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									Unmissable case studies from Unilever, B&Q,
Intercontinental Hotel Group, T-Mobile,
Pedigree and Synovate.

Join your industry peers and learn how to:
manage and maximise returns from online
improve the design of online surveys
recruit, manage and conduct online panels to
optimise the quality of responses                                                    One-day conference
drive ethnographic research initiatives that                                         27 January 2010
harness real-time responses                                                          Crowne Plaza – The City
uncover consumer responses to brands using
mining and neuropsychological techniques                                             EC4V 6DB

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Closer customer engagement through
design, technology and community

                              Speakers include

                              Jo Robb                                             Senior representative
                              Multi-Channel                                       Pedigree
                              Development Manager

                              Jim Longo                                           Steve Hales
                              VP of Business Development                          Head of Clients,
                              and Marketing                                       Global Qualitative
                              Itracks                                             Synovate

                              Peter Tippen                                        Simon Wainwright
                              Director of Relationship                            Head of Brand and
                              Marketing, EMEA                                     Communications Insight
                              Intercontinental Hotel Group                        T-Mobile

                              Phil Barden                                         Mike Cooke
                              Managing Director              implicit marketing
                                                                                  Global Director,
                              Decode Marketing                                    Online Development
                                                                                  GfK NOP

                              Jeffrey Henning                                     Martijn Van Kesteren
                              Founder & VP of Strategy                            Consumer Shopper
                              Vovici                                              Insight Manager

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                                        Online Research Methods conference, 27 Januar

                                                                        08.30    Registration and refreshments
FIVE                                                                    09.15 Chairman’s opening remarks
REASONS TO                                                              Doron Meyessed, Director and Founder,
                                                                        Promise Communities
BOOK TODAy                                                              MAKING COMMUNITIES PAY

                                                                        09.30 Maximising returns from
l Hear how leading brands                                               bespoke online communities
  are successfully using online                                         n   Building communities and determining how to extract insights
  research techniques to get                                            n   Achieving value for money from online communities
  closer to their customers                                             n   Demonstrating ROI from community-based research
l Network with end users of                                             n   The dos and don’ts of bespoke communities:
                                                                            Key learnings from unsuccessful communities
  research to understand what’s
                                                                            When and when not to use communities
  working and what’s not

                                                                        Jo Robb, Multi Channel Development Manager, B&Q
l Learn what’s new for 2011 in
  online research methods and                                            MANAGING ONLINE COMMUNITIES
  how researchers can make it                                           10.00 Managing online communities to engage
  work for them                                                         consumers and harness consumer insights
l Participate in interactive                                            n   Examining how to use online methods to integrate customer
  discussions and help shape the                                            thinking into your company
                                                                            Translating insights into actions to compete and succeed
  direction of online research                                          n

                                                                            Creating a participatory brand and directly engaging with
l SAVE £100 when you book before
                                                                            consumers in a more meaningful way to drive brand loyalty,
  17 December with the Early Bird                                           winning product innovation and more effective campaigns
  Discount                                                              n   Measuring ROI from using social media channels for market
                                                                            research and customer engagement
                                                                        Diane Hessan, President and Chief
                                                                        Executive Officer, Communispace
                                                                        Peter Tippen, Director of Relationship
    Clients today expect quality, cost                                  Marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa,
                                                                        Intercontinental Hotel Group
    efficiency and scalability from their online
    research activity. Leading market research                          10.30 Neworking break

    agencies in the online space know how to
                                                                        CASE STUDY: BEN & JERRY’S
    deliver this. Can you compete?
                                                                        11.00 How fans became future-shapers of an
                                                                        ice-cream brand: Towards the next frontier
    Online Research Methods will help                                   in conducting insight communities
    market research agencies and big-brand                              n   Discover a new approach to conducting insight communities
                                                                        n   Find out about the community built for Ben & Jerry’s (Unilever)
    businesses navigate the complexities
                                                                        n   Learn how brand fans were given the opportunity to
    of online engagement, survey design,                                    become future-shapers of a brand they like
    social media mining, brand building                                 Martijn Van Kesteren,
                                                                        Consumer Shopper Insight Manager, Unilever
    and monitoring.                                                     Tom De Ruyck, Senior Consultant
                                                                        ForwaR&D Lab, Insites Consulting

                                                                         BEST PRACTICE IN ONLINE METHODS

                                                                        11.30 Achieving best practice in online panels
                                                                        n   Examining key problem areas with online panels
                                                                        n   Identifying key areas to address to drive panel quality:
                                                                            Sample sourcing, panel recruitment, panel management,

