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									Commercial Ready Grant Agreements signed in Financial Year 2005-2006

Org State                      Applicant Organisation                   Agreed                                                            Project Description                                                               Month
                                                                       Funding                                                                                                                                              Executed
ACT                 Retail Application Products Pty Ltd                  395,932    Development of retail product management system - merlin ESP.                                                                           June
ACT                 Vaxine Pty Ltd                                     1,479,647    Hepatitis B vaccine - Phase IIa human trials for vaccine based on Vaxine's patented Advax adjuvant technology, as the basis             June
                                                                                   for novel and improved prohylactic and therapeutic Hepatitis B vaccines.
NSW                 Columna Pty Ltd                                    2,385,200    Columna's partial disc replacement system is the first minimally invasive nucleus replacement solution to curing chronic lower          June
                                                                                   back pain.
NSW                 Romar Engineering Pty Ltd                           449,915     Innovative sealing, temperature control, third component and dispensing systems for a new cold runner block for new                     June
                                                                                   technology liquid silicone.
NSW                 Circuitlink International Pty Ltd                   248,413     The project encompasses development of a new class of in-vehicle monitoring product.                                                    June
NSW                 Magswitch Technology Worldwide Pty Ltd              423,377     The Magswitch Array Project aims to find an engineering solution for lifting and holding situations where the implementation of         June
                                                                                   the proven core Magswitch technology fails or is inadequate.
NSW                 Dtecht Pty Ltd                                     2,694,178    Dtecht is a set of tecnologies that identify and flag potentially fraudulent claims in three party insurance schemes - in particular,   June
                                                                                   and initially in Health Insurance.
NSW                 Distra Pty Ltd                                       525,014    EXI - Next Generation Integration for EFT Switching and Payments Processing Systems.                                                    June
NSW                 VAST Audio Pty Ltd                                   223,000    Spatial Hearing Aid Pre-production Development and Testing                                                                              June
NSW                 Nanosonics Pty Ltd                                 2,474,147    NNUSD' "NanoNebulant UltraSound (probe) Disinfector", specifically a device for the disinfection of extra- and intra-cavity             June
                                                                                   ultrasound probes.
NSW                 MedCare IP Pty Ltd                                 1,700,983    Development of a new flexible integrated telehealth platform for the assisted self management of health and chronic disease             June
                                                                                   at home, in the community and in hospital-based healthcare settings.
QLD                 Spinifex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd                   1,671,984    Development of the novel neuropathic pain therapeutic, EMA200.                                                                          June
QLD                 Swagman Australia Pty Ltd                          1,008,840   A new generation of motor home manufactured by a composite infusion moulding process.                                                    June
QLD                 Australian Inspection Technologies Pty. Ltd.       2,000,250   AIT's dry beneficiation plant will allow the coal mining industry to clean coal without water. The technology distinguishes high         June
                                                                                   ash from coal, based on the optical characteristics rather then density.
QLD                 Dean-Wilson Aviation Ltd                             372,750   Boomerang all-metal prototype training aircraft. .                                                                                       June
SA                  Steri-flow Filtration Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd       1,048,039   Novel Stainless Steel Tubular Crossflow Filtration System.                                                                               June

