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									      Air Transport Research
Society World Conference - 2004

       July 1-3, Ġstanbul, TURKEY

                     Organized by
          Air Transport Research Society
     A Special Interest Group of the WCTR Society

                        Hosted by:
             İstanbul Technical University
   Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Turkey

                   Sponsored by:

                              SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

                                 Thursday, 1st July, 2004

10:30-12:00     ATRS Airport Benchmarking Task Force Meeting
                (SDKM, Meeting Room, ITU) - Task Force members only

12:00-14:00 ATRS Networking/Executive Committee Luncheon Meeting
            Place: (Balıkçı Hasan, Tarabya)

15:00-18:00 Conference Registration (SDKM, Atrium, ITU)

18:00-19:30     Welcome Reception (SDKM, Atrium, ITU)

                                   Friday, 2nd July, 2004

09:30 – 10:00         Registration (SDKM, Atrium, ITU)

10:00 – 10:30         Conference Opening (SDKM, Room C, ITU)

10:30 – 12:00         Plenary Session (Emerging Roles of Major Airports in Air Transport
                      System and Economy : (SDKM, Room C, ITU)

12:00 – 13:30         Lunch

(All Concurrent Session Tracks will be in SDKM rooms A, B, C, D, and E, respectively)

13:30 – 15:00         Concurrent Sessions I
15:00 – 15:30         Refreshments
15:30 – 17:00         Concurrent Sessions II
17:00 – 17:30         Refreshments
17:30 – 19:00         Concurrent Sessions III

19:30                 Conference dinner (Park Orman Restaurant)
                      Busses depart from SDKM at 19:15 for the MNG Airlines Conference

                                   Saturday, 3rd July, 2004

09:30 – 11:00        Concurrent Sessions IV
11:00 – 11:30        Refreshments
11:30 – 13:00        Concurrent Sessions V
13:00 – 14:15        Lunch
14:15 – 15:45        Concurrent Sessions VI
15:45 – 16:15        Refreshments
16:15 – 18:00        ATRS Global Airport Performance Benchmarking Award
                     Presentation and Closing Plenary Session (Room C)

*Details on the ATRS and its 2004 Conference are available at or The paper listed in the program are tentative in order to provide information
on the types of papers to be presented at the conference. There may be some shifting of the
papers between the sessions.

                   Detailed list of events, speakers, and sessions
                                    Friday, July 2, 2004

09:30-10:00          Registration - SDKM, Atrium, ITU

10:00-10:30          The ATRS 2004 Conference Opening - SDKM, Room C, ITU
                     Conference Chair: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fevzi Unal, ITU
                     Welcoming Speeches by ?????

                     Welcome by Professor Tae H. Oum, President of the ATRS

10:30 - 12:00        The Plenary Panel Session - Room C

                     Theme: Evolving Future Roles of the Airports in Air Transport
                     Industry, and National and Continental Economies

Cathal Guiomard, Head of Economics Affairs, and Deputy Commissioner, at the
       Irish Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR), “An Airport Regulator’s View “

Mario Diaz, Deputy General Manager, Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, USA;

Mogens Kornbo, Vice President, Copenhagen Airports A/S, Denmark;

Craig Richmond, Vice President, Vancouver International Airport Authority, Canada

Bill Swan, Chief Economist – Marketing, Boeing Commercial Aircraft Co., “An Aircraft
       Manufacturer’s view”

Co-chaired by:
      Professor Tae H. Oum, President, the ATRS, and
               UPS Foundation Chair in Transport and Logistics
               Sauder School of Business
               University of British Columbia, Canada
      Professor Fevzi Unal, the ATRS 2004 Annual Conference Chairman
               Professor of Aerospace Engineering,
               Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

   July 2, 2004 ; 13:30 - 15:00      Concurrent Sessions Series 1

                        Session 1A: Demand for Air Travel – I (Room A)

Chair: Respicio Antonio Do Espirito SANTO, Jr., Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

