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									                                           Whisky Tasting __-___-200_
The participants   Date      Level        Type                         The whiskies
                          Introductory Horizontal             Whisky                Region    Type               Legend
                                                    Bladnoch 10                   Lowland     SMSW   SMSW   Single malt Scotch whisky
                                                    Dalwhinnie 15                 Highland    SMSW   VAT    Vatted malt (aka Blended malt)
                                                    Highland Park 18               Island     SMSW   IB     Irish blended
                                                    Glenlivet Nadurra 16 48%      Speyside    SMSW   SB     Blended Scotch
                                                    Springbank 10               Campbeltown   SMSW   SGSW   Single grain Scotch whisky
                                                    Ardbeg Airigh nam Beist         Islay     SMSW   IPPS   Irish pure pot still whisky

                                                                   Whisky Tasting
FEINTY                                    SULPHURY                                       WOODY                             WINEY
      Plastic                                   Vegetative                                   New wood                              Sherried
                     Plastic mac                                  Brackish                          Resinous                                   Chardonnay
                     Plastic Bucket                               Cabbage water                     Cigar boxes                                Sauternes
                     Plastic rope                                 Turnips                           Sandalwood                                 Fino
                     Oilskin                                      Stagnant                          Ginger                                     Oloroso
                     Scorched plastic                             Marsh gas                         Pepper                                     Armagnac
                                                                                                    Allspice                                   Madeira
                                                                                                    Nutmeg                                     Port

      Sweaty                                       Coal-Gas                                   Old wood                             Nutty
                     Buttermilk                                   Carbide                                Musty                                 Walnuts
                     Cheese                                       Cordite                                Bung cloth                            Hazelnuts
                     Yeast                                        Spent fireworks                        Cardboard                             Opraline
                     Sickly                                       Spent matches                          Cellars                               Almonds
                     Old gym shoes                                Matchbox                               Pencils                               Marzipan
                     Shoe polish                                                                         Cork
      Tobacco                                      Rubbery                                    Vanilla                              Chocolate
                     Drie tea                                     Pencil eraser                          Custard                               Cream
                     Teapots                                      New rubber tyres                       Creme caramel                         Butter
                     Fresh tobacco                                Bakelite                               Meringues                             Milk chocolate
                     Green tobacco                                Electric cables                        Sponge                                Cocoa
                     Tobacco ash                                  burnt rubber                           Madeira Cake                          Bitter chocolate
      Leathery                                     Sandy                                      Toasted                              Oily
                     Leather upholstery                           Fresh Laundry                          Rice pudding                          Linseed oil
                     Libraries                                    Starch                                 Burnt toast                           Candlewax
                     New cowhide                                  Linen                                  Coffee grounds                        Suntan oil
                     Mealy                                        Sandy beach                            Fennel                                Almond oil
                     Digestive biscuits                           Hot sand                               Aniseed
                                                                  Elemental sulphur                      Liquorice

                     Clover honey
                     Pouring honey
                     Heathr honey
CEREAL                                    FRUITY                                         FLORAL                            PEATY
     Cooked Mash                                   Citric                                     Fragrant                             Medicinal
                     Porridge                                     Oranges                                Perfume                               Creosote
                     Draff                                        Tangerine                              Fabric softener                       TCP
                     Weetabx                                      Zest                                   Barber's shop                         Iodine
                     Cooked Maize                                 Kiwi                                   Carnation                             Carbolic
                     Hen's mas                                    Nectarins                              Coconut                               Hospitals
                                                                  Love Hearts                            Lavender                              Lint
                                                                  Lemons                                                                       Tar
                                                                                                                                               Diesel oil
      Cooked Veg                                   Fresh fruit                                Greenhouse                           Smokey
                     Mashed potato                                Apples                              Geraniums                                Lapsang suchong
                     Potato Scones                                Pears                               Green tomatoes                           Incense
                     Sweetcorn                                    Pear drops                          Parma violets                            Peat-reek
                     Cooked Swed                                  Peaches                             Florist's shop                           Bonfires
                                                                  Apricots                                                                     Burnt Sticks
                                                                  Fruit salad
                                                                  Soft fruit