SA                  DSpace Pty Ltd                                     1,654,398 Commercialisation of low cost, multi-mode mobile satellite communications technology.                                                      June
SA                  Robern Menz (Mfg) Pty Ltd                            137,352 A healthy nutritional fruit snack for kids, offering high fibre, low energy, low sodium and minimal fat.                                   June
TAS                 Exergen Pty Ltd                                    1,494,000 Dewatering of brown coal using Continuous Hydrothermal Dewatering Technology including wastewater treatment and                            June
                                                                                 emissions control.
TAS                 Marine Biotechnology Australia Pty Ltd               326,728 Evaluation of Abalone Hemocyanin and Blood Extracts on the Immune Response.                                                                June
VIC                 Medical Developments International Ltd             1,393,377 A new pain management product for cancer patients.                                                                                         June
VIC                 Ceram Polymerik Pty Ltd                              966,745 Ceramifying polymers products for passive fire protection.                                                                                 June
VIC                 IntelliGuard I.T. Pty Ltd                            942,263 Intelliguard Distributed Denial of Service Defence System.                                                                                 June
VIC                 Velacor Therapeutics Pty Ltd                         665,259 The project involves a novel treatment for cancers, such as prostate cancer, which has demonstrated excellent efficacy in                  June
                                                                                 animal models. Velacor will undertake Phase I and Phase II clinical studies.
VIC                 OBS Pty Ltd                                          650,876 The aim of the project is to develop advanced workflow and document management software, "Amigo", based on the next                        June
                                                                                 generation Microsoft platform technologies to be released in late 2006.
WA                  Dimerix Bioscience Pty Ltd                           463,894 Optimisation of G-protein coupled receptor agonist dendrimers                                                                              June
WA                  Yambay Technologies Pty Ltd                          998,877 New generation mobile field service product.                                                                                               June
WA                  Alkane Exploration Ltd                             3,297,098 Construct a demonstration pilot plant to provide process optimisation and produce marketable samples of zirconium, niobium,                June
                                                                                 hafnium, tantalum, yttrium and rare earth products.
WA                  Vivid Group Pty Ltd                                  977,270 The Vivid Information Resource Management (IRM) System for SME Businesses.                                                                 June
WA                  HarvestRoad Ltd                                    1,399,668 Digital Publishing System for Next Generation Defence and Aerospace Industry Electronic Performance Systems Support                        June
WA                  Genesis Petroleum Technologies Pty Ltd               249,113 A suite of software tools combining non-structured textual information generated by persons with hard data generated by                    June
                                                                                 machines to assist in the oil and gas operations.
NSW                 bCODE Pty Ltd                                      1,807,625 bCODE mobile phone-based ticket sales, delivery, storage, scanning and redemption system.                                                  May
NSW                 Eden Technology Pty Ltd                              226,275 The aim of the project is to convert the DSTO prototype Computer Forensic Investigative Toolkit (CFIT) software framework                  May
                                                                                 into a commercial application suite that will help investigators conduct investigations.
NSW                 Control Bionics Holdings Pty Ltd                     481,611 NeuroSwitch enables people with quadripelgia to operate assistave technologies using nerve-based signals from the surface                  May
                                                                                 of their skin.
NSW                 Datadot Technology Limited                         1,541,256 Interface DataDot patented spray process with existing robotic platforms to allow a new patentable, rapid, automated process               May
                                                                                 for the application of DataDotDNA to vehicles.
NSW                 Filtra Limited                                     1,793,394 To develop and commercialise a unique liquid/solid seperator that will augment or replace clarifiers in sewerage treatment                 May
QLD                 Roy Gripske & Sons Pty Ltd                           216,100 The Gripske Handheld Trash-Vacuum Attachment converts conventional outdoor blower machines into highly efficient vacuum                    May
                                                                                 units that can suck up large items of trash (such as bottles and cans).
SA                  Avinet Pty Ltd                                       215,428 Air Maestro Aviation Management System                                                                                                     May

