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no. 6                             July 2002                                              News. Facts and More. Information for our customers.

                                                                                                    steel, a reduced torque requirement for the
                                                                                                    plasticizing process and an approximately
                                                                                                                                                               In this
                                                                                                    5 °C lower melt temperature – these are just
                                                                                                    a few of the bonus features of Engel's
                                                                                                                                                         e d i t i o n
                                                                                                    MARATHON technology. Particularly advan-
                                                                                                    tageous is the negligible friction on the hard
                                                                                                    metal-coated surfaces, as the reduced ten-
                                                                                                    dency of the melt to adhere to these sur-
                                                                                                    faces shortens downtimes when changing

SCREW P O W E R                                                                                     over from one material or colour to another
                                                                                                    by approximately one third! And the rela-
                                                                                                    tively narrow residence time profile of the
                                                                                                                                                         The new series of Engel robots is
                                                                                                                                                         now complete: ERC-E – the very
So you require a 170 mm screw featuring             Thus it was obvious that Engel Steyr            melt in the plasticizing unit is of enormous         latest in handling technology
not only hardened flights and special ge-       would be the ideal centre of competence             benefit to moulders of transparent parts (in-
                                                                                                                                                         combined with an optimized cost-
ometry but also an L/D ratio of 24:1? – No      for the production of complete injection            spection windows, sightglasses etc.), as the
                                                                                                    occurrence of streaks and black fish eyes
                                                                                                                                                         performance ratio.
problem at all for Engel Werkstofftechnik       units. EWT is already fully equipped to man-
(EWT) in Steyr/Austria. Equipped with state-    ufacture screws and non-return valves with          (charred material resulting from excessive                                     Page 2
of-the-art production machines and equip-       the utmost efficiency and geometrical ac-           residence time) is drastically reduced.
ment – including what must be the world's       curacy, both for the MARATHON series and                Meanwhile, every other customer uses
largest profile grinding machine for hard       for the standard plasticizing units, these              MARATHON screws purely on account
metal-coated screws up to a length of 3 m       being produced in a wide variety of types               of these processing benefits. The in-
and a whirling process unit for screws up       and from all standard materials. The availa-            creased service life is considered mere-
to a length of 5 m –, this material technolo-   ble machines and processes permit the pro-              ly as an “additional advantage”!
gy firm specializes in the production of the    duction of non-return valves up to 200 mm
main components of plasticizing units.          diameter and screws (including custom-built
                                                                                                    Extra service: Laboratory Analysis
                                                versions) featuring diameters of up to
                                                170 mm and lengths of up to 5 m. MARA-
    Present production at Steyr:                                                                                                                         In India, too, more and more
                                                THON screws are currently being manufac-            For the development, quality control and
   Screws and non-return valves                                                                                                                          plastics processors are coming
                                                tured in all diameters up to 105 mm. The            further improvement of its MARATHON
                                                benefits to the customer are a uniformly high       products, Engel Steyr utilizes its own labo-         to appreciate the quality and pro-
EWT already handles Engel's entire require-     standard of quality and a larger range of           ratory facilities which are equipped both for        ductivity advantages of Engel
ment for screws and non-return valves.          screws and non-return valves from Engel's           chemical/metallographic and for light-opti-          injection moulding machines.
Once planned building extensions have           own production than in the past – and also          cal and electron-optical analysis. Engel's                                      Page 3
been completed, Engel's production of           faster delivery and an optimized price-per-         laboratory equipment and know-how are
plasticizing cylinders will also be concen-     formance ratio.                                     also at the service of Engel's customers for
trated in Steyr, which means that EWT will                                                          a whole spectrum of requirements, from
then be the centre of competence for the                                                            photoelectron and scanning electron micro-
                                                       A whole host of benefits
production of complete plasticizing units for                                                       scopy, light element analysis and chemical
Engel injection moulding machines.                                                                  analysis using an energy-dispersive X-ray
    The engineers at Steyr already proved       Although the MARATHON screws were de-               detector through to the statistical evalua-
their expertise with the development of En-     veloped with the focus on improved serv-            tion of fibre length distribution and filler con-
gel's superior MARATHON technology. One         ice life when processing abrasive and cor-          centrations using digital image processing.
of the customer benefits resulting from this    rosive materials – and, of course, they offer           Whatever the requirement, whether it is
development is that Engel is the only man-      double the service life compared with               for tests on polymers for the rating of a new        “Münyag” – the key to success
ufacturer to give a full guarantee – and for    through-hardened steel –, it is the concom-         machine, for an estimation of the expected
                                                                                                                                                         in Hungary:
a whole year – on abrasion and corrosion        itant advantages which processors have              service life of a plasticizing unit, for the anal-
at processing temperatures of up to 450 °C.     come to appreciate to an ever increasing            ysis of fillers and additives, or for an assess-     Jász-Plasztik Kft. and Trend Kft.,
The MARATHON non-return valve was in-           extent: Engel has meanwhile sold a good             ment of damage in the case of a claim or             two completely different “young
troduced in 1996. Meanwhile, there are a        1,000 MARATHON screws.                              complaint, the experts at Engel Steyr can            enterprises” with at least one thing
good 20,000 of them giving reliable service         A higher plasticizing capacity by as            be relied upon for prompt and competent              in common: Engel injection
world-wide.                                     much as 5 to 8 % compared with hardened             assistance.                                          moulding technology.
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                                                                                                                                                         Editorial ............................    2
                                                                                                                                                         Engel innovative .................        2
                                                                                                                                                         Engel Technology
                                                                                                                                                         in India  ..........................      3
                                                                                                                                                         A visit to our
                                                                                                                                                         customers ..........................      4
                                                                                                                                                         Engel flexible .....................      6
                                                                                                                                                         Imprint ...............................   6
                                                The gases required for the MARATHON hard            Modern analytical methods, such as EDX
                                                metal coating process (high-speed flame
                                                                                                                                                         What does it mean .............           7
                                                                                                    analysis (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis
                                                spraying) are stored for reasons of safety in       as an additional SEM facility), likewise be-         Know how for the
                                                external tanks (bottom left). Top left: The left-   long to the range of services offered by EWT.        injection moulder ................        7
                                                hand production line produces MARATHON              Test assignments are usually handled within
                                                products, while the right-hand line produc-         three working days and concluded with a test         Names and News ...............            8
                                                es the entire range of “conventional” screws.       report. In urgent “problem” cases, initial re-
                                                State-of-the-art machine technology as fea-         sults giving essential information can be
                                                                                                                                                         Calendar .............................    8
                                                tured on this profile grinding machine (top)        made available at short notice (within 24
                                                ensures a high quality of product.                  hours).                                              Supplement
                                                                                                                                                         injection – North America
Page 2                                                                                                                                                                                       July 2002

Editorial Editorial                             Engel innovative Engel innovative: The new series of ENGEL ERC-E linear robots. Engel innovative

