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        Comparative Testing Office (CTO)
           Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
             Advanced System & Concepts
             3700 Defense Pentagon, 3E114
              Washington, D.C. 20301-3700
        Voice: (703) 602-3740/ FAX (703) 602-3748


DAC Organization in OSD

          Secretary of Defense
       Deputy Secretary of Defense

       Under Secretary of Defense
   (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics)

  Director, Defense Research & Engineering

    Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
     (Advanced Systems & Concepts)

               Office (CTO)

   Defense Acquisition Challenge (DAC) &
    Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT)


• Authorized by Title 10, USC, Sec 2359b, the Defense
  Acquisition Challenge (DAC) Program provides increased
  opportunities for the introduction of innovative and cost-
  saving technologies into DoD acquisition programs.
  Provides an “on-ramp” to DoD acquisition system for small
  and medium vendors.

• DAC provides oversight and funds for the Test and
  Evaluation of technologies that have potential to improve
  current acquisition programs at component, subsystem, or
  system level

• DAC uses an established network of Service and U.S.
  Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) liaison offices

                Evaluation Criteria
• An initial review of each proposal for:
   – Merit
   – Improvements in performance; affordability; manufacturability;
     operational capability at the component, subsystem or system level
     of an acquisition program
   – Rapid implementation at acceptable cost and without unacceptable
• If passes, then a “full” review is completed by the
  program office and the prime system contractor
   – Independent review using the above criteria
   – Include assessment of the cost of adopting and implementing
   – Consideration of intellectual property rights

               DAC provides an “on-ramp” into
               the defense acquisition system.
                               Sample DAC Projects
SprayCool™ for Counter Targeting System                            Spray Cool Technology: Electronics Sprayed with Non-Corrosive
                                                                              Coolant in a Hermetically Sealed Housing
Provided weight and volume savings over traditional air
                                                                                                 Employed in Counter
cooled systems and operates in harsh environments of                                           Targeting System - Part of
high temperature, high humidity, and dust with increased                                          OVERWATCH ACTD
                                                                                               8 systems produced, 3 units
reliability. Weight was reduced 80 percent, from 335                                                 deployed to Iraq
pounds to less than 100 pounds. IsoThermal Research
Corp, Liberty Lake WA                                           Before SprayCool: 482                                         After SprayCool: 100
                                                                Pounds & 17 Cubic feet                                       Pounds & 2.6 Cubic feet

Mini-Combat Trauma Patient Simulation System
Improves the skills of combat medical personnel                                                             Mini Combat Trauma Patient
deployed forward, in mass casualty and triage.                                                              Simulation System: Training
Over 3500 medics and corpsmen have been                                                                      medics at Camp Pendleton
                                                                                                         Casualty simulator improves improves
trained and academic attrition rate of trainees has
                                                                                                           skills of medical personnel in mass
dropped from 23% to 6% -- testimony to the                                                                casualty & triage - over 300 medics
effectiveness of this training tool. METI, Melbourne                                                           trained & deployed to Iraq
EPLRS & SPEED QoS                                       Enhanced Performance Location
Two parallel DAC projects automated the                   Report System Tactical Data
planning processes for EPLRS networks and              Network: Replaces manual network
dedicated QoS to specific communication                 planning with automated system

network assets. This reduced the                          Reduces complexity and need for
communications planning time for a tactical            manpower redundancy, ensuring rapid
                                                       and accurate information flow and data
deployment from one day to twenty minutes.             priority on the joint/coalition battlefield
General Dynamics, Arlington VA

           70% of projects selected have been small or mid-sized vendors
                                 Two-Phase Process
                                              Phase One
•   Any person or activity within or outside the DoD interested in participating
    can submit a DAC proposal along with a quad chart using the templates
    provided in the BIDS website:
    (unclassified only)
•   All proposals receive:
         Administrative Review
         Technical Review
         Program Manager Review
         OSD Review
         Selection/Non-selection
•   Evaluation criteria for selection includes as a minimum
         Does the proposal have merit?
         Will the result achieve improvements in performance, affordability, manufacturability or operational
         Can the acquisition program be implemented rapidly and without disruption, at an acceptable cost?
          (DAC focuses on technologies that are ready to transition – technology readiness levels 6-9)

        Proposals meeting above criteria are prioritized based on potential for
          providing innovative and cost-saving technologies to meet the DoD
            acquisitions programs and ability to meet the warfighter needs
                   Two-Phase Process
                                Phase Two
 •   Sponsoring government program offices refine the first phase
     proposal addressing:

            Key performance parameters
            Preliminary test plan
            Cost analysis
            Funding required for test
            Length of evaluation period

 •   DAC final proposal will need letter of endorsement with intent to
     procure, project chart, and quad chart

 •   Classified proposals can be accepted through the mail

Selection for funding is highly competitive and submitters are
       notified of the outcome of their proposal evaluation
         The FY 07 DAC Process
• 226 Draft Proposals were submitted by Industry and
  Government agencies with proposed technologies and
  products ranging from studies to near off the shelf

• ALL Draft Proposals were evaluated and prioritized
  based on potential and were reviewed by acquisition
  Programs of Record
• 53 Final Proposals were submitted by Program
  Managers to compete for funding

• 18 New Start Projects were selected for FY07

    For FY07 18 new-starts along with 16 “on-going”
       projects were approved for a total of $27.3M
              The FY08 DAC Process

                                                                1 Nov

                                                     1 Oct
                                                                   2008 CTO
                                         2007            2008 Budget
                                2007            AS&C Approval
                                   Subject Matter Expert (SME) Review
            2007           Finals Submitted (Services & SOCOM Priorities)
2006                Preliminary OSD Review (Quad Charts)

       • DAC: BAA Released (Open early Dec 06, closed early Feb 07)

        Solicitation for FY 2009
Document Type: BAA
Solicitation Number: TBD
Posted Date: TBD
Close Date: TBD
To submit a proposal you must register on CTO Portal
  homepage, then login, go to DAC and follow
  instruction set.