   1. Bryn BATTERSBY, Commonwealth Treasury, Australia, “Conclusions on
      Capacity, Utility And Air-Travel Demand in Regional Australia”
   2. Yonghwa PARK, Asia Pacific School of Logistics, Korea; Sungyeol OH and Seungho
      LEE, Korea Transport Institute, “Analysis for the Impact on Aviation Demand by High-
      Speed Railroad Service: The Case of Korea”
   3. Narjess TEYSSIER, Airbus, “Forecasting The European Air Travel Demand
      Through The Supply Side Segmentation”
   4. Cherie LU, Toko University, “The impacts of environmental charges on airlines
      and passenger demand”

                        Session 1B: Air Transport Development (Room B)

   Chair: Jaap de WIT, Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      1. Chuck EVANS, Bombardier Aerospace, “The Wheel and Spoke Network”
      2. Isabelle DOSTALER, Triant FLOURIS, Mick CARNEY, John MOLSON,
         School of Economics, Canada, “Stuck in the Middle Revisited: The Case of
         the Airline Industry”
      3. Anming ZHANG, University of British Columbia, Canada; Lawrence
         LEUNG, Japhet LAW, Michael FUNG, Chinese University of Hong Kong,
         “An Overview Air Cargo Industry in China: The Impact of Globalization,
         WTO, and Enterprise Reforms”
      4. Joel SHON, Tainan Woman’s College of Arts & Technology, Taiwan,
         “Global Supply Chain Management of the Laptop Industry: The
         Revolutionary Air Cargo Logistic of Taiwan Direct Shipping”

                            Session 1C Low Cost Carriers I (Room C)

   Chair: Paul HOOPER

      1. Jan-Christoph DÜDDEN and Kai HÜSCHELRATH, Deutsche Lufthansa
         AG, “Airline Network Competition - The effects of Low Cost Carrier Market
         Entry on Hub & Spoke Carriers”
      2. Nigel DENNIS, University of Westminster, “Running out of Steam? – The Growth
         Prospects for European Low-Cost Airlines”
      3. Triant FLOURIS and Thomas WALKER, John Molson School of Business,
         Canada, “The Financial Performance of Low-Cost and Conventional-Cost
         Airlines in Times of Crisis”

      4. Peter MORREL, Cranfield University, “Are Low Cost Carrier Offshoots the
         Best Short to Medium Strategy for Full-Service Network Airlines?”

             Session 1D Air Transport Policy and Regulation (Room D)

Chair: Young-Heok LEE, Hankuk Aviation Univ., Korea

  1. Maeng-Sern KIM and Kwang-Eui YOO, Hankuk Aviation University, Korea, “A
     Review of Civil Aviation Operation and Some Suggestions Concerned with
     Opening Direct Flight Routes Between Two Koreas”
  2. Matthias FINGER, ILEMT / EPFL and Michel PIERS, NLR, “Air Transport
     Regulation Under Transformation: The Case of Switzerland”
  3. Ender GEREDE, Anadolu University, School of Civil Aviation, “The Evolution of
     Turkish Air Transport Industry: A Perspective of Liberalization Process”
  4. Andreas KNORR,University of Bremen, Germany, “Illegal Subsidies for
     Ryanair? An Economic Analysis of the EU Commission's Charleroi Ruling”

             Session 1E Airline Management and Operations – I (Room E)

   Chair: M. Fevzi Ünal, Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey

      1. Jinn-Tsai WONG, National Chiao Tung University, “Airline Yield Management: Should
         High Fare Passengers Always Be Prioritized”
      2. Wenbin WEI, San Jose State University, “Game-Theoretic Analysis of
         Airlines’ Choice of Aircraft Size in a Competitive Environment”
      3. Luca GRAF, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, “Incompatibilities of Airline Business
         Models in the Same Entrepreneurial System”
      4. Moble BENEDICT, Ashim BHATTACHARYA, Rajkumar PANT, Indian Institute
         of Technology, Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, “Economic Benefit of Operating
         Turboprop Regional Aircraft on Three Short Haul Routes in India”

   July 2, 2004 ; 15:30 – 17:00       Concurrent Sessions Series 2

                     Session 2A Demand for Air Travel – II (Room A)