                                                LESS is often MORE where re-
                                                sults matter: LESS in terms of
                                                individual components, mainte-
                                                                                                                    Perfect handling
                                                nance requirements, program-                        tion with a precision drive system permit ac-         uniform for all sizes of robot, to the new 20A
 Dear                                                                                               curate positioning while maintaining high             power pack, which does away with the need
                                                ming operations – and simply                        speeds: speeds of up to 5 m/s and position-           for a transformer for non-standard voltages,
 Customers,                                                                                         ing tolerances of ±0.05 mm (small and medi-           and new I/O modules, which may be extend-
                                                MORE benefits and advantages                        um-sized robots) and ±0.1 mm (large robots)           ed as required, i.e. the user retrofits only what
      Although the injection moulding
                                                for the user. The most recent                       are standard.                                         he actually needs, no longer having to accept
 machine has undoubtedly reached a
                                                                                                                                                          16 additional inputs/outputs – which was the
 high level of development, there is            example of the “LESS IS MORE”                                                                             case hitherto – when only two are needed.
 always room for improvement, as the                                                                    Consistent concept – many new
                                                                                                                                                                The standard programs are easy to oper-
 introduction of the tiebarless clamp-          philosophy is the new E-Series                              performance features
                                                                                                                                                          ate. Even complicated sequences are pro-
 ing unit has shown. The plasticizing
                                                of Engel ERC Linear Robots.                                                                               grammable in teach-in mode, both with the
 unit, too, offers plenty of potential for
                                                                                                    All robot sizes from small to large are based         “integrated” control (common user interface for
 further development and improve-
                                                                                                    on a concept which is consistent throughout           machine and robot) and with the stand-alone
 ment. It is, and always will be, that
                                                                                                                        the entire range. Improve-        robot control. “Softservo” and “ADS” (Auto-
 part of the injection moulding ma-
                                                When Engel's linear robots came up for revi-                            ments and new features            matic Dynamic System), the new system func-
 chine which decisively influences the
                                                sion, every single feature was scrutinized. All                         concern all aspects of the        tions of the RC-100 control, may not go un-
 quality of the moulded part. Constant
                                                system components were analysed. Practical                              system, from its mecha-           mentioned either. With the “sensitivity” made
 modifications and new developments
                                                advantages were brought into line with cost                             nism and drive technolo-          possible by “Softservo”, the robot can now as-
 in polymer technology and the trend
                                                benefits. The result is a state-of-the-art robot                           gy through to I/O and          sist the ejectors during the demoulding oper-
 towards ever faster throughput rates
                                                which has been “modularized through and                                        control technology.        ation using carefully measured force, while
 and hence ever shorter cycle times
                                                through”: the new E-Series, Engel's fifth ro-                                       The      servo        ADS ensures that the robot's movements are
 make heavy demands on the plasti-
                                                bot generation. Now that it also includes the                                           axes, for         always performed at “optimum speed”: accel-
 cizing unit. Such demands are not
                                                largest model (ERC 94-144-E) as standard, the                                                             eration, speed and deceleration parameters
 infrequently the cause of “permanent
                                                new E-Series meets the handling requirements                                                              are automatically adapted to actual conditions
 stress”, pushing the plasticizing unit
                                                of the entire spectrum of injection moulding                                                                irrespective of target paramete.
 to the very limits of its performance.
                                                machines currently used in the market. Thanks                                                                         With these new performance fea-
      Traditionally, the plasticizing unit
                                                to the flexible modular system featured by the                                                                       tures, the Engel E-Series puts state-
 has always been the responsibility of
                                                E-Series, any customer's automation problem,                                                                             of-the-art robot technology into
 the application engineering depart-
                                                no matter how difficult it may be, can be solved                                                                              practical application at an
 ment. Whenever any problems arose,
                                                quickly and simply. Theoretically, the system                                                                                     optimized cost-perform-
 these were solved in closed collabo-
                                                modules can be combined to produce as many                                                                                            ance ratio. Used in
 ration with the people in our design                                                               The smallest standard model
                                                as ten million different variants, each tailored                                                                                          conjunction with
 department. Although this procedure                                                                (ERC 23-53-E, top) is designed
                                                exactly to the customer's individual require-                                                                                                  a compre-
 did of course give rise to improve-                                                                for machines with clamping
                                                ments.                                              forces from 400 to 6,000 kN),                                                                  hensive
 ments, in screw material and geom-
                                                                                                    the medium-sized model                                                                              set
 etry, for example, continuous further                                                              (ERC 63-82-E, middle)
 developments, let alone basic re-                 More performance for less money                  for machines with
 search, have rarely taken place.                                                                   clamping forces from
      Having not only established its                                                               2,500 to 18,000 kN
                                                The modular platform of the new E-Series af-        and the large member of this robot family (ERC
 Material Technology Centre in Steyr
                                                fords the processor a multitude of advantag-        94-144-E, bottom) automates injection mould-
 several years ago but also focussed                                                                ing machines with clamping forces from 13,000
                                                es, e.g.:
 its attention on the plasticizing unit                                                             to 55,000 kN.
                                                    faster rates of speed and acceleration as
 in its entirety, Engel has long since
 set the course for the continuous fur-
                                                    selectable levels of performance for digital
 ther development and improvement
                                                    drive systems,                                  example, are driven by new, highly dynamic            of grippers (Engel Grip Tools) and other pe-
 of this nucleus of the injection mould-
                                                    extended maintenance intervals and great-       motors. Also new are the ABC axes (pneumatic          ripherals, such as conveyor belts or tray serv-
 ing system. Such positive results as
                                                    er easer of servicing (thanks to permanent      and servo), whereby the servo-driven axes of-         ers, Engel robot systems feature components
 the Marathon screw and the Mara-
                                                    lubrication of the rack-and-pinion drives,      fer a great many advantages, such as com-             for every automation requirement, from the
 thon non-return valve, not forgetting
                                                    the use of low-maintenance linear guides,       pact, low-maintenance design, high power              semi-automatic machine through to the turn-
 the new barrier geometries, show
                                                    plug-in limit switches etc.),                   density, flexible application and free program-       key, fully automated injection moulding line for
 how important it is to concentrate on
                                                    digital vacuum monitoring of the suction        mability. All in all, these new robots are sturdy     the very ultimate in efficient, low-cost produc-
 a product from all engineering as-
                                                    grippers (with indicating and control ele-      pieces of equipment featuring high-quality            tion.
 pects – application, material and pro-
                                                    ments)                                          components which underwent stringent endur-
 duction. And with the many findings
                                                    extended number of optional additional          ance tests prior to being released for stand-
 made in the course of our develop-                                                                                                                                      ERC 63-83-E
                                                    modules and, last but not least,                ard production.
 ment work we are now in a much                                                                                                                                     ABC axes – what's new?
                                                    a considerably improved cost-performance            The new switch cabinet – all ERC E-Series
 better position to assist our custom-                                                                                                                                          Old               New
                                                    ratio compared with the previous series.        robots are now equipped with the same size
 ers. Our laboratory equipment, ana-
                                                Hardened and ground precision guides mount-         of switch cabinet – has completely new inner
 lytical apparatus and know-how are
                                                ed on a sturdy frame and working in conjunc-        workings, from the new controller, which is
 also at the service of our customers,
 helping them to tackle their problems                                                                                                                     B servo
 with the necessary expertise.
      Using production methods incon-
 ceivable years ago, we today create
 products which last considerably                                                                                                                          Non-standard parts      14               5
 longer and, moreover, perform bet-                                                                                                                        Standard parts          29               13
 ter. The more complex technologies
 become, the more important are cen-
 tres of competence which are able
 to harness and fully utilize the crea-                                                                                                                    C pneum.
 tive energy of the entire company.

 Yours faithfully
                                             Just a small selection of the new features of the ERC E-Series: Left: the   Softservo – an absolute
                                             Y-axis is now constructed from aluminium and designed entirely as a         novelty: this system func-        Non-standard parts      12               3
                                             telescopic axis, a feature which reduces overall machine height. Mid-       tion permits “sensitive” ad-      Standard parts          22               13
                                             dle: permanent lubrication permits extremely long maintenance inter-        aptation of the force re-
                                             vals for the rack-and-pinion drives – helical toothing of the Z/Y-axes      quirement of each axis to         New cast aluminium parts:
 Dr. Peter Neumann                           (which was straight hitherto) makes for reduced noise and increased         the actual situation, e.g. in-    Improved stability – reduced susceptibility to
 Spokesman for the Management                performance. Right: quick-connecting couplings on the vertical axis         sert-placing with measured
                                                                                                                                                           failure – simplified assembly – reduced costs.
                                             reduce set-up time to a minimum.                                            force.
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Engel Technology in India Engel Technology in India Engel Technology in India Engel Technology in India Engel Technology in India

      Ten years ago the sale of western high-tech machines to
      the “price-conscious” subcontinent of India was virtually                                Samsonite India Ltd.
      a sensation. Meanwhile, however, India's plastics proc-
      essors are aware of the advantages to be gained by
      quality and productivity: “With Engel machines and hot-
      runner moulds we can now increase productivity by up to
      35% compared with the Taiwanese machines used hither-
      to,” says Rajiv Nath, Joint Managing Director of HMD. The
      following four examples are typical of the applications for
      which Engel machines are being used in India today.

