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									                                                                                                                            target group
                                                                market place

                                                                                            informed decisions

                                                               Market Research
  Market research.                                                                                     Focus on
  Is it necessary?                                                                                     target markets
Market research is the lifeblood of the business                                                     Executives require access to accurate
decision-making process.                                                                             information to make informed action decisions
                                                                                                     that are critical to any business enterprise. You
Accurate, up-to-date and correctly interpreted                                                       can use market research to provide you with
market research will allow you to make                                                               solutions that will:
informed decisions based on real information
and save valuable time and money by using                                                              Provide marketplace intelligence
your resources more effectively.
                                                                                                       Identify partnership opportunities
Conversely, lack of precise and timely
information results in flawed decision-making,                                                         Identify effective communication
which usually leads to expensive mistakes or                                                           channels
worse, failure.

In today’s business reality, organizations that
                                                                                                       Expand strategic relationships
are successful at recognizing and using good
market intelligence are the ones that are
                                                                                                       Make informed decisions
managing change effectively and thriving.
                                                                                                       Identify opportunities for
As markets become more complex and                                                                     improvement
competitive, market intelligence has become
more important than ever to organizations            It’s about time                                   Improve community planning
who want to ensure they are reaching and
serving their target market on an efficient and    With market intelligence you will be able           Save time and money
expanding level.                                   to identify new market opportunities. You
                                                   will uncover customer issues that enable          Firstbase market research helps organizations
By acting on reliable, properly conducted          you to build stronger loyalty and increase        significantly improve productivity and increase
market research you can make intelligent           operational efficiencies by better managing       efficiency in operations while achieving the
decisions based on the current structure of        key assets.                                       optimal potential of their plans.
your marketplace and target audience(s).
                                                   A market research report will provide you
                                                   with essential information on core issues that           The mass market has split
       Organizations worry too                     will directly affect your business strategy and         into ever-multiplying, ever
        much about the cost of                     enable your organization to flourish.                     changing sets of micro
        doing something, they                      Timely information supplies you with the                  markets that demand a
       should worry about the                      critical details that will create a strategic             continually expanding
         cost of not doing it.                     advantage in providing superior services                     range of options.
                                                   and relevant information to your potential
                - Philip Kotler                                                                                       - Alvin Toffler
                                                   customers / clients and stakeholders.

   Why use market                                  What will market
   research?                                       research identify?
If you want to make informed decisions, you
must have information that is:                      Limitations organizations face
                                                      include time and financial
                                                        contraints in a complex
                                                    decision-making environment.
                                                 Accurate market intelligence will help you
Third party, acquired market research may be     overcome the limitations forced on you by a
more pertinent than that gathered by your        complex and competitive market place.
internal team, who are more likely to tell you
what they think you want to hear. External       Essential information gathered from your
market research can assist in decision making    market will identify:
by providing:
                                                   Size, segment and key issues of the
   Professionally unbiased,                        market audience
   independent and objective
   information                                     Potential market size

   Experienced and knowledgeable                   Market concentration and growth               Develop your
   interpretation                                  probability                                   perfect plan
   3x better survey response                       Views, opinions and perceptions
                                                                                               A market research study is the basis
                                                   towards your organization and               for the development of your planning
   Better value for your investment                the functions and services you              and communications strategy and its
                                                   provide                                     implementation. This will ensure a focus to
                                                                                               develop the greatest opportunity for:
   Management                                      Strategic plan for improved
   attitudes toward                                audience perceptions                             Generating greater awareness,
   market research                                                                                  visibility and credibility
                                                   Values, features and desired
                                                                                                    Increasing positive and accurate
     Ignorance                                     outcomes
Manager relies on intuition, experience and
subjective information for decision-making.
                                                   Communication media channels                     Reducing mis-communication
                                                   to deliver your messaging
     Blind faith                                   effectively                                 Armed with the powerful information of a
Manager believes using research is a good                                                      thorough market research study you will have
decision in and of itself.                         SWOT analysis, barriers to success          the elements for a perfect plan.
                                                   and communication challenges
Manager acted in “Blind faith” and now feels       Other key issues that are                                          erfect
betrayed when research is not properly
                                                   customized to your needs
Manager understands the potential and
the limitations of research in reducing                                                                                        revents

The ideal management attitude is obviously
sophistication -- enabling the organization to
obtain the full benefits of properly conducted
market research.                                                                                                  erformance