   Chair: Joel Shon, Tainan Woman’s College of Arts & Tech, Taiwan

      1. Nenad NJEGOVAN, Civil Aviation Authority, UK, “A New Approach to
         Predicting Short-term Shifts in Demand for Business Travel by Air”
      2. Stephane HESS, Imperial College, London, “Mixed Logit Modeling of Airport
         Choice in The San Francisco Bay Area”
      3. Keith MASON, Cranfield University, “The Value and Usage of Ticket
         Flexibility for Short Haul Business Travelers”

   4. Marcelo Baena MORENO, Energyarc Industrial Limitada and Carlos MULLER,
      ITA – Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, Brazil, “Airport Choice in Sao Paulo
      Metropolitan Area: An Analysis Based on Passenger Market Segmentation”

                  Session 2B Inter-Modal Services (Room B)

Chair: Anthony CHIN, National Univ. of Singapore

   1. Syahriah BACHOK, International Islamic University, “High Speed Air-Rail
      Service : The Study of Multimodal Travellers Information System of KLIA
      Ekspres services, Malaysia”
   2. Andreas EICHINGER and Andreas KNORR, University of Bremen, “Potential
      and Limitations of Air-rail Links”
   3. Choongyeol YE, Korea Transport Institute, “An Assessment of Sea-Air
      Multimodal Transportation in Northeast Asia”
   4. Nicolas GRUYER, Nathalie LENOIR, Isabelle LAPLACE, ENAC, “Air and
      Rail: Cooperating and Competing?”

                   Session 2C Low Cost Carriers II (Room C)

Chair: Fariba ALAMDARI, Cranfield Univ. UK

   1. Alessandro OLIVEIRA, University of Warwick, and Cristian HUSE,
      London School of Economics, “Localized Competitive Advantage and Price
      Reactions to Low Cost Carrier Entry in the Brazilian Airline Industry”
   2. Richard KLOPHAUS, Trier University of Applied Sciences, Umwelt-
      Campus Birkenfeld, “Frequent Flyer Programs for European Low-Cost
      Airlines: Prospects, Risks and Implementation Guidelines”
   3. Zizah Che SENIK, National University of Malaysia, “Air Asia -The Pioneer
      Low Fares Airline In Asia: Is It a Duplication of Southwest Airlines?”
   4. Christian HOFER, Martin DRESNER, Robert WINDLE, University of
      Maryland, “Hub Premiums in an Era of Low-Cost Carriers and Financial

        Session 2D Air Transport Policy and Regulation II (Room D)

Chair : Eddy van de VOORDE, Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium

   1. Peter FORSYTH, Monash University, Australia, “Open Skies in ASEAN”
   2. Anthony PERL and Judith PATTERSON, University of Calgary and Concordia
      University, “The Aviation Policy and Management Challenges of High-Priced

   3. Jean BRESSON, ENAC, “Air Transport Industries: Long Term Prospective
      Thoughts - Stackes and Challenges”
   4. Hun-Koo HA and Yonghwa PARK, Inha University, Korea, “Causes of Air-transport
      Demand Changes in Korea”

         Session 2E Airline Management and Operations – II (Room E)

Chair: M. Ş. KAVSAOGLU, Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey

   1. Bill SWAN, Boeing; Nicole ADLER, Hebrew University “Aircraft Trip Cost
      Parameters: A Function of Stage Length and Seat Capacity”
   2. Érico Soriano Martins SANTANA, Mauricio Ferreira HUPALO, Milton Valdir de Matos
      FEITOSA, Carlos MÜLLER, Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil, “A Simulation Based Analysis
      Of Aircraft’s Delay And Operational Costs At Sao Paulo Terminal Maneuvering Area
   3. Chien-tsung LU, Central Missouri State University, “Aviation Rulemaking Dynamics in
      the United States: An Inductive Research of Nonregulatory Maintenance Resource
      Management (MRM) Training”
   4. Mário Marcondes MACHADO, Vladimir Lima da SILVA, Gustavo ZANETTINI,
      Respicio A. Espirito SANTO Jr., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “A Fuzzy-
      Logig Approach to the Aircraft Acquisition Procedure in Brazil”

