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					     Elderly, disabled people and others who need assistance, generally have a
     strong desire to live as long as possible in their own house and environment.
     The unicare® Control Centre is an important enabler for realizing this, since
     it offers those people who are dependent on some form of assistance, the
     possibility to call for help when the situation requires this. The unicare®
     Control Centre is a system for extramural communication and is developed
     for the safety and comfort of residents.

                               Controle center

    Control center         Calamity calls        Personal alarm
                                                                                             Flexible choice of alarm device
      Domotics                               Wireless communication

                                                                           Since unicare® connects and integrates to any third party system,
   Patient services                           Building management
                                                                           the choice of alarm devices that you would like to be integrated into
      Interfaces                                 Assistance call
                                                                           the system is virtually limitless. We can offer you our own unicare®
      Nurse call             Security         Acoustic surveillance        devices, but you may also opt for a third party system. When we send
                                                                           alarm calls from the devices to our unicare® system, we can use any
                                                                           available network, such as ISDN, IP or glass fibre.
                      Customized                                           A nice example of a device that we have in our assortment is the
As with all our products, you determine, together with CLB, what the       Antenna Princess Care-phone. This device has a functional design,
best solution is for your specific situation. Do you need to integrate     is easy to use, yet is very versatile. The product is often placed under
your solution with other communication systems? Many questions             the normal telephone of the resident. With one push of a button, a
need to be asked and answered in order to determine the right              connection is built up with the unicare® Control Centre. The unit can
solution for you. CLB will assist you with this, and is always able to     be expanded with wireless alarm pendants or wrist bands.
offer you a solution which will meet your immediate requirements
whilst being flexible for the future.                                      Another example is the Ergovoice telephone. This also is a very func-
                                                                           tional and easy to use, yet versatile alarm device. Apart from having
                      Control Centre in operation                          the basic functionalities of a normal telephone, it has many additional
Several devices are available to be placed in the apartments (intra-       built-in features, such as wireless alarm buttons, specifically for the
mural or extramural), such as care phones, nurse call units, acoustic      target group we are aiming at with the unicare® Control Centre.
surveillance units, alarm pendants, etc. Each of these units is at least
capable of activating an alarm. Generated by the push of a button,
or even by the system (in case of acoustic surveillance), an alarm is
sent to the unicare® central unit. This can be intramural, using an
internal network, or extramural, using a public netwok (i.e. ISDN or
IP). Unicare® subsequently manages this alarm and informs the right
people, for example by alerting a pager, telephone, PDA or any other
communication device. And depending on the setup of the system,
the person receiving the alarm may even confirm that he/she will
attend to the call or not. This is an example of an unmanned unicare®
control centre.

In larger projects, often the preference is to work with staff at the
unicare® control centre, for example in a night care centre. Besides
human control over the flow of an incoming alarm call, this also offers
staff the possibility to build up a (two-way) speech connection directly                                       Ergovoice telephone
with the resident who activated the alarm.

                       Princess care phone
                   Digital Care Unit - ZBCU
Our digital care unit, ZBCU, offers remote care. From a central
location, de-central locations can be monitored by means of acoustic
surveillance, a speech connection can be made with the de-central
location. Wired alarm devices can be connected to the unit, such as
pull cords, door contacts or motion detectors.

                   Expandable with other unicare® concepts
The modular concept of unicare® enables you to expand the system
at any time with systems or products from one or more of the 12
unicare® concepts. In the case of a Control Centre one may imagine
that in an apartment other devices are used that may activate an
alarm, for example door contact, motion detectors, fire detectors, etc.
Many of our customers have realized connections to a staff protection
system, a security system and/or domotics (=home automation)

                                                                                     Digital Care Unit - ZBCU

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