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Discover more of life in Goa at Alila


									Discover more of life in Goa at Alila

        Surprisingly different…
Welcome to South Goa

Alila Diwa Goa brings a refreshingly unique resort experience to Majorda Beach, just 20 minutes from Dabolim International
Airport. Discover pure relaxation amid a serene landscape of lush, verdant rice plantations flowing towards a long stretch of
gorgeous white sand beach and the blue Arabian Sea.

Enter a sanctuary of contemporary elegance that blends Goan architecture with the magic of the destination’s cultural richness.
All rooms and suites are designed for laid-back indulgence – havens of space and serenity with blissful bath experiences, luxury
bed linens and large private terraces and balconies to capture the ocean breeze and take in the magnificent views. At the heart
of the resort is an endless infinity pool that extends out into the paddy terraces, where one may sip a martini within the lounge
pool or simply drink in the tranquility.

Rooms & Suites                    Units            Size (sqm)
Terrace Rooms                     69               44
Family Terrace Rooms              16               44
Loft Rooms                        21               44
Diwa Suites                       6                88
Alila Suites                      2                88

Total                             114

Spa Alila offers a selection of organic traditional wholesome healing therapies.

Food & Beverage
• Spice Studio – destination dining emphasizing local flavours of the region and western coastal cuisine
• VIVO – all-day dining with a mix of local, international and pan-Asian flavours and a unique 100% vegetarian kitchen
• The Edge Bar and Lounge – poolside refreshments of fusion cocktails and light bites

Other Facilities
• Alila Living Boutique with Library
• Family Entertainment Zone with mini theatre, kids activity centre and day care centre
• Infinity-edge Swimming Pool and Kids Pool
• Cricket Pitch
• Beach Volleyball
• Outdoor Children’s Play Area
• Events Centre and Lawn with the total area of 5279 sq. ft.
• Leisure Concierge (specially tailored lifestyle experiences and activities)
Meetings & Events
Events at Alila Diwa Goa

From wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties to business meetings and functions, Alila Diwa Goa can accommodate your
need for a versatile and ‘surprisingly different’ venue. Our spacious ballroom, halls, board rooms and meeting rooms can be
flexibly arranged to suit any occasion, and extend out to beautiful landscaped lawns.

                                                       BALLROOM DIMENSIONS

CONFERENCE       Dimension (ft.)   AREA     AREA     Dimension     U SHAPE   CLASS   THEATRE   CLUSTER   BOARD COCKTAIL
ROOM                               Sq.ft.      (mt.)                ROOM                        ROOM
                 [L X W X H]                         [L X W X H]

Ballroom (1+2)   78 x 46 x 16      3632      333     24 x 14 x 5     75       132      288       96       ****         300

Ballroom 1       48 x 44 x 16      2112      194     14 x 13 x 5     52       48       98        48       ****         150

Ballroom 2       32 x 44 x 16      1406      129     10 x 13 x 5     35       36       42        30       ****          75

Boardroom 1       32 x 23 x 9      729       67      10 x 7 x 3      16       24       42       ****      20          ****

Boardroom 2       31 x 16 x 9      490       45       9x5x3          16       24       30        ****      16         ****

Event Lawns        106 x 66        6996     1122      42 x 26        ****    ****     ****      ****      ****         350

Room 1            14 x 15 x 8      213       20         5x5          ****    ****     ****      ****       8          ****

Room 2            14 x 15 x 8      213       20         5x5          ****    ****     ****      ****       8          ****

     SR. NO.                  NAME                     RATES         PER     Min pax   Max Pax

         1                 BALLROOM                    40000       8 HOURS     50       300
         2                BALLROOM 1                   15000       8 HOURS     20        45
         3                BALLROOM 2                   20000       8 HOURS     25        98
         4              BOARD ROOM 1                   10000       8 HOURS     10        15
         5             BOARD ROOM 2                     8000       8 HOURS     10        15
         6             MEETING ROOM 1                   4000       8 HOURS     6         8
         7             MEETING ROOM 2                   4000       8 HOURS     6         8
         8               EVENTS LAWN                   30000       EVENT       50       400

• All rates are subject to 12.36% VAT.
• Confirmation of hall bookings will be subject to availability.
Themed Tea / Coffee Breaks

