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					                   Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments

I think it is disgusting the amount of houses erected in Croston, and people buying them
for a second income which is what has happened in the case of the new houses off Moor
Road and Westhead Road, and the children of Croston not able to afford them and
having to move elsewhere because they cannot afford them.

My age (89) and unfortunately precludes me taking a more active part in many of the
amenities mentioned in the first section.

In relation to Question 33, each evening a large number of young people “hang” outside
my house. They are loud and have obviously nowhere to go. They leave a vast amount
of litter and are Quite frightening if you are alone in the house.
Question 42, I am forever unable to get to work due to people blocking my drive.
Sometimes vans are left and access is blocked for several hours.

Q 10
Our households main concern is the traffic, it is dangerous, loud, dirty, very disruptive
especially the HGV’s also the speed these HGV’s travel at is ridiculous.
The children in this community need somewhere to go and things to do. The large
crowds of them hanging around is very discomforting along with the fact that they smoke
Dope on the Recreation area when there is very young children playing.
Is the seated area outside the Wheatsheaf not public land/parking and if so should be
removed to allow more parking on Town Road.
How did the Italian manage to put a porch on the front when it’s a conservation area,
where house owners have to stick to the rules of the conservation are?

Q 21
1. Volume of traffic through Croston
2. Size of vehicles utilising small roads
3. Speed of vehicles through Croston
4. Cycle paths for children

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Q 23
We are lucky in Croston to have such a wonderful re-cycling facility on Station Car Park.
I hope this will continue and even expand in the future.

Q 27
Traffic Claming Moor Road, the rest almost grid locked already. You will have to allow
building if you want a Village Hall etc to finance it. Car parking necessary, why turn down
development of Rectory Farm with offer of car parking. Westhead Road the only way you
will get offer of car parking is through all owing development. Encourage development of
all these grot spots all over the village. It is suggested a supermarket what about Station
Yard, ideal for Rufford Bretherton and I’m sure developers would help to restore Midge
Hall. The Eco way to shop by train.

Q 29
Housing development needs to be strictly controlled Green Belt Status to be maintained.
Farming and agriculture should be promoted, if restricted land could be sold for
development and Croston could expand as for us Rufford and Mawdesley and village life
Sport and leisure facilities should be developed.

Q 31
I think Croston should have a Community Centre. The Over 60’s Hut is needing a lot of
money spending on it, e.g. rewiring at a cost of thousands which they can ill afford
Yours sincerely, Maud Rigbye.

Q 37
How will you pay for answers to Question 10, 12, 13, 32, 37, 38?
Very good Questionnaire but the answers to most of the Questions once again is money.
The Poll Tax is increased every year without any changes.

Q 40
1. PARTICULAR CONCERN re dog soiling on Matt Taylor’s path along which I walk 4
    times a day to school! At times it is appallingly bad the rest it is merely bad… I am
    fed up with retuning home with pushchair / toddler / child / myself covered, it has
    even ended up in my face! It is a health hazard. Please continue measures to
    improve this.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                             Page 2
2. LESS IMPORTANT: Croston is a beautiful place sometimes spoilt by litter aned
    derelict buildings / waste land. To improve there would change the whole village
3. Would love more shops.

Q 43
I have to travel to Mawdesley Post Office to read the Police Report about Croston – why
is it not displayed in Croston – more Notice Boards needed.

Q 44
Question 8 mentions tranquillity, noise has a large bearing on this. Some of the culprits
are – heavy lorries all day and all night noisy motor cycles, small piston engine aircraft
performing aerobatics over our village and surrounding countryside on fine days. Hardly
a day goes by when this awful droning noise is not present. Sometimes two aircraft at
once – I suspect most of the pilots are not from our area, why should we have to suffer
their noise?
Trees are desperately needed in our country and the majority of Croston is no exception
all available vacant space should be planted with trees, any new car parks should be
landscaped with trees. Eyesores like the new sports hall at Bishop Rawstorne School
should be screened with trees.
I feel a lot of traffic entering Croston along Moor Road are not aware it is 40 MPH.
because many of the signs cannot be seen, are turned round or missing – they are also
too small. There should also be red stripes on the road on approaching the 30 MPH –
Mawdesley and Eccleston have Millennium Greens – Why cant we? Croston is often
described as a beautiful village – this is quite a way from the truth but what I have
suggested would help a lot.

Q 45
I would like to see speed cameras on all approaches into the village i.e. High field Road,
Moor Road, Meadow Lane, Grape Lane. Also a peed restriction of 20 MPH through the
village. I would also like to see no more private housing development.

Q 46
The size of the village should not grow any larger. Children from the village should
always have a place at both schools. The housing estates have taken away local
employment. We need more police presence on the streets at night. Kids need some
interests to be involved in – (its just finding it!!) I think kids on the streets at night is the

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                               Page 3
villages worst problem, followed by the building of new houses (not in favour) as our rods
are overflowing now, if we have more new houses, we will get more silly, dangerous

Q 48
• The questions specifically refer to “One Member of Household to Complete”.
   consequently a significant number of (possibly) different opinions and comments are
• Why does the current road sweeper only concentrate (apparently) on the Town Road

Q 49
• Cars parked on the roads slow traffic down so we don’t need traffic calming
   measures, however cars should not be parked half on and half off the pavements.
• There is a need for more bins for dog waste, which should be funded by council tax,
   as should a litter warden and road sweeper.

Q 53
Driving down Town Road is becoming a nightmare especially at weekends, with all the
parked cars. I also feel that wagons over a certain tonnage should be made to find an
alternate route than going through Croston.

Q 54
More off road parking:
• Station Road
• Moor Road
• Town Road

Q 55
There is no reason I see fit why any child should not be given the opportunity to go to
nursery school and school within the area they live!
I also believe that there is a points system in place to allocate the small number of places
available at the local primary school, this points system includes a Religious aspect. I
know a number of people whom have had their children baptised Church of England
despite their catholic beliefs in order to ensure their child receives a place in school
locally. I believe it is very wrong that parents are to face this dilemma and that funding

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 4
should be given to expand the school in order to accommodate all local children
regardless of their background and religion.

Q 61
• Although the village is surrounded by green fields obstructive landowners limit access
   to these area’s.
• This is especially true for access by cyclists to the Croston Moss area.
• The train service is a life line for the village and as such any opportunity to improve
   this service should be pursued.

Q 63
• Many valid issues are covered.
• I’m not sure of the validity of the information that will be gathered? Will it be pursued?
I have no related experience of child care related issues,
• Issues outside of my age range
• Disability related issues.
• Crime related issues
• Traffic “Danger Spots”, etc etc.

Q 67
Affordable housing is necessary for young people who have been brought up in the
village and are now unable to afford existing housing.
Trinity and St Michaels School should have enough places for children living in the
village. Taking children out of the village to school is not what village life is about.

Q 73
A library with wheelchair access would be very useful to our family.

Q 75
1. Action needs to be taken by the Police / Local Authorities to control high speed and
    dangerous driving by motorcyclists using Meadow Lane as a race track.
2. The Parish Plan should aim to limit large scale housing development and maintain
    green space which gives the village its rural character.
3. Such development as is necessary should utilise ‘Brown’ land for light industrial /
    commercial uses and the provision of low cost / affordable housing for local young
    people and families.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                                 Page 5
4. continued large scale development of the village cannot be supported by the existing
    road network and will only lead to increasing problems in relation to schools capacity

Q 81
• I feel no further housing developments should take place while the local primary
   school is struggling to accommodate those already in the village.
• I feel a by-pass road for the village would solve all the road safety and traffic problems
   and would be of great advantage for the village as a whole.

Q 82
Sewer needs updating before any more property is built we shouldn’t be taking waste
from other villages or farms etc.

Q 84
In relation to question 27 about the number of houses being built in Croston over the last
10 years – I feel that it is pointless building a lot of new houses when there is already a
shortage of school places in the village, resulting in children having to attend schools
outside the area. It does not promote a village community. There is also a severe lack of
amenities in the village, or very few shops , no leisure facilities (i.e. sports centre,
swimming pool), and very limited parking facilities.
Travelling through the village – especially at weekends and during the summer months is
a nightmare – mainly due to lack of off-road parking amenities, and the amount of traffic
heading off to Southport. At times it is impossible to cross the road because of the sheer
volume of traffic.

Q 85
I feel Very strongly that HGV’s should be banned from the village unless they have direct
business there. The village is used as a rat run to the motorway. If need be make the
traffic one way through the village. If we do nothing there will be a serious accident
before very long. The village cannot accommodate these big lorries and there is no need
for them to be here.
Let’s not wait to be reactive to a serious accident, let’s be proactive in stopping one.

Q 86
• Maintain old tradition i.e. Coffee Day (Prior to the last two years format)

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                            Page 6
• Croston Old School is a wonderful facility for the village.
• Any new build houses should be to a design layout as recommended by CPRE in
   their leaflet.
• Cycle racks would be useful near main parking places / shops.

Q 87
• Have put comments next to question 9, 10, 12, 13, 22, 29, 30, 33, 40, 50, 51, 53, 54,
   and 57.
• This is an excellent way for residents to contribute to the Parish Council. Thank you to
   all concerned for the time and people involved give to producing questionnaire and
   putting together information to making Croston a better place to live.
• Covers all aspects of village life although some I’m unable to comment as I have no
   experience of aspects covered.
• It is up to the residents to keep Croston the place we chose to live in.

Q 88
Problems with motorbikes on entry and exit to the village.

Q 91
Croston is fast becoming a commuter village, with people buying houses at a high price,
and working outside the village. Some are here for a short while and then leave selling
up for a profit. We need cheaper housing for children who have been born here and want
to stay here. Croston has always been a farming community and people coming into the
village should respect that instead of complaining about farm traffic. Also traffic and
parking need sorting out.

Q 95
I do object strongly to people who come to live in the village who probably commute to
work and want to stop people from working here. The main thing being farming. Croston
has been a farming community for hundreds of years and provides employment for
people who have lived in the village all their life.
I do not feel these people should be able to change it.

Q 100
• Dogs fouling public areas especially where children go.
• Cars going too fast through the village.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 7
Q 104
• Question 10, with the substantial yearly increase in Council Tax most of the box
   solutions should be covered by the Council.
• Question 46. The problem is the volume of heavy traffic. I can’t see any improvement
   in these area’s will solve the problem.

Q 107
• There is far too much new housing in the village leading to 1. Traffic congestion 2. No
   spaces in schools for children.
• Too many HGV’s travelling through Croston and too much traffic being directed
   through Croston instead of Bretherton e.g. to Southport. People in Bretherton have
   got driveways so therefore it would make sense to direct (on the signposts) Southport
   traffic to travel via Bretherton (a simple effective solution).
• Also Croston needs double yellow lines outside the Halifax especially as people park
   cars on the bend. (but what do the council do about this problem – Nothing at all!!)

Q 110
• Extremely concerned about how utilities (water, supplies etc) can cope with ever
   increasing development of Croston. (Housing Dev.)
• Schools struggling to cope with increasing population no signs of this improving.
• Block should be put on any further housing developments before Croston is no longer
   a village. Seen massive changes in the 12 years I have lived here. Seriously
   considering moving out of village.

Q 111
I believe it is only a matter of time before we have a fatal accident outside the Grapes
Hotel as the police seem to ignore the fact that cars park right on the apex of the corner
so traffic going to Chorley approach this blind corner on the wrong side of the road. This
hazard also applies to outside the Tea Shop causing great congestion and think we
should have more double yellow lines. Also my wife has had quite a few near misses
with the large green tractors that pass through the village as if it’s a race track – one
company in particular.
Also both my sons would like to live in the village but I’m afraid they are the wrong sex as
it seems all the right accommodation is occupied by single mothers who seem to flourish
in this village.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 8
Q 112
Evening bus services for social reasons and work.
A bus service to Capital Centre on some evenings to give the youth of the village the
facility to go to reasonable entertainment places such as the pictures and bowling which
may alleviate the boredom which often causes some to participate in vandalism. There
may have to be behavioural contracts for those travelling with bans for those who
misbehave – enforced by the local police.

Q 116
Question 23 refers to educational provision in Croston Village. The High School, Primary
School and Pre-School are all named yet Croston Day Nursery is referred to as “Other
Nursery”. Why is this? Does this imply that Croston Parish Plan Steering Group (It’s
members) are not acknowledging the existence or value of this service?
In addition, why have the childminders not been referenced? On many questions there is
the option to tick an “other” box, however there is no invitation or physical space to
communicate what that “other” may be to which you are referring to.

Q 119
• Shortfall in Primary School places.
• Noise from pubs at closing time.