HMD                                                                                              Situated in Igatpuri/Nasik in Maharash-
Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd.                                                        tra State, Samsonite India is a produc-
                                                                                                 tion facility for Samsonite suitcases. As
      HMD leads the market for disposable              HMD first witnessed Engel's tiebar-       early as 1997, the company began to
      syringes in India. Based in Ballabgarh/     less machines in operation two years           use large-capacity machines and also
      Faridabad, about 90 km south of New         ago during a visit to an Italian medical       small and medium-sized tiebarless ma-             Samsonite India operates a total of
      Delhi in Haryana State, and employing       product manufacturer. Four standard            chines from Engel for the production of           six Engel injection moulding ma-
      a total 1,600 people in seven factories,    machines were ordered: a small 75              all the differently sized parts required for      chines for its suitcase production:
      HMD produces not only disposable            tonne machine, a 125 tonne machine             suitcase production. The large suitcase           two toggle-clamp machines, each
      plastic syringes and IV canulae but also    and two machines each with clamping            shells are injection moulded on toggle-           having a clamping force of 12,000
      scalpels and conventional glass syring-     forces of 175 tonnes.                          clamp machines (clamping force 1,200              kN, and four tiebarless machines
      es. Export sales account for 15% of pro-         Meanwhile, HMD has 21 Engel in-           tonnes), while the accessories are                with clamping forces of 4,000,
      duction, roughly half going to the USA           jection moulding machines in serv-        moulded on Engel tiebarless machines.             1,750, 800 and 300 kN.
      and western Europe. HMD aims to in-              ice, all of them tiebarless: 13 ma-
      crease this export share to 25% within           chines with a clamping force of
      the next two to three years.                     1,750 kN, three with 1,300 kN, four
                                                       with 1,250 kN and the small one with    Lexi Pens Pvt. Ltd.
                                                       750 kN.
                                                                                                 At its factory in Silvassa, 200 km
                                                  HMD appreciates not only the precision
                                                                                                 north-west of Mumbai (Bombay),
                                                  of these machines but also their tiebar-
                                                                                                 Lexi Pens (India) has been produc-
                                                  less design, and especially where clean
                                                                                                 ing ballpoint pen components on
                                                  room conditions are concerned. A ma-
                                                                                                 two tiebarless Engel machines since
                                                  chine without (lubricated) tiebars con-
                                                                                                 the beginning of this year:
                                                  tributes to a reduction in particle emis-
                                                                                                      The machines are an ES 500/
                                                  sion from the very outset and the unre-
                                                                                                      110 Victory (1,100 kN clamping
                                                  stricted access to the machine facilitates
                                                                                                      force) and an ENGEL VICTORY
                                                  the regular cleaning necessary in the
                                                                                                      500/150 Tech (1,500 kN).
                                                  clean room.
                                                                                                 Instead of outsourcing additional
From left: V. Ramesh, Engel India Pvt. Ltd.,                                                     capacity – which was the practice
Rajiv Nath, HMD, and Heinz Paul Vrablitz,                                                        hitherto – Lexi Pens purchased
Engel Schwertberg.
                                                                                                 these machines within the com-
                                                                                                 pass of a new project for the
                                                                                                 complete in-house produc-
                                                                                                 tion of high-quality                           plastic and metal as well as all-metal and
                                                                                                 products “made in                              all-wood models. Lexi Pens has a daily
                                                                                                 India“.                                        production of roughly half a million ball-
                                                                                                      Lexi Pens spe-                            point pens! They are marketed under
                                                                                                 cializes in the manu-                          the brand name of “Lexi” not only in In-
                                                                                                 facture of up-market writing implements.       dia and neighbouring countries but also
                                                                                                 Besides all-plastic pens, the range in-        in the USA and in European, African and
                                                                                                 cludes pens made from combinations of          Arabian countries.

Chanvim Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
      Chanvim Plastics in Nagpur, Mararash-               One ENGEL DUO 11050/1500
      tra State, belongs to the Borana Group,          (clamping force 15,000 kN) and two
      which operates several production fa-            large-capacity tiebarless machines,
      cilities for white goods and household           one being Engel's largest
      articles in India. Inaugurated in 1999 in        tiebarless machine, the
      the immediate vicinity of Electrolux (In-        ENGEL 5550/600 HL
      dia), the Nagpur factory supplies large          (6,000 kN), the other an
      plastic parts (drums, housing sections           ENGEL 2550/400 HL
      etc.) for Electrolux washing machines.           (4,000 kN).
            When production commenced in          So far, the 1,500 tonne DUO
      2000, three Engel machines – commen-        is the largest Engel machine
      surate with the sizes of the parts pro-     in India – and of the large tie-
      duced – were put into service:              barless      machines      (600
                                                  tonnes) Engel has meanwhile
                                                  delivered three to India.
Page 4                                                                                                                                                                                    July 2002

A visit to our customers                  Jász-Plasztik Kft. und Trend Kft., Jászberény/Ungarn A visit to our customers A visit to our customers

Jász-Plastik Kft.: Shown here is the plastics factory (müanyag üzem) on the grounds of the former agricultural production co-     The first new Engel ES 400 HL (1998) was followed by a further 52
operative. Part of the painting shop is located in the old farm shed (bottom left and centre). The new injection moulding shop,   machines – with clamping forces ranging from 200 to 15,000 kN
opened in 1998, has a production floor area of 6,000 m². A further 8,000 m² were put into service at the end of 1999 for down-    (Jász-Plasztik also has 28 Mitsubishi machines and one TOS ma-
stream surface finishing (painting and pad printing), warehousing, scrap pelletizing, sheet extrusion and the processing of EPS   chine in service). Besides battery cases and covers, Jász-Plastik
(expandable polystyrene) into packagings and moulded sheets for household appliances (refrigerator parts, for example). Under     manufactures TV cabinets, components for video recorders and hi-
the Széchenyi Plan, Jász-Plasztik received an investment subsidy of EUR 1.6 million EUR for expansion and modernization.          fi equipment, plastic parts for refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.

                       Müanyag – two Hungarian success stories
If the strategical plans of the Hungarian government succeed, this former East-                                                                       the hydraulic system was adapted by a con-
                                                                                                     From agricultural machine mechanic
ern-bloc country will have finalized its preparations for entry into the EU by the                                                                    tinuous process of trial and error. “Quite a lot
                                                                                                            to "müanyag" expert
                                                                                                                                                      of improvements had to be made to the pro-
end of 2002. In terms of market economy, Hungary is already a firmly integrat-
                                                                                                                                                      totype before it was sufficiently functional for
ed part of the EU. By 1999, for example, Hungary was conducting 76 percent of                       During the eighties, the Hungarian economy        us build a series of three Kasza machines,”
her export business and 64 percent of her import business with other Europe-                        went through a process of liberalization which    says Lajos Kasza, smiling modestly, but not
an countries, and according to the Hungarian Ministry of Economic Affairs,                          also tolerated private initiative and, by the     without a hint of pride. Indeed, from 1987 un-
2001 was likewise an extremely successful year, economic growth being in the                        same token, gave birth to the ‘part-time en-      til well after the establishment of Jász-Plasztik
region of four percent with a simultaneous increase in buying power and a                           trepreneur’. Lajos Kasza had already recog-       Kft., which officially commenced business on
                                                                                                    nized the opportunities afforded by plastics      1st May 1990, these machines constituted the
decline in unemployment to well below six percent. Contributing largely to this
                                                                                                    and decided to operate his own injection          economic foundation of the company and the
economic growth, which had become extremely stable by the middle of the                             moulding facility at home, but not, of course,    sale of the small PVC parts manufactured in
nineties, is the committed approach both of Hungarian companies and entre-                          until after he had finished his working day at    the cellar of Kasza's house – furniture han-
preneurs and of many foreign investors. To support this development, in the                         the co-operative or could find time at the        dles, tablecloth clamps etc. – were soon be-
year 2000 the Hungarian government announced a ‘National Development Plan’.                         weekends and on public holidays. Since there      ing sold at a profit. “We invested our entire
Known as the Széchenyi Plan, it provides for government subsidies totalling                         was no money for a used injection moulding        profit in 1990 in our first standard machine, a
                                                                                                    machine, let alone a new one, he and his cous-    used Kuasy 400 from the Lehel refrigerator
HUF 434 billion (around EUR 1.7 billion) for the years 2001 and 2002.
                                                                                                    in, Janos Kasza, decided that the only way to     combine,” says Kasza.
                                                                                                    make their dream come true was to build a              Like all the other state-run enterprises, the
Two outstanding examples of Hungarian en-              Prior to independence, Lajos Kasza           machine themselves. Based on an Engel tog-        agricultural production co-operative in Jász-
trepreneurship are the firms of Jász-Plasztik     worked for many years as an agricultural ma-      gle clamp machine dating from 1957, which         berény did not remain unaffected by the polit-
Kft. and Trend Kft. in Jászberény, a good         chinery maintenance mechanic for an agricul-      Lajos Kasza had seen in the local refrigerator    ical changes that had taken place in 1989. No
hour's drive east of Budapest. Despite their      tural production co-operative in Jászberény;      combine, the prototype was built from auto-       longer able to operate at a profit, the co-oper-
roots in a socialist planned economy, both        Tibor Sinka worked as a designer for the state    mobile and agricultural machinery components      ative closed down in 1990. In order to gain
these firms had the courage to create some-       refrigerator combine Lehel, also in Jászberény.   and other available materials within a period     space for his continuously expanding produc-
thing new from extremely small beginnings,        What links these two young entrepreneurs is       of only six months. It was a 200 tonne toggle     tion facility, Lajos Kasza bought a farm shed
owing their success not least to the enormous     ‘müanyag’ – the Hungarian word for plastics       clamp machine with a 400 cm³ injection unit       located on the co-operative's premises – for
personal commitment and entrepreneurial tal-      – and in this regard Engel injection moulding     and a relay control which the cousins had de-     a very reasonable sum. In that same year, a
ent of Lajos Kasza (Jász-Plasktik) and Tibor      machines have had a significant part to play      veloped themselves. The screw was ground          state-run enterprise in Tatabanja likewise had
Sinka (Trend).                                    in their respective success stories.              to shape with ‘more feeling than precision’ and   to give up its business. Among its assets were