Flavours of Italy                                                                                                   Rs 375++/person
Mini pizzettes, marinated vegetables • Open face sandwiches with chicken or pork salami
Vanilla hazelnut shake • Tiramisu • Chocolate tarts • Tea and coffee

Madras Coffee House                                                                                                 Rs. 375++/person
Mini uttapam • Medu wada • Sheera • Madras banana rice cakes
Freshly brewed South Indian coffee • Cold coffee

Zesty Citrus                                                                                                        Rs. 350++/person
Lemon and orange wedges • Roasted mushroom and red onion puffs drizzled with sour cream
Lemon cheesecake • Green tea and mint slices • Flavoured citrus and peach iced tea

Just Chocolate                                                                                                      Rs. 375++/person
Cottage cheese puffs with a smoked chilly chocolate dip
Chocolate and bell pepper spring rolls with a cream cheese dip
Liqueur and dark chocolate tarts • Hot chocolate • Coffee chocolate milkshake

Bananarama                                                                                                          Rs. 275++/person
Nougat and honey drizzled banana tartlets • Jamaican banana and raisin cake
Rice batter fingers • Steamed banana and coconut dim sums • Banana milkshake/smoothie

Mango Medley                                                                                                        Rs. 300++/person
Mango and nut crumble • Mango cheesecake with rum and black raisins
Green mango, cinnamon and shrimp samosas • Leek and mango vol-au-vents
Mango and keylime crush with citrus twists

* Government Taxes will be charged extra as applicable. Taxes applicable are VAT 12.50% and Service Tax at 10.30%
Portable Screen (8 x 6 ft)                                                    400
Portable Screen (10 x 8 ft)                                                   500
Masked Screen (4 x 6 ft) - rate for a period of 3 days                       7000
Masked Screen (6 x 9 ft) - rate for a period of 3 days                       9000
Masked Screen (8 x 10 ft) - rate for a period of 3 days                      9000

Presentation Equipment
OHP                                                                           500
Data Projector LCD-3500LM                                                    6000
Slide Projector                                                              1200
Clicker                                                                      1000
Television                                                                   1000
Plasma Screen/LCD 42 Inches                                                  9000

Collar Cordless Mike                                                          900
Hand Cordless Mike                                                            900
Goose Neck Mike                                                               500
Standing Mike                                                                 500
Podium Mike                                                                   500
Table Mike with Cord                                                          500

Office Equipment
Photocopier (heavy duty with dual side copying) with one ream of A4 paper    7200
Laptop                                                                       7000
Inkjet Printer-Black/White                                                   2000
Inkjet Printer-Color                                                         3000
Laser Printer-Color                                                          5000
Fax                                                                           800
Video Conferencing                                                          15000
Mixers 8/12 channel                                                          3000
Video Shooting                                                               8000
A/V Prices are based on 8 hrs service.
Taxes applicable are 10.30% Service Tax
Banquet Bar Packages
                                                                                                  Rate                              Hrs
Package I                                                                                          800                              2hrs
Royal Challenge/McDowell’s Signature
Old Monk/Bacardi
Honey Bee
Blue Riband
Palm/Cashew Feni
Soft Beverages*
Preserved Juices
Mineral Water

Package II                                                                                        1200                              2hrs
Teacher’s Regular/Black Dog
Old Monk/Bacardi
Honey Bee
Palm/Cashew Feni
Soft Beverages*
Preserved Juices
Mineral Water

Package III                                                                                       1800                              2hrs
Black Label/Chivas Regal
Soft Beverages*
Preserved Juices
Mineral Water

*Red Bull and Ginger Ale will be charged extra.

Other Packages
Preserved Juices, Soft Beverages & Beer                                                            450                              2hrs
Soft Beverages                                                                                     225                              2hrs
Preserved Juices and Soft Beverages                                                                350                              2hrs