Q 122
1. We are very concerned about the lack of primary school places as this may affect us
    in the near future.
2. The traffic and parking in the village is getting worse all the time.
3. I have witnessed an increase in drunken and loutish behaviour in and around certain
    public houses. This is particularly evident on “Coffee Day”.
4. We are not against all new housing in the village. Housing for the elderly and
    disabled would be welcome.

Q 123
• I think a coffee shop that opens in the evenings would be a good alternative to the
   pubs and restaurants.
• I enjoy seeing the films put on in the village by Chorley Film Society.
• The speed lights going into Rufford seem to work at slowing traffic down.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 9
Q 124
• The schools cannot grow bigger without jeopardising the excellent provision.
• Access road to Bishop Rawstorne from Highfield Road would alleviate the Out Lane

Q 125
• Re new houses being built in the village, it seems wrong in these times not to be sure
   there is parking for 2 cars per house. Next to the Black Horse the houses haven’t a
   garage or drive, in some cases this means parking on the busy road through the
   village. This is such a busy road with so many cars parked on one side, that traffic
   sometimes comes to a standstill, especially at busy times.
• The houses above were not cheaper for young people starting up, but over £120.000.

Q 144
In respect of Question 44 I would like to ask why motorcycles were not included as a
cause of traffic problems. Croston is mentioned in motor-cycle magazines and on various
internet sites as an area where motor cycles are able to be ridden at high speed. On
road racing presents a hazard to residents especially along Meadow Lane. The noise
pollution by use of illegal silencers and very high speeds present very real problems to
residents on the outskirts of the village. Despite repeated requests for action the police
appear to completely ignore the problem.
Although HGV’s do not present a problem too me as a resident of the village outskirts I
find that the very large tractors together with associated equipment do seem to present a
real hazard when encountered in the village. They seem to be driven by very young
drivers at speeds inappropriate for a congested village like Croston.

Q 151
Too much development for housing that is expensive and unaffordable for young local
people to get on the first rung of the housing ladder.
House builders concentrating too much on outside professional. Maybe public / private
housing – certain numbers of new dwellings should be affordable to buy / or to rent for
locals should be a condition for any future developments.

Q 152
Coffee Day has changed for the worse. The Church needs to return it back to how it was
3 years ago and embrace other groups within the village to make it a celebration for all

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 10
Croston’s people. They should actively support local businesses and encourage them to
put on entertainment on Coffee Day.
For Gods sake bring back the Fair.
The 10-16 year olds of the village blame the Church and a minority (very small) of
residents for the sorry state the Coffee Day i.e. No Fair.
The Church own two important piece’s of land in the village. If they care then they should
donate these to the village. After all they haven’t actually given us The Old School.
If Hough’s farm is sold for housing will the Village / Britain ever see any of the money?

Q 157
There is a great need for policing in Croston, we are getting more and more youths
prowling the streets in gangs, who appear to be looking for trouble. It would be
reassuring if local police would visit the estates say once a week on foot or by car and
maybe just have a chat to the youths keeping them in check.

Q 158
1. Main bane of our lives is on-road parking on Station Road / Moor Road causing
    considerable hazards to pass.
2. Idiotic drivers on these roads who have no concept of speed or which side of the
    road they should be on, especially when any obstruction is on their side.
3. Heavy goods vehicles travelling through Westhead Road, Town Road etc. when they
    cause a danger to pedestrians and road users.
4. Unreliable train service (especially in winter) which is expensive and links poorly with
    Mersey Rail.

Q 160
• We feel the need for more car parks and garages due to the excessive on road
   parking increasing the risk of accidents. A restriction on HGV’s is needed.
• Building more houses would result in more traffic problems and the loss of village
• In terms of new age development Croston is losing it’s ‘quaintness and historic

Q 169
Commercial vehicles parked on pathways causing obstructions and looking unsightly in
Residential Areas.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 11
Q 172
We are particularly concerned about the recent shortfall in primary school places,
especially since the recent increase in family housing development. This problem is only
gong to get worse and despite the fact that Croston school is at full capacity an
extension will not be considered whilst there is spare capacity at schools in neighbouring
villages, which ironically have been extended when they were below full capacity.

Q 173
1. The shortfall in primary school places does need to be addressed, especially if
    further development on ‘waste’ land is inevitable. All children are entitled to receive
    education within the community they live. This unfortunately will not be the case in
    future years.
2. It would almost certainly benefit our community if business units and small business’s
    where able to once again work from Croston.
3. Although we do not oppose to further housing within the village, we are prepared,
    and will fight against the proposed building of 3 storey properties on ‘waste’ land
    behind our property. Our community would surely benefit from this land housing
    ‘sheltered accommodation for our elderly, therefore then enable them to sell their
    2/3/4 bedroom houses onto other families.

Q 174
My greatest concern is the complete lack of police foot patrols in the village. I have not
seen a police officer on foot for five years, such a scheme would ;reduce public drug
taking, criminal damage and late night rowdies.

Q 177
Croston is getting too many small (affordable?) houses, often in terraces with Inadequate
parking but no 3/4 bedroom detached for families. As a result there is nowhere in the
mid-range to move to, and starter homes are being removed from the market by being
over extended and priced out of the ‘starter’ bracket.
Road Calming – Remember that randomly parked cars are the best traffic calming
measures available.
‘Traffic Calming’ in Croston would probably speed up traffic – hence the need for a
speed camera in Eccleston.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 12
Q 179
I feel that something should be done to make accommodation more available to local
people and stop the trend of Crostoners needing to move away from the area to seek
affordable properties.

Q 180
Business occupants at the Old Brickcroft, including Ruttles and Hunt Plant Hire, should
not be allowed to breach working laws by:-
    1. Working 24 hours, seven days a week, making excessive noise.
    2. Burning foul smelling and toxic waste
    3. Using chemicals that smell revolting
    4. Using noisy generators and machinery.

Q 184
‘Traffic Calming’, ‘Speed and width restrictions’ and all the mountainous humps, bumps,
signs, cameras, more signs and other paraphernalia of these measures would signal the
end of the Real Croston, like it has with EVERY other town and village in the UK where
this has been done – Resist the short-term and negative views of those who want all that

Q 191
I find myself extremely busy in this period of my life but I am very grateful to people like
yourselves who can, and do, give your time for the good of us all in Croston . Thank you.

Q 197
Question 35 – Mobile phones – No more masts. The dangers have not been investigated
sufficiently and I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to say NO NOW BEFORE they
are proved dangerous.
Question 39 – I use the Co-op when possible and necessary and apart from the
newsagents and the bank I don’t shop in the village. When we moved here in 1981 there
were over 19 shops – a choice of grocers and GREEN GROCERS. Obviously the arrival
of Tesco at Leyland and Chorley has had an impact but could it not be possible to have a
“Co-operative” type business providing essentials for ALL within the village. How do the
older people without transport cope? I could live here now without a car – back in 1981 I
didn’t need one because there were buses and trains then you could rely on.
Commercial / industrial development MUST be properly controlled (planning etc) and in
sympathy with the village / No disruption to residents – very important.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 13
Q 201
I feel a public car park is necessary in the village both to help small business with
passing trade and also helping with traffic congestion in the heart of Croston therefore
decreasing the prospect of any minor and major accidents.

Q 202
I think if there was a Youth Club as there is in Eccleston many of the youth problems
would be solved immediately. They need something to do after school hours especially
as nights are now longer.

Q 209
We have only lived in Croston for 1 week and are therefore unable to answer most
questions due to lack of experience in the village.

Q 215
Why is it that families who have lived in Croston all their lives and all their family
members have gone to the local school have to worry as we do about our children
getting in at the school, if my son doesn’t get in it would cause major disruption in our
working lives just to get him to the next school, and I find this totally UNJUST.

Q 222
1. There is a need for off road parking or one way system through the village in
    association with traffic calming measures and speed limits.
2. Schools – Only addressed schools in Croston at present Church schools out of
    Croston reduce numbers slightly. If Lancashire Education considered stopping
    subsidised travel to school it may have a knock on effect on village schools.
3. Housing for young people – to deep the community balanced – has to be made
    available – shared ownership seems a good idea and encourage a family community.

Q 223
1. I understood that when Belway Homes were given planning permission for the
    Orchard Mill site that improvements to the children’s playground would be made.
    However, I do believe the playground was not finished to a high standard e.g. shoddy
    workmanship and that Belway Homes were let off lightly especially taking into
    account the extortionate prices they charged for the houses on this site. If this

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 14
    opportunity with Belway had been expiated fully then perhaps better facilities might
    have given children somewhere to go.
2. I fail to understand when planning consent is given for more housing when the
    current primary school is unable to accommodate Croston children – defies logic
3. Proposed planning consent for 3 storey townhouses – I don’t believe this fits in with
    the village “look” – more thought should be given to design and look as opposed to
    “cheap and shoddy” and “quick profit” at ridiculous prices!

Q 224
1. Need to stop people parking on footpaths outside Co-op shop – which creates
    problems with pushchairs, wheelchairs, etc.
2. Encourage parents to take greater responsibility for their children’s’ behaviour –
    particularly after dark. Noise levels from Recreation ground and other play areas are
3. Stop ball games in the streets.

Q 225
Any further development on the fringes of the village will result in more pressure for a
bypass which should be resisted at all costs, A bypass would open up the surrounding
green fields for development of all kinds and Croston the village would be lost forever.
The purchase of the former brickworks behind the station by Ruttles some years ago
resulted in large scale industrial development. That land had been included in the green
belt by Chorley BC and Ruttles plans were opposed by nearby residents and the local
MP, but the development took place as we all know. Some of the current traffic
congestion in the village is a direct result of that decision. The shortfall in Primary School
places is a result of too much development in the area. We should concentrate on
improving what we’ve already got.

Q 226
The increase in new homes within Croston has undoubtedly led to overcrowding within
the local schools. The increase in population hasn’t led to an increase in recreational
facilities. The homes that have been built are family homes, but this village has no
recreational facilities for young people. There are two buildings available, The Over 60’s
and The Old School buildings but neither one opens their doors to the youngsters who
spend most of their spare time hanging around the streets. The recreation ground is over
run with adolescents who are too old to use the equipment, their presence scares the

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                           Page 15
younger children away they also misuse the equipment with no apparent consequence
for the damage they do!

Q 227
1. We would like to see a range of adult education classes to include yoga,
    aromatherapy and other health related topics.
2. We would like a stop put on aircraft flying around the village doing aerobics causing
    considerable noise pollution and disturbing the peace. This occurs on summer
    evening and at weekends.

Q 228
Please no more estates the schools and sewerage are at capacity at present. KEEP IT A

Q 232
It is a crying shame and a waste that the Old Methodist School is not being used
properly. Surely the community could make use of it during the week, for example
workshops, Coffee mornings, various clubs e.g. sewing, photography, exercise and
healthy eating etc.

Q 233
Spring Clean Day needs to be organised by a member of public from each estate if they
know who is asking for help we could always ask each household to do their own path
are and Volunteers for more outlying areas.

Q 237
Q29 - Housing required for local first time buyers at affordable cost.
Q45 – In my opinion no traffic calming measures are required in Croston while there are
so many cars parked on the roadside, these are acting as a calming measure.

• There must be No increase in any housing unless, before, there are improvements in
   infrastructure – this includes:- Parking, Junior School places, Senior School places,
   water supply, electricity supply, social amenities, police presence etc., etc.,
• There should also be a positive police presence at the recreation ground near the
   station, outside the Old Police Station and other places where vandalism and drugs
   are common place.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                           Page 16
Q 242
The planned estate may mean opening the cul-de-sacs, Longdale Drive and Coniston
Way to provide multiple access points.
At the moment both are quiet spots and children can play safely on the road. Opening
them will turn both into ‘Rat Runs’ and change their character completely.
The consultation was ….. just before Xmas. This was hardly the most available time for
most residents. Better access and consultation would be better.

Q 244
Future developments (building) should be sustainable and meet / exceed The
Government White Paper for targeted Co2 omissions by 2050.

Q 245
Croston is a smashing place to live I would be very pleased in saying that in the two and
a half years I’ve lived here everybody I have met has been very friendly and helpful.
However due to work commitments I do not have very much to do with the local
community. My only worry that affects me is the HGV problem unfortunately there are a
lot, too many, and I feel something should be done about them!

Q 249
Car parking on Station Road and the speed at which cars / other vehicles drive through
the villages.

