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					               Industrial Centre Training I

Subject Code   Compulsory / Elective:                 Compulsory
   IC221       Number of Credits:                     3
               Year / Semester of Study:              Year 1 / Semester 1&2

               Pre-requisites:                        Nil
               Co-requisites:                         Nil

               Objectives:                            Develop students’ “industrial safety consciousness”, to familiarise them
                                                      with safety working practices, acquaint with the hazards of various
                                                      manufacturing activities and to develop a sense of responsibility for the
                                                      safety of themselves and others.

                                                      Develop students’ ability to interpret engineering drawings and
                                                      specifications and to give them an understanding of the importance of
                                                      documentation in product design and development.

                                                      Provide students’ a broad acquaintance with and a grasp of product
                                                      realization practice in product deign and development industries.

               Teaching / Learning Activities and Hours Assigned:

                                 Teaching/Learning Activities     Hours / Week        No of weeks     Time-tabled Hours/Week
                                 Lecture/Seminar                         1.5                14               21 Hours
                                 Practical Training                                                           3 Weeks
                                 Total Time-tabled Hours                 1.5                14               21 Hours
                                 Hours/Weeks                                                                  3 Weeks

               Method of Assessment:                  Coursework            100%
                                                      (coursework includes Overall Log Book to be submitted after completion
                                                      of all training modules of this subject.)
                                                       (Though the training is offered throughout the academic year in the first
                                                      year of study, only one aggregate grade will be awarded at the end of
                                                      Semester 2 of Year 1.)

               Indicative Content:                    During the Industrial Centre Training I, students undertake modules in the
                                                      following areas:

                                                      Appreciation of Engineering Drawings:
                                                      General appreciation of engineering drawings for product documentation
                                                      purposes. Acquire the general understanding of types of engineering
                                                      drawings.       Understand the types of orthographical projections in
                                                      engineering drawings.           Understand the applications of standard
                                                      engineering drawing conventions. Ability to interpret the usage of
                                                      dimensional tolerances and limits. Control of engineering drawings
                                                      quality. Appreciation of manual drafting and computer-aided drafting and
                                                      their distinct characteristics.

                                                      Marking Out, Fitting, Turning and Milling:
                                                      Marking out for fitting and machining. Material removal by hand process
                                                      or power tools – filing, drilling, threading and reaming. Workshop
                                                      measurement. Methods of mechanical joining and assembly. Use of
                                                      fasteners. Introduction to lathe work, milling work and metal cutting
                                                      principles. Applications and limitations of turning and milling processes.

               Industrial Centre Training I

Subject Code                       Machine types and construction. Tooling, typical operations and setting
   IC221                           up procedures. Lubrication and cutting fluids. Jigs and fixtures. Safety
                                   and maintenance features.

                                   Precision Tooling:
                                   Introduction to precision tooling-types, applications and implications.
                                   Mould and die making – methodologies and process selection. Use of
                                   advanced machine tools for mould and die making including CNC EDM,
                                   wire-cut EDM, CNC profile grinding, jig boring and jig grinding. Control of
                                   mould and die quality.      Jigs and fixtures – basic concepts and
                                   applications. CMM and gauges for shop floor inspection.

                                   Electronic Practice:
                                   Introduction to common electronic circuit components. introduction to
                                   electronics in terms of industrial uses and products, cost factors and
                                   technical aspects. soldering and desoldering techniques. use of basic
                                   PCB assembly tools and test equipment. introduction to PCB material,
                                   fabrication process, photochemical etching. Wave soldering process and
                                   machine appreciation. SMD packages. SMT machine, tools and process
                                   appreciation. SMT rework process. principle of PCB testing. tester design
                                   strategy. board and functional testing. bare PCB tester appreciation. in-
                                   circuit tester appreciation

                                   Industry Safety:
                                   General appreciation of the requirements and application of the Health
                                   and Safety at work. Occupational safety and health problems related to
                                   manufacturing industry – hazards, regulations and safe practices. Safety
                                   management and hazard prevention.

                                   (The modules are not exhaustive and other training modules are
                                   available which may, if required, replace or supplement those listed
                                   above. Current modules are amended when appropriate so as to be
                                   more suitable to students pursuing this programme. Such alterations are
                                   on-going and will be made in conjunction with the Programme
                                   Committee’s assessment of current technological development in
                                   conjunction with the Industrial Centre.)


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