Anticipate the BAA for FY2009 will be posted on web in
                  early December 2007 at:

        Steps for Submission

1. Read submission guidelines
2. Submit Draft Proposal IAW guidelines
3. Contact the Service/USSOCOM DAC focal
   point to determine status and revise your
   Draft Proposal if more info needed
4. If Draft Proposal is “Accepted” by a Program
   of Record/Program Manager (PM) the PM,
   with the assistance of the item vendors, will
   submit a DAC Final Proposal
Projects with more than 24 months of test and
  evaluation will be considered case by case
    Primary DAC Points of Contact

OSD Program Office                  (703) 602-3740
U.S. Army Focal Point               (703) 806-0999
U.S. Navy Focal Point               (703) 696-4225
U.S. Air Force Focal Point          (703) 588-6457
USSOCOM Focal Point                 (813) 826-1035


                  Defense Acquisition Challenge Program
Alpen Technology Group,
                         Participating Companies
                                                                                                                         South Carolina
                                                                                                                         FN Manuf acturing, Columbia
                                                                                                                         SPAWAR Sys Center, Charleston
                                                                                 New York
Arizona                                     Bombardier Products, Waukegan
                                                                                 Telephonics Corporation,                Texas
Hawthorne & York, Phoenix                   Northrum Grumman, Chicago
                                                                                  Farmingdale                            BAE North America, Austin
Raytheon Missile, Tucson                    Recon Optics, Barrington
                                                                                                                         EFW, Ft. Worth
                                            Maryland                                                                     Prescott Products, San Antonio
Calif ornia                                 Gould Fiber Optics, Millersville
BAE Systems, Santa Clara                    SAFT America, Cockeysville
Curtis Wright, Santa Clara                  Titan Corporation, Greenbelt
Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Fremont       Zodiac America, Stevensville
Exotic Materials, Murrieta
JDS Uniphase, San Jose
                                            Aspen Aerogel, Marlborough
Laser Devices, Monterey
                                            Aztex, Waltham
L-3 Comm, Telemetry, West, San Diego
                                            BIOPURE, Cambridge
Optimum Optical Systems, Camarillo
                                            Crystal Systems, Salem
Optiwork, Freemont
                                            FLIR Systems, North Billerica
Precise Surf ace Finishing, Murrieta
                                            ITT Power, West Springf ield
Raytheon Space and Airborne, Goleta
                                            Optical Coating Corporation,
Scarrott Metallurgical, Los Angeles                                            Ohio
Sequal Technologies, San Diego                                                 Batelle, Columbus
                                            Telic Optics, North Billerica
Tempo Research, Camarillo                                                      Dayton Aerospace, Dayton
                                            Triton Systems, Chelmsf ord
Colorado                                                                       General Tool Company, Cincinnati
Circandence Corporation, Boulder                                               IGR Enterprises, Cleveland
                                            L3 Com, Muskegon
Coherent Logix, Louisville                                                     Lamda Tech, Cincinnati
                                            Northrop Grumman, Troy
                                                                               SRA Intl, Dayton
Florida                                                                                                                   Vermont
                                             Minnesota                         Syntronics, Dayton
Advanced Integrated Systems, Orlando
                                             MTS Corporation,                                                             Janos Technology, Townshed
Engine Tech, Ocala                                                             Oklahoma
Lockheed Martin, Riviera Beach                Eden Prairie                     Enviro Systems, Seminole                   Virginia
Medical Education Technologies, Sarasota     Missouri                                                                     Envisioneering, Alexandria
Northrop Grumman, Melbourne                                                    Oregon                                     Matcom Inc, Reston
                                             Boeing, St Louis
Northrop Grumman IT, Winter Park                                               Indigo Systems, Portland                   Titan Corp, Arlington
                                             Pivtol Power, St Louis
Precision Ammo, Tampa                                                          Schmitt Measurement Systems,
                                             New Hampshire                       Portland                                 Washington
Structural Composites Tech., Stuart
                                             Windmill Intl, Nashua                                                        B.E. Meyers, Redmond
Universal Chemical Tech, Stuart                                                Pennsylvania
                                             Insight Tech, Londonderry                                                    Isothermal Systems Inc,
Georgia                                                                        Wavef ront Research, Bethlehem               Clarkston
                                            New Jersey                         American Comp., Institute, Philadelphia
Bruel and Kjaer Testing Support, Norcross
                                            Fiber-Span, Piscataway             Night Vision Equip, Allentown               Washington DC
Kentucky                                    Avionics Instruments, Avenel                                                   SWE-dish Satellites
Modine Manuf acturing, Harrodsburg          ITT Industries, Clif ton                                                                                   13

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