Q 250
Motorbikes on main road across from A59 to Croston travelling very fast and dangerous,

Q 251
• Road (A581) should be re-classified to a B class and restrict goods vehicles to a
   maximum of 7 ½ tonnes.
• More police presence should be provided to discourage speeding motorbikes heading
   to and from Southport.
• More established walking routes with easy to follow signs.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                      Page 17
Q 253
• No parking in Town Road and at same time introduce flashing speed signs for all
   approaches to village. People living in Town Road should have priority parking, as
   near as possible.
• Skate board area for the young ones (on Rec.)

Q 255
Very nice place to live apart from shocking amount of ‘Arties’ and dog’s mess.

Q 257
• We moved to Croston to be a part of a village community and are delighted with our
   decision. We have got involved in local activities through our own initiative – maybe
   some type of 2Welcom” leaflet would help other new residents understand Croston is
   a village community.
• We feel a greater pressure on some business owners to meet the standards set by
   others in relation to the tidiness and general exterior upkeep of their buildings would
   give a better overall impression (i.e. The Black Horse).

Q 258
We feel the main issues are:-
1. Lack of affordable housing for young people who grew up in Croston and find it very
    difficult to remain in Croston with the current house prices.
2. Station Road is a nightmare due to cars parked – this s worsened by large lorries
    trying to drive through the village. Car parking is getting worse on all roads and
    estates in Croston (this is a national problem due to more people having cars).
3. New housing developments do not cater for car parking – new houses do not have
    driveways (just an allocated car park space) – cramming more houses into the
    available space.
4. A youth club would stop teenagers being bored at night (As I was when younger) and
    drinking to entertain themselves – there is nothing to do in Croston (other than go in
    pubs) for young people.

Q 268
Strongly recommend DOUBLE YELLOW lines to be placed in Town Road, Westhead
Road, Station Road and Moor Road. If these were implemented along with pictures of
cameras, cameras and appropriate signs, this would reduce congestion and ensure

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 18
smoother traffic flow. Inconsiderate car parking on these roads and pavements should be
stopped immediately. Alternative car parking should be provided where necessary.
People with car spaces outside their property should use them more often as with those
who have spaces at the rear of their properties.

Q 269
• Q 45 Traffic Issues – 30mph speed limit should be moved back to original position
   along Highfield Road as traffic too fast. Cock Robin area, which is hazardous because
   of access problems and parked vehicles. The current rumble strip is useless as it just
   increases noise pollution. Would support speed cameras. Would oppose any traffic
   calming tat would increase noise.
• Q 27, 31, & 39 – Croston should have followed Eccleston’s lead 15 years ago when
   Carrington Centre created from old factories including supermarket, shops, business
   units, dance studio, etc. Croston got 2 housing estates on sites of Valsons and
   Jubilee Mill. More people needing more cars to access shops outside the village.
• Q 49 Transport – No links to Wigan, No regular service to Southport, no late trains or
   buses for nights out.

Q 272
As a person who grew up in Croston to the age of 17, then returned recently I have
noticed many changes in Croston. There are far fewer local amenities, namely shops, no
doubt due to increased mobility and supermarkets nearby. I find this a sad loss, though
to some extent inevitable.
As a child I always used to look forward to Coffee Day and 2 years ago looked forward to
my own child being able to watch and in years to come to take part. I was upset to see
how much this event had deteriorated into a mass boozing session. Other than the
parade, there was very little emphasis on family entertainment. I appreciate that these
events must take months of planning and lots of hard work and effort on the day, but
surely any improvement on the current situation would be worthwhile.
The huge increase in heavy traffic is a major concern I live on Highfield Road and my
house actually shakes sometimes when vehicles thunder past. I lived in Twickenham for
many years which has a far greater through flow of traffic than here, yet I felt safer waling
around there, as there was no need for traffic to mount the footpaths as it constantly
does here, my heart is often in my mouth when I am out walking with my children.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 19
Q 275
As residents of Highfield Road we are extremely concerned about the volume of traffic
and the speed at which it comes round the bend, just near the primary school. It seems it
is only a matter of time before someone is knocked down. We would ideally like to see
flashing speed signs as used in Rufford.

Q 276
No more housing should be built as the road structure and parking cannot support the
existing. As is with the Primary School.

Q 277
The road surface of Grape Lane is in urgent need of repair.

Q 278
We believe that the volume and speed of the traffic in Croston is of great concern. Our
home which is listed and within the conservation area, shakes when large trucks go past
at speed. Traffic calming, speed reduction and re-routing of through traffic should be a

Q 279
As I live on Highfield Road, I regularly see traffic pass my door at speeds which must be
on the way to 50 miles per hour. – Feel a speed camera would help to address this issue
and slow traffic down entering / leaving the village.

Q 285
Re Q 32 – Greater Communication is needed between police and public.

Q 286
1. Divert HGV’s away from the village.
2. Slow traffic with speed camera’s.

Q 289
Lack of support for local business is frustrating – ie local shops etc. are closing due to
lack of income – usually the people who complain that there is a lack of ‘things’ in the
village don’t support them when they appear!

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 20
Q 290
Other areas of concern:-
• Hooliganism
• Noise
• Lack of policing
• Public House – opening times. Effect of outdoor entertainment.

Q 292
I feel that Croston’s priorities should be:-
• Parking provision
• Restriction of parking on main roads
• School places.

Q 293
Question 10. Educating the pupils at school to take their litter home or use the facilities

Q 295
1. Shortage of school places is worrying. Places where available should be awarded to
    children from Croston – Children from other villages etc. are a cause for increased
    travel at the start and end of the school day. In my view no child from Croston should
    travel outside the village to school UNLESS it is the wish of the parents.
2. Out Lane is very dangerous, particularly at the above times, due to volume of traffic
    unless something can be done URGENTLY by Lancs C.C. there will be a very bad
    accident shortly. Double yellow lines needed on both sides of Out Lane from Town
    Road to the public car park to make Out Lane safer for all concerned.

Q 298
I feel that there is a need for better disability access to places and the narrowness of
some of the pavements make it very difficult for wheelchair users.

Q 306
• There isn’t a Butcher’s shop in Croston. There isn’t a Baker’s shop in Croston. There
   isn’t a Greengrocer’s shop in Croston. Shopped locally until the demise of all three.
• I doubt whether resident of Croston would use car parking on the sites that would be
   available, e.g. – a danger spot like the bend near to estate agents, hairdresser’s shop

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 21
   café and bank. Unless the development of Hough’s Farm were to include a Large
   Car Park. There is a need for car parking facilities to prevent small estates like
   Rectory Close resembling a used car lot. It is sometimes difficult to get into the street
   and get out of it. Residents on Town Road use it as a free parking facility.

Q 307
• I think it is essential that affordable housing is provided for young people setting up
   their first home in the village they have grown up in. However I feel it is important that
   new housing is of mixed size and price to ensure the development of a “community”
   feeling within housing rather than an ‘estate’ culture.
• Providing school places at a primary level will always be a very difficult situation to
   plan for as the makeup of the village community is always changing.

Q 309
We are new to the village and love it already – however our greatest concern is most
definitely traffic and in particular high speed motorcycles and HGV’s and we would
support any measures designed to tackle these problems.

Q 310
1. Clarification and more transparency of the development of The Old Hall site, Grape
2. Restrictions introduced on the weights of lorries travelling along Grape Lane.
    Preferably rerouted, as some of the lorries passing along Grape Lane cause the
    foundations of my house to shake.
3. Serious concerns about living in an area which could be flooded. I am very thankful
    that the river wall in the centre of the village has been strengthened. We would
    appreciate much more defence work done to the area of the river around the Corn
    Mill as it is from this direction that Grape Lane is flooded.
4. Speed restrictions introduced / traffic calming measures along Grape Lane.

Q 311
1. As a home owner in a flood plain, I am aware and pleased that work is being carried
    out on the river walls in the village centre – but remain concerned that not enough is
    being done from the Corn Mill through Grape Lane to Town Road to protect river
    banks in that area – serious erosion will ultimately threaten homes / businesses in
    these areas.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 22
2. I am concerned that local government / police are not taking seriously the damage to
    property / vehicles by speeding traffic along Grape Lane.
3. On the positive side, Croston has a great sense of community and is a beautiful
    place in which to live – it is all our responsibility to ensure it remains this way.
4. More awareness of the plans for the development of the Old Hall site on Grape Lane

Q 312
1. In addition to the flood prevention work alongside Town Road there should also be
    work to repair / improve the river walls beside Grape Lane. The wall needs additional
    structural support and pointing the footpath and road are subsiding. The problem is
    aggravated by heavy vehicles shaking the ground at potholes and low manhole
    covers. In periods of heavy rain the sewers overflow through the manhole covers into
    the roadway and then into the river. The resulting traffic splashes cause aerosols
    which raise health concerns as does dust resulting when the sewage dries.
2. We would use the train more often if there were later services to return to Croston
    from Preston later in the evening / night. Improved connections to Liverpool via
    Ormskirk would also increase our use of trains – at present we usually drive to
    Ormskirk to get trains to Liverpool.

Q 313
I would like to see much more done to keep Grape Lane cleaner and tidier, hopefully by
hand held motorised sweepers as used in our neighbouring villages. Also a threat of
penalty for uncaring dirty dog walkers.

Q 314
Would like to see Grape Lane kept cleaner so that you are able to walk freely along the
pavements with fines for people that let their dogs foul. Also some sort of deterrent for
speeding traffic (i.e. for Boy Racers !!)

Q 318
As a resident of Grape Lane I am concerned regarding the speed of vehicles using the
In the three years I have been a resident I have witnessed 3 collisions outside my home
address causing significant damage to property. It is only a matter of time before
somebody is seriously injured / killed on Grape Lane as has already occurred on
Syd Brook Lane.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                                 Page 23
I have seen boy racer types using Grape Lane as a race track and yet little is done.
GRAPE LANE should be made a site of community concern under The Lancashire
Partnership for Road Safety, thus giving the police the power to act. The local
constabulary could easily provide evidence which is retrievable from the Police
Computerised Incident Logging System.

Q 324
A major concern for myself is the traffic / speed problems in and around the village,
particularly at night. Young inexperienced drivers, driving too fast and without due care. I
live on Grape Lane and in the past two year have had my house wall run into and the
following year my car written off by drivers coming around the bend from the Mawdesley
end, and meeting parked cars on the pavement. The damage to my property and vehicle
was extensive and costly. Other vehicles and property have also been damaged.
Fortunately no one was injured or worse. Had there been anyone in the parked cars or
on the pavement this would not have been the case. Will it be 3rd time dead??

Q 325
• Grape Lane traffic – HGV’s shake the foundations!
• Speed of traffic in Grape Lane – Dangerous.
•   Poor warning of speed restrictions.

Q 326
My husband and I are in full agreement of this questionnaire. Hopefully when the
analysis is completed it will reflect the overall feelings of the Croston Community.
Importantly the bulk analysis will result in the appropriate authorities i.e. Planning,
Education and Highways Department of Chorley and Lancashire Councils being aware
of Croston’s feelings. Hopefully not allowing them to “Fob Off” action, instead, sit up and
take notice of what the Village ‘Wants and Needs!

Q 328
The road surfacing between Croston Hall gates and the Chapel entrance on Grape Lane
has many potholes due to standing surface water. The road gullets along this section
appear to be blocked and the Local Authority responsible need to attend to this matter
without delay. Heavy vehicular traffic running over the potholes and broken up surfacing
is causing severe vibration to adjacent properties.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                             Page 24
Q 340
I am concerned about pedestrians ands cyclists walking and riding down Out Lane to the
school and feel that there should be proper footways constructed, or traffic calming
measures implemented by The Council before someone is seriously injured or Killed!

Q 341
Re: Sports Hall at Bishop Rawstorne – We were told that as a proviso we would have
another road taking traffic in and out of the sports hall from Moor Road. WHY HAS THIS
NOT BEEN DONE? We now have increased traffic to the sports hall, to evening classes
at B.R. and this traffic causes untold problems with the residents of Out Lane. We cannot
get in or out of our promises as traffic “dodges” behind reversing vehicles! The speed is
of utmost concern, particularly during school times. There are no pavements for children
and cars are always driving too fast. What I, and many of the residents want are the
• A relief road as promised from sports hall.
• Speed ramps on Out Lane A.S.A.P..
• The speed restricted to AT THE MOST 20mph.
• Pavements if possible.
• The car park on Out Lane used for better than it is at the moment.
• Car parking meters would stop any overnighters etc. and would bring a source of
I don’t know why I’m bothering to fill this out!!!
If the council cannot help the people of Out Lane AGAIN then many of the residents will
start a protest. We constantly ask for help and have never had it! (We constantly address
our views to the P.C and had not help whatsoever – we have written to LCC and still no
help!) Over to you………

Q 344
The volume of HGV traffic is now becoming a serious concern, for safety and road /
building damage. I would like to see a mandatory 7.5 tonne limit, placed on Highfield
Road, Town Road, Station Road and Westhead Road. (except for access) It is only a
matter of time before we see a very serious incident with HGV traffic. It would be a crime
to wait for this before acting.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 25
Q 348
New houses in the area should be built in keeping with the traditional features of the

Q 354
Derelict land should be ‘acquired for off-street parking – especially of vans. This would
improve traffic flow, increase safety and help the visual beauty of the village. People
have to be prepared to walk a short distance to their cars if they want to own houses of
the type available in Croston.
Dog wardens would help keep the streets free of fouling –fines should be imposed
regularly – this is a real issue with new people moving into the village and not having the
same respect for the community as those who have lived her for some years.