July 2, 2004; 17:30 – 19:00        Concurrent Sessions Series 3

                Session 3A Airport Governance and Regulation (Room A)

Chair: Valerie DUFOUR, Transport Canada, Canada

   1. Achim CZERNY, Berlin University of Technology, “Price Cap Regulation of
      Congested Airports: Single-Till Versus Dual-Till”
   2. Shinya HANAOKA, Asian Institute of Technology, “Privatization and
      Productivity Performance of Thailand Airports”
   3. P.S. SENGUTTUVAN, Airports Authority of India, “A Global Trends,
      Issues and Impact of Airport Privatization in Developing Economies - A
      Theoritical Approach”
   4. Guillaume BURGHOUWT, Ton KREUKELS, Jaap de WIT, Netherlands,
      “Flexible Planning and Flexible Pricing of Hub Airport Facilities”

      Session 3B Passenger Services Quality and Evaluation (Room B)

Chair: Yurdanur TULUNAY, Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey

   1. John F O'CONNELL and George WILLIAMS, Cranfield University, “A
      Comparison of the Passenger Perception and Selection Criteria Between

     No-Frills And Full Service Airlines in a Mature European Market and in a
     Fast Growing Asian Market”
  2. Mustafa KARAŞAHİN and R. Koray KIRILDI, Süleyman Demirel
     University, “Terminal Performance Measurement of Antalya Airport From
     Customer’s View Point”
  3. Jin-Long LU and Chun-Yi CHEN, Chang Jung Christian University, “The
     Differences Between Cross-Strait Airlines in Service Quality – The
     Viewpoint of Taiwanese Travelers”
  4. Mark LIJESEN, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy, “Analysis
     Measuring Consumer Valuation of Frequency in Civil Aviation”

                      Session 3C Low Cost Carriers III (Room C)

Chair: Martin DRESNER, Univ. of Maryland, USA

  1. Dieter WILKEN and Peter BERSTER, German Aerospace Center (DLR), “Market
     Penetration and Demand Generation of Low Cost Carriers in Germany”
  2. Paul HOOPER, “Challenges Facing Emerging Low Cost Airlines in Asia”
  3. Fariba ALAMDARI, Cranfield University, “Strategies for full service carriers facing low
     cost competition”
  4. Anthony CHIN, National University of Singapore, “Wither Asian Budget Airlines?”

                 Session 3D Environmental Issues and Policy (Room D)

Chair: Cheng-min FENG, National Jiaotong University, Taiwan

  1. Ralf BERGHOF, German Aerospace Centre, “Constrained Scenarios On
     Aviation And Emissions - CONSAVE 2050 Project (EC-funded)”
  2. Etienee de VILLEMEUR and Kévin GUITTET, University of Toulouse,
     “Optimal Structure of Air Transportation Services when Environmental
     Costs are Taken into Account”
  3. Uğur KESGİN, Yıldız Technical University, “A Study on the Aircraft
     Emissions at Turkish Airports”
  4. André Felipe SIMÕES, Roberto Schaeffer Respicio A. Espirito SANTO Jr,
     Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “Mitigation Alternatives for
     Co2 Emissions by the Air Transport Industry in Brazil”

              Session 3E Airline Operation and Management III (Room E)

Chair: Hans-Martin NIEMIER, Univ. of Bremen, Germany

  1. Zhi WANG, Charles Sturt University NSW Australia, “Maintaining a Technological
     Edge: Analysis of the Business Model”

   2. Yu-Chiun CHIOU, Feng Chia University, “Routes Performance Evaluating for Domestic
      Airlines, by Data Envelopment Analysis”
   3. John LAINOS, “Particularities of Labor Productivity in An International Scheduled
      Airline.CASE STUDY : The comparative change of the average labor’s productivity trend
      between the ΟLYMPIC AIRWAYS's S.A. (Greece) and the average Ι.Α.Τ.Α.'s Airline
   4. Seockjin HONG, University of Incheon; Francois VELLAS, University of Toulouse,
      “Efficiency Study of Airlines and Air Cargo Divisions- Using a DEA Approach”