* Above rates are exclusive of taxes applicable for Alcoholic Beverages 20% VAT and 10.30% Service Tax ; Soft Beverages 12.50% VAT and 10.30% Service Tax
Banquet Beverages
Aperitif                            Gin
Campari                      4000   Gordon’s London Dry                 2200
Martini Rosso                4000   Beefeater                           2000
                                    Bombay Sapphire                     2000
Single Malts
                                    Blue Riband                          900
Lagavulin                    8000
Glenlivet 12 Years           6000
Glenfiddich 12 Years         6000
                                    Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado       3500
Highland Park 12 Years       5500
                                    Camino                              3000
Premium Scotch
Black Label                  5000   Cognac / Brandy
Chivas Regal 12 Years        5000   Hennessy VSOP                       7000
Johnnie Walker Red Label     3500   Honey Bee                            600
Black & White                2500
Regular Scotch                      Moet et Chandon                    12000
Black Dog                    3500
Teacher’s Regular            2200   Sparkling Wines
Vat 69                       2000   Sula Brut                           1800

Indian Whisky
Antiquity                     900
                                    Cashew Feni                           600
Royal Challenge               900
                                    Palm Feni                             600
Blenders Pride                900
Antiquity Blue                900
                                    Beers (330 ml)
Vodka                               Imported                              150
Belvedere                    3500   Indian                                 75
Grey Goose                   3500
Absolut                      3000   Soft Beverages
Smirnoff Red                  900   Pasteurized Juice (Per Litre)          325
                                    Red Bull                               150
Rum                                 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta (330 ml) 75
Bacardi Reserva / Superior    900   Ginger Ale                              75
Old Monk                      500   Tonic Water                             75
Bacardi Breezer (300ml)       120   Soda - 500ml                            60
                                    Mineral Water (By Bottle)               40

DJ Setup                                                                15000
DJ with sound, lights and dance floor

DJ with Full Setup                                                      27000
(sound, smoke machine, light effects, strobe lights and dance floor )

Karaoke Night                                                           20000

Orchestra                                                               30000
Serenaders (Duo/Trio)                                                   10000/15000
Top Band (5pc)                                                          40000
Indian Instrumental/Vocals                                              10000
Ghazals and Hindi Songs                                                 10000
One-Man Band                                                            15000
Three-Man Band                                                          20000

African Acrobat                                                         25000
Manipuri Dancers                                                        15000
Goan Folk/Indian Folk/Portuguese Dancers                                18000
Goan Folk Dancers with Musical Duo                                      20000
Russian Dancers (performing 3 belly or salsa dance sets)                30000

Fireworks                                                               As per order
Hukka Package                                                           20000
Table Magic Show                                                        12000
Limbo Dancer                                                            22000
Master of Ceremonies                                                    15000

* Above rates are exclusive of 10.30% Service Tax
Themes                                      75 pax                    (75-150) pax                      (150-300) pax

Goan Carnival Nite                          130,000                   150,000                                180,000

Pirate Capers                               130,000                   150,000                                180,000

In Goa with Goans                           130,000                   150,000                                180,000

Hawaiian Theme                              130,000                   150,000                                180,000

Samba Carnival                              145,000                   170,000                                200,000

Bollywood Theme                             125,000                   150,000                                180,000

Beach Blast                                 125,000                   150,000                                180,000

Nirvana Nite                                140,000                   160,000                                190,000

Egyptian Nite                               140,000                   160,000                                220,000

Indian Temple Art                           130,000                   160,000                                220,000

Stage                                       16 x12 x 2 ft             20 x12 x 2 ft                     24 x 16 x 3 ft
Dance Floor                                 16 x16 x 6 ft             20 x16 x 6 ft                     24 x 20 x 6 ft

Decor Setup
To be set up as per the no. of pax.

Included in the above rates are: Live Band, DJ, Master of Ceremonies, Merry-makers (8 to 25 pax) and gifts/accessories for the
guests according to the theme.

The abovementioned rates do not include generator hire. Where required, this will be provided at an additional cost for 6 hr
125Kv: Rs. 12,000
100Kv: Rs10,000
50Kv: Rs. 8,650
* Above rates are exclusive of 10.30% Service Tax
Private Celebrations
A Wedding Ceremony in the Style of Your Choice

At Alila Diwa Goa, celebrate your union with a symbolic wedding ceremony and reception in Western style, or in traditional
Indian style for a true destination experience.