Q 363
Off-road parking is a huge issue within Croston as has been commented many times,
Station Road is particularly poor.
Another problem is the volume of traffic, large amounts seem to use the village as a
shortcut to the A59. Traffic calming was mentioned in the Plan, this would help
considerably, although the parked cars do slow thing down, so it’s not all bad.

Coffee Day – I feel that Croston Coffee Day recently has been ruined by the change in
time of the procession and idiots from surrounding areas spoiling the day through
drinking, theft, and violence.
The procession should be put back to later in the afternoon so people come out and
don’t drink as much. Also entertainment outside The Nelson should be welcomed as it
detracts people from each other therefore avoiding violence late in the evening.
Finally it could be an idea to put the day back, its fair enough people from Eccleston,
Mawdesley and surrounding villages joined in the fun but Leyland, Chorley, Preston just
brings trouble. So a change in date could help as everyone thinks First Saturday in July
– Croston Coffee Day.
These are views echoed by a lot of people in Croston.

Q 369
1. The reason I have rated the primary school service as unsatisfactory is due to the
    shortfall in places ( nothing to do with teaching provision).

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 26
2. I feel the village would benefit from a more frequent train service to Preston, and also
    a direct service to Southport.
3. Station Road is a nightmare for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. There is double
    parking, lack of space to pass, parked cars especially outside the Post Office. Drivers
    unfamiliar with the road speeding down it. Also recently drivers have started to park
    with all 4 wheels on the pavement outside the Co-op. Not only is this illegal but a
    hazard to the partially sighted. Double yellow lines and speed bumps are needed.
4. A by-pass would greatly benefit Croston.

Q 370
I would like to mention the following:

Having moved into a new housing estate I was very surprised at the lack of cable or
satellite facilities which has led to an enormous number dishes being erected.

The parking facilities on the new estate are totally inadequate leading to many cars bing
parked in places that hinder access – say for emergency services, and also look bad.

The parking situation throughout Croston but especially Moor Road and Station Road
does present a hazard to both drivers and pedestrians.

Q 375

Whilst there hasn’t been any deaths due to careless driving in the village. In surrounding
roads leading into Croston, there have been several serious incidents due to speeding
and careless driving.
My other concerns are that of the heavy goods vehicles using Croston as a cut through
to A59, Chorley, Leyland etc. These vehicles are far too large to be passing through the
village. I feel that this needs much consideration to reduce problems.
1. Weight restrictions to bridges leading into village.
2. Traffic calming measures (road bumps, speed camera) priorty to oncoming traffic etc.
3. One way system.
4. Alerting large vehicles of narrowness of roads.
5. Complete Bypass for HGV’s and passing traffic.

Q 376
As a very recently arrived resident in Croston, and delighted to live here, my opinions are
based on limited experience, but it would be good to see a broad based development
that included work and tourism – Croston has much to offer. (Q58)

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 27
Q 379
We have troubles moving through Croston as too many cars are parked on the sides of
roads and it can be dangerous.
An idea would be too put in a one way system flowing from ‘The Wheatsheaf’ up past the
station, then all cars could park on one side of the road and the other side would be
clear. It would reduce dangers and people can travel through the village normally and
happily. It would keep the traffic flowing and be safer for the residents of Croston and
also for big lorries passing through. Large HGV’s should be banned from travelling
through Croston unless necessary.

Q 383
Fortunately we have been able to obtain a place for our daughter at Trinity St Michaels
this year without problems. However I am concerned about a place for our other
daughter in 4 years time.
The HGV’s which hurtle through the village are very frightening and as a result I no
longer walk through the village with my double pushchair quite as often, I have to go into
the road as the pavements are not wide enough.

Q 385
Cars parking with 2 wheels on pavement so wheelchairs and pushchairs cannot pass.

Q 386
The village badly needs a Bypass.

Q 387
The 2 biggest niggles about living at Croston are the HGV’s that thunder past the house
and the inadequate sewers.
A lot of the HGV’s are from a few companies, maybe these could enter into an
agreement to use the roads less often. Ha!
The sewers get overwhelmed in heavy rain probably because tarmac areas send the
rainwater straight into the drains.
Housing rate is prolific, but people need homes so let developers use ‘Brown Field’ sites.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 28
Q 388
There is a definite need for some traffic measures in Croston. Speed cameras on Moor
Road even speed bumps would be a bonus! There are too many children walking home
from school and cars parking onto the pavements to avoid oncoming cars.
Local services are seriously depleted. Elderly residents now rely on families to do their
shopping, we need a local butcher and fresh fruit and veg shop.
I went to Chipping recently and found they are much smaller than Croston yet have
thriving butcher’s shop etc. WHERE ARE WE GOING WRONG?

Q 389
Additions to questions 44 & 45
I strongly recommend the introduction of speed cameras on Moor Road especially in the
built-up area (Station end).
I also strongly recommend banning the parking of vehicles on the pavements obstructing
walking and push chairs clearance.

Q 392
1. As the mother of 2 recent teenagers (now ‘moved on’) we do need more activities for
    this group. Not ‘One Offs’ but long term weekly / monthly. Realistically though in a
    community of this size this isn’t likely.
2. Used car garage on Moor Road causes traffic problems, no parking on site – on road
    renders Moor Road single lane.
3. Young people racing cars around Station Road, Station car park etc.
4. Trees on Grape Lane – This was beautiful woodland now appears not to be
    maintained and turning into a mix of old / dangerous trees and scrub. Was / could be
    again a beautiful asset to the village. New trees planted on Church land are lovely.
Sorry wrote this on my knee hope you can read it!

Q 396
Croston as a village is an excellent place to live. However I do feel that greater attention
should be given to it’s overall appearance which in some instances is neglected. Ie
derelict areas, on street parking.
Traffic along Moor Road is also a problem with the road being totally unsuitable given
weight of HGV’s volume and speed.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 29
Q 402
I think youths should be stopped from ploughing the fields up by using motorbikes for
scrambling I also think that there should be more shops in Croston especially so that
elderly people can shop without having to travel by train or bus.

Q 403
Police checks on Moor Road from the Station 8am. To 9.30am and 4pm to 5.30pm for
speeding. This is very important.

Q 408
The postal delivery service is declining. Some while ago we received our only delivery of
the day by 10am. It is now after 2pm – this may be due to reductions in the work force to
cut costs.
The development by Fairclough Homes at Croston Bank will prove, with the passage of
time, to be a disaster: the authorities which granted planning permission are at fault – It
is apparent that there were irregularities? The Parish Council received a substantial
grant from F.H. – WHY?
Like the nation, Croston is becoming overcrowded. It is losing it’s charm as a village – it
is noisy due to heavy traffic – the plans for a by-pass seem to have been shelved; What
is our FAILURE on the Chorley B.C. doing about it?
We should not delude ourselves – Croston is no longer a desirable place to live – NOISE

Q 410
It is ridiculous to expect one handicapped man to keep the streets clean!

Q 415
Personally, I do feel that every effort should be made to have the heavy traffic diverted
away from the village, especially the large articulated lorries which are much too big for
the roads to cope with.
Also having passed through the surrounding villages, Croston seems to be lacking some
things which would ease the situation for pedestrians of which I am not one – being
disabled – in particular I am thinking of a pelican or zebra crossing.

Q 416
I think Little Lane ditch etc wants attention. Weeping willow corner Brookfield – Pear
Tree Road it is a disgrace and wants cutting down.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 30
Q 424
The lack of a proper library I find disappointing.

Q 427
More “No Ball Games Allowed” notices.

Q 430
There would not be the major problem with school places if there had been a process
which allowed the youth of Croston to stay in Croston. Instead, blind folly by councils to
allow more and more private builders to proceed with an abundance of when completed,
building projects, which are expensive for the young first time buyers, have created a
disruption in the process of change for this village. This leaves a vacuum where only the
more wealthy can afford the housing in the village. This normally means an influx of “Out
Of Towner’s” who come to Croston as it is a “Nice Place To Live” then enforce their
beliefs on a community the like which was last seen by Stalin i.e. The Coffee Day
Committee, who where they? What did they do? The answer, Meddle with Tradition. The
short answer is this Croston is no longer CROSTON, it is an illusion. People outside long
to enter the village as they have this vision of the perfect place, I am afraid that the
dreams created on a sunny summer walk down Church Street and Grape Lane are a far
cry from the reality of a Parish Council that has created it’s own monster ….Good Luck,
You Need It!

Q 437
I am a pensioner and was born and bred in Croston and still live here today.
These are my views on Croston today.:
• There are far too many parked cars on the roads, also heavy traffic continually driving
• We have just 2 convenience stores, a chemist, post office and newsagents and a
   bank for which we are very grateful.
• Two school have been closed and the Parish Room, which has been greatly missed
   was demolished to make way for extensions to the Junior School on Highfield Road,
   unfortunately it is not big enough for places for all the little children in Croston so
   some have to be transported to schools in Bretherton and Eccleston.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 31
• There have been too many houses built here but no extra facilities have been
   provided. The bungalows for older people on Brookfield, The Orchard and Westfields
   have no resident Warden and no Community Centre.
I assume the new houses built, pay council tax so some things could be provided!

Q 443
Children are being shipped out as the Junior School is over full* due to all the family
housing being put up in the village. *These are children of families that have been
villagers most of their lives – Unfair.
There was no where for the children and youths to entertain themselves before all the
new homes being built.
It appears no one takes any notice. Just keep on building and hang the consequences.

Q 445
Instead of selling the small school this could have made a place for the youth of Croston,
such as darts, pool, fitness club etc. Why didn’t this happen?

Q 461
The primary school place problem was known about before they built the new houses
and before the Methodist School closed.
In 1996 it was obvious that there would not be enough school places. New every year
parents have the distressing time of trying to gain schooling for their children in their own
This is a disgusting situation that should never have arisen. The decision was made to
save money in the short-term and it has caused great damage to local families and
community cohesion.

Q 462
I attended the meeting regarding the amalgamation of Trinity & St Michaels. It was
highlighted that in 2004 there would be a shortage of spaces due to an estimated baby
boom. Nothing was done so it’s a little to late to start panicking now. As for question 59
don’t you think it’s about time Croston’s Council Tax actually provided us with
something? We pay high council tax and then have to pay to travel to use the amenities
other towns villages have i.e. swimming baths and supermarkets. We can’t even get
cable and why can we not get cable? This is because the Parish Council refused about
10 years ago to let Telewest lay lines. They said it would ruin the roads, 6 months later
the roads where resurfaced anyhow. Another steer in the wrong direction.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 32
Q 466
A pedestrian crossing on Westhead Road near to the Off-licence might help the number
of children who cross the road. Obviously the parked cars that block the road there are
also a problem. Car parking in general, (as in a lack of off road parking spaces) has been
a consistent problem here for many years and never seems to improve.
The public bus services are possible area of improvement. When I have occasionally
used the 112 Preston bus service, I have found it good to get to Preston, but on many
occasions have had to seek alternative services to GET HOME, if using the service after
3 pm in the afternoon.

Q 470
I think there is far to much heavy traffic come through the village. Also people parking on
the foot paths which means that people with children and small children in prams have to
get off the foot paths and walk into the road to get around the cars and vans. The place
were this occurs is on the foot path near Memory Lane. At time’s the lollipop man has
had to come and stop the traffic near there, so that mum’s with children are not in
danger. I do think something should be done about this, because it will be too late if a
child gets knocked down – I thought the road was for cars! It has happened to me above
once when I have had my grand children with me.
Also I think there should be no need to refuse any children that live in Croston a place at
the school, they should not have to go out of the village.

Q 478
Why has the fair on Coffee Day been taken away? Children should not be punished for
adults drinking. Plus there was less trouble when the fair was around.