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TAS                 SED Shellfish Equipment Pty Ltd                      235,000 Development of two types of oyster graders - a 3 Dimension grader with dead oyster rejection capability, and a fully automated        May
                                                                                  weight grader.
TAS                 Nunatak Systems Pty Ltd                               222,086 Resicare - Complete management and compliance solution for the aged care industry                                                    May
TAS                 Tasmanian Organics Pty Ltd                            193,274 Investigation into the development and improvement of Certified Organic Skincare Formulation Technologies.                           May
VIC        Pty Ltd                                      247,378 eXUDS - a Universal Discovery Server for XML applications integrated with Identity Management protocols                              May
NSW                 Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd                        590,000 The award-winning FlipScreen is a unique & revolutionery screening innovation that is now ready to be translated into                 April
                                                                                  commercially viable technical configurations. Once these technical barriers have been overcome the company will take trialled
                                                                                  & tested Flipscreen prototypes to a production-ready state in order to commence supply to it's extensive domestic and
                                                                                  international target markets.
ACT                 EMS Solutions Pty Ltd                                678,000 Development of the WASP Web range of cost effective, innovative Assets and Works Management Solutions able to be                      April
NSW                 Biospecialties Australia Pty Ltd                              BSA aims configured new high purity, low cost natural antioxidant, scientifically diverse range of broad global market
                                                                       1,117,164 individuallyto produce afor small, medium and large companies operating across aacclaimed to haveinfrastructure assets and            April
                                                                                applications as a key ingredient in foods, healthcare and cosmetics products. Commercialisation requires scale-up of a new
TAS                 Beechworth Spraying Pty Ltd                         185,533 bioprocess manufacturing method from bench, pilot to industrial scale and the evaluation of product formulations for new and
                                                                                8WD environmentaly friendly spraying system                                                                                            April
WA                  Advanced Ocular Systems Ltd                        1,408,457 The Visagen MR project will capitalise on a major and growing unmet medical need by developing innovative products                    April
WA                  Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd                                  The project treat a range of debilitating exudative (oedematous) manufacturing with a pronounced exudative component.
                                                                       3,191,440 designed to will cover all stages of the large transmission productocular diseasesprocess from design through fabrication,            April
                                                                                 machining and heat treatment, to finishing and despatch. The new manufacturing process that will result from the Hoftech
WA                  Benra Pty Ltd                                      1,607,284 project will be specifically designed for short production runs of a wide range of large gear-driven transmission products for
                                                                                 Adaptation and refinement of the Triton translating bifocal contact lens design to enable a new method of production though           April
                                                                                 cutting edge moulding technology, development of an advanced soft lens material to achieve optimal corneal compatibility and
NSW                 YLESS4U                                                      This project involves bringing carrier the resulting disposable (on wireless technology) up to Australian regulatory
                                                                         185,021 the early stage commercialisation of grade internet telephonyproduct.                                                                 March
                                                                                 requirements, allowing rural areas to access a wider range of broadband services.
QLD                 Turtlepac Pty Ltd                                    175,745 Development of Technology to Manufacture a New Generation of Collapsible Air and Liquid Storage Cells                                 March
SA                  PharmaQest Pty Ltd                                   378,827 Development of a topical gel for the prevention of non-melanoma skin cancer                                                           March
SA                  Bionomics Limited                                  3,768,724 Clinical development of a novel anticancer drug                                                                                       March

VIC                 PulmoSonix Pty Ltd                                   561,046 Creation of a new, inexpensive and simple-to-use medical device (PulmoScreen) for the detection of both early and late-stage          March
                                                                                 emphysema. Success will lead to a tool suitable for screening large numbers
WA                  Lazer Safe Pty Ltd                                 2,052,681 A new control system technology to streamline and integrate communications within industrial machinery (FLEXSPEED                     March
WA                  Embedded Technologies Corporation Pty                249,969 A system of automation. Users interact with the system through simple menu driven software to design, implement and                   March
                    Ltd                                                          reconfigure an automation system tailored to their needs.
WA                  EMT Group Pty Ltd                                    984,556 The project involves the design, testing and development of a prototype rigid chassis underground vehicle, for explosives             March
                                                                                 handling, for the mining industry.

NSW                 BluGlass Pty Ltd                                     643,196 The project will enable demonstration of the world's first blue LED (light emitting diode) on glass                                   February
NSW                 Data Acquisition Networks Pty Limited                717,394 Develop and trial a low cost, universal system that monitors and controls at geographically remote sites and displays and             February
                                                                                 interprets the data from the remote sites on a central website.
NSW                 Emotiv Systems Pty Ltd                             1,579,417 Development of a new human computer interface using encenphalograph (EEG) signals, with initial application for the                   February
                                                                                 electronic games market.
NSW                 Qmastor Limited                                      404,862 This project will deliver a MIS to be used in bulk material handling stockyards to enable the tracking and visualisation of parcels   February
                                                                                 of material (Coal, Iron-Ore) in 3-dimensional space.
NSW                 TMG International Holdings Pty Ltd                   440,000 Integration of two early stage commercial products Freightmiser & Schedulemiser which allows the fuel saving & train pacing           February
                                                                                 capabilities of Freightmiser to be optimised in real time.
QLD                 Seafood Innovations Pty Ltd                          423,335 Automated fish killing and rigor control system                                                                                       February
VIC                 Bryn Systems Pty Ltd                                 207,713 Document integration engine to streamline document flows within the shipping industry supply chain.                                   February
WA                  Thumtronics Ltd                                      355,659 The development of the "Freedom Thummer", a new musical instrument that uses an isomorphic solfa keyborad and thumb                   February
                                                                                 controls, to a market ready state.
ACT                 Beacon Software Innovations Pty Ltd                2,995,302 BIDS (Beacon Information Delivery Systems) for GFMIS (Government Financial Management Information Systems).                           January
ACT                 RPO Pty Limited                                    2,998,969 Commercialisation of low-cost polymer waveguides for application in next generation optical touch screen products                     January
NSW                 Asia Pacific Technologies Pty Ltd                    826,041 Construction of commercial prototypes under manufacturing conditions of a crop testing instrument with refined instrument             January
                                                                                 design and a transferable calibration to meet market requirements.
SA                  Optimatics Pty Ltd                                   414,545 Innovative Genetic Algorithms for optimising designing and reducing water collection infrastructure costs.                            January
SA                  In The Chair Pty Ltd                                 445,470 Chord and rhythm recognition technology for judging performances by polyphonic analogue musical instruments                           January
TAS                 Pan Logica Pty Ltd                                   250,000 Neptune aquaculture business profit maximiser.                                                                                        January
VIC                 CancerProbe Pty Ltd                                  225,381 Validation of cancer diagnosis platform technology by developing an ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) breast                  January
                                                                                 cancer diagnostic test kit based on protein antigens identified for breast cancer.
VIC                 Apollo Medical Imaging Technology Pty Ltd            217,916 Commercialisation of MIStar, an innovative software package for post processing of medical imaging to provide earlier                 January
                                                                                 diagnosis and therapy monitoring of cancer, strokes, kidney and liver diseases,
VIC                 Ausanda Communications Pty Ltd                       178,941 DWDM-Lite, an optical bandwidth reticulation system for cost efficient delivery of high bandwidth communications services to          January
                                                                                 regional communities
VIC                 Mesoblast Limited                                  2,760,041 The project is to obtain 2 US FDA IND approvals to conduct Phase II clinical trials to apply the Mesoblast Mesenchymal                January
                                                                                 Precursor Cell (MCP) technology for the treatment of cartilage degeneration.