                                                                            policies and compliance, data quality and validation
Research products and services are provided by MRS
                                                                        n   How is the market research industry addressing
Aimed at researchers from agency and clientside, these events are           quality concerns about online panels?
designed to educate and inspire across a diverse range of topics.       n   Evaluating new technologies’ improvement of online panel
Learn the latest research techniques, debate with leading experts
                                                                            quality panel management
in their field and network with insight professionals from the worlds
of research, advertising, marketing, data analysis, brand management    n   Understanding the limitations of online panels and knowing
and academia.                                                               when not to use them
                                                                        Jeffrey Henning, Founder & VP of Strategy, Vovici

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ry 2010, Crowne Plaza – The City, London EC4V 6DB

     12.00 Best practices in online survey design:                       15.15 Networking break
     Optimise sample engagement and responses
                                                                             NEW TECHNOLOGOGIES
     n   Increasing engagement and accuracy of online surveys
     n   Comparing different survey layouts’ ease of use
                                                                         15.45 Comparing innovative technologies
                                                                         for mining online insights
     n   Assessing how different input methods affect survey results
     n   Determining the optimum time period for an online panel or      n   Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the most
         survey in order to retain high levels of respondent attention       popular social media mining tools on the market

     n   Examining the use of visual and audio stimuli                   n   Comparison testing and analysing differences in the findings

     n   Comparing responses from PC and mobile respondents              n   Assessing the accuracy of sentiment analysis between tools

     n   Examining common mistakes and minimising error rates            n   Understanding how different tools assess the number and
                                                                             location of online conversations
     James Sallows, Vice-President, Client
     Operations EMEA, Lightspeed Research                                n   Improving the quality of research through better understanding
                                                                         Phil Burgess, Head of Consumer
     12.30 Neworking lunch                                               Product and Retail Research,
                                                                         FreshMinds Research

     13.45 Putting online market                                         16.15 Using an online neuroscience
     research theory into practice                                       methodology to understand the
     n   Getting the most out of online bulletin boards                  effectiveness of brands
         as a research technique
                                                                         n   Examining neuropsychological research techniques
     n   Assessing their advantages and disadvantages
                                                                         n   Understanding why measuring the implicit system is critical
     n   Integrating findings with other research and
         translating them into business decisions                        n   Outlining the online neuroscience methodology
     Jim Longo, VP of Business Development                               n   Case study: Cadbury’s Gorilla – How a neuroscience
     and Marketing, Itracks                                                  methodology demonstrated that Cadbury’s advertising
     Steve Hales, Head of Clients,                                           was off-brand
     Global Qualitative, Synovate                                        Phil Barden, Managing Director,
                                                                         Decode Marketing
                                                                                                                                    implicit marketing
                                                                             PANEL DISCUSSION
     14.15 How T-Mobile is integrating
     mobile research to get quicker,                                     16.45 Key online research developments
     more actionable insight                                             to look out for in 2011
     n   The T-Mobile challenge: Tracking brand health                   n   Forecasting how social media and mobile research
         doesn’t automatically tell us what to do                            will evolve during 2011
     n   Find out how people are responding to communications            n   Bridging the gap between primary research and
         through every channel using real-time Experience                    modelling social media presence
         Tracking via mobile phones                                      n   Examining industry initiatives to drive quality in
     n   Technical innovations to evaluate multi-execution                   online insights
         campaigns                                                       n   What comes after online panels:
     n   Advanced analytics to unpick the impact                             Sampling beyond panels
         on brand health                                                 n   How will rising research prices in 2011
     Fiona Blades, CEO, MESH Planning                                        affect design?
     Simon Wainwright, Head of Brand and                                 Mike Cooke, Global Director,
     Communications Insight, T-Mobile                                    Online Development, GfK NOP
                                                                         Graeme Lawrence, Director,
     14.45 Assessing how device convergence                              Sales & Marketing, Virtual Surveys
     is affecting market research                                        Derek Eccleston, Research Director,
                                                                         eDigital Research
     n   Convergence in practice: The challenges in handling
         the variety of browsers, policies, technologies
                                                                         17.30 Close of conference
     n   Optimising the real-time nature of mobile to boost
         the reliability of responses
     n   Determining how researchers are using location-based
         technology for innovative research
     n   Case study: Pedigree
         The Dog Walk Diary: Assessing how
         device convergence is affecting research
     Ian Davidson, Managing Director,
     Fly Research
     Senior representative, Pedigree
                                                                         Research partner                            Film partner

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