Q 480
Traffic is the biggest problem particularly heavy lorries which often mount the pavement.
Also parked cars often on the pavement. Westhead Road has become far worse for
parked cars since the new homes next to the Black Horse where built. Here in Station
Road (corner Westhead & Town Road) its often impossible to see if you can pass parked
cars and quite dangerous.

Q 482
The litter bins attached to telegraph poles are often overflowing.
I do think that vandalism would be halved by a police presence – ON FOOT.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 33
Q 485
My two main concerns are the lack of affordable houses in Croston for the children that
have lived in the village all their lives and have parents and grandparents living here.
And the idea that children cannot be guaranteed a place in school in Croston when
parents, grandparents and great-grandparents went there is in my opinion scandalous.

Q 486
We feel that NO child born in our village of Croston should have to go out of this village
to go to school, it’s just not right.

Q 489
My main concern is housing; Not for Croston to build more houses but more affordable
for first time buyers. The choice of ‘Shared Ownership’ is at a minimum, and those that
are available are again too small and too expensive with mortgage and rent averaging
out at around £600 per month.
Also the speed and the amount of traffic that go through the village and the amount of
cars that are parked on the road causes me concern.

Q 492
1. Nutters riding round in pony and trap.
2. Need for village Bypass
3. Need for a bus and rail ticket in Lancashire like ‘WayFarer’ – (Greater Manchester)
    or’ Zone Save Away’ in Liverpool area to encourage more use of PUBLIC
4. Bus service by Arriva Buses who know how to get bus passengers, ie a bus service
    from Ormskirk to Wigan via Skelmersdale Concourse every 10 minutes operated by
    Arriva North West. Skelmersdale has plenty of facilities, shops, café’s, library and
There is also an urgent need to open Midge Hall Railway Station.

Q 493
Traffic calming measures are required but should not employ raised humps as they
would be at the expense of people living in the vicinity of them.
Croston seems to be becoming a centre for motor bike racers who use Meadow Lane as
their racetrack – going up and down to the A59 and turning around near the Fishery

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 34
Bridge. The noise that they make going through the village is worse than any of the
HGV’s. The police do not appear to be willing to take any action whatsoever.

Q 501
When did Meadow Lane become a race track for motor bikes? The summer evenings
and weekends people on Westhead Road and a few of those on Meadow Lane are
driven to distraction with the noise. The police don’t want to know, they said no one has
been killed on that road.
Parking on Town Road is disgraceful on both sides of the road on the corner near the
bank no body wants to walk about anymore. A car drove on to the footpath on Tuesday
evening 13th April to get cash from the bank. I was getting cash and I parked my car
across the road well away from the corner on the ROAD!

Q 503
Please can we have a speed camera on Meadow Lane Bridge?

Q 504
• I would like to see a Village Hall with plenty of car parking facilities on the land
   between Croston Police Station and St Michael’s Terrace in Westhead Road.
• Also cars are often parked with two wheels on the narrow footpaths which is not good
   for prams and wheelchairs etc.
• Also on Croston Moss there are piles of rubbish from the fields at intervals along the
   side of the road. This rubbish has been there for years. Could it not be moved?

Q 510
Croston has a reputation for blanket objection to proposed development this I feel is
inevitably going to lead to enforced projects. I feel this approach needs to be tailored to
encourage more imaginative and character housing. If one leave the main roads all the
recent housing has been bland and uninteresting. Other parts of the country have an
education levy whereby houses built pay a premium to support the development of
schools within the area this would I feel benefit Croston.

Q 512
We need more community oriented activities, Coffee Day has / was always been a family
day! We are going to lose this day because of the recent promotion to bring in people to
watch bands, It is also being heavily affected by religious beliefs. If we are talking about

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 35
‘Community’ how can days for the community only include those with religious beliefs?
This does not recognise the social demographics of our time. Make it a family day!
Question: If the schools are provided for by the state, why does religious belief play a
part in the selection process?

Q 513
In regard to questions:
Q22     The activities highlighted with an asterisk are already catered for in the village
and to a high standard to my knowledge. They would benefit through from more
awareness and better funding.
Q31     It is impossible to give a blanket answer to the question as any individual
development would and should be assessed on it specific merits and disadvantages.
Too much inappropriate development has already been accepted. This highlights the
lack of consultation within the community. (Virtually no starter homes suitable for the
young of Croston).
Q59     Without knowing the specific details of any plans it is impossible to comment on
how it should be funded. I would hope that before any plans derived from the results of
this survey were implemented. The suitability of tem should be raised again within the
Croston Community. Debate their benefits and relevancy should them from the way

Q 516
We have lived in Croston for 7 years but due to increasing traffic problems we are having
to move in the very near future. The volume of cars is not our main concern, however in
particular in the last 12 months the heavy goods vehicles passing close to our house
have serious affected our quality of life. The noise and the vibrations from passing heavy
goods vehicles have led us to consider relocating to a more peaceful area. We love the
village and we are very sorry to leave our home however the increase in heavy goods
vehicles has left us with no alternative. In order to alleviate this problem for other
residents we would suggest perhaps a weight restriction be applied to Fishery Bridge
which would significantly improve the quality of life for residents on Westhead Road.

Q 517
Parking needs to be provide in an area that would encourage people from out of the area
who have used the ‘Chippy’ to go after buying their fish & chips – rather than staying
outside peoples homes on Westhead Road.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 36
The issue of a ‘Bypass’ for Croston needs to be looked at – weekends and bank holidays
during the summer months increase the already heavy traffic passing through the village.
Notices should be put outside the Spar – (near the station) to ask people to park in the
station car park or by the pub (if there is space) – instead of ‘double parking’ It doesn’t
happen often, but there are some people so lazy they seem to think it is OK.

Q 519
I strongly believe there are far to many new houses being built. This is totally ruining our
village life. I have lived here all my life and I feel very disappointed about how my village
is changing. I notice surrounding villages are not having houses built at any available
area. How long will it be before Croston is no longer a village due to all houses being
Village life is all about caring about where you live and appreciating you surroundings.
Walking down the road and feeling safe. I am 25 years old and would like to think that I
will live in Croston for the rest of my life. Luckily I have bought a house, and
unfortunately not one of my friends have been able to, and have had to move to near
town, (Chorley) because of house process. Because of these new expensive houses
original Croston people are being forced away while new people are moving in. I love
Croston and would not like to bring my children up anywhere else. It is a happy safe
environment and we need to keep it this way.
Another thing which really concerns me is how fast tractors go through the village. I don’t
feel safe especially with my children.

Q 524
As an active member of the Over 60’s Club that is situated at Castle Walks I would like to
highlight how increasing difficult we are finding it to deep going.
Through the hard work of organising fundraising events we are barely able to pay the
maintenance costs. With the rising cost of the utility bills and general repairs needed, we
really do need extra support either through a grant or sponsorship to keep the club open,
for many of the older residents of Croston. This is the only centre where they can
become part of the community. If this was to close it would cut off a lot of people as they
would not find it possible to travel elsewhere, to meet up.

Q 532
Car parking – Any new car parking should NOT be provided as part of a wider

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 37
Pavements – Problems with pavements directly linked to lack of car parking and in
certain areas should be prevented, i.e. frontage to Black Horse.
Transport – Train service should be extended to cover later trains particularly at
Anti Social Behaviour – Sometimes directly linked to ‘Lock-ins’ in certain pubs.

Q 535
Moor Road needs a speed camera. Lorries should be limited to 20 mph.

Q 538
I think there is a big problem on Moor Road with traffic going too fast. A speed camera
would help.

Q 540
It would be useful for speed cameras to be installed on Moor Road as many people go
faster than 30 mph in this area.

Q 543
No more housing should be built in this village as there are not sufficient resources to
accommodate more people here.
Any further development should be for rented accommodation or low cost housing for
people born in this village.
Priority should be give to a Croston By-pass.

Q 545
Moor Road urgently in need of a speed camera.

Q 546
I have no hesitation in proposing a anti clockwise one way system staring on Moor Road
opposite Ridley Lane and going higher to the end of Station Road.
On 21st Jan I attended a public meeting, one of the proposals was a one way system
after filling in the questionnaire I find it strange that the one way system was not one of
the questions.

Q 550
• Street lighting in Grape Lane is out of character and needs the same lamps as in
   Town Road.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 38
• Approached road from Bretherton to Croston is a unsightly litter black spot
• Need more dog litter bins maybe one near Doctor Garg on approach to ‘Mat Taylors’
• Church fields used for public parkland, woodland instead of maybe being sold for
• Use derelict sites e.g. Wood Yard near station for cheaper housing for young people
   of Croston who want to stay in village, or Sports Hall with swimming pool! (sorry only

Q 551
There is a need to restrict this number of heavy goods vehicles going through the village.
Many pass along Moor Road travelling at speed.
Where on earth are they travelling to and from?

Q 553
Speed Camera – Moor Road.

Q 555
• Serious concerns regarding the sudden deterioration of the postal service in Croston!
• Also, further to Q 44, Why is Croston so overlooked for traffic calming measures when
   all surrounding villages have been catered for? Eg Eccleston, Bretherton, Mere Brow
   and Tarlton!!

Q 568
During winter months salt bins required around the village, especially Little Lane and
around old peoples accommodation so local people can apply themselves.

Q 571
• Lack of shops.
• Youth clubs
• Croston only has one ATM point , could not Co-operative banking be approached to
   install an ATM point at its grocery store on Station Road after refurbishing is done?
• A good play area where children can go to swings slides etc with parents. Also have a
   toilet area. Also add roundabouts and frame/
• Also entertainment for teenagers at night and weekends

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 39
• An improvements on Croston Station platform shelters, lighting and seating for
• Shelters for bus commuters.
• Heavy goods lorries not delivering in Croston should be rerouted outside of Croston
   and not cut through the main roads of the village.
• Better replacement of lighting elements Moor Road to Gilsons Garage, some lights
   have been off use for some time now.

Q 572
• Salting roads / footpaths, Brookfield and Pear Tree for the elderly during winter.
• Lid for paper boxes.
• Traffic lights – problems of crossing road.

Q 585
• More support for local agriculture and small businesses in needed.
• Too many houses and traffic going through the village.

Q 590
I’ve lived in the village for 2 ½ years and still don’t feel part of it. There seems to be
nothing that the village as a whole can unite around (apart from Coffee Day) – there
needs to be Summer Fete’s / barbecues / family days / bonfires (25 Nov) / something at
Is there a village Social Committee?

Q 596
Pre school places very short. Primary school places, why shut two schools and build one
class room? It doesn’t make sense. If I had young children I wouldn’t send them out of
the village, I would make a stand and teach them at home. Any more houses built and
the sewerage works will need to be re-built to take the pressure.
With the cost of housing in the village our young people can’t afford to live here so
families are now living further apart therefore ending village life.
The bus time table to Chorley and back are stupid! Don’t they realise people work after
5 pm or study after 5 pm. Miss the 5.15, you can’t get home until 6.50, no thought went
into the timetable whatsoever.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 40
Q 597
Q7 – Came with parents to the village who moved here as it was close to fathers
workplace and as a family we love the village life and community.
Q20 – By ‘Local’ – if this means Croston only then local social facilities are reasonable to
poor and in the main revolve around sporting / pubs activities. We welcomed the
introduction of various events in the community centre e.g. films.
Q27 – Too many overpriced construction taking place limits available housing for ‘New
Starters’ in the housing market. This has a detrimental effect on the community as too
many commuters, families with older children move into the village and do not contribute
to the community as a whole. Additional housing is causing more dangerous traffic
problems as cars are often parked (which includes visitors etc) on the already crowded
streets of Croston. IF new housing is to be built it needs to be geared specifically at new
starters and older generation provision of affordable, suitable accommodation is VITAL
to the survival of Croston as a TRUE village.
Q36-38 – Road surfaces have been improving however some overdue in need of
attention as do the pavements especially in light of the volume of traffic through the
village on a daily basis. Some dangerous spots in village need safe pedestrian crossing
facilities e.g. Town Road and Westhead Road. Accidents involving children on these
roads are often avoided by luck!
Would like to see improved facilities for the children in the village outside of school
hours. Would also like to see Methodist school re-opening as there are already problems
with local children and access to school places.
Having lived in the village for 23 years, I have seen a general decline in community spirit.
An example would be the Coffee Day festivities which no longer encourage a community
celebration. Support for local community groups is also on the wane which I feel reflects
the more towards increasing the population of the village buy building programmes.
Fewer local business opportunities means local people have to travel to work etc.
Establishment of CRAG has fortunately started generating some interest / action in the
village development. More available funding needed to encourage community activities
and events.