                                                                       “By now we're con-
                                                                       vinced: Engel machines
                                                                       are much better than the
                                                                       ones we built ourselves –
                                                                       although ours stood us in
                                                                       good stead at the begin-     Here Lajos Kasza junior shows us the front of a   Also new at Jász-Plasztik (since 2000) is the
                                                                       ning. That's why we've       TV set produced by Engel gas injection tech-      mould making department (1,500 m²): as many
                                                                       become one of Engel's        nology and demoulded fully automatically. This    as 30 people are engaged in the maintenance
                                                                       customers and not one of     moulded part has yet to be painted and printed    of existing moulds and the construction of new
                                                                       its competitors,” says La-   downstream.                                       ones (mainly for EPS at present). The CAD sys-
                                                                       jos Kasza jokingly.                                                            tem has likewise been extended.
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A visit to our customers A visit to our customers A visit to our customers A visit to our customers                                                               A visit to our customers A visit

     Trend Kft.: Everything began with the design and construction of moulds – injection moulding came later as an additional “iron in the fire”                   One of the advantages of Engel tiebarless
     (now accounting for around 80 percent of sales). Approximately one third of Trend's products are exported (EU countries). The ability to solve                machines really comes into its own in the old
     problems, develop parts and design and construct moulds without restriction of scope to any one particular type or family of parts was – and is – the         production shed: the relatively limited head-
     driving force behind this Hungarian company's growth. The machines cover clamping force requirements from 200 to 4,000 kN, with shot weights                  room would have caused considerable mould-
     ranging from 0.1 g to max. 2 kg. The new building, with its modern office and production facilities, is currently being extended by a further new             changing problems if Trend had used machines
     production shed.                                                                                                                                              equipped with tiebars.

     six TOS injection moulding machines, which            berény, adding further production sheds to the                                                          Hungary and could offer us on-the-spot sup-
     Kasza bought – and naturally at a very fair           existing ones. In 1997, Kasza bought five rel-                                                          port and assistance in our own language,” says
     price. Now equipped with eleven machines              atively new Engel machines from a Slovakian                                                             Sinka, casting his mind back to those early
     and a new production site, Lajos Kasza oper-          plastics processor who was in financial straits                                                         days. Moreover, Engel was able to offer Sinka
     ated as a sub-contractor mainly supplying             at the time. Jász-Plasztik's altogether positive                                                        favourable credit terms (leasing through the
     parts for car and lorry batteries. The firm's first   experience with these machines – the first                                                              Bank Austria Group). The first three Engel
     own moulds (for motorcycle parts) were now            modern machines to be installed in the com-                                                             machines were delivered at the beginning of
     purchased.                                            pany's production facility – marked the begin-                                                          1995. “As the high standard of quality of these
         The battery parts were supplied mainly to         ning of what was to become a close and mu-                                                              machines enabled us to manufacture our prod-
     the state-owned battery factory Unitechnika           tually beneficial collaboration with Engel.                                                             ucts without any problems at all, Engel ma-
     at Sülysáp (40 km from Budapest) and to a                                                                                                                     chines are our only choice today,” says Sinka.
     manufacturer in Yugoslavia. In 1994, when                                                                                                                     The company meanwhile operates a total of
                                                                  Designer of his own future
     Unitechnica got into financial difficulties, Kas-                                                                                                             44 Engel machines.
     za offered to take over his debitor's business                                                                                                                    Trend's main customers are multinational
     in settlement of Unitechnika's outstanding            Together with his present business partner,                                                             western companies operating in the house-
     debts. To cut a long story short, Jász-Plasztik       Soltan Kovacs, and five other like-minded peo-                                                          hold and electrical appliance industry – such
     is today the largest internationally operating        ple, Sinka began business in a rented garage                                                            as Electrolux – and also a number of Japa-
     battery manufacturer in Hungary, producing as         as a freelance service provider. The service                                                            nese and Korean electrical companies. Trend
     many as 300,000 batteries for cars, lorries,          package included mould design and the con-                                                              envisages growth potential in other areas of
     electric trolleys and tractors every year. – In-      struction of simple injection moulds. By 1991,                                                          plastics processing, such as the injection
     deed, from 1995 onwards, battery production           this sideline had become Sinka's and Kovacs'                                                            moulding of PET bottle parisons or the extru-
     contributed essentially to the economic growth        main business, henceforth operating under the                                                           sion of profiled seals for household applianc-
                                                                                                               Tibor Sinka – shown here inspecting a refriger-
     of the company as a whole, and profits were           name of Trend Kft.                                  ator handle produced by Engel gas injection         es and the furniture industry.
     also ploughed back into the company's plas-               Sinka and Kovacs set up their new com-          technology – says: “We are quite proud of the
     tics production facilities. Jász-Plasztik then        pany when their former employer Lehel was           fact that in the last 15 years we haven't turned
                                                                                                               down a single customer, no matter whether the           A safe course for future growth
     purchased the entire grounds of the former            taken over by Electrolux and restructured.
                                                                                                               enquiry was for a thermoplastic or a thermoset
     agricultural production co-operative in Jász-         Projects for Electrolux were the initial business
                                                           mainstay and other customers were can-                                                                  Pioneering spirit and self-confidence are the
                                                           vassed. So as not to limit its scope to design                                                          prerequisites for a successful start in business.
      The Széchenyi Plan                                   and engineering services alone, the company                                                             Jász-Plasztik and Trend have long since
                                                           had already begun to offer a mould proving                                                              emerged from their infancy: Trend now em-
       “So far, at the turn of the new millennium,         service for its moulds as early as 1991. It was                                                         ploys 260 people, while Jász-Plastik's work-
       only the foundations for entry into the EU,         but a short and logical step from this small-                                                           force numbers 650 in plastics processing and
       economic modernization and a high level of          scale production to large-scale production.                                                             a further 50 in battery production. Not only
       prosperity for broad strata of society have         Two used injection moulding machines were                                                               their customers are convinced of their poten-
       been laid. In order to continue our way to-         purchased in 1992 for the mass production of                                                            tial, but the Hungarian government is, too:
       wards achieving these goals, we need, first         small parts for refrigerators. The rented ga-                                                           both companies have received government
       and foremost, a system of new, realistic,           rage had now become too small, and so a                                                                 subsidies under the Széchenyi Plan for the
       comprehensible and pragmatic programmes             large, empty factory shed was rented instead.                                                           continued improvement of their respective in-
       .… which identify those areas where the                 Sinka soon realized that demands on                                                                 frastructures. And they also owe much of their
       State can participate as a co-financer of           moulded-part quality could not be met in the                                                            success to their use of Engel's tiebarless in-
       economic development ….” – this is the              long term with used machines. Consequently,                                                             jection moulding machines, as the reliability
       statement which prefaced the Hungarian              by 1994, he was already seriously contemplat-                                                           and productivity of these machines left them
       government's announcement of its National           ing the purchase of new ones. To this end,                                                              free to concentrate fully on their core tasks.
       Development Plan, the so-called Széchenyi           Sinka was able to draw on his past experi-                                                              Quite apart from their high precision and re-
       Plan, in March 2000.                                ence at the refrigerator combine with the in-                                                           producibility, Engel machines permitted the
      Government subsidies totalling HUF 434 bil-          jection moulding machines of a well-known                                                               use of customers' own moulds – some of them
      lion (around EUR 1.7 billion) for the period         German competitor of Engel. When compar-                                                                coming from as far afield as Asia – without any
      from 2000 to 2002 will be shared among the           ing all the available makes of machine, Sinka                                                           need for conversion.
      following sectors of the economy: motorways          attached great importance to optimum proc-                                                                   Jász-Plasztik and Trend are collaborating
      – research, development and innovation –             ess control and a logical, easy-to-understand                                                           to an ever increasing extent with their custom-
                                                                                                               The investment subsidy of EUR 1 million award-
      housing – tourism – suppliers – small and            machine control system. Sinka's short-list in-                                                          ers in product development. To this end, state-
                                                                                                               ed to Trend under the Széchenyi Plan will be
      medium-size enterprises – regional economic          cluded Engel's medium-sized range of tiebar-        used for equipping the mould making depart-         of-the-art machines and processing technol-
      development.                                         less machines equipped with the then newly          ment with state-of-the-art machine technology       ogy are absolutely essential, as low labour
                                                           introduced EC 88/CC 90 control system.              (photo) and for the completion of new building      costs alone, whether in Hungary or anywhere
      The National Development Plan has been               “What clinched things for us was the fact that      extensions – already under construction –           else, are no longer an adequate argument in a
                                                                                                               which will permit further expansion of the in-
      named after Count István Széchenyi, 1792-            Engel had its own sales and service branch in                                                           competitive global economy.
      1860, a Hungarian politician who began a na-                                                             jection moulding shop.
      tional reform movement in the 1820s (moder-
      ate liberalism). One of his many other achieve-
      ments was the founding of the Hungarian
      Academy of the Sciences.
Page 6                                                                                                                                                                                     July 2002

Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel flexible Engel

                                                                             Over     100 Engel machines in service at PARKER world-wide
                                                                             Parker has been a dedicated user          ent on fast change-over times alone,            For the past two years, all ma-
                                                                             of Engel injection moulding ma-           but also on the ability of the machine     chines in Parker's factory at Plei-
                                                                             chines since the eighties. After the      to produce precision parts requiring       delsheim have been linked with the
                                                                             introduction of the Engel tiebarless      little or no downstream finishing.         ENGEL EMS central computer sys-
                                                                             machine system, Parker and Engel          Elastomer processing thus necessi-         tem. Besides monitoring machine
                                                                             began collaborating in 1994 on a          tates the use of sturdy platens in         status and settings, this central com-
                                                                             consistent programme of renewal.          order to keep mould deflection, and        puter system also generates produc-
                                                                             Parker's main arguments in favour         hence flash and dimensional preci-         tion data records and transmits pro-
                                                                             of Engel machines were – and still        sion in all cavities, within the closest   duction orders directly to the ma-
                                                                             are – the more efficient utilization of   possible tolerances.                       chine via the integrated production
                                                                             mould space through the absence                 Forstner also expects an eco-        data collection system. On the sub-
                                                                             of the tiebars, the time gained when      nomically efficient production ma-         ject of maintenance, Forstner's com-
                                                                             setting up the machine, the preci-        chine “to be equipped with a user-         ments are likewise positive: “Our
                                                                             sion and rigidity of the clamping unit    friendly control system which is           maintenance software automatical-
                                                                             and, last but not least, the ease with    adaptable to our own requirements.”        ly indicates predefined maintenance
Parker Hannifin, a leading global manufacturer of O-                         which the control system can be           In spite of all Engel's many further       times. Unfortunately, we have to car-
                                                                             operated.                                 developments and improvements in           ry out unscheduled troubleshooting,
rings and customized elastomer parts, and Engel look                                                                   machine control technology, little         too, but this is inevitable when ma-
back on more than 20 years' successful partnership,                                                                    change has been made to the user           chines have to work a three-shift
                                                                              Round-the-clock operation
                                                                                                                       interface since 1985. “As their con-       day. But thanks to the maintenance-
during which time as many as 100 Engel injection                                                                       trols are virtually identical, all ma-     friendly design of the machines and
                                                                             “Since one of Parker's essential stra-    chines can be readily operated - al-       the ready accessibility of the most
moulding machines for the processing of rubber and                           tegic aims is to cover individual re-     most instinctively – by any of our         important system components, re-
SLR have been supplied to Parker Hannifin's produc-                          quirements with small batches and         operators,” says Michael Forstner.         pair times are generally very fast.”
                                                                             fast deliveries, especially when it
tion sites at Pleidelsheim/Germany and in the Czech                          comes to the production of O-rings,
                                                                             the advantages of the tiebarless
Republic, Italy, Brazil and the USA.                                         machine really come into their own,”
                                                                             says Michael Forstner, Business Unit
                                                                             Manager Injection Moulding in Plei-
 The Parker Hannifin Corporation, based in Cleveland/USA, is one of
                                                                             delsheim, when asked about his
 the world's largest manufacturers of components and systems for drive
                                                                             practical experiences with three-shift
 and control technology. The company employs over 45,000 people in
                                                                             operation six days a week. The three
 45 countries. With 260 production facilities, 180 own sales branches
                                                                             production lines at Parker produce
 and 8,600 authorized distributors, Parker Hannifin operates the largest
                                                                             O-rings, both from solid silicone and
 and tightest distribution network in the field of “Motion Control”. Total
                                                                             from LSR, and engineering parts.
 sales reached US$ 5.36 billion in the business year 2000/2001.
                                                                             Using a modular system comprising
 Founded by Arthur L. Parker in 1918, the company began with the
                                                                             standard moulds and interchangea-
 manufacture of pneumatic components, gradually adding hydraulic and
                                                                             ble cavity plates in conjunction with
 electromechanical parts as business progressed. Today, Parker Hanni-
                                                                             the unobstructed access afforded by
 fin's business is divided into eight main areas: Automation, Electrome-
                                                                             the tiebarless design of their Engel
 chanics, Pneumatics – Hydraulics – Joining & Fastening Technology –
                                                                             machines, Parker has succeeded in
 Filtration – Refrigeration Technology – Measuring & Control Technology
                                                                             reducing change-over times to a
 – Aerospace – Sealing Technology. The latter is the domain of the Parker
                                                                             very minimum. Indeed, this is the
 Hannifin Seal Group, which leads the field in the development and man-                                                Michael Forstner, Business Unit Manager Injection Moulding at Parker Hanni-
                                                                             basic prerequisite for economical
 ufacture of sealing, EMI shielding and thermal managment systems and                                                  fin in Pleidelsheim/Germany: “Just as important as extreme machine efficien-
                                                                             production when processing ex-            cy are flexible mould mounting conditions which also permit easy access.
 vibration control components. It operates over 40 production plants,
                                                                             tremely small batches. Economic           Sometimes, for the small-batch production of customized O-rings, for
 eight of which are in Europe.                                                                 example, we must even change our mould systems several times a day.”
                                                                             efficiency, however, is not depend-

                                                                             ELAST modular system permits fast and easy access
                                                                              This ENGEL ELAT 250 V, a standard        Making manual demoulding easier
                                                                                                                                                                        The twofold benefit
                                                                               machine with a clamping force of        and achieving a fast cycle time were
                                                                                2,500 kN, is used here for the in-
                                                                                                                                                                          of automation
                                                                                                                       the customer's main reasons for se-
                                                                                 jection moulding and vulcanizing      lecting the equipment variant of the
 Publisher                                                                        of rubber parts of extremely
                                                                                                                       ENGEL ELAST injection moulding             In an injection moulding facility for
 ENGEL Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.,                                               complicated geometry. For
                                                                                     this application, the machine     machine shown here. When the               rubber parts, just one person will
 Ludwig-Engel-Straße 1,
 A-4311 Schwertberg                                                                   is additionally equipped –       mould opens, the sliding table auto-       often be responsible for the simul-
                                                                                       from the available range of     matically transports the bottom half       taneous operation of several ma-
                                                                                       standard optional modules       of the mould out of the clamping           chines. Consequently, if any auxilia-
 Editors                                                                               – with an automatically ex-
                                                                                                                       unit. Instead of first having to open      ry manual operations can be elimi-
 Reinhard Bauer (responsible),                                                         tending and retracting slid-
 Tel.: +43/72 62/6 20-30 60, E-Mail:                                                   ing table for the bottom        the safety guard using the usual two-      nated through automation, the ben-,                                                         mould half and a light beam     hand interlock, the demoulder can          efit will be immediately felt. This is
 Dr. Georg Krassowski                                                                  guard as a necessary safe-      immediately take hold of the mould-        not, however, the sole advantage of
                                                                                       ty feature.                     ed part. With this equipment variant,      automation. The shorter the time
 KONSENS Public Relations GmbH,                                                                                        the sliding table moves out by a dis-      during which the mould remains
 D-64823 Groß-Umstadt,                                                                                                 tance equal to approximately three         open, the more constant the tem-                                                                                                     quarters of the depth of the platen.       peratures of the mould will be, and
 Printed by                                                                                                                 This improved accessibility is        this in turn will have a beneficial ef-
 Kammer-Repro Flexo Print GmbH,                                                                                        particularly labour-saving in cases        fect on process stability and hence
 A-4021 Linz                                                                                                           where metal parts, for example, have       on the quality of the moulded part.
 injection is the customer newspaper                                                                                   to be inserted into the mould. To fa-           Processors may also be interest-
 from ENGEL.                                                                                                           cilitate work even more, the sliding       ed to note that the sliding table, the
 Reprinting of articles after                                                                                          table can be arranged to move out          standard version of which can be
 agreement with the editors and with                                                                                   fully automatically, to which end the      extended and retracted by up to 75
 indication of source permitted.
                                                                                                                       machine must be equipped with a            percent of platen depth, can also be
 Printed on paper produced                                                                                             light beam guard as in the case of         arranged – at extra cost – for 100
 using environmentally safe process.
                                                                                                                       the machine shown here.                    percent extension and retraction.
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What does it mean ... What does it mean ... What                                                Know-how for the injection moulder Know-how for the injection moulder

... Autoprotect injection monitoring?