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WA                  System Two Pty Ltd                                   148,113 Development of the Frontline Bio Threat for the rapid detection of Ricin, Anthrax, Organic, Biological, Chemical Warfare and         January
                                                                                  Explosive Agents.
WA                  Structural Monitoring Systems Ltd                  2,983,537 Development of the Comparative Vacuum Monitoring ("CVM") System for an inflight Structural Health Monitoring ("SHM")                 January
ACT                 Australian Robotics Industries Pty Ltd                427,051 This project addresses the commercialisation of unmanned technologies to address an identified global market opportunity to         December
                                                                                  provide a system of confined space /under-vehicle, mobile and static ground
NSW                 Minomic Pty Ltd                                       250,000 The R&D phase for commercialising better diagnostic tests for diabetes and its complications. The project will address the          December
                                                                                  urgent need to easily diagnose those estimated 60mil people worldwide
QLD                 Loklite Pty Ltd                                       957,079 The project is concerned with the early stage commercialisation of an innovative, moisture-proof, composite building panel that     December
                                                                                  will eliminate moisture related damage.
QLD                 Mossman Central Sugar Mill Company Ltd                913,074 Development of sugar that reduses blood glocose absorption and obesity but increases muscle mass.                                   December

QLD                 Alchemia Limited                                    2,907,121 Discovery of therapeutics for the treatment of macular degeneration and diabetic retinotherapy using Alchemia's carbohydrate        December
QLD                 Replikun Biotech Pty Ltd                            1,035,109 The commercialisation of new immunotherapy technology with applications in the anti-viral and cancer markets.                       December
TAS                 Vision Instruments Pty Ltd                            181,428 Portable retinal camera for retinal eye disease screening programs in public health, remote areas and developing countries.         December