Q 598
• Paths (not pavements) but Public Rights of Way through and around Croston could be
   developed and improved.
• I would be very interested to see a safe route to school which could take bikes and
   pedestrians, and bike accommodation at the school. This would perhaps reduce the
   need for so many cars driving to school in the morning and afternoon.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 41
• Drama clubs for young people, 13 – 18 years, have been very successful in other
   areas to encourage creative rather than destructive elements in this group. There
   needs to be something for them to do or to go safely and to make them feel part of the
   community not set against it.

Q 606
CCTV on the Station car park – This area gets very noisy with speeding cars and gangs
or young people hanging around on it.

Q 607
1. Constantly disturbed by noise and offensive language around the De Trafford Arms
    pub / station car park late on weekend nights
2. Repeated trespassing and lack of respect for property and privacy – appears to be
    impossible to prevent some local residents using our drive as a “Shortcut” from
    council estate through to Station Road. Have down fences, and been verbally
    abusive, so bad we have considered moving!
3. Local opposition to any development in village – despite waste land being an eyesore
    and hazardous due to activities therein e.g. Old pallet yard on Station Road, fire
    service frequently called. Housing development MUST be an improvement on this
    total eye sore.

Q 617
Croston is a pretty little village it should not be spoilt by enlarging it with more building.

Q 618
Do school buses need to come through Croston during a very busy time causing hold
ups and congestion? A problem seems to be developing down Station Road of parking
on both sides of the road especially around the C-op and station end of the road
sometimes causes the traffic to come to a standstill this problem is getting worse as the
weeks go on.

Q 621
The Railway Station – No litter bins and needs sprucing up ie seating and tubs of
flowers. I think youths hang around at night because of evidence of beer cans and
bottles and general debris thrown on the track and platform full of cigarette ends. Not a
good impression for visitors on arrival. Police to visit at night periodically would perhaps
keep youths away. Area surrounding station and Trafalgar pub an eye sore. The same

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                              Page 42
applies to the Old Gas Works land plus the filth and debris that lie in the brook. I feel
something should be done with the land where people park their cars which is to the side
of number 81. In the winter it’s a mud bath and in the summer, when dry, it’s a dust cloud
when windy. I feel on entering Croston from the station side it lets Croston village down
and needs much attention. Also litter a big problem.

Q 622
Re Q 47. – Does Croston need more car parking facilities? This issue has been
going on for too long and yet “NOTHING” has been done.

Q 624
Croston has a good selection and variety of most types of homes except single storey
bungalows. The age profile of the village means a higher proportion of retired people
than would be found in urban areas. This section of the community need such properties
and any additional development should focus on this requirement, not high density inner
city type properties.

Q 626
The area adjacent to the ‘De Trafford Arms’ needs urgent attention. The area and pub
itself look scruffy and do not give a good first impression when entering the village. We
would have no objection to a housing development here. However this would be subject
to school places being available and sufficient parking being provided on site.

Q 629
• Village hall with car parking needed.
• When my son is school age I will want to walk him to school. I will be very angry if
   there are not sufficient places in the village school.

Q 633
Firstly, on several occasions train services where cancelled without prior warning, on
numerous occasions the early morning Saturday train does not turn up. Personally I
found the bus service difficult to use with a pram and young baby. Also both services are
TOO EXPENSIVE to be used regularly.
Croston could at best be described as ‘lacking in insight’ into the difficulties experienced
by the disabled and elderly people . For instance the mobile library is inaccessible to
disabled or elderly with mobility problems. Also, as the library is only available once a
week, this prevents local people from using it to it’s full capacity. A library open six days

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 43
a week, with access for ALL and an internet system for public use would greatly benefit
the community as a whole.
The recreation ground is DAILY vandalised by local youths, broken glass presents a
danger to dogs and young children alike. Local Croston youths have even urinated on
the benches provided within the children’s play area. Greater parental responsibility
needs to be exercised towards vandalism and involvement from school towards offer.

Q 634
No more new houses! There is now too much traffic / too many cars in the village. Not
enough school places etc.

Q 635
My partner and I moved to Croston in August 2003 and have made our first home here
as it is centrally located for both our places of work and we have always loved the village
after visiting friends who lived her. I think the community services in the village are
generally excellent and improvements should be made to make the village a safer
environment, especially by offering better facilities for local youths.
In relation to new businesses, I feel strongly against a nearby industrial centre which
would remove Croston from keeping it’s traditional village feel. If we are to welcome new
small businesses that will offer services to the community and local employment, it
should be done by using existing buildings or restoring dilapidated sites.
Car parking, especially on roads with terraced homes is an issue in the village and could
get worse. All new homes should be built with their own car parking facility.
Generally, my partner and I are very happy to be living in Croston and we have been
welcomed into the community by friendly neighbours, shopkeepers and landlords. It is a
beautiful place to live and we hope it will remain this way.

Q 638
This survey will not give a true representation of villagers opinions when only one person
per household has been asked to complete this form, even within households, members
views will differ.
Yet again this will be a waste of money, time and effort.
We wait to see the working results of this survey if any!

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 44
Q 652
I think the Village Green would have been more useful as a car park not a green as its so
busy around the Bank and Building Society with just a few parking places.

Q 654
We are paying for a person to pick up litter and sweep up, but we cannot see anything
for our money.
Croston roads could be made safer by more street parking. The green should be made
for parking and could be used for any events on occasions as necessary.
Bishop Rawsthorne School should have access from Highfield Road, there is plenty of
land available for this in the school grounds.

Q 656
When we have a good care home facility like Croston Park it is a great pity that relatives
trying to push a wheelchair down Town Road and Station Road meet with so many
difficulties from curbs as to make the short journey to the shops almost impossible.

Q 659
There are still ‘Brownfield’ sites in the village that could benefit from tidying up or as sites
for small housing developments. Greenfield sites must not be used.
Heavy goods traffic using Moor Road can be very dangerous.

Q 660
• The problems caused by on street parking on Station Road / Town Road / Westhead
   Road will only get worse unless steps are taken to reduce the problem.
• Speed on Moor Road is a major problem, it is only a matter of time before there is a
   major accident! A speed camera is required. Whey has Eccleston got THREE, whilst
   Croston has none?
• Croston in the last twenty years has lost it’s community, it has become merely a
   dormitory village. More should be done to generate local employment with the village.
   To live, work and “play” in the village will help to regain Croston the hear that it has

Q 661
• Cars parking on foot paths on Moor Road needs attention urgently. Speed on Moor
   Road is a death trap with all the cars parked at the top end.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                             Page 45
• Police: In need of a local police man who is interested in his job and the village >
   Hedges and footpaths need urgent attention. Moor Road and Highfield Road get
   forgotten about. More footpaths and the ones we have keeping in good condition.
   Speed traps and bumps, if Ecclestion can have two and Bretherton one, we have
• Housing: Stopping large builder i.e. Fairclough’s, Bellway etc. from building in the
   village, they build rubbish houses at unaffordable prices. We are getting too many
   outsiders from the Town area’s because our young people can’t afford the housing
   and the southerners from down south can and this is what is clogging up our streets.
   They have two or three more cars because they work away from the village. More
   shops less pubs to enable people of the village to shop. More transport that comes on
   time or not at all, NOT just when they like.
• Since we used to have lots of shops one for every need. Now they have all be driven
   out like our young people.

Q 662
All pavements should be used for pedestrians only and not for parking. As roads become
busier it is too dangerous for mothers with pushchairs / prams to be expected to step out
into the road because a car is blocking the pavement. Cars on pavements also cause
considerable damage and older people of Croston fan easily lose there footing or trip on
uneven pavements.
Croston is being ruined by over development of over expensive housing. Local young
couples have to move out of the area. The developments that have just taken place
should have been made more accessible for the young people of Croston. Although I’m
totally against any more development, I do think that if there is going to be any at all it
should be for the people of Croston First and foremost.

Q 663
I would like to see the reduction in the speed and size of vehicles using Moor Road.
Having written to the Police, MP and L.C.C. as to why Moor Road is the only road in
Croston with no red warning lines on entry, I was told it was because it is only a ‘B’ road.
However, the volume of vehicles using it make it seem like a Principal (A) Road. On
requesting a speed camera I was informed that there were not enough serious injury
accidents to warrant one! I also feel that there should be huge investments in the
Ormskirk to Preston Railway line , so that the EXCELLENT service from Liverpool to
Ormskirk can be extended to Preston.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 46
I feel a Community Car Scheme in Croston would have a detrimental effect on Public
Transport. I would only support it for people who were old or disabled.

Q 664
As a newcomer to the village I am not fully aware of the needs and problems, but what is
of concern is the traffic speed and pedestrian safety on Moor Road.

Q 665
Croston is already dangerously congested aggravated by new housing developments.
Moor Road, Highfield Road, Meadow Lane particularly hazardous due to speeding traffic.
Croston is losing successful businesses due to the sites being developed for housing
and no alternatives.

Q 666
• Page 3 and 7 - Whilst agreeing with CCTV in town and cites I think it would be sad to
   see them in Croston. Hopefully better policing would negate the need.
• Page 7 – Refuse Collection – Reliable and efficient EXCEPT for recycling. We have a
   Green bin for general refuse and a Brown bin for Green waste! A green box – with no
   lid – originally for news print but now for bottles. It has ridges on the bottom so that
   the bottles fall over when you put them in and it gets filthy fro passing traffic when the
   weather is inclement. The replacement contrivance for newsprint is a crappy poly bag.
   I suggest a junket – at tax payer expense, of course – To our northern European
   Partners who could show how it is done PROPERLY.
• I mention “Not Speed Bumps” for traffic calming. Our house on Moor Road is already
   being shaken to the foundations by HGV’s (especially Ruttle). Also the emergency
   services don’t like them.

Q 667
• More facilities for disabled electric scooters i.e. dropped kerbs, pavements free of
   posts in the middle, less severe camber on pavements, to allow unimpeded access to
   all facilities.
• Hedges next to pavements where there are fields should be clipped so that walkers
   and wheelchairs / scooters can pass unimpeded.
• More ramps for the disabled, especially to public services, shops and pubs, as only
   one in the village.
• Drivers parking on pavements cause pushchairs and wheelchairs to go into the road.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 47
• Activities for young people – years ago there was functions on for teenagers 3 times
   per week, such a Youth Clubs, disco’s etc.

Q 668
I feel very strongly that more housing should be built to accommodate young people
wanting homes of their own in Croston, it seems to me only expensive housing is being
built . The main reason is for PROFIT to the builders. I also think heavy goods wagons
should not be allowed to cut through the village on route to their destinations they should
be stopped from leaving the main roads.

Q 669
In my opinion the infra structure i.e. sewerage, electricity, water and roads could not deal
with much more housing development.

Q 670
• The issue of traffic particularly heavy goods vehicles is a problem, more often than not
   the speed they are travelling too.
• The issue of parking especially round Station Road needs to be addressed. The land
   where the old Gas Works is would be better used to help with this rather than being
   sold off for more housing which the majority of people do not want to see.
• Coffee Day needs to be abolished! After attending the last one we were disgusted at
   the drunken yobs that filled the village. A more traditional village style Fete would be

Q 671
I feel the village green would be better used by cobbling the area and using as a car

Q 672
Regarding extra car parking – Improve, but not at the expense of the village green, as
was the case last time where money had been given for the village green only.

Q 686
• Q22: No rugby facilities in Croston, definitely needed.
• More village involvement in Coffee Day arrangements.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 48
Q 690
A lot of paper has been wasted on these forms asking ‘Petty’ questions. Whey was the
question of banning heavy vehicles from the village not included?
All political or council representatives seem blind to the biggest problem in Croston!

Q 693
The infrastructure needed for the recent housing development needs bringing up to
scratch before any more houses are built. Allowing more houses before the schools can
cope is a disgrace and illustrates the lack of long term planning.
The sewerage situation is ignored but I am sure that now sewage is being released (in
times of heavy rain) quite frequently.
Parking near the post office is a problem for passing traffic.

Q 697
It is important that we retain key services such as the Post Office, Pharmacy, some
convenience shops, schools etc.
We have to accept that some changes are inevitable, but in keeping with the existing
‘feel’ of the village with a balanced community.

Q 702
My main concerns for this village are in order of importance to me:
1. The amount of traffic which goes down Out Lane during the period of time when
    children are going to and coming from the two schools, there is no pavement for
    pedestrians and hardly room for two cars to pass. This is not acceptable.
2. Throughout the village cars parking half on the pavements so pedestrians with
    pushchairs have to go onto the roads.
3. Derelict land around the village should be kept tidier.