                                                                 The red curves indicate
                                                                 the tolerance limits for the
                                                                 pressure profile (injection
                                                                 and holding pressure),
                                                                 while the green curve in-
                                                                 dicates the pressure pro-
                                                                 file of the actual injection
                                                                                                Top: Peter Baldinger (left), Development Manager
                                                                                                Plasticizing Units at Engel, and Karl Ebenberger,
                                                                                                Works Manager at Trodat. A combination of mara-
                                                                                                thon screws and applicational improvements re-
                                                                                                duced the time needed for colour changes by a
                                                                                                good 30 percent
                                                                                                Right: Rudolf Weiss (left), Production Manager, and
                                                                                                Siegfried Wögerbauer, Injection Moulding Manag-
                                                                                                er at Silhouette. For a range of 1,000 colours and
                                                                                                batch sizes of 50 or less, fast and efficient colour
Intelligent software packages from Engel help to prevent                                        changes are a decisive success factor.

damage occurring during production runs, thus avoiding
high consequential costs in many cases. The “Autopro-                                                                               Rapid colour change
tect Injection Monitoring System” recognizes acute dan-                                         The trend towards individualized prod-                      pirical findings are already pointing towards pos-
ger during the injection process and reacts before any                                          ucts and small production batches is giv-                   sible solutions. Tests carried out by the Austrian
                                                                                                ing rise to a cost factor of ever increas-                  spectacle frame manufacturer Silhouette, and by
damage can occur to the mould.                                                                  ing significance – the changeover from                      Trodat, the Austrian market leader in rubber stamp
                                                                                                one material and/or colour to another.                      and marking systems, are particularly interesting,
                                                                                                Hitherto this cost factor has always been                   not least because both firms are having to meet
Many of Engel's customers have mean-                  Injection speed,
                                                                                                                                                            the challenge of producing extremely small, indi-
while come to appreciate “Autoprotect”,               Screw stroke,                             accepted as a “necessary evil”, because
                                                                                                                                                            vidually coloured batches.
the highly sensitive mould protection                  Cavity pressure                          there have never been any suitable means
system. This system “learns” the veloc-               Melt pressure (given the necessary        of reducing changeover times to any con-
ity or, alternatively, force profile of the           transducers).                             siderable extent. This potential can now                         Colour change 30 percent faster
mould closing operation and compares             Up to four parameters can be monitored         be exploited profitably thanks to Engel
actual operation shot by shot with the           simultaneously.                                MARATHON screw technology.                                  Silhouette's product range features 25 different
stored reference profile. In the event of             As soon as it receives the inputted
                                                                                                                                                            materials – primarily PA types – and 1,000 or so
a deviation, which could be caused, for          command “Start Initialization”, the Au-
                                                                                                As explained on page 1 of this issue of “injection”,        different colours, these being mainly produced
example, by a moulded part which has             toprotect system documents and dis-
                                                                                                carbide-coated marathon screws offer, besides               with powdered masterbatches. One production
either not been ejected or not been fully        plays the profiles of the chosen param-
                                                                                                resistance to wear and corrosion, many other                unit comprising nine machines performs an aver-
ejected, Autoprotect immediately comes           eters for the duration of up to 30 injec-
                                                                                                advantages. Even for standard applications, these           age of 20 colour changes per shift:
into action and stops the machine.               tion cycles. The software then automat-
                                                                                                advantages have proved to be “pleasant side ef-                  That's 60 colour changes in 24 hours, plus
                                                 ically generates the reference curve
                                                                                                fects”, especially the much faster changeover from               two or three changes of material!
                                                 (green curve in the top picture) from this
    Keeping the injection unit                                                                  one material and/or colour to another.                      After a three-month trial period with a 25 mm
                                                 documented family of curves. The per-
            in check                                                                                A factor which considerably influences colour           marathon screw, all nine machines were fitted with
                                                 mitted tolerances are then inputted in
                                                                                                and material changeover is the sum of the rele-             marathon screws of diameters ranging from 18 to
                                                 order to obtain the master profile (red
                                                                                                vant interactions between the polymer and the               25 mm. The results after nine months' production
A similar principle can be applied to the        curves indicating upper and lower lim-
                                                                                                metal surface of the screw in the boundary layer            speak for themselves:
injection process. The intelligent soft-         its). Should those injection parameters
                                                                                                along the screw channel. The less the melt ad-                   Roughly 30% saving of time and material
ware developed by Engel for this appli-
                                                                                                heres to the surface of the screw, the easier it is              (purging compound) for each colour change.
cation is called “Autoprotect Injection
                                                                                                to purge the plasticizing unit. The degree of ad-                In terms of production capacity – in the quot-
Monitoring”. With this system, the con-
                                                                                                hesion depends on many physical and chemical                     ed example of nine machines – this corre-
trol stores the reference (ideal) profile of
                                                                                                effects, and it is these effects which have been                 sponds to an additional capacity of 2.7 ma-
a characteristic parameter of the injec-
                                                                                                the subject of recent investigations at Engel Werk-              chines which did not have to be purchased.
tion process. Overriding this reference
                                                                                                stofftechnik. It was found that adhesion was large-         Silhouette finds marathon screws to be particu-
profile is a tolerance range with upper
                                                                                                ly affected by the respective surface energies of           larly advantageous for mica-based and alumini-
and lower limits which can be adjusted
                                                                                                the contact materials. The critical wetting tension         um-based special-effect pigments. Through the
in order to make allowance for inevita-
                                                                                                                                                            reduced risk of an inhomogeneous distribution of
ble batch variations and fluctuating en-                                                                       mN/m                                         pigment particles, normally caused by prolonged
vironmental influences. During every in-
                                                                                                                                                            residence where melt flow is minimal, the need
jection operation, this master profile is                                                                                              37                   for costly optical controls is reduced and opera-
automatically compared with the actual
                                                                                                                                                            tion can be automated to a large extent.
                                                                                                                                       34CrAlNi7 nitrided

injection profile. If the tolerance limits are                                                                           29
                                                 A fault has occurred: injection pressure                                                                        Similarly positive results were achieved by Tro-
                                                                                                 crit. wetting tension

exceeded, the machine reacts immedi-
                                                 has exceeded the set tolerance limits                                                                      dat after conversion to marathon screws in Janu-
ately in one of three possible ways, as          (vertical dotted blue line). The injection                                                                 ary 2002. Equipped with 45 injection moulding

programmed by the machine setter:                operation is immediately discontinued.
                                                                                                                                                            machines and mainly processing ABS, PS, POM
     Discontinue injection or holding
                                                                                                                                                            and TPE, Trodat has to cope with a good 2,500
     pressure phase, or                          which influence the reference profile
                                                                                                                                                            colour changes per year:
     switch over to holding pressure             undergo any change during production,
                                                                                                                                                                 Only 25 minutes are now required for a colour
     phase, or                                   the system is re-initialized automatical-
                                                                                                                                                                 change which used to take 40 minutes!
     indicate scrap (this alternative per-       ly. If, on the other hand, such a param-       Compared to a nitrided steel surface, the marathon          This excellent result was achieved primarily by a
     mits the use of Autoprotect as a            eter drift is permissible, the processor       surface has a considerably lower critical wetting
                                                                                                tension (corresponds with the polar share of the
                                                                                                                                                            systematic evaluation both of the material feed and
     scrap detector).                            may utilize the function “Adjust to cy-
                                                                                                surface energy ascertained by contact angle meas-           of the individual components of the plasticizing
                                                 cle”. The reference profile is then re-gen-
                                                                                                urements).                                                  system. In a series of tests, Trodat ascertained
                                                 erated at regular intervals.
  Initializing couldn't be easier                                                                                                                           the most suitable combination of screw profile,
                                                      In the event of a fault (tolerance lim-
                                                                                                of the marathon surface, for example, is consid-            type of mixing torpedo and shut-off system.
                                                 its exceeded), the injection cycle is in-
                                                                                                erably lower than that of a nitrided screw (see             Other plasticizing system components, such as
Both the machine and the process must            terrupted and a vertical dotted blue line
                                                                                                graph), the latter's undesirably strong adhesive            the cylinder flange and the nozzle, were rede-
be working smoothly before the refer-            indicates the exact time at which the
                                                                                                properties – in conjunction with polar polymers –           signed in order to improve melt flow.
ence values can be obtained. The ma-             fault occurred.
                                                                                                being ascribable to the linkage resulting from the               Thus, to sum up, fast colour changes are al-
chine setter decides which of the fol-                Used together, “Autoprotect” and
                                                                                                nitriding process.                                          ways the result of a process which systematically
lowing safety-relevant parameters must                “Autoprotect Injection Monitoring”
                                                                                                     Although very little is still known about the          eliminates all the weak points in the system from
be monitored:                                         afford the best possible protection
                                                                                                causes of melt adhesion in plasticizing units, em-          beginning to end.
    Injection pressure,                               against mould damage.
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  Names and News Names and News Names and News Names and News Names and News Names and News Names and News