TAS                 Aprin Pty Ltd                                       1,826,175 The Development of a planting machine and mechanisation fo the process for planting new and existing rotation plantation            December
                                                                                  forests to suit Australian conditions
TAS                 Shellfish Culture Ltd                                 995,562 Development of triploid shellfish through a combination of novel and existing family selection, triploidy and natural tetraploid    December
VIC                 Anadis Ltd                                            973,013 This project will develop Decoy Profiling Technology (DPT) to provide antibodies for medical foods. A virus target, Enterovirus     December
                                                                                  71 (EV71) and a bacterial target, H.pylori, will be explored.
VIC                 InfoTrak Pty Ltd                                      249,341 Development of Reliability Engineer, an automated, web-based, wireless system to collect and analyse condition and                  December
                                                                                  performance data on heavy mining and construction machinery worlwide.
VIC                 Biomedtech Australia Pty Ltd                          509,450 Flight Personnel Simulated Altittude Training System - GO2Altitude                                                                  December
VIC                 TAS Screen Printing Equipment Pty Ltd                 223,614 Development of a novel, contact annular direct-drive, rotary textile screen-printing machine - the CADD Screen Printer.             December
VIC                 BioDiem Ltd                                         2,145,798 Development and Commercialisation of a feed additive to replace antibiotics in the poultry industry.                                December
NSW                 EnGeneIC Pty Ltd                                    2,983,586 EnGeneIC aims to address the major hurdle of drug resistance in cancer by developing strategies for the targetted delivery of       November
                                                                                  RNAi to silence genes responsible for resistance and by the delivery of drugs
NSW                 Low Volume Plastics                                   607,500 Development, proof-of-concept and early-stage-commercialisation of a prototype 'all-purpose measured liquid dispenser'              November
                                                                                  comprising of a 'cradle' and a totally air tight 'replaceable cartridge'.
NSW                 Airlaw Pty Limited                                    249,028 This project will develop & trial an improved low-cost tough all-plastic fully compliant laboratory mouse cage system               November
                                                                                  incorporating ergonomic design, open-loop air cycling and low comparable weight.
NSW                 Nautitech Pty Ltd                                     491,380 2STEP 2 Speed Marine Transmission                                                                                                   November
NSW                 G2 Microsystems Pty Ltd                             1,940,463 SmarTag, an advanced asset tracking solution for the worldwide supply chain and moblie asset management markets.                    November
NSW                 Probiomics Limited                                    106,191 A probiotic, PCC(Reg), inhibits inflammation in clinical and scientific studies. Identification of specific molecules responsible   November
                                                                                  could lead to the development of new anti-inflammatory therapeutics.
NSW                 Life Therapeutics Ltd                               2,182,905 The "Sperm Sorter" prototype has demonstrated excellent potential as an effective sperm seperation device for isolating             November
                                                                                  functional, motile human spermatozoa with low levels of DNA damage prior to IUI
QLD                 Building Solutions Pty Ltd                            821,728 XL Universal Wall System                                                                                                            November
QLD                 BSES Limited                                        1,124,259 Early-Stage Commercialisation of SmartSett a toolkit of rapid and cost-effective sugarcane propogation processes, through           November
                                                                                  automation, artificial seed production and bioreactor technologies.
SA                  Robway Crane Safety Systems Pty Ltd                   995,905 Robway automated crane safety monitoring, management and control system                                                             November
VIC                 Objectify Pty Ltd                                     457,459 Development of"Objectify Enterprise (OE)" Content Management Software (CMS) to provide compatiibility across tecnically             November
                                                                                  diverse environments and international web development standards
VIC                 Data Storage Solutions Pty Ltd                        243,024 Solidsave - automated network data and email archiving and backup system onto DVD or other media                                    November
VIC                 Panviva Pty Ltd                                     1,254,275 Panviva Enterprise EPSS:Cross-language and environment system delivering moment-of-need support to knowledge workers                November
                                                                                  in global organisations.
VIC                 Cytopia Research Pty Ltd                            2,997,847 CYT997, a novel cancer drug, is currently in Phase I clinical trials. This project aims to develop CYT997 for oral dosing through   November
                                                                                  a series of Phase Ib and Phase II studies to determine its efficacy.
WA                  Phylogica Limited                                   2,273,655 Develop therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, applying its proprietary Phylomer technologies against clinically proven                November
                                                                                  immunological targets. Identify novel Phylomer leads and pre-clinical development.
WA                  Weed Control Australia Ltd                             82,000 Develop a high speed plant identification and precision spraying system for agriculture                                             November
WA                  iCeutica Pty Ltd                                      534,642 Reformulation of drug compounds at the nano-scale using mechanochemical synthesis to significantly improve their                    November
WA                  BMS Solutions Pty Ltd                               2,999,583 Development of a Software Tool for the measurement of Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility                            November
WA                  Neptune Marine Services Ltd                         2,022,613 To continue development and conduct trial and demonstration activities into subsea dry weld technology.                             November
ACT                 Phenomix Australia Pty Ltd                         2,330,925 Development of a new forward genetics approach to drug target identrification and clinical model development in diabetes and         October
NSW                 Sunshine Heart Company Pty Ltd                     2,223,215 The C-Pulse provides mechanical assistance to people with moderate to severe heart failure (Class III of the NYHA                    October
                                                                                  Classification) to improve their quality of life.
QLD                 Matilda Fresh Foods Pty Ltd                        1,539,462 Developing an innovative broccoli processing grading system based on visual image analysis and robotics R & D, combining R           October
                                                                                  & D elements into an off line pilot plant to demonstrate process capability