                                  Saturday, July 3, 2004

July 3, 2004, 9:30-11:00   Concurrent Sessions Series 4

               Session 4A Airport Management and Operation I (Room A)

Chair: Hayri ACAR, Istanbul Technical Uni., Turkey

  1. Tomoki ISHIKURA, Yoshihisa SUGIMURA, National Institute for Land and
      Infrastructure Management, Japan, “A Financial Analysis of Incheon Int'l Airport and
      Kansai Int'l Airport”
   2. David JARACH, SDA Bocconi Business School, “Aviation-Related Airport Marketing in
       an Overlapping Metropolitan Catchment Area: The Case of Milan’s Three Airports”
   3. P.S. SENGUTTUVAN, Airports Authority of India, “Study on Modern Strategic
       Marketing Tecniques Espouse "Airport Brand Building" in the Emerging Airport
       Internationalization Era"
   4. Vildan KORUL, Anadolu University, “Guide to the Implementation of Iso 14001 at
   5. Ayça KOLUKISA, Anadolu University, “A Comparison Between Turkey's and
       Developed Countries' Ground Handling Sector Along with the Possible Tasks to be Done
       in the Adaption Period”

          Session 4B Airline Economics: Application of Game Theory (Room B)

Chair: Ken BUTTON, George Mason University

   1. David CAHILL, Kuehne-Centre fro Logistics Management, “A Game
      Theoretic Approach for Modelling Negotiations Between No Frills Airlines
      And Airports”
   2. Karim ZBIDI, ENAC, “Entry Models of Multiple Agents: Empirical Application to
      Domestic Air Transport within the European Union”
   3. Li ZOU, Martin DRESNER, and Robert WINDLE, University of Maryland, “Many
      Fields of Battle: How Cost Structures Affect Competition Across Multiple

   4. Marco ALDERIGHI, Bocconi Universtiy; Alessandro CENTRO, Peter NIJKAMP, and
      Piet RIETVELD, Free University, Amsterdam, “The Entry of Low Cost Airlines: Price
      Competition in the European Airline Market”

                           Session 4C Airline Alliance (Room C)

Chair: Anming ZHANG, Univ. of British Columbia, Canada

   1. Jan K. BRUECKNER and Eric PELS, “European Airline Mergers, Alliance
      Consolidation, And Consumer Welfare”
   2. Birgit KLEYMANN, IESEG School of Management, “The Airline Alliance Group as a
      Loosely Coupled System “
   3. Sveinn GUDMUNDSSON, Toulouse Business School, “Factors Affecting the Duration
      of Airline Alliances”

July 3, 2004 11:30-13:00      Concurrent Sessions Series 5

              Session 5A Airport Management and Operations II (Room A)

Chair: David JARACH, SDA Bocconi Business School, Italy

   1. Claudio Jorge ALVES, ITA, “A Model for Dimensioning Airport Terminals”
   2. Gustavo ZANETTINI, Respicio A. Espirito SANTO Jr., Vladimir Lima da SILVA,
      Mario Marcondes MACHADO, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “ Hubbing
      Activities in São Paulo: Guarulhos International and Congonhas Downtown Airports”
   3. Cristina BARBOT, CETE- Faculty of Economics of Porto, Portugal, “Assessing the
      Effects of Airports’ Slots Re Allocation”
   4. Peter FORSYTH, Monash University, Australia; Hans-Martin NIEMEIER, University of
      Bremen, “Congestion and Efficiency at Slot Constrained Airports”

               Session 5B Human Factor and Labour Relations (Room B)

Chair: Jean BRESSON, ENAC, France

   1. Hedley MALLOCH, IESEG School of Management, “HRM in Airline Alliances”
   2. Özlem ĠNANÇ, Istanbul University, “The Turkish Labour Law and Industrial Relations
      From The Aspect of Air Servants”
   3. Jill LYNN, Purdue University, “Disaster Family Assistance and Communication
      Curriculum for Air Transportation”
   4. Xiaoquan ZHANG, Civil Aviation University of China, “Restructure and Its Implication
      for HRM in China Eastern Airline”