                                                                                  A Finnish
                                                                                  citizen receives          Engel restructures sales organization in Far East
                                                                                  a decoration for
                                                                                  his services to      The official opening of the new Engel factory           Robert Bodingbauer (44), a native of Linz/
                                                                                                       in Korea in October 2001 marked the com-            Austria, joined the Engel sales team in 1982
                                                                                  (from left): Ritva
                                                                                  Nikander, Chris-     pletion of a five-year planning and building        and has been cultivating Engel's business con-
                                                                                  toph Querner, the    project. With its commencement of produc-           tacts with the Far East ever since. In April
                                                                                  Austrian Ambas-      tion, Engel Machinery Korea also became the         1986, he accepted the challenge of setting up
                                                                                  sador to Finland,    centre of a newly structured organization for       sales organization in the Far East, beginning
                                                                                  with his wife
                                                                                                       the development of the Far Eastern market.          as a one-man operation in a small office in
                                                                                  Sonja, and Ralf
                                                                                  Nikander.            The Central Sales Organization Far East will        Hong Kong. In the sixteen years that followed,
                                                                                                       also be relocated in Korea and from there will      this vibrant city was to become his second
                                                                                                       co-ordinate the four local organizations - En-      home. It was
                                                                                                       gel-Hong Kong, Engel-Singapore, Engel-              during this time
                                                                                                       Shanghai and Engel-India.                           that     Engel's
                                                                                                           Another significant change brought about        second region-
                                                                                                       by the restructuring programme is the appoint-      al branch was
                                                                                                       ment of Robert Bodingbauer, formerly Gener-         established in
                                                                                                       al Manager of Engel -Hong Kong, to the posi-        Singapore and
  Ralf Nikander receives Austrian decoration                                                           tion of President of Engel Machinery Korea.         Engel's sales
                                                                                                       Two of his many new tasks will be to develop        network in Asia
  “By a resolution passed on 4th February 2002,      ed member of its executive board last March.      the distribution network in Asia and to increase    began to ex-
  the President of the Federal Republic Austria      The Business Club's activities include the or-    the production output of the Korean factory in      pand.
  has awarded Mr. Ralf Bo Mikael Nikander,           ganization of events for promoting contacts       line with Asian market demand and Engel's
  Head of the Plastics Processing Machinery          between Finnish and Austrian Companies.           global strategy.
  Department of Ekström Oy, Espoo/Finland, the           Ralf Nikander joined Ekström Oy in 1972
  Decoration of Honour in Silver for his services    and was immediately able to familiarize him-
  to the Republic of Austria” – this was the an-     self with the Engel machines which Ekström                               Engel branch now in Poland
  nouncement made by Christoph Querner, the          had been selling in Finland as Engel's agent
  Austrian Ambassador to Finland, at a recep-        since 1965. Working initially as a salesman and   Engel Polska Sp. z o.o. officially commenced        likewise be integrated into the new Engel or-
  tion of the Austrian-Finnish Business Club in      then as a sales and service department man-       operations in the Warsaw offices of Dom             ganization. Thus Engel Poland will be starting
  Espoo on 19th March 2002. The decoration           ager, Ralf Nikander did much to cement suc-       Przedstawicielski, Engel's last active agent,       out with a team of 12 employees, including
  was awarded not only for Ralf Nikander's ded-      cessful business relations between Engel and      with effect from 1st April of this year. This de-   service engineers, and will initially handle the
  icated work on behalf of Austrian companies        such up-and-coming Finnish companies as           cision has been taken with the full consent of      Polish market from its bases in Warsaw and
  in Finland but also, and in particular, for his    Perlos, Nokia and Fiskars. Last year, Ralf        Engel's agent, Michal Rebkowski, who is now         Bialystok. Running parallel to the commence-
  many years' commitment to the furthering of        Nikander handed over the management of the        going to continue to work for Engel as the first    ment of the new Engel branch's operations are
  relations between both countries. Ralf             Engel department to his successor, Anders         general manager of Engel Polska Sp.z.o.o. The       the preparations for the building of Engel Po-
  Nikander plays an active part in the activities    Nybäck, but he is still continuing to work on     agent's existing personnel will all be taken over   land's own facilities. Engel Poland will then
  of the Austrian-Finnish Business Club (Suomi       Engel's behalf and, of course, for his “partner   by Engel Poland. The independent service            centralize its main departments: Sales, Admin-
  Itävalta Liikemiesklubi) and became an elect-      country” Austria.                                 company Plastservice based in Bialystok will        istration, Servicing and Replacement Parts.

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North America
      no. 6                              July 2002                                       News. Facts and More. Informationen for our customers.
                                                                                                                                                            Engel North America
                                                                                                    can continent. Coordinated sales efforts are            Significant Dates
                                                                                                    conducted with the help of representative
                                                                                                    sales agencies in thirty-five locations across          1975
                                                                                                    the continent.                                          Inception of Engel Canada,
                                                                                                        An astounding 10,000+ machines have                 Guelph, Ontario as Sales & Service
                                                                                                    been shipped from North American operations             for North America
                                                                                                    since Engel first opened its doors there. Engel
                                                                                                    Automation, too, since its domestic inception           1976
                                                                                                    in the early ‘90s, has grown to 32,290 sq. ft.          Building of original 37,000 sq. ft.
                                                                                                    (3,000 m2), more than 50 employees and just             (3,438 m²) plant and office in
                                                                                                    over 1,000 robots and complete automation               Guelph, Ontario
                                                                                                    cell installations.                                     1978 - 1986
                                                                                                        As was briefly reported in the March issue
                                                                                                                                                            Plant and office expansions
                                                                                                    of ”injection“, Engel’s Canadian factory is cur-
                                                                                                                                                            in Guelph, Ontario
                                                                                                    rently undergoing its fifth plant enlargement
                                                                                                                                                            of 93,650 sq. ft. (8,700 m²)
                                                                                                    since the opening of the original factory in
 Plant and office expansions in Guelph                                                              1976, a testament to the acceptance of, and             1989 - 1990
                                                                                                    preference for, Engel product, technology and           Engel Machinery in York,
                                                                                                    quality.                                                Pennsylvania is opened,
Engel North America                                                                                                                                         with a square footage
                                                                                                                                                            of 76,500 sq. ft. (7,107 m²)

Sustained Growth over 25 Years                                                                                                                              1993 - 1998
                                                                                                                                                            Plant and office expansions
                                                                                                                                                            in Guelph, Ontario
                                                                                                         The current expansion is well underway             of 67,250 sq. ft. (6,748 m²)
In 1975, Engel opened a three-person sales                                                          and, when completed in the early fall of 2002,          1994
and service office in rented quarters in Guelph,                                                    will have added about 32,290 sq. ft. (3,000 m2).
                                                                                                                                                            Purchase of Engel Automation
Ontario, Canada. From this humble beginning,                                                        Concurrent with the new construction, a plant-
                                                                                                                                                            facility 31,000 sq. ft. (2,880 m²)
the North American operation has grown to                                                           wide reconfiguration is in full swing: this is de-
three manufacturing factories with a combined                                                       signed to further enhance personnel and ma-             1994 - 1995
floor area of 387,500 sq. ft. (36,000 m2), more                                                     terial flows, promote high performance logis-           Plant expansion in York,
than 600 employees, and is responsible for ap-                                                      tical and manufacturing processes, and pro-             Pennsylvania of 45,000 sq. ft.
proximately 30% of Engel’s total turnover.                                                          vide an expanded customer training facility.            (4,180 m²)
    ”Engel North America“ is the collective term                                                         The work in North America reflects the
for Engel Canada and Engel Automation              machines from 600 tons and up. Engel de          vision and stability of the Engel family of or-         1996
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada), Engel Machinery         Mexico serves as a sales, parts and service      ganizations worldwide. A sustained ”partner-            Opening of Engel de Mexico,
(York, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.), and Engel de         center for customers of that region and points   ship” of mutual trust with customers and the            Mexico City
Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico). Canada manu-         south.                                           unwavering commitment of Engel’s owners to              2002
factures machines to 500 tons clamp force,             These operations are comprehensively         honor that trust with ongoing and sustainable
                                                                                                                                                            Plant and office expansions
Automation a complete line of robots, pickers      supported by nine major regional parts cent-     investitures: this is the solid foundation on
                                                                                                                                                            in Guelph, Ontario
and automation systems, and Machinery –            ers and fifty-one service personnel operating    which the successes of the past and those of
                                                                                                                                                            of 32,000 sq. ft. (2,973 m²)
modeled after St Valentin, Austria – provides      out of forty locations across the North Ameri-   the future rest.

