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									Undergraduate Certificates offered by the Marketing Department
   The Marketing Department in the College of Business Administration now offers three undergraduate
   certificates in Retail Marketing and Management, Sales and Customer Relationship Management, and
   Export-Import Management. You can earn one of these certificates along with your Bachelor’s degree
   to gain a more focused, enriching program of study as well as making yourself more marketable to
   employers. The benefits of earning one of these certificates are many, including:
             o Greater access to employers and greater value to offer to those employers
             o More interaction with professors in your targeted field
             o Personalized advising and career guidance
             o Seminars, corporate tours, and other events that connect you with the business community
             o Integrated coursework that forms a cohesive structure and is geared towards employment
   If you are interested in pursuing any of these certificates, it is important to get information as soon as
   possible because some courses are offered in sequence only in certain semesters. Below are brief
   summaries of the primary requirements for each of the certificates. Semesters when each course is
   generally offered are indicated in parentheses (F=Fall, S=Spring; summer classes not guaranteed.)

   Retail Marketing and                    Export-Import                Sales and Customer Relationship
      Management                           Management                             Management
         MAR 3023                           MAR 3023                                 MAR 3023
   Marketing Management               Marketing Management                     Marketing Management
            (F,S)                               (F,S)                                   (F,S)
         MAN 3025                           MAR 4613                                 MAR 4354
      Organization and             Managing Marketing Information               Marketing Yourself
     Management (F,S)                           (F,S)                                   (F,S)
          FIN 3403                          MAR 4144                                 MAR 4400
   Financial Management                  Export Marketing                         Personal Selling
            (F,S)                               (F,S)                                (Fall only)
                                            MAR 4156
            CGS 3300                                                                  MAR 4403
                                      International Marketing
 Intro to Information Systems                                                    Sales Management
              (F,S)                                                                 (Spring only)
          MAR 4231                 Choose any two of the following:                MAR 4860
       Retail Marketing                                                 Customer Relationship Management
             (F,S)                           MAR 4203                                  (F,S)
                                         Marketing Channels
                                             (Fall only)
        MAR 4941
                                              TRA 4721
    Marketing Internship                                                            MAR 4643
                                           Global Logistics
    (Macy’s Bootcamp)                                                     Decision Making & Negotiations
                                            (Spring only)
                                                                                    (Fall only)
        (Spring only)
                                            MAR 4643
                                  Decision Making and Negotiations
                                             (Fall only)

   For more information and for an application, please contact:
    - Professor Tiger Li ( about the Export-Import certificate or
    - Professor Kim Taylor ( about the Sales or Retailing certificates.
   You may also call (305)348-2571 or stop by the Marketing Department (Ryder Business 307B).

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