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					                                                                Newsletter                                               FEBRUARY 2011                   | ISSUE FOURTEEN

Seeking God ’s Wi for a Building                                                                                                     by Greg Hill

Our Vision                                                      property at 1115 South Main Road and                              Wallace School and CCS (rented), and
We believe God has called Living Faith                          purchased 20 acres of land and a                                  Living Faith Lincoln (owned).
Alliance Church to be a place where                             building on 1987 South Lincoln Avenue.
followers of Jesus love God passionately,                       We had maxed out the South Main                                   Some Perspective from God’s Word
make disciples continually, and plant                           property, turning every nook and cranny                           Though we could enter into lengthy
churches regularly as lives, families, and                      into usable space, yet we were too                                discussion about why we were unable to
communities are transformed by the                              cramped. As a church, we believed it was                          complete our plan, it encourages me
Gospel of Jesus. The size of our vision                         time for us to step out and pursue God                            that our experience is not unique. Moses
necessitates a base of around 1,000                             into something more.                                              found himself at a place where his plan
people and the facility at Main Road                                                                                              fell apart and it seemed God had
wasn’t large enough. We envision a new                          So we launched. Our plan was                                      abandoned His people. When his plan
facility with ample space to serve as the                       straightforward: raise $1.2 million over                          unraveled, Moses must have had many
home base for our training center, where                        the first year; begin to build a new                               questions: am I on my own in this? To
we would increasingly experience the                            sanctuary and classrooms during the                               lead all these people out of Egypt wasn’t
life-changing presence of God, authentic                        second year; and move into our new                                my idea... was it? God, where are you?
relationships, the revelation of God                            building in May, 2010.
                                                                                                                                  Though confusing, and heartbreaking,
through His Word, missional living, and
                                                                Nice, simple plan… It didn’t happen.                              Moses’ overwhelming sense of need for
families being equipped to take their
                                                                                                                                  God set him up for a historic encounter
central role in the formation of the next                       We fell way short of the $1.2 million                             with Him. (Exodus 33:12-34:10)
generation of God-worshippers.                                  goal. We weren’t able to begin the
                                                                construction. In April 2010, we moved                             Our failed plans are very unsettling. But,
A Little History
                                                                off the property that had been our                                 like with Moses, experience can be good
It was out of a desire to fulfill God’s call
                                                                church home for many years and began                              — it can be freeing. Placing our broken
on our church that, back in April, 2008,
                                                                using three buildings each week:                                  plans before God, we can come to a
we took the step of faith to sell our
                                                                                                                                                                     continued on page 4

Taste of Mission:                                                          e Garden Project
  people.                                    deadline	
  rela8onships.                                        Are	
  serve.                                  or	
lunch).                                                          we	
  idea!                            family.

Living Faith Alliance Church                                                                       SUNDAY SERVICES: 8:30 /10:30 am
                                                                                                   Wallace Middle School 688 N. Mill Rd. Vineland, NJ 08360
      1987 South Lincoln Avenue • Vineland, NJ 08361
                                                                                                   WEDNESDAY CLASSES: 6:30 pm
           856-696-3444 •                                                        Cumberland Christian School 1100 W. Sherman Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360
Alpha Weekend
Does the thought of a Christian Weekend conjure          Friday/Saturday, February 25-26
up images of people sitting around, holding
                                                         Our weekend will begin at 6:00 on Friday evening at LFA
hands and  singing Kum Ba Ya?  We promise -
                                                         Lincoln, with dinner and a night of relaxing fun. Saturday
it won’t be anything like that.  Think of it as
                                                         starts at 8:30 with breakfast in the Tuscany Room at
taking time to explore a very significant
                                                         Renault Winery, and ends at 6:30.
part of the course: The Person and
                                                         Lunch is provided. Cost is
Work of the Holy Spirit.   It is also a great
time to get to know  a few  new friends. 
                                                         If you were on a prior
Alpha has been likened to a jigsaw
                                                         Alpha course and were
puzzle, with a new piece being
                                                         unable to attend the
added each week. This weekend is the
                                                         weekend, you are invited
key piece. People have said that missing it was
                                                         to join us!
like missing half of the course.  The information
shared and the time to get to know each other is         For more information or to
an extremely valuable part of the whole Alpha            make a reservation, please
experience.                                              contact Matt Hartman at

   God showed me His                         I experienced the Holy              A chance to meet with
   great love for me in a                  Spirit’s presence in a very          God in a very special way.
    very big way.                           real manner like I never
                                                     had before.
                                                                         A really incredible
                   Life-changing.                                           experience.

        Starting Tuesday, March 1st
         Cumberland County College ~ 4:00pm ~ Gymnasium
     Contact Donald Noblett at 609. 301.8322 to inquire how you can support campus alpha.
Pa way to Healing
and Recovery                             by Diego Cuartas
                                                                                          p study w
                                                                                                      as a hard b
                                                                                   e ste                             here
                                                                       Being in th                    s a time w
                                                                                         ess. It wa
Every Monday night (7:00-8:15pm) men and women ages
19 and up come together to a safe and confidential                      beautiful p                   ings about
                                                                                    d  so many th               es I spent
                                                                       God reveale
environment where they can speak of their struggles, hurts
                                                                                     gan to re place the li
                                                                                                                 that are
and hang-ups in life. These step study groups are based on a
                                                                        heart. I be              ith truths
                                                                                    believing w
12-step curriculum and 8 Biblical principles designed to help
each individual look at personal issues in light of God’s truth.        a lifetime              as able to
While “sobriety” is a good and necessary goal in our lives, this        in God's   Word. I w               is someth
                                                                                                                        ing I
                                                                                       hu  rt me. This
                                                                         people who                                 he
ministry’s ultimate goal is to help individuals be conformed to
                                                                                                     appen and t
the image of Christ. Our current step studies will remain open                        o uld never h                ing. God
                                                                         thought w                   at is amaz
                                                                                        m doing th
to new participants only for a few more weeks before they are
                                                                          freedom fro                         ill be foreve
                                                                                              n me and w
closed. This is done on purpose, since principle 4 leads each
                                                                                      rking o                            ps
individual to do a personal inventory, which requires consistent          is still wo                      ut the ste
                                                                                      very e xcited abo                   ened.
                                                                           but I am
group dynamics that foster trust and safety. To participate, join
                                                                                                            lready happ
us on Monday night at our 1987 S. Lincoln Ave facilities, email
                                                                                        ling that have a
us at or call the office at                  toward hea               on.
                                                                                       anged pers
856.696.3444. Use the same email to contact Donna Barnes or                 I am a ch                 orn, current
                                                                                                                   ministry coac
Frank Bellone for further questions.                                                                Dara B