                                                                                                                                                         Products and Services

                                                                                                                                                         Machine sizes from 28 to 6000 US tons
                                                                                                                                                         Robots and Automation for all sizes
                                                                                                                                                         Mold / Machine turn-key projects
                                                                                                                                                         Processing Technology

                                                                                                                                                         Machinery Technologies

                                                                                                                                                         Fully Electric Thermoset    COMBIMELT
                                                                                                                                                         Hybrid        Elastomer     TECOMELT
                                                                                                                                                         Insert        Fast Cycling FOAMMELT
                                                                                                                                                         Two-Shot      Specials      GAS / WATERMELT
July 2002 Page 2

                                                                       North America Supplement

Editorial         Editorial        Editorial     Customer benefits with Engel machines Customer benefits with Engel machines Customer benefits

                                                 Winzeler Gear Inc. of Chicago,
                                                 IL, USA is a leading producer of
                                                 precision molded gears. For
                                                 over 15 years, Engel injection
                                                 molding pruduction cells have
steam                                            played a vital part in Winzeler’s
ahead into the           future!                 success.

Today’s customers demand the best quali-
ty, short lead-time, innovative products and
state-of-the-art technology. Add to this the
need for technical service, global spare parts
delivery and immediate access to expertise
through a help line or teleservice, and it is
not difficult to understand that our custom-
ers require more than just economically
priced hardware.
     In order to meet these demands, Engel
North America has summarized its activities
into four major areas. Molding machinery
offers machines from 28 US tons up to 6000
US tons inclusive, as well as robotics and
comprehensive automation.
     Together with our colleagues in Austria
and Korea, Engel has developed the GCM
(Global Component Machine). Combining
                                                               Finest Gears made by Winzeler
the experience of our local manufacturing
facilities with globally standardized compo-     In 1908, a young tool and die maker named            through Quality Control, the Metrology Lab and           The real cornerstone, Winzeler asserts, on
nents, provides equipment that has been          John Winzeler founded the Winzeler Metal             the manufacturing floor.                             which the success with Engel rests is that both
fully tested in harsh production facilities      Stamping Company. For 20 years the fledg-                                                                 companies wanted a long term relationship.
worldwide.  .                                    ling company flourished. Like many others it                                                              ”The employees of Engel have supported us
                                                                                                        15 years of successful partnership
     Our Large Machine Series’, DUO and          fell on hard times during the Depression, clos-                                                           in many ways. Our win-win relationship has
CLASSIC, are manufactured according to           ing its doors in the 1930s. John Winzeler, ever                                                           been one of the joys of my business career.
our base-frame-technology. This modular          the entrepreneur, saw opportunity again in               The relationship between Engel and               We are proud to be a sales showroom for
concept for large injection molding machines     1940 and, joined by his son Harold, founded          Winzeler started at NPE (Chicago) about 15           Engel machines and automation. And we could
starts in the development phase and car-         Winzeler Manufacturing, specializing in stamp-       years ago. John Winzeler was on a mission to         not have created our contemporary molding
ries through construction engineering and        ing gears for the radio, appliance and toy in-       select a new, single source molding press sup-       facilities without the engineering know-how
assembly, to the final functional testing of     dustries.                                            plier as a strategic partner primarily to simplify   from Engel.“
the Engel machine.                                    By 1960, Winzeler Manufacturing had be-         training and maintenance logistics.                      When Winzeler started to design their plant
     The results for our customers – reduced     come one of the leading producers of stamped             At that show he purchased the first EC88         layout and the next generation of automation,
capital investment, quick delivery times,        metal gears, gaining recognition for its high        Engel built for the United States Market. Of         Engel was selected to be on the design team.
short cycle and changeover times which ul-       levels of workmanship, quality and service. The      his decision he says: ”What a good decision it       Every decision regarding selection and imple-
timately leads to higher productivity for im-    industries Winzeler served were changing,            was to buy Engel presses. Engel lived up to          mentation of new presses and automation was
proved competitiveness.                          however, and Harold Winzeler sensed that in-         its promise to provide not only the best ma-         made with the Engel team. He goes on to say
     Another important cornerstone is our        jection molded gears would soon replace              chinery, but also the best after sales support.”     that ”Engel’s customer service associates were
extensive experience with high technology        stamped metal. To insure the company’s fu-               Winzeler also credits Fisher Sales, Engel’s      and are an integral part of our ongoing plant
processing solutions. The fully electric or      ture, he began developing plastic molding            manufacturing representative in the mid-west-        development.“
hybrid machine, ultra sensitive mold protec-     plants.                                              ern United States, for its efforts: ”The support-        Clearly, both partners have and continue
tion program AUTOPROTECT; or the X-                   Harold Winzeler’s visionary thinking more       ive combination of Engel and Fisher Sales has        to benefit. Winzeler has been instrumental in
MELT process which provides extreme in-          than 40 years ago started a new phase in the         resulted in our having purchased approximate-        assisting Engel all along the way. A critical
jection speeds up to 47 inches (1,200 mm)        company which continues today. Still driven          ly 40 presses over the years. We have 24             contribution has been Winzeler’s willingness
per second, which used correctly offer an        by its commitments to value, quality and serv-       Engel machines running in our plant today.“          to provide invaluable input on continuous im-
edge to our broad customer base.                 ice, Winzeler Gear specializes in producing                                                               provement concepts for machines and auto-
     Under our CSD (Customer Service Divi-       precision gears molded from the finest,                                                                   mation. They were one of the first companies
sion), Engel North America offers technical      newest polymers available in the industry.                                                                to install Engel Monitoring System (EMS).
service and training for all its applications.        Now headed by grandson John Winzel-                                                                      Today, Engel is building Winzeler’s first two
Forty locations across the continent (with 51    er, the company continues to refine its mar-                                                              electric machines for a side-by-side compari-
service technicians) keep us close to our        keting and manufacturing philosophies,                                                                    son with Winzeler’s latest hydraulic presses.
customers.                                       taking advantage of new technologies,                                                                     A testing program has been developed to con-
     Learning-by-doing is important to us.       processes and materials to meet the lat-                                                                  firm the benefits of Engel’s all-electric
Our College provides first hand experience       est gearing needs. For example, ten years                                                                 E-MOTION line of electric machine technolo-
for operators and management. At our in-         ago, Winzeler Gear required 50 employ-                                                                    gy. These electric presses will be used to mold
house labs and tech centers across the con-      ees to produce 2 MM gears per month.                                                                      precision gears for a large volume program,
tinent, we provide opportunities to learn        Today the company can produce 12 MM                                                                       for which Winzeler already has substantial
about new and existing machinery and tech-       with only 35 employees. Winzeler Gear                                                                     process data on our hydraulic presses. Ener-
nologies. This is done through demonstra-        achieved this success by blending its                                                                     gy and process parameters will be some of
tions, symposiums and workshops. Our             unique view of ”manufacturing art“ with the                                                               the criteria monitored and recorded so that the
College also serves as a platform for part-      power of strategic partnerships.                                                                          two partners can substantiate what they al-
nerships with companies in the United                 ”Manufacturing art“, in Winzeler’s view,                                                             ready believe to be true: more consistent pro-
States, Canada and around the world, to          is a company-wide philosophy, combining                                                                   duction with lower energy cost.
enhance and improve production of mold-          streamlined manufacturing processes, cre-                                                                     Currently, Winzeler plans to fill their new
ed products.                                     ative thinking and strong relationships be-                                                               building with 20 electric presses as fast as
     ”Full steam ahead into the future“          tween the company, its customers, and its                                                                 business opportunities develop. Winzeler con-
describes the Engel philosophy.                  suppliers. This philosophy is immediately                                                                 cludes: ”We would not be the leading produc-
                                                 evident when you are greeted by Winzel-                                                                   er of precision molded gears in North America
Walter Jungwirth, Vice President                 er’s Gear Fashion Art at their front door,                                                                were it not for the fact of our strategic part-
                                                                                                 A   view into the Quality Control Lab of Winzeler.
Sales and Marketing North America                and consistently reinforced as you walk                                                                   nership with Engel.“

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