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QLD                 SMW Installations Pty Ltd                            234,883 Research into options and development of Best Practice options for Fruit Salad Extension of Shelf Life, Process Automation,                  October
                                                                                  New Product Development and Marketing.
TAS                 Council Manager Pty Ltd                              223,994 Development of CouncilManager.Net, a fully integrated web-based operations management software product for local                             October
                                                                                  government and SMEs.
VIC                 TPI Enterprises Pty Ltd                              250,000 Developing alternative Thebaine poppies and enhanced extraction techniques to improve the Thebaine supply capability of                      October
VIC                 Sky Technologies Pty Ltd                             202,320 Development of a technical framework for integrating intelligent devices to back-end systems enabling business to easily adopt               October
                                                                                  emerging technologies such as RFID and GPS
VIC                 Austhink Software Pty Ltd                            850,610 Rationale: Development of educational and professional software for argument mapping. Rationale will help users produce                      October
                                                                                  diagrams of complex reasoning.
VIC                 InterDev R&D Pty Ltd                                 243,723 Xmotion, a powerful and secure middleware platform for mobile data capabilities.                                                             October
VIC                 Momentum Technologies Group Pty Ltd                  247,285 Development of a mobile, digital, visual communication system for the counter-terrorism and emergency services sectors,                      October
                                                                                  including enhancement of current Wireless Video Streaming system.
VIC                 The Active Reactor Company Pty Ltd                    224,130 The commercialisation of the Active Reactor, an electronic ballast type device that reduces energy consumption and prolongs                 October
                                                                                  lamp life for public and industrial lighting applications.
VIC                 Super Safe Silo Tops Pty Ltd                         151,712 "Super Safe Silo Tops" - to complete R&D, PoC and Early Stage Commercialisation activities for a range of remotely operable                  October
                                                                                  silo lids
SA                  Teknis Electronics Pty Ltd                           453,577 Software to enable Railway Predictive Condition Monitoring (RPCM)                                                                            September
TAS                 SVP Industries Pty Ltd                               244,822 Development of a brick veneer wall cavity drainage system to meet AS 3660.1-1995 'Protection of buildings from subterranean                  September
NSW                 Lunoan Pty Limited                                   457,435 Development of StopBot(tm), a new technology for proactive protection against network security threats, and real-time                        September
                                                                                  response to threat outbreaks
QLD                 Krome Studios Pty Ltd                              1,716,429 Development of the Next Generation (NextGen) Game Engine                                                                                     September
VIC                 D J Young Pty Ltd                                    348,518 Machine for the production of Sparkling Wine Closures                                                                                        September
QLD                 TSS Construction Pty Ltd                             789,344 Innovative Oil and Diesel Fuel Blending Unit in conjunction with a unique multi-stage waste oil refinery will enable waste oil to            September
                                                                                  be reduced in remote areas of Australia, particularly Aboriginal communities.
VIC                 Express Rx Pty Ltd                                   771,981 Project BluePoint - Commercialisation of remote dispensing machines for the pharmacy industry                                                September
NSW                 Redcoal Pty Ltd                                       247,474 Value added services platform for location based services (LBS VASP) that allows business to track the location of mobile                   August
                                                                                  phones (and other GSM based mobile units)
QLD                 Progen Industries Ltd                               3,393,608 Development of novel anti-angiogenic drugs for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases                                           August
QLD                 GroundProbe Pty Ltd                                 2,947,172 Development of next generation of Slope Stability Radar technology with a more advanced radar system to extend range and                    August
                                                                                  reliability developed for a long range system and a compact system.
QLD                 Very Small Particle Company Pty Ltd                   502,500 New Automotive Catalyst Materials                                                                                                           August
SA                  Gliderol International Pty Ltd                      1,439,256 Efficient Cost Effective Advanced Manufacturing Process for Gliderol Global Garage Doors                                                    August
SA                  Core Medical Solutions Pty Ltd                        287,965 The Core Medical Systems Disaster Scene Manager System.                                                                                     August
SA                  Clean Seas Aquaculture (Hatchery) Pty Ltd           4,148,502 Closure of Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) and other tuna lifecycles for Australian aquaculture production                                      August