Q 703
Traffic to Southport should be red-directed to another route (i.e. Not through the village).

Q 710
In my view – The main problems:
1. Are covered by questions 43 to 47 inclusive regarding traffic.
2. The needs of a more frequent train service, Question 52
3. Also housing Questions 27, 29, 30 and 31.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 49
Q 711
Croston has a lack of rubbish bins, within the village and the Southport traffic drives
much too fast through the village. There should be a 20 mph speed limit, Pedestrian
Crossings and Speed Cameras on the entrances to Croston.

Q 717
Concern re HGV’s / Articulated Lorries down Drinkhouse Road and Back Drinkhouse
Lane. State of the roads in this area.
No water pressure.

Q 726
The incidence of motor cyclists “racing” down Meadow Lanes is ever increasing. The
noise levels when this happens are unacceptable.
It is not safe to ride a very quiet steady traffic proof horse down the road or even in any
field by the roadside when the motor cyclists are out. What can be done about this?

Q 729
Two of the roads leading out of Croston – the road to Bretherton and the road to
Mawdesley (Syd Brook) are dangerous for pedestrians because there are no footpaths
of any kind for pedestrians to walk in safety.

Q 730
Issues of Concern:
• Drains and Sewage – Is the current Croston amenity able to cope with demand?
• Meadow Lane – Is becoming a motor cycle race track – Urgent action is required –
   presumably involving intensive policing.
• Other Issues – Adult Education – attractive options but too restrictive in terms of
   times. – Useful sources of information are the Church magazine and School letters.
Recycling facilities vastly improved – please keep it up – Could we please have more
recycling facilities? – Tin / cardboard.

Q 731
Drinkhouse Road / Turflands is being used by speeding motorists as a short cut to avoid
standing traffic on Westhead Road – need 30 mph speed limit.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 50
Q 735
The age old matter of a Bypass for the village should be pursued by our Elected Reps
(Specifically our MP).

Q 737
• I would like to see the school in Station Road re opened for infants, and the village by
   passed for heavy traffic.
• Croston should remain similar to what it is today with a little more care it could be the
   nicest village in the northwest.
• Something should be done about litter louts and people who let their dogs foul
• For people who visit Croston there is not one single toilet.

Q 738
Speed camera is a must on Westhead Road 30 mph is a joke I see them every daya
cars and lorries.

Q 741
1. Do something about the excessive number of youths roaming the streets at night,
    buying alcohol from CERTAIN shops under age and causing damage to property,
    especially round Station Road and Westhead Road.
2. Build a Bypass for HGV’s and such traffic to reach the A59.
3. Arrange more community based fund raisers around the village – make it Fun!!!,
    Meet all ages humour, i.e. A Rubber Duck Race down the Yarrow – Huge earning
    potential and great fun, can bring great sponsorship from local companies.
4. A more permanent Police presence not just for farmers, personal escorts of lorries
    and vans!!!!

Q 742
Something locally needs to be done about the size of wagons going through the village. I
for one have had to mount the pavement three times to get out of the way of wagons that
were going too fast and were too big for the road. Fortunately no pedestrians were on
the pavement at the time. Although permission has been given to Ainscough’s for their
processing plant, the size again of the wagons allowed down that side road is ridiculous!

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 51
Q 744
I would like to see the main road through Croston the A581, downgraded to a ‘B’ road, by
doing this HGV’s route planners may avoid it! Any reduction in HGV traffic would benefit
the community.

Q 749
I would like to have a Weight Restriction on all heavy goods vehicles on every road in

Q 750
• Network Rail own Croston Marsh Nature Reserve and should show a long term
   commitment to managing it for conservation. Part of Croston Marsh has been bought
   by a Property developing company who are neglecting management and biodiversity
   is decreasing and it may lose its “biological Heritage Site Status”. This will then enable
   it to be built on and affect future funding bids.
• There has been a great deal of consternation about expansion of Drinkhouse Farm,
   including locals blocking access to Drinkhouse Road. I feel people should support
   local businesses – this is after all a farming community. Perhaps energies would be
   better directed to the improvement of access directly onto Croston Road, this would
   be more convenient for the farm vehicles and divert them from Drinkhouse Road.
• Parish Council should make their meeting minutes available on the internet. There are
   already excellent websites currently established which can be accessed by the Parish

Q 751
The main streets of Croston are like a car park, contributing to accidents, (in the past and
probably the future). As motor cyclists speed through the village and heavy commercial
vehicles congest the roads.
Although residents pay the same council tax rate (plus parish rate) as Chorley people,
there are no amenities – library, swimming pool, Park and one has transport costs to use
Instead of open land being grabbed by greedy builders putting up unsuitable and
expensive housing it would be nice to have a small park to sit in with flower and shrubs
and seating to relax there with friends.
And the pavements – I use a scooter and find it very stressful.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 52
Q 756
I am concerned with the number of youths hanging around the streets and causing
trouble on the recreational ground. They drink and smoke. I do not feel safe when I go to
the shop. Me and my friend are 15 years old and because we don’t hang around in that
group we get picked on and get things thrown at us. My friend got beaten up walking
home from school because she is into different music, school dealt with the youths, but it
still happens out of school. They act like they own Croston and I REALLY think it needs
sorting out. Plus there is graffiti on the recreational ground so if a graffiti wall was built it
may stop some of it. A lot of things are getting ruined for little children. I am also
concerned with the amount of traffic parked down Town Road and Station Road. Maybe
a safe car park could be built. I also think there should be a video, music shop and a café
for youths, not elderly people like Memory Lane.

Q 757
1. It would be nice if consideration could be given to the question of dg dirt in the
    village, and if we could have some bins specifically for this purpose, and some way of
    educating dog owners to use them in clearing up after their pets.
2. The parking of some residents down Station Road does leave a lot to be desired, and
    in the event of a house fire life could be lost as a result of bad parking.

Q 758
•    In winter salt required for old peoples bungalows.
•    Drains sorting out in Pear Tree Road.

Q 765
Regarding A44 – Traffic calming measures. Is it not possible to re-route the heavy goods
vehicles to stop them coming through the village and also to have speed cameras
erected on Moor Road and Highfield Road? Also a mini roundabout at ‘Auldene’ Garden

Q 769
We are total against further house building in the village unless it’s built for those in the
village who are young people who want to marry and bring up their children.
Also there is a great need for school facilities etc. for those children who live in the
village. Every child should be entitled to a school place in the village instead of having to
be bussed in taxis to schools in outlined areas. Also there is a need for a Community

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                              Page 53
Village Hall to cover all age groups and more leisure facilities for all ages especially for
the youth of the village.
Question – Can we have a vehicle weight restriction on vehicles passing through the
P.S. This would cut down traffic congestion in the village – If children would walk to

Q 776
Deeply concerned re: Proposed developments / extensions to Drinkhouse Farm to
provide preparation and packing of vegetables facilities. Heavy Goods Vehicles already
find it extremely difficult to manoeuvre down Drinkhouse Road. The Highways
Department have let the residents down in allowing the above extension which of
recently, still increase the volume of large vehicles.

Q 779
NB> Q10 (p3) – All of these should be paid for via CBC – Council Taxes. – Council tax
goes up every year anyway.
There have been 2 new housing developments in Croston within the last 4-5 yrs so no
new housing is needed especially when only approx 7 miles away is ‘Buckshaw Village’.
Why try to turn a Village into a Town!!

Q 780
Excessive speed and noise of motorbikes on Meadow Lane.
HGV’s using Croston as a shortcut for motorway access.

Q 789
• A permanent library would be excellent, especially with internet access.
• A late night train from Preston would be appreciated as it is impossible to have a night
   out without taking the train.
• A parking facility near the Croft as well as some picnic facilities and nature walks
   would be nice for people visiting the village.
• Some more ‘dog-mess’ bins would be appreciated, especially on Drinkhouse Road.
• Public footpaths such as ‘Castle Walks’ could be washed / brushed more frequently.
• More leisure facilities, e.g., swimming pool or increased use of school sports hall for
   young people.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 54
Q 790
Our main concern (one of them) are dogs fouling public access areas. Besides being a
health hazard, it is most unpleasant when one treads in some or has to move it to mow
the grass.
Most of this is caused by visitors to Croston walking their dogs, but unfortunately some of
it is Croston Residents!
More signs, dog bins and people prosecuted would help to rid this lovely village of this
disgusting practice, and also ensure that children can run free without waling / rolling in

Q 794
I fully understand how difficult it is to design questionnaires – it is a nightmare job.
My concern on this questionnaire is that the person who fills in th4 questionnaire may
only represent 20% of the household. This has particular relevance to transport, work
issues etc! (e.g. 48-52, 14-24)
It is also likely that older members of a household will complete the questionnaire which
could be unrepresentative of younger members of our community.

Q 795
HGV vehicles needs addressing
Clearance of dog mess important, application of fining procedures.

Q 796
Q10 – BINS – Ensure bins are emptied often.
Q19-22 – HIGH SCHOOL _ Develop more community use of hall and sports facilities.
Q51 – BUS TRANSPORT – Single deck of better still “Zippy” bus.
Car parking and public toilets of a good standard would enable the village to develop
tourism. This would in turn create work and income to enable the business to thrive and
the community to grow.

Q 797
• Accidents / near misses due to large heavy goods wagons travelling too fast.
• Sewage Facilities?
• Heavy wagons should be re-routed around Croston – there should be a weight
      restriction to protect old kerb side properties from subsidence!

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                             Page 55
• We live in a beautiful village and more should be done to protect it from dangerous
   traffic and inconsiderate drivers whether local or visitors.

Q 804
I would like to see some kind of youth centre, to keep the gangs of teenagers off the
streets and out of trouble.
A also think the parking situation is important.
Maybe a little Saturday Market, so there is more choice for fresh produce, selling local

Q 806
A resident of Town Road I am often astounded at the volume of HGV’s using these very
narrow streets often having to mount pavements to turn corners. I find this distressing as
Croston has its own school, Nursery etc and children are often on the street getting to
and from school and home. Croston should be for access only and not used as a short
cut for HGV’s in a hurry. And I am increasingly concerned that there will be many
accidents awaiting to happen if nothing is done SOON!!!

Q 807
More housing leads to needing more schooling, more traffic, greater strain on amenities
and a ‘busier’ atmosphere. People live in a rural village to get away from hustle and
bustle of town life and work environment. We wish to live in a peaceful village with
facilities for those who can’t leave the village. We want to make Croston inviting to
tourists without spoiling it’s village atmosphere.
It is sad to think that children born in Croston may not be able to go to the local school.
The very young are exceptionally well catered for and our local Day Nursery and many
grew up alongside friends who they then must leave as they can not get into the local
school. – Short sighted thinking on behalf of someone in authority!!!
There are some “Eyesore” spots in Croston, that could easily be cleaned up and
transformed into nicer looking areas.

Q 808
*Question 23*
I was very disappointed to see that Croston Day Nursery was not named in the
categories. My daughter attends this nursery because of its excellent care and
education, and by not naming it I feel it under values it’s achievements.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 56
Q 811
The larger vehicles travelling through the village physically shakes my home on Town
Road. I have suffered window, roof and brickwork damage. Having been a large HGV
driver myself, I can appreciate why so many do use this route, but I feel the road
structure is struggling to handle these 40 tonne and weights combined with older
buildings and foundations.

Q 812
1. We have contacted the relevant authorities including the local Conservation Officer
    and English Heritage in the past regarding the volume of traffic through Croston
    (HGV’S in particular) and our concerns regarding the ‘movement’ of our property
    which occurs when thy pass. We were advised that this was not an issue, despite the
    fact that Croston is a Conservation area and that our property is Grade II Listed.
2. The agricultural vehicles are the worst offenders for speeding and mounting kerbs
    with little consideration for pedestrians.
3. Police presence generally is acceptable however, every year on ‘Coffee Day’ there is
    a tai queue opposite our property, which involves gangs of youths shouting, fighting
    and urinating until the following morning. The police therefore could ensure a
    stronger presence on such occasions.

Q 813
Large lorries on Town Road – Whilst understanding the need for these lorries to come
through the village, it is with increasing concern and worry that I see vehicles try and
‘tackle’ Town Road every day. Our house shakes and the windows rattle or alternatively
the window is blocked out by a lorry waiting to pass, often mounting the pavement in the
process. Our own car has needed in excess of £1,000 of body repairs since we have
moved to the village. Therefore, the weigh and quantity of large vehicles coming along
Town Road is a real concern to us. Of even greater upset and anxiety is the potential risk
of a fatal accident waiting to happen.
Noise from Public Houses – Often Saturday night is a very ‘loud’ and ‘uncomfortable’
time for us as residents due to the loud and often rude language coming from people at
closing time. Publicans should become a little more aware of their ‘social’

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                         Page 57
Q 814
Car parking on Town Road and Station Road is terrible. Also all the big Corby Chilled
lorries should be stopped from taking shortcuts through the village.