                                                            2011 LAKE CHAMPION YOUTH RETREATS
                                                                         Lake Champion is located in Glen Spey, New York, just north of the
                                                                Pennsylvania border. Nestled along the foot of the catskill mountains, Lake
                                                              Champion provides youth with plenty of activities including a zip line, ropes
                                                            course, swimming, and hiking just to name a few, in a safe and fun setting that
                                                              is “devoted to providing a distinctive camping experience through unrivaled
                                                                  service, superior food and incredible facilities amidst God’s breathtaking
                                                              creation.” Please consider this amazing opportunity for your son or daughter
                                                             to continue to grow personally and spiritually with a community of believers.

                                                                          Sr. High Retreat                     Jr. High Retreat
                                                                           March 25 - 27                          April 8 - 10
                                                                             Cost: $135                           Cost: $135
                                                                       Deadline: February 27                 Deadline: March 13

                                                                                                                FYI: In
Fai              Talks            by Sharon Howard
                                                                                                               YMCA is h
 “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a           take at least one intentional time weekly          Parents’ N           osting a
 light to my path.” Ps. 119:105                  to talk about God’s Word and how it                          ight Out to
                                                                                                    mothers a             give local
                                                 applies to your everyday life.                               nd fathers
                                                                                                   to take an            an opport
 It is wonderful to hear stories of                                                                           evening o            unity
 families that are regularly reading God’s       For those of you who are new at this,                                  ut.
 Word together… couples reading before           you could start by using the “Faith Talk”        ‣ for paren
                                                                                                              ts of child
                                                                                                 ‣ 6:30-8:30              ren ages
 they get out of bed, families reading at        questions on the back of the bulletin                         pm on the            3-14
                                                                                                   Friday of                first and th
 dinner time, others who take time               each week. They are there to inspire                        each mon                   ird
                                                                                                ‣ participati            th.
 before bed! Life brings new challenges          “God conversations” out from what we                         ng parents
 daily, and we need wisdom if we are             hear from God’s Word on Sundays. Let’s           coupon fo                receive a
 going to live God’s way. This year we           be households that help each other live          participati free appetizer at a
                                                                                                             ng restau
                                                                                               ‣ $15 for p              rant.
 want to encourage every household to            out our faith in our real life situations!                ublic, $10
                                                                                                 $12 for p              for full m
                                                                                                           rogram m                embers,
“…Building” continued from page 1

  place, with open hands, where together we
  proclaim: God, we don’t want anything but                   DAY              TIME                  LOCATION                    LEADERSHIP
  Your will. In that place of purified surrender,            Monday          6:30-7:30AM      LFA Lincoln Gathering Room           Nate & Sharon
  we too may experience a kind of historical
  revelation like Moses.                                    Tuesday         6:30-7:30AM      LFA Lincoln Gathering Room               Frank G

  Moving Froward…                                         Wednesday         6:30-7:30AM      LFA Lincoln Gathering Room               Mark G
  So, from February 20-27, I’m calling Living
  Faith Alliance Church to a week of prayer and             Thursday        6:30-7:30AM      LFA Lincoln Gathering Room               Chris L
                                                             Friday         6:30-7:30AM      LFA Lincoln Gathering Room                Diego
  The goal: we want to seek God’s will for the
  future of our building situation and ask God              Saturday        9:00-12:00           LFA Lincoln Basement             Bill/Matt/Greg
  to give our leaders God’s wisdom and
                                                             Sunday          4:00-6:00                     CCS                    Nate & Elders

  Remember, fasting is a way of setting aside       *Formed by His Word, all Pastorate Gatherings, Jr and Sr High Youth Ministry will all incorporate
  distraction, of saying: God, Your voice, Your     this prayer focus into their gatherings.
  will is so important, I willingly set aside these
  lesser things (food, TV, legitimate forms of
  entertainment). Please use this schedule to make plans to be part of this week
  of prayer. To find out more about our week of prayer, visit us online at

Sta Bio of                                 e Mon                                                      Update
                                    Name:  John Cathey
                                                                                                      The General Fund, the main operating
                                     Job title:  Administrative Assistant                             account, has had a slow start in 2011. While
                                       What’s playing on your iPod right now? My                      $58,600 came in during January, we need
                                        iPod was stolen while living in NC. But the CD I              on average $14,400 to come in each week.
                                          listen to most while driving is Lecrae’s                    In January, we averaged $11,700; which
                                            “Rehab.” It’s a strong, theologically sound               puts us about ($14,000) under our
                                             piece of music that celebrates the idea that             projections for the year. Overall the number
                                              our whole lives are spent rehabilitating                of people giving to the General Fund has
                                               ourselves to be more like Christ.                