   Market research -                                  Firstbase research                                Managing change
   what are the benefits?                             capabilities                                   Smart decisions can no longer be made
                                                                                                     based on “gut” feelings, years of experience or
Good market intelligence that is properly          We have a dedicated team of professionals         anecdotal evidence. The market environment
analyzed and applied will provide a multitude      whose expertise enables us to investigate         in which your organization operates changes
of benefits to your organization. Here are just    and survey your marketplace and provide           too rapidly for these current “truths” to last
some of the benefits:                              you with critical details that are essential to   very long.
                                                   your success.
    Better communication
                                                   Our investigative abilities and experience
Learn about your potential clients — who they      give proven success across a broad spectrum               To make knowledge
are and what they want the most. Nothing
increases market demand better than focusing
                                                   of sectors. By providing detailed information           productive... requires the
                                                   on attitudes toward your organization’s
on a captive audience and delivering the right                                                            systematic exploitation of
                                                   services and functions, Firstbase is able to
message through effective channels.                provide in-depth information on complex                opportunities for change.
                                                   topics that directly affect your organization.                   - Peter F. Druker
    Identification of
    new opportunities                              Whether it is an investigation into your
                                                   customers’ perceptions and behavioral             Properly derived and intelligently interpreted
Knowing who the competition is and what                                                              market research that is analyzed correctly
                                                   patterns, or providing a complete overview
they offer will allow you to define your                                                             will provide your organization with essential
                                                   of your specific markets, Firstbase has the
unique and differentiating factors. Are they                                                         cutting-edge information, enabling you to
                                                   expertise to provide you with exactly the
missing something you can capitalize on?                                                             make smart decisions based on real market
                                                   essential information you require to create
What can you do better than they can? Are                                                            conditions.
                                                   a strategic advantage.
your clients in need of something nobody
else is offering?
                                                   Turning information into achievable business
    Minimize risk                                  intelligence enables you to:
Just like any situation, if you come prepared
you will be less likely to loose and more likely     Make informed decisions to plan
to win.                                              expansion strategies
    Benchmarks to help                               Gain a clear and in-depth
    measure progress                                 understanding of opportunities
How well are you doing? By setting the
standard high from the start, you will be in a
                                                     for improvement
better position for sustained growth. Strate-
gic planning based on relevant and accurate          Identify the most relevant market
information will help to provide measurable          segments and niche / vertical

                                                     Improve your knowledge relative
                                                     to market conditions

                                                     Deploy communication strategies
                                                     that enable higher rates of                             Organizations that stay
                                                     demand and usage                                      ahead of change are ones
                                                                                                            in which their people see
                                                     Develop an effective strategy to                      change as something they
                                                     move your organization to the                           themselves accomplish
                                                     next level                                              and not something that
        The success of a project                                                                           is imposed on them. They
      critically depends upon the                                                                           see opportunities to take
        effort, care and skill you                                                                                 initiative.
      apply to its initial planning.                                                                            - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

                                                 What our clients                      Firstbase’s range of
Firstbase delivers results                       are saying:                           in-house services
  Solutions                                           After 22 years in our
                                                                                        Strategic planning
                                                 industry - I didn’t realize there
Your marketplace is in the midst of signicant
changes, complete with new rules and             were that many opportunities           Business planning
challenges, opportunities and expectations.        that we could uncover. The
To flourish in this new age, your organization                                          Relationship management
                                                 report was above and beyond
needs innovative solutions enabled by market
intelligence designed to help you respond to
                                                        our expectations.               Market research
evolving challenges.
                                                                                        Product launches
Firstbase provides solutions that are designed        Their ability to think
to enable executives and managers to access                                             Communications planning
                                                 outside the box is exciting and
this information, and through knowledge,                                                and implementation
analysis and insight, turn it into meaningful     we are now working on the
business intelligence for your organization.       next stage of our business           Web development
                                                                                        Professional creative design and
                                                                                        printing solutions
This crucial information enables the                  The Firstbase team
development of insights about what changes          certainly live up to their
are occurring and what actions need to be            promise of getting the            Time is money
taken. Insights alone are not enough. Leaders
                                                          work done!
need the ability to take action and respond
quickly and effectively.

Leaders demand results and Firstbase market
intelligence delivers. By facilitating better
interactions      between        stakeholders,
committees and the community, Firstbase
provides programs that are effective and
productive. Market intelligence can help
companies better manage their risk, improve
their effectiveness and enable them to realize
the optimum potential.

   Market research                                                                     Move to the next level
   sector experience                                                                 As your partner in helping your business move
                                                                                     to the next level, Firstbase stands ready to
   Health initiatives                                                                assist our partners and customers to achieve
                                                                                     their business goals. We work closely with
   Manufacturing                                                                     you to plan and implement your strategy and
                                                                                     achieve measurable results.
                                                                                       Contact us
   Economic development                                                              Call us today at 1.800.758.2922 for a
                                                                                     preliminary no obligation discussion to
   Distribution                                                                      explore the opportunities.


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