Q 815
Personal Notes:- Croston is expanding, but what abut light industry by Railway Station.
I’m sure there are plenty of young women in the village who would benefit with a job in
the area.
Small units to rent. The biggest thing that is desperately needed is ‘Public Toilets’
URGENTLY!! If you want visitors then you have to provide these facilities. Also a public
car park. The car park in ‘Out Lane’ is never used only on library day. What’s the point of
that? If no one knows that there is a public car park it would encourage visitors, who in
turn spend money in the village, so put a large ‘P’ sign up. Keep the gates open 24 hrs
7 days per week. Small business / Office units are desperately needed, SO STOP

Parking is terrible everywhere in Croston and the kids need to be controlled for
vandalism to cars and the recreation ground on Station Road.

Q 817
• Campaign for Broadband in Croston
• Better mobile telephone reception and fewer lorries and large vehicles through the
   centre of Croston.

Q 819
• I entirely endorse the highlighting of the shortfall in Primary School places, which will
   have been exacerbated by the increase in new houses locally.
• I am also concerned about the increase in HGV traffic through the village which is
   making the situation increasingly dangerous for pedestrians through the village,
   particularly when parents are taking their children on foot through the village.
• I am also concerned that the welcome installation of the arm at the bank on Town
   Road has increased the pressure on that stretch of the main village road, with cars
   parking on the pavement on the bank side of the road with no consideration for other
   road users or pedestrians.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                            Page 58
Q 822
• Something must be done about local youths and children running riot on Station Road
   in the evenings.
• Constant door knocking and car vandalism is a common event!
• Some of the elderly people are very scared but won’t complain.
• I have never! seen a Police Presence on Station Road –Who do we report this
   behaviour to?

Q 823
Having lived here for a short time we propose the village to remain as it is.

Q 824
The park on station Road (wreck) should close after 9pm. Problems relating to park are
noise, disturbances, vandalism. Parking by locals and strangers parking in front of
residence houses late into evening. Stereo banging, Large crowds of youngsters (bored).
I stress I have no problem with young people generally but unfortunately they have
nothing else to do. The park, since being refurbished has become a late night attraction
for both youngsters in and outside the village often you see parents even dropping them
off in cars!

Q 825
1. Any new houses should have at least 2 parking spaces. Recent new houses cause
    serious parking problems and overspill. The only exception should be any new
    retirement properties where it is unlikely that they could afford two cars.
2. Primary school places should be provided for ALL local residents.
3. Police presences in Croston seems to be by invitation only! Who is the local bobby?
    Does he live in the village? Does he get out?
4. Keep double yellow lines out of the village – whilst car parking may create gridlock on
    occasions – it does reduce speed>
5. Higgins Lane Burscough and Devonshire Road Chorley have exceptional traffic
    calming measures – we need this type in Croston to;- a. Reduce speed. b.
    Discourage traffic down Town road where listed buildings are being seriously
    affected by HGV’s.
6. Immediate action should be taken to stop large goods wagons from using Town
    Road and Station Road – At least Moor Road is straight and is the nearest we will

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 59
    ever get to a Bypass – If we want to keep an Historic Village and attract visitors and
    tourists – we need to take care of what we have – NOW!

Q 826
• The litter in the hedgerows, roadsides around Croston is a disgrace. I would
   recommend a voluntary group to tackle the issue.
• Heavy goods traffic through the village is at an unacceptable level. The noise the
   vibration is causing irreparable damage.
• The speed of traffic through the village considering the bends involved is also
   unacceptable. A serious accident is inevitable and I imagine necessary to have some
   action take place unfortunately.

Q 827
Primary school places have not been an issue this year, but we have seen several
developments over the past 2 years, have those been included in the schools planning
for the next few years?
As Croston is a through road, traffic is quite bad, especially over the recent weekend. All
the community would like to know what is to be done about this.

Q 830
Education – The recent shortfall in primary school places may not happen again. The
birth rate is falling. Sadly enlarging the school could be detrimental to the high standard it
apparently offers.
Parking – We do need more car parks but where? There are at least 2 acres of ground
which could be used but due to the value of the land they will never be put to this
Traffic – Something needs to be done to stop people using Town Bridge, The Hillocks
through to Drinkhouse as a rat run to avoid the congestion on Westhead / Town Road.
The bridge is an ancient monument and deserves more care.
Chorley Borough Council describes Croston as ‘The Jewel in it’s Crown’. They should
provide more funding, possibly in the form of grant aid to enable the P.C. to maintain it’s
appearance i.e. floral displays, litter removal. The income in visitors to our village brings
in income and provides employment.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                           Page 60
Q 835
More adequate car parking is desperately needed at both Trinity and St Michaels School
and Bishop Rawstorne School. For Out Lane residents it is a nightmare trying to cross
the road at times and also to gain access to ones own garage because of cars parked on
the road and also the footpaths – If when the schools are given permission to extend, the
parking should also be taken into consideration before any decision is made.

Q 836
When I fist arrived here (14 years ago) and I said I lived in Croston they always declared
their liking for the village – Not so now!
Why is the cul-de-sac sign in Out Lane halfway along the lane? At least 10-12 cars etc
have to turn around each day.
Disabled access to the shops is mostly very difficult or impossible.

Q 837
A Bypass would solve most of our traffic problems. Out Lane is very often blocked by
cars parked on pavements, leaving no room for people to walk, except in the road.

Q 838
Cars parked half on footpaths and half on road are a ‘Hindrance’ / Hazard for
wheelchairs and prams.

Q 839
Out Lane has no pavements, and there is far too much traffic for such a small lane.
The small buses to Chorley take approximately ONE HOUR to get to the station. The
route goes through several housing estates on the way there. This is very frustrating if a
person has an appointment.

Q 840
The range of issues raised in this questionnaire go far beyond what is included in the
Statutory Districts Planning process. Is it intended that they are resolved within the
Borough Community Plan or via the Local Strategic Partnership? If so HOW is it
intended that they are put on the agenda? What role will our elected Councillors have in
the process?
The point I am making is that it is just as important to be clear HOW our issues are to be
addressed as it is to determine WHAT the priorities are. There is a danger that this

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 61
exercise will raise expectations that action can be taken to address the issues without
any clear idea how they are to be addressed.
The Parish Plan will be a ‘Framework’ but what ………. will it have?

Q 841
With reference to Q46 I would like to make the following observations about Out Lane.
1. There are insufficient pavements causing pedestrians to have to walk on the road.
2. The volume of traffic – private and commercial – during term times is beyond the
    capacity of the lane.
3. Due to excessive speeds by some drivers a lower limit that 30 mph would, hopefully,
    reduce ‘speeding’.

Further to Q46:
The heavy traffic using Out Lane as access to both schools and the lack of any
continuous footpath, result in this being a very hazardous route for pedestrians. It seems
obvious that separate access roads should run from the school bus lay-by on Highfield
Road to both schools.
Traffic travelling along Town Road often mounts the pavement – especially in between
The Royal Bank of Scotland and The Wheatsheaf Hotel. This again is very hazardous for
pedestrians. – Bollards along the edge of the pavement should stop this.

Q 844
The state of the grounds that belonged to Croston Hall are a disgrace. Something should
be done to make this area in Grape Lane more presentable. This would be a big
advantage to the approach to the village.
Horrendous traffic problems in Out Lane – making it very dangerous for pedestrians and
school children.

Q 856
You have shut one perfectly good school and SOLD IT?

Q 863
Re: Shortfall in primary school places. The residents of Croston warned the powers that
be that this would happen!
Let us hope that with this plan the future of our schools can be secure.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 62
Q 869
My concerns are related to youths hanging around during evenings up to unreasonable
hours and the increase of youths speeding / joy riding through the village particularly
along Station Road, it makes me fear the safety of my own children and our property. We
have already been a victim of vandalism.
Where is the “Bobby on the Beat”? We have never seen him yet. This service needs to
be more widespread through the village and regular intervals each evening.
Primary schools places should be allocated to those in Croston first.

Q 870
1. Freeze new house building.
2. Ease planning permission on old derelict farm buildings, before many of them go
    beyond restoration, and before we lose our history of farming ties that the village has
    thrived on for centuries.
3. Create car parks for shoppers and visitors to our village.
4. Have a Community Beat Manager patrol the village, assisting the non-existent bobby
    on the beat.
5. Support the Post Office and other small shops within the village when buying
6. Lets have a proper church car park, in a safe area and make it big enough.
7. Get Coffee Day back to like it was. The past few years, it has been a disappointment,
    we need;
   a)   The fairground for the families and youngsters
   b)   The Brass Band evening at The Old Rectory was great
   c)   To start after dinner, when people get back from work.
   d)   Pubs open all day, with entertainment to attract outsiders and generate extra
   e)   Support from Police and Landlords towards an enjoyable day
   f)   Good weather!

Q 876
Lack of policing is a concern. Youths congregating on Station Car Park and vandalising.
Rowdiness from public houses particularly at Bank Holidays. Litter in the streets – We
are constantly picking up litter – suggest on the spot fines. Car parking is a big problem.
It is like living on a car park. People park outside someone else’s house, so that we can’t
park or get access to our property without great difficulty. People buy houses and don’t

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                        Page 63
consider their parking and just park outside someone else’s house. – Parking passes
with allocated places would be a good solution.

Q 878
No question of Coffee Day:- Children would like the fair back.

Q 880
Need more affordable housing for people who have grown up in village. Need to address
vandalism problem by youths in village, particularly on cricket pitch, back of Sports Club,
occurring almost on daily basis. Places at local schools should be given out in order of
how long the family concerned have lived in the area not how quickly they apply.
When on the occasions police do visit the village they should concentrate more on theft,
vandalism etc., as opposed to sitting on pub car parks for hours trying to catch normal
adult people committing such crimes as drinking a beer after hours or having a bald tyre
on a car. If police did this they would find the community a lot more responsive.

I apologise for some vague responses but I have only lived in Croston for 2 months. The
answers give are therefore based on my limited experiences to date.

Basically, I’d like Croston to remain a rural village, with little further development,
although small-scale business and tourist development could provide local jobs.
Better policing, speed cameras, more parking, and a library would be good. I am not in
favour of youth clubs, however, as they seem to cause more trouble than they prevent.
Local public transport is generally poor: inconvenient timetables, poor routes, poor
reliability and expense. This forces car use, causing parking problems in Croston, and
congestion in Preston for example.
The only real issue not covered is planning control. If tourism is a factor to consider as a
potential benefit, Chorley Borough Council need to be made fully aware of the
importance of supporting the village’s Conservation Area, and to actively protect it. (It
could be argued that Croston’s tourist potential id dependent on its freedom for over-
And restore Coffee Day – it’s worth the hassle! Just!

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                          Page 64
I am especially concerned about increased residential development. I do not believe that
the village can sustain any significant development in terms of school places, traffic,
parking and facilities. I am also concerned that significant further development will
threaten the character and nature of the village.

A main area of concern for me is a lack of off-road parking in the village for local
residents living on Town Road. I am in constant ‘competition’ for a parking space in the
bays by the village green which are often full of parked cars owned by people using the
‘Wheatsheaf’ / Italian Restaurant. I have lost 4 wing mirrors during my time in Croston –
3 of which were taken off by traffic on Town Road when I was forced to park outside my
house (the only available space to park at the time) I have also lost a wing mirror when
parked in the bays by the Green. Could these parking bays not be made ‘Permit Holders
Only for Local Residents’? I would be more than willing to pay for a permit each year.
At the moment the library car park is inadequately used and policed. I know of 3 people
who have left vehicles parked on here in daylight and occasionally use the Doctors car
par out of hours.
The proposed development on the corner of Town Road is a ridiculous proposal. Surely
this land could be used for the good of the village, not to increase it’s problems? This
land could be used to build a village Hall, village car parking and a permanent library to
ease the above problem. Could the green field land across the road also be used to this
N.B. Volume / speed of traffic in Town Road a constant problem. Vehicles regularly
deliberately drive over the pavement to get through slow moving traffic.

The main issue I would raise is the traffic problems in Croston. The volume of traffic
using this route should now be sorted by the County Council. A small village like this was
never meant to take such heavy transport and a complete ban should be put on wagons
above a certain weight if a By pass will never be achieved.

Croston Parish Plan Questionnaire Comments                                       Page 65