                Session 5C Air Transport Security and Safety (Room C)

Chair: Bill SWAN, Boeing Commercial Aircraft

  1. Bill WATERS and Anming ZHANG, University of British Columbia, “Air Transport
     Security: Costs, Externalities and Who Should Pay”
  2. Te-Chang LIU, Kai-Nan University and Jinn Tsai WONG, National Chiao Tung
     University “Prioritizing the Aviation Security Issues and Strategies ---A Case in Taiwan”
  3. Joon Je PARK, Fort Valley State University, “Economic Impacts of September 11th
     Terrorist Attacks and SARS on US-Asia Market”
  4. Kang Bin LEE, Sangji University, Korea, “The Change and Countermeasure of
     International Standards for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air”

                        Session 5D Trends and Issues I (Room D)

Chair: Emine AĞAR, Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey

  1. Stephan EELMAN, Technische Universitat Munchen; Jan SCHUMACHER, AIRBUS,
     and Axel BECKER, Daimler Chrysler, “Scenarios of European Airport Capacity and
     the Implications for Aircraft Technology in the Year 2020”
  2. Madeleine BESSON, Olivier EPINETTE, and Olivier SEGARD, Institut National des
     Telecommications, France, “Will the Wireless Internet Market “Take Off”? The Case of
     the French Business Passengers”
  3. B. KODANDA, National Aerospace Laboratories, and Rajkumar S Pant, Indian Institute
     of Technology “Emerging Issues and Current Trends in Short Haul Air Transportation
  4. Kadir DURSUN, Transport of Ministry, Turkish Directorate of General Aviation, “The
     Bencmarking of Civil Aviation Sector of the Well-Developed Countries Including

              Session 5E Airline Management and Operations V (Room E)

Chair: Keith MASON, Cranfield Univ., UK

     “Airline’s decision making Under Uncertain Conditions”
  2. Yu-Chun CHANG and Chia-Jui HSU, Kai Nan University, “A Study of Asian Airlines’
     Responses after Recent Crises”
  3. Richard GRITTA, University of Portland, “Assessing Airline Solvency, 1993-2002: A P-
     Score Logit Analysis”
  4. Vladimir Lima da SILVA, Paulo Afonso Lopes da SILVA, José de Carvalho
     BUSTAMANTE, Gustavo ZANETTINI, Mário Marcondes MACHADO, Respicio A.
     Espirito SANTO Jr. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “Developing an
     “Insolvence Termometer” to Investigate Financial Situation of Airlines in Brazil”

July 3, 2004; 14:15 – 15:45        Concurrent Sessions Series 6

                Session 6A Infrastructure Investment and Issues (Room A)

Chair: Peter FORSYTH, Monash Univ., Australia

   1. Dariusz KALINSKI, Warsaw School of Enconomics, “Cross-Subsidisation in the Air
      Transport Infrastructure”
   2. Hartmut WOLF and Frank BICKENBACH, The Kiel Institute of World Economics,
      “Institutional Obstacles for an Efficient Air Transport Infrastructure Policy"
   3. O.K. OYESIKU and Wale ODUWOLE, Olabisi Onabanjo University, “Determinants of
      Distribution of Investment Infrastructure: The Case Spatial Distribution of Airports in
   4. Hüseyin Ozan PENEKLĠOĞLU, Istanbul Technical University, “A Comparision Of
      Gross National Product & Airport Capacity”
   5. Yeong Heok LEE and Min Sun KIM, Hankuk Aviation University, Korea, “Spillover
      Effects of Airport Investment on Regional Productivity”

                         Session 6B Air Traffic Control (Room B)

