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									                                                                                                        FEBIS K
                                                                             Special Machine Tool-Way Lubricant

                                                                                                             November 2006

FEBIS KTM way lubricants offer the following
features and advantages:                                          Primary Applications
                                                                  FEBIS K is the brand name for two lubricants
¨   Low friction and special stick-slip lubrication               for the sliding ways of machine tools.
    properties for machine tool ways                              Formulated to incorporate special frictional
¨   Good thermal stability and oxidation resistance               characteristics, these products are noted for
                                                                  their unusual ability to overcome the stick-slip
¨   Good filterability characteristics                            motion ordinarily associated with slow-moving
¨   Optimum EP and rust-preventive properties                     machine parts. FEBIS K lubricants also have
                                                                  optimum EP and rust-preventive properties.
¨   Suitable for general machine tool lubrication                 They adhere strongly to sliding surfaces and
¨   Good adhesion characteristics                                 are highly effective in the control of wear,
                                                                  making them suitable for general machine tool
¨   Excellent aqueous cutting fluid rejection                     lubrication – including service in enclosed gear
                                                                  units that operate under moderate service

                                                                  FEBIS K way lubricants meet the most
                                                                  exacting demands of planers, grinders,
                                                                  horizontal boring machines, shapers, jig
                                                                  borers, milling machines, and other equipment
                                                                  involving slow-moving parts. They are
                                                                  particularly effective in protecting against
                                                                  galling during break-in of new equipment.
                                                                  Because of their good rust-prevention
                                                                  properties and other quality features, FEBIS K
                                                                  products are practical and effective lubricants
                                                                  for essentially all gears and other machine-tool
                                                                  components operating under mild or moderate

                                                                  Febis K lubricant technology has been
                                                                  optimized to provide excellent coolant
                                                                  (aqueous cutting fluid) rejection; thus,
                                                                  allowing for improved separation of
                                                                  contamination buildup of coolant in the way
                                                                  oil or way oil in the coolant system.

     *Trademarks of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, Licensee. Lubricants and Specialties, Marketing Technical Services
     ÔTrademark of Exxon Corporation. Imperial Oil, Licensee.      Helplines: 1-800-268-3183
The FEBIS K line comprises two ISO viscosity grades.                 static to kinetic friction) of 0.77, which ensures
FEBIS K 68 has the proper viscosity for small and                    the chatter-free travel essential to high-quality
medium machine sizes; FEBIS K 220 is recommended                     machine work and easy adjustment.
for larger models and for those that are more heavily
loaded. The number of each grade represents its ISO                  Meets manufacturers’ requirements
viscosity grade.                                                     Both FEBIS K 68 and FEBIS K 220 lubricants
                                                                     pass the stick-slip test of the Cincinnati
                                                                     Milacron Company, meeting the requirements
Performance Features                                                 of its Specifications P-47 and P-50,
                                                                     respectively. Both fluids also pass the Bijur
                                                                     filterability requirements.
Controls stick-slip motion
With ordinary oils, proper lubrication of certain sliding
parts such as carriages, positioners, wheel heads, work              Precautions
tables, etc. is often problematical. Speeds may be too               FEBIS K lubricants are manufactured from
low to develop a full-fluid lubricating film, and metal-             high quality petroleum base stocks, carefully
to-metal contact is likely to prevail. When sufficient               blended with selected additives. As with all
driving force is applied to overcome static friction and             petroleum products, good personal hygiene
to put the part in motion, the part encounters the lower             and careful handling should always be
resistance of sliding friction, and it tends to jump                 practiced. Avoid prolonged contact to skin,
ahead. This relieves the driving force, allowing the                 splashing into the eyes, ingestion or vapour
part to come momentarily to rest, whereupon the cycle                inhalation. Please refer to our ESSO Material
is repeated.                                                         Safety Data Sheet for further information.

FEBIS K lubricants possess the tackiness necessary to                Note: This product is not controlled under
resist displacement from the sliding surfaces and to                 Canadian WHMIS legislation.
maintain the fluid lubricating film that smooth action
requires. FEBIS K oils also contain additive
technology that imparts a stick-slip value (ratio of

Typical Properties
FEBIS K Grade                                      68                        220

Density kg/L                                      0.88                       0.89
Color                                             1.5                        3.5
Flash Point,C                                     217                        227
  cSt at 40°C                                     65.0                       216
  cSt at 100°C                                    8.7                        19.6
Viscosity Index                                   105                        104
Pour Point, C                                     -24                         -9
Copper Corrosion 3hrs@ 100C                         1                         1
Rust Test, Proc.A                                 Pass                       Pass
           Proc.B                                 Pass                       Pass
Foam Test : Seq.I                                  0/0                       0/0
             Seq.II                               10/0                       0/0
             Seq.III                               0/0                       0/0
The values shown here are representative of current production. Some are controlled by
manufacturing specifications, while others are not. All of them may vary within modest ranges.

      *Trademarks of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, Licensee. Lubricants and Specialties, Marketing Technical Services
      ÔTrademark of Exxon Corporation. Imperial Oil, Licensee.      Helplines: 1-800-268-3183

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