      Malt extract                                 Cooked fruit                               Leafy                                Kippery
                     Maltd milk                                   Stewed apples                          Green leaves                          Sea-shells
                     Horlicks                                     Marmalade                              Lawn clippings                        Dried shellfish
                     Marmite                                      Jam                                    Gren sticks                           Smoked oysters
                     Bran                                         Barley sugar                           Pea pods                              Smoked salmon
                     Cattle cake                                  Candid fruits                          Fir trees                             Anchovies
                                                                  Rum toft                               Pine nuts
      Husky                                        Dried fruit                                Hay-like                             Mossy
                     Chaf-like                                    Raisins                                Mown hay                              Moss water
                     Dried hops                                   Figs                                   Dry hay                               Birchy
                     Mousey                                       Apricots                               Barns                                 Bog-myrtle
                     Pot-ale                                      Prunes                                 Heather flowers                       Earthy
                     iron tonic                                   Mixed peel                             Herbal                                Turf
                                                                  Fruit cake                             Sage                                  Hemp ropes
                                                                  Mince Pies                             Mulch                                 Fishing nets
                                                                  Nail varnish remover
                                                                  Bubble gum
                                                                  Acid drops
                                                                                                 Bladnoch 10

                      By                     Nose                                        Palate                                         Finish                                Comments
Jim Murray                 Lemon and lime. Marmalade on fresh-          Immensely fresh and chewy, lush and           Long, remains mildly peppery and then a Probably the ultimate Bladnoch, the best
                           sliced flour-topped crusty bread             mouthwatering and then the most               drier advanc of oak. The line between    I have tasted in 25 years. Nothing short
                                                                        beguiling build-up of spices: the mouthfill   bitter and sweet is not once crossed     of a piece of Lowland legend and
                                                                        is full and faultless                                                                  folklore. Score 95
Serge Valentin             Much more tropical fruits (mostly passion wow, again the attack is much bolder,            long. Lemon peels. perhaps a little more Score 85
                           fruit), dried oranges and some superb        even a little creamy. Very citrusy again      on pepper but with always these bold
                           notes of cider, sea air… Also more citrusy. but much more complex, with some               lemony notes
                           Hints of diesel oil and coffee.              lemon, grapefruit, green apples… Very
                           Gets extremely lemony and caramelly at nice! Citronella as well, maybe a little oak
                           the same time, smelling like a lemon pie to spice up the whole. Lemon
                           that just came out of the oven. Gets         marmalade, tea, white pepper
                           slightly sourish (notes of ginger ale, stale
                           cider). A very nice nose in any case

Whisky-distilleries.info   very smooth, with clear hints of ripe fruit smoothness dominates with a very nice          The finish si rather short and slightly   The first impression is really pleasant, mix
                           on a malt background.                       complexity, going from malted barley           bitter.                                   of fruits and cut grass. A Lowland with
                                                                       and ripe pear to sweet citrus fruti. The                                                 own character. The complexity of it
                                                                       taste is close to sweet citrus fruits                                                    evokes some Speyside whisky, while it
                                                                       (orange) and gives an sensation of                                                       keeps the freshness qualities, so
                                                                       freshness and sweetness                                                                  representative of a Lowland malt. An
                                                                                                                                                                excellent bottle I really recommend.
                                                                                                                                                                Obviously, the Fauna & Flora collection is
                                                                                                                                                                really remarkable, even if it is rather

Distillery Profile:        Lemon Grapefruit Pepper Orange Tea Green Yoghurt Yeasty Porridge Grassy

                                                                                                 Bladnoch 10
                                                                                Dalwhinnie 15

                 By                        Nose                                    Palate                                   Finish                                 Comments
Serge Valentin             quite vibrant, maybe not as gentle as    ho-ho, this one is truly restless and   yes, long, still very malty, cereally,      Score 84
                           expected, starting very honeyed and      not really smooth. Strong despite the   candied and nutty… Good powerful
                           fruity (lots of white peaches). A        43%, caramelized, very malty and        whisky, probably one to pour your
                           delicate wood smokiness in the           nutty, toasted… Heavy notes of          friends who’d like to move up from
                           background. Also lots of vanilla,        natural vanilla and chicory, strong     blended whisky
                           pollen, flowers and nectar as well as    honey, cake… And still a little
                           notes of apple juice. Rounded but not    smokiness. Really punchy although
                           as soft as anticipated                   maybe a little too much on the malty
ScotchWhisky.com           Light to medium intensity; little        Smooth and somewhat waxy; tangy         Becomes mulchy and grassy, but
                           complexity                               and mouth-drying; easy to drink. The    holds its flavour well.
                           (straight) First impression is of orange overall flavour is dry with a bitter
                           juice, with some grainy mustard;         finish and aftertaste. Some heather
                           mead-like, or like concentrated white flowers
                           wine - vin santo.
                           (dilute) Becomes more aromatic and
                           mellow. Scents of daffodils and
                           Weetabix (brand) or even chicken-
                           corn. Some buttery/oily notes, edging
                           towards beeswax

Whisky-distilleries.info   spicy, "grassy" and slightly smoked     The sweet palate confirms the nose.      The milky finish is a bit bitter, and has
                           evokes the wax and honey but                                                     some liquorice, smoked barley, lemon
                           remains close to barley.                                                         grass and anise hints,.