Traditional Indian Ceremony
A traditional Indian ceremony with the attendance of pandits and pheras
Garlands for the groom and the bride
Traditional baraat and ghodi
Dholaks and mehendi for sangeet

Western Ceremony
Local priest to conduct the wedding ceremony
Corsage for the groom and floral bouquet for the bride
Decorative buggy to be used as a wedding car

Both packages include
Decorative thematic wedding set-up with exotic flowers
Honeymoon set-up in the room
Romantic dinner for two
Steamy ‘Jasmine Wedding Bath’ after dinner
Champagne breakfast the morning after
Bride and groom ‘Neat Feet and Fancy Fingers’ spa treatment

Additional Options
Bridal beauty package: manicure, pedicure, hair and make-up
Wedding ceremony photography: digital with 100 prints & CD-Rom
Wedding ceremony video with DVD
2-tier wedding cake
DJ or live band

The wedding ceremony performed is only symbolic in nature and is not legal or valid.
Rates will be as per the selection.
Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. Allow Alila Diwa Goa to make your special day even more
memorable with additional options to create your own unique banqueting reception.

Selection of Menus:
• Standing Cocktails (including IMFL brands)                                      from Rs. 1000++ per person
• Indian Set Menu                                                                 from Rs. 1200++ per person
• Western Set Menu                                                                from Rs. 1200++ per person
• Indian Buffet Menu                                                              from Rs. 1200++ per person
• Western Buffet Menu                                                             from Rs. 1200++ per person
• Seafood BBQ                                                                     from Rs. 2000++ per person
• High Tea Menu                                                                   from Rs. 500++ per person

*Prices are per person. Buffet menus are for a minimum of 25 guests.

Selection of Food Action Stations:
• Caesar Salad Station
• Tandoor
• Pasta Station
• Sushi Bar
• Seafood Station
• Dessert Station

* Minimum of 40 guests.

Terms and Conditions:
• Prices are subject to applicable government taxes
• Prices are subject to change without prior notice
• Prices are not inclusive of accommodation and meal plans.
Alila Experiences
Experience at Alila Diwa Goa

From the relaxing to the adventurous, pursuits are plentiful. Indulge in champagne picnics and private yoga on the beach.
Explore the rich local culture on a trail through rural villages and the region’s many churches. Glimpse the palaces of present-
day royalty. Trek, cycle or kayak through magnificent mountains and rainforests. At Alila Diwa Goa, you open yourself up to new
experiences each day.

Culinary Journeys
Fresh from the Catch                                                                                         Rs. 2500/couple
A Meal Fit for a King                                                                                        Rs. 2500/couple
Spice Up Your Senses                                                                                         Rs. 3500/couple
Meet the Podher                                                                                              Rs. 1000/couple

Couple Celebration
Bubbly at the Beach                                                                                          Rs. 6750/couple

Cultural Learning
Traditions of Goa                                                                                            Rs. 6600/couple
Naval Wings and Vintage Wheels                                                                               Rs. 2750/couple
A Glimpse of Goa’s Past                                                                                      Rs. 2250/couple
Mixing Clay and History                                                                                      Rs. 6750/couple

Conscious Living
Spa Renewal                                                                                                  Rs. 9250/couple

Private Pursuit
Watch the Birds                                                                                              Rs. 6250/couple
Adventures at the Science Centre                                                                             Rs. 2750/couple

• All rates are subject to 20.30% VAT.
Here at Alila Diwa Goa, we believe that choices are what make you, our guest, special. Our culinary team brings together
experience and passion in equal measures to truly tailor all your dining experiences to your needs and tastes.

Our choice of menus include:

Pan-Asian: Experienced master chefs from our well established Alila hotels around the region have brought their expertise
here to replicate the most authentic recipes for your special events.
Rate per person: Rs. 1500 + taxes

Mediterranean: For our international cuisine, we source the most premium ingredients from all over the ‘Old World’, ensuring
unparalleled quality and authenticity.
Rate per person: Rs. 1800 + taxes

Indian: Our selection of local cuisine reflects our travels to all corners of India to bring back spices and recipes that, with every
mouthful, will whisk you away to the state the dish originates from. Among the choices we offer are South Indian, North West
Frontier as well as our Maharaj plethora of Marwari, Jain and Gujarati cuisines.
Rate per person:
Indian – Punjabi                             Rs. 1500 + taxes
Indian - South                               Rs. 1400 + taxes
Jain / Guajarati                             Rs. 1200 + taxes

* Government Taxes will be charged extra as applicable. Taxes applicable are VAT 12.50% and Service Tax at 10.30%

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