to review progress on
                                         recruitment and year one retention.
                                       To work with Supporter Care teams
                                         to update on all development
                                         communications and fulfilment trail
                                         plans for all supporters
                                       To ensure that communications and
                                        relationships between Chard and
                                        London-based Individuals Marketing
                                        staff are at all times excellent and
                                        effective; to take a lead in arranging
                                        and participating in briefing Chard-
                                        based staff, especially those in a
                                        front-line information role.
                                       To work closely with Communications
                                        teams (e.g Media Relations, MMP and
                                        Schools and Youth), Policy and
                                        Campaigns, other Fundraising teams to
                                        ensure synergy of external AA messages
                                        and to capitalise on ad hoc
                                        opportunities/add value to all messages
                                        within the Project Management
                                       To work closely with other London based
                                        teams eg Multimedia Production Team
                                        and Marketing Planning to maximise
                                        recruitment plans through sophisticated
                                        segmentation and delivery of appropriate
                                       To ensure familiarity with key internal
                                        strategies such as and not limited to the
                                        Campaigning Vision and RTEP ensuring
                                        key organisation objectives are furthered
                                        where possible (eg Women’s Rights and
     Senior Marketing Executive – grade 4
To take day-to-day                Liaise with Line Manager to ensure all
responsibility for liaison with    contracts and or Service Level
and project management of          Agreements are adhered to.
the direct marketing agency       To ensure that all initiatives (defined as
and all other direct marketing     ‘projects’) are fully integrated across
suppliers for all relevant areas   AAUK and implemented through the
of work as defined by line         Project Management Framework.
manager                           Day to day project management of
                                   agencies including creative briefings and
                                   adherence to budgets and targets
                                  Arranging presentations of Agency
                                   creative with line manager and
                                   appropriate signatories
                                  Obtaining approval and comments on
                                   plans, media schedules and all aspects
                                   of creative and copy
                                  Approving quotes for creative,
                                   production, media, mailing etc against
                                   evolving budget plans (in agreement with
                                   line manager) ensuring value for money
                                   for specified retention and development

To undertake any other key
activities deemed necessary
by Head of Retention and
Development Marketing

     Senior Marketing Executive – grade 4
Role related knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours

   Person Spec – Essential:
          Recent experience of a marketing or fundraising role within the not-for-profit
          Led on all stages of the project management of various fundraising activities
           across a variety of direct marketing channels including direct mail and
          Experience gained through the project management of both acquisition and
           development communications
          Experience of devising complex data segmentation and hierarchies for
           supporter communications
          Experience of day-to-day management of key suppliers and agencies
          Experience of using digital marketing to enhance supporter engagement,
           development or to drive response.
          Experience of monitoring, reporting and forecasting against plans and budgets
          Adept in use of MS Office, particularly Excel and Word.
          Excellent verbal and written communication
          Ability to build strong relationships, based on mutual respect and trust, and
           ensure that the relationships thrive under pressure
        A professional qualification in Fundraising or Marketing such as the
           IDM certificate or other relevant qualification.
        Experience of working for an overseas development organisation

      Senior Marketing Executive – grade 4
Senior Marketing Executive – grade 4

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