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									Treating a Urinary Tract Infection in 3 Easy Steps
Almost everyone has suffered from one urinary tract infection in their lives. However, an estimated 80% of women suffer from not only a single urinary tract infection but repeat urinary tract infections as well. There are preventative measure you can take to avoid future bouts with urinary tract infections, but we are going to focus on the three things you can do in your quest for treating a urinary tract infection that you have now. The first thing you should do when treating a urinary tract infection is to drink more fluids regularly. You can drink more water, drink at least 2 glasses of cranberry juice (unsweetened) a day and/or blueberry juice. You should drink more liquids, the actual liquid is not as important as the increase. However, you should avoid coffee, soda, alcohol and dairy beverages. Secondly, the next thing you should do is consider the type of undergarments you wear. For example, if you wear tight undergarments you are essentially giving bacteria a breeding ground and likely opening your body up for another urinary tract infection. Thirdly, the types of foods you eat can also impact the frequency of urinary tract infections you suffer from. For example, dairy products in general should be avoided if you have frequent bouts with urinary tract infections. Essentially, you should watch what you eat. These tips have worked for many people and continue to work for many people. It is vital that you make an appointment with your doctor to make sure you actually have a urinary tract infection and not something else. These are all great tips that can be utilized even if you are taking an antibiotic to treat your urinary tract infection.

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Before you take any supplements, change your diet or drink more of anything you should have the approval of your doctor. Especially if you have any other medical conditions. It is possible that changing your diet or drinking patterns you could cause serious problems with your other heath issues. Medications might also pose restrictions on the modifications you can do. Treating a urinary tract infection is not as difficult as you might think However, the treatment should continue even after the urinary tract infection is gone. For example, cleansing yourself to eliminate the bacteria, not wearing tight fitting clothes and keeping yourself properly hydrated is essential to defeating the existing urinary tract infection and preventing future bouts with urinary tract infections.

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