Distillery Profile:        Fruity Malty Vanilla Tea Nutty Resinous Marzipan Apples Caramel Honey

                                                                                Dalwhinnie 15
                                                                                      Highland Park 18

                 By                         Nose                                          Palate                                     Finish                                  Comments
Serge Valentin           silent and shy, quite astonishingly, a little   a little more body than the 1984, with a quite long in fact, with a little salted     It’s really different from the previous
                         cleaner than earlier batches of the             creamier mouth feel but other than that liquorice now, fructose, lemon juice…         versions, cleaner, lighter and less
                         official 18 yo but certainly less bold and      we’re in the same league. Light honey                                                 sherried, just like the new 12 yo vs the
                         less complex. Grassier and a little more        and caramel, pear juice, liquorice, light                                             earlier one. But in this case, I’m not sure
                         minty, with hints of fresh walnuts, apple       coffee… There’s also more salt and                                                    it’s an improvement, although the overall
                         skin… Probably less sherry than in the          something slightly resinous. Certainly                                                quality’s still very high
                         previous batches but I like this freshness      good but less bold than the previous                                                  Score: 86

scotchmaltwhisky.co.uk   An elegant, concentrated, rich nose with Gorgeous, supple palate with orange               Superbly balanced with a long smoky
                         positive peat smoke. Rich, mature oak; peel, sweet honeyed tones and a                     finish.
                         top note of aromatic smoke.              fragrant herbal life.

                         toffee sweetness and an almond                  Rich, full flavour; honey and peat         Soft, round and long, a prolonged, full,
                         nuttiness reminiscent of marzipan.                                                         smokey aftertaste
Richard Parker

Distillery Profile:      Honey Caramel Oranges Pepper Apples Smoke Fruity Heather Tea Liquorice

                                                                                      Highland Park 18
                                                                                   Glenlivet Nadurra 16

               By                              Nose                                      Palate                                        Finish                                Comments
Randall Fairbrook            a lot going on with this one- riesling,    sudden alcohol, long alcohol finish in
                             meyer lemon, raisin, honey, lavender       cheeks and gums..medium alcohol in the
                                                                        back of the throat
                             nose with water: sugar, banana, caramel,
                             vanilla                                  taste: WOW...riesling, sugar, corn,
                                                                      honey, vanilla, spearmint, woodsy..the
                                                                      first tastes bursts open with flavor, give it
                                                                      time before you try a second taste, floral
                                                                      aftertase..really nice

                                                                        taste with water: honey, grass, figs,
Jim Murray                   Caramelised ginger wrapped in bitter       Envloping, spellbinding, shocking...an        Lengthy and with more ginger than a      In some respects one of the sweetest
                             chocolate                                  immediate outbreak of Demerara sugar          lengthy gingery thing                    single malts of all time. It would be too
                                                                        before the tastebuds are crept up on by                                                sweet altogether but for a balancing
                                                                        stealthy malt and coshed by a                                                          ginger-led spice attack that drags the oak
                                                                        voluptuous outbreak of Fox's ginger                                                    into action. The closest thing to a liqueur
                                                                        chocolate biscuits; the middle arrival of                                              whisky you will ever find: pure
                                                                        faintly chilli-ish spice combines                                                      entertainment, sheer class and
                                                                        beautifully with the warming ginger                                                    exuberant fun. Score: 94

Single Scotch Malt Society   A fresh summer-like medley of floral and Smooth and silky with the sweetness of          dry, oak finish of considerable length
                             sweet spice aromas enhanced by gentle soft fruits and honeyed flowers                    with notes of ginger and hazelnuts

Distillery Profile:          Vanilla Caramel Tea Aniseed Liquorice Grains Fruits

                                                                                   Glenlivet Nadurra 16
                                                                                                        Springbank 1997