Chair: Halit TURKMEN, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

   1. Marck da SILVA and Adilson Marques da CUNHA, Aeronautical Institute of
      Technology, “A Data Communication Structure for the Brazilian Cns/Atm Environment:
      An Amazon Region Case Study”
   2. Chingiz HAJIYEV and Fikret ÇALIġKAN, Istanbul Technical University, “Control
      Surface Failure Detection and Reconfigurable Control for Flight Safety”
   3. Manjit SINGH and Rodney FEWINGS, Cranfield University, “Alternative Models for
      Air Navigation Service Provision in South East Asia”
   4. Milan JANIC, Delft University of Technology, “Air Traffic Management: A Model for
      Tactical Allocation of Airport Capacity”

           Session 6C Airline Competition and Market Development (Room C)

Chair: Mark LIJESEN, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy

   1. Ercan EREN and Murat DONDURAN, Yıldız Technical University, “Market
      Power vs. Efficiency in Turkish Airline Industry”
   2. Xavier FAGEDA, University of Barcelona, “Measuring Conduct and Cost
      Parameters in The Spanish Air Transport Market”
   3. Mikio TAKEBAYASHI, Kobe University, “The Network Competition in Air
      Transport Market: Bi-level Approach”
   4. Hatice KÜÇÜKÖNAL and Hakan OKTAL, Anadolu University, “Airport
      Network in Turkey and Recommended Solutions to Increase Their

                        Session 6D Trend and Issues II (Room D)

Chair: Kang-Bin LEE, Sangji Univ. Korea

   1. Andreas ARNDT, Universität Bremen, “On the Quality of Air Transport
      Statistics for the European Transport Market“
   2. Kang-Seok LEE, Hanseo University, “A Study on The Guideline for Control
      of Aeronautical Obstacles in Korea”
   3. Serdar CEBECİ, Sun Express Airlines, “Antalya/Turkey Sustainable
      Development and Its Effect on the Civil Aviation Industry and a Proposal
      for the New Icao Vision”
   4. Vildan KORUL, Anadolu University, “Sustainability Profile of the Civil
      Aviation Industry”

                        Session 6E Aviation Technology (Room E)

Chair: Chuck EVANS, Bombardier Aerospace, Canada

   1. Nazmi EKREN, Selçuk ATIġ, Süreyya KOCABEY, Ahmet AKBAġ, Vedat TOPUZ
      Marmara University, Teknik Eğitim Fakültesi, Marmara University, Teknik
      Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu “Lighting Issues in Aircraft Repair and
      Maintenance Workplaces”
   2. Zafer KAZANCI, Murat KURUCA, and Aytuğ AKKOR, Turkish Air Force Academy,
      “Comparison of Inflight Vibration Datas Taken From a Military and a Civilian Airliner
      to Help Finding Ways to Increase Flight Comfort”
   3. André Fernandes de MACÊDO, Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo, "ALANIS
      3D", A Radar Signal Based Tool for 3D Visualization of on-Flight Aircrafts.”
   4. Fikret ÇALIġKAN and Chingiz HAJĠYEV, Istanbul Technical University, “EKF Based
      Icing Detection Applied to Aircraft”

4:00-5:30pm, 3rd July (Saturday)

      ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Report and Closing Plenary Session
      Chair: Professor M. Fevzi Ünal, Istanbul Technical Uni., Turkey

Tabling The 2004 ATRS Global Airport Performance Benchmarking Report

             ATRS Benchmarking Task Force (Tae Oum, Peter Forsyth, Jaap de Wit, David
             Gillen, Nicole Adler, Hans-Martin Niemier,, Eric Pels, Chunyan Yu, Bijan
             Vasigh, Young-Heok Lee, Yuichiro Yoshida)

Presentation of The 2004 ATRS Airport Efficiency Excellence Awards and short
    acceptance speeches
        The Global Efficiency Excellence Award:

          The European Efficiency Excellence Award
          The North American Efficiency Excellence Award
          The Asia-Pacific Efficiency Excellence Award

Closing Session, and Business Meeting
       Prof. Tae H. Oum:
        ATRS Business Report
        ATRS Appreciation Award

   Prof. Respicio A. Espirito Santo Jr, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
       “Invitation to the ATRS 2005 Conference - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

   Other Business

    Adjournment and Farewell until the 2005 ATRS Conference.
    in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (4-7 July, 2005) – to be hosted by Federal University of Rio de

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