VIC                 Meditech Research Ltd                               2,988,418 Development of HyCAMP, a new generation of safer tumour-targeted anti-cancer drugs that target drugs to the tumour while                    August
                                                                                  protecting healthy tissue.
VIC                 ZingoTX Pty Ltd                                     1,454,706 Completion of Formal Preclinical Toxicology and Pharmacokinetic Studies on a New Class of Neuropathic Pain Compound                         August

VIC                 Hatchtech Pty Ltd                                   2,414,993 Development and Commercialisation of a Novel Technology for the Treatment of Headlice                                                       August
VIC                 Wireless IP Technology Pty Ltd                        203,938 Pre-Commercilisation of ConnectiX Mobile Office 2005                                                                                        August
VIC                 Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd                             1,279,545 The aim of the project is to develop a new range of software modules for use in hearing aids, headsets, mobile phones and                   August
                                                                                  assistive listening devices.
WA                  Go Medical Industries Pty Ltd                       2,063,001 Development of a Drug Treatment System for Poly Drug Abuse                                                                                  August
ACT                 TASKey Pty Ltd                                       323,099 A transparent structured means to coordinate critical information over the web in close to real time.                                        July
NSW                 Trawax Pty Ltd                                       159,723 Twinguard will be a device used in endoscopic procedures. It is a novel, disposable oro-nasal biteblock for two-step                         July
                                                                                  oxygenation of patients during gastroscopy and later during recovery. The Twinguard will be a cost-effective, user-friendly,
                                                                                  single component solution. It will consist of a nasal cannula and biteblock that is detachable after endoscopy. The biteblock will
                                                                                  be discarded leaving the patient continuing to receive oxygen to the mouth and nose in recovery. This project initially requires
                                                                                  R & D activities, working with soft moulds to produce sequential models of the Twinguard which will be refined by learning from
                                                                                  repeated small patient group trials (3-6 Gantt chart). This will be done to optimize the size, shape, edge sharpness and quality
                                                                                  of the new oxygenating biteblock as well as the shape, size and angulation of the nasal oxygenating cannula attached to the
NSW                 Fluorosolar Systems Ltd                            1,238,910 The pre-commercialisation of a technology for capturing sunlight in fixed roof or facade mounted collectors and transmitting this            July
                                                                                  light via flexible polymer light guides to distant light fittings in any part of a building.
QLD                 Babyhugs Pty Ltd                                     104,750 Successful early commercialisation of the Lullabub Automatic Cot & Pram Rocker that will rock an infant enclosure in a                       July
                                                                                  harmonic rhythm.
QLD                 Claypave Pty Ltd                                   1,208,733 Development of a commercial process for the manufacture of large format clay pavers (400 X 400 X 50mm to 800 X 400 X                         July
                                                                                  40mm in size) to compete against large format concrete pavers.
TAS                 Healthcare Software Pty Ltd                          201,781 This project will undertake the development and early stage commercialisation of PharmCare, a software application                           July
                                                                                  supporting clinical pharmacists in their role of ensuring that the right patient gets the right dose of the right drug at the right time.

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VIC                 Gundy Computer Services Pty Ltd                     103,773 StatsPod will be developed as a portable, wireless voice activated unit for remote data entry, statistical recording and video       July
                    (ProWess Sports)                                            logging. StatsPod uses a noise eliminating microphone to facilitate accurate voice transfer of data and statistics from a noisy
                                                                                environment to a remote server in real-time or in stand-alone mode for subsequent batch transfer and download.

VIC                 Cardanal Pty Ltd                                     790,322 This project will complete the proof of concept and trial demonstration activities of the novel Cardanal Predictive Index (CPI)      July
                                                                                 software. It will demonstrate its application in the early detection and prediction of cardiovascular disease. It will be undertaken
                                                                                 in high profile clinical settings to enable CPI to reach a commercial ready state.
VIC                 Optiscan Pty Ltd                                   1,907,599 The proposed project aims to develop a miniaturised multiphoton microscope system, incorporating a hand held scanner to              July
                                                                                 obtain two photon Live Micro Images (LMI) of body tissue and organs. This device is anticipated to provide improved imaging
                                                                                 depth and optical resolution, opening up new clinical research and medical diagnostic applications.
VIC                 Ronstan International Pty Ltd                        900,363 To develop a new generation of one of their major product ranges for use in small racing sailboats.                                  July

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