                 By                     Nose                                         Palate                                        Finish                                    Comments
Serge Valentin        we’re in the vein of the second CV here,      excellent attack, punchy but not              long, more compact (vanilla, lemons and     I think this is excellent at barely 10 years
                      but with extra-oomph and more cask            overpowering, starting right on these         salt) and also a little cleaner, which is   of age and I almost feel like shouting
                      influence. Plain vanilla and vanilla fudge    very weird notes that I think are quite       exactly what’s expected in a very good      ‘hurray for Springbank!’ An old love of
                      at first nosing but then it gets wilder,      unpleasant in some recent Springbanks,        whisky at my end.                           mine may well be back, Score: 89
                      farmier, more vegetal and more mineral.       Longrows or Hazelburns but that work
                      Notes of fern, moss, fresh mushrooms,         quite well here. Something like Seven-Up
                      plantain bananas, roots, dead leaves...       or gin-tonic, or ginger wine. Also quite
                      Then very big notes of wet chalk, a little    some butter, plain lemons, buttered
                      porridge, ginger tonic, faint hints of        toffee, malt, something like concentrated
                      turpentine and varnish, shoe polish... It’s   milk, melons... Let’s see what happens
                      very complex for such a young whisky,         with water (and while the nose got
                      and certainly the one I like most of all      smokier): more citrus (tangerines starting
                      recent bottlings by Springbank – so far!      to rot – nothing wrong here), a little more
                                                                    salt and a very typical salty waxiness (?)
                                                                    plus quite some added spices, such as
                                                                    nutmeg and cinnamon and a sherry that
                                                                    got a little more obvious now but still
                                                                    rather discreet we think

Richard Joynson       Initially musty and oily this is much         The taste is fabulous, still musty (less
                      bolder than I recall batch 1 but still        leather) sweet and very sucky, bubble
                      reminding me of the vintage 1919. The         gummy
                      oiliness becomes sharper and after time
                      chocolate emerges.
Royal Mile Whiskies   On the nose we found damp moss,               On the palate there’s loads of sherry and Long and sweet
                      varnish, fruit (red apples, green bananas     oak. Nice and earthy - think moss and
                      and oranges - all very colourful!)            damp woodlands or dunnage warehouse
                      reminiscent of farmyards. Look a little       floors.
                      deeper to reveal subtle hints of the rich
                      oat, chocolate and marmalade flavours
                      from batch 1. Left to breathe its sweet
                      side really develops and brings out
                      aromas of vanilla and toasted

Distillery Profile:   Dried fruits Spirity Caramel Wine Yeast Pepper Oranges Smoke Rubber

                                                                                                        Springbank 1997
                                                                                            Ardbeg Airigh nam Beist

                 By                     Nose                                      Palate                                        Finish                                   Comments
Dave Broom            Weighty, phenolic. Foggy coal smoke,       A lick of cream brings to mind an        Caramelised, smooth, then smoke                  Score: 8/10
                      then more lifted and complex. Arbroath     alcoholic Cullen skink. Shows maturity   returns.
                      smokie, tar.                               along with toasted almond, biscuity
                                                                 cereal. Not overly heavy, a good tongue-
                                                                 coating texture with persistent smoke.

Arthur Motley         Ashy, smoky and lemony. Seaweed,           Not quite the assault I’d expected but       Smoked meats and a persistent seaweed. For all its chest-beating, smoking-gun
                      apple, mint and tea tree oil. Intense,     delicious all the same. Lots of sweetness,                                          aroma, the palate is softer and more
                      snarling and complex.                      tea tree, ash and a vegetal/autumn leaf                                             approachable. Compelling. Score: 9/10
Serge Valentin        starts smokier and also much more          extremely consistent, just as nicely sharp   It’s juts at the rather long finish that a   Excellently sharp – a great, great
                      medicinal than both the old 17 yo and      as the nose suggested. The attack is         little sweetness comes through (apple        surprise, this new Ardbeg! 91 points
                      the current 10yo. Bold notes of iodine     slightly salty, very lemony and quite        compote) together with quite some salt
                      and Mercurochrome, getting then very peppery, with kind of a greenness (apple           and spices (green curry).
                      mineral (flints, coal) and nicely sour     skin, green tea, very dry white wine). A
                      (lemon, fresh walnut skin). Goes on with tad less smoky than on the nose. Lots of
                      whiffs of sea air and a little diesel oil, fresh bitter almonds, a little paraffin,
                      lamp petrol…                               strong cough syrup… Petrol (not that I
                      Really sharp – great here – and            already tried that), grapefruit skin…
                      uncompromising, with a ‘nasal finish’ on
                      raw peated barley and wood smoke, with
                      kind of an enjoyable acridness. Very
                      different from its colleagues Uigeadail
                      and 10yo, with no fruits or roundness
                      whatsoever. Maybe the bad boy in the

Richard Joynson       A soapy nose, some say pine nuts I        Taste (neat) is bitter smoke, definitely an A smoky swallow and an increasingly
                      reckon pine-fresh washing up liquid. Also Ardbeg with medicinal phenols and           forte tasting experience. Briny.
                      a slight cloud of smoke with esters,      sweet
                      bananas and with time in the glass, peat

                      Water gives white pine (boxes), new
                      sawdust, peat and salt. Superb. A cool
                      creamy burp.

Distillery Profile:   Peat Smoke Apples Tea Lemon Pepper Liquorice Oranges Green Maritime

                                                                                            Ardbeg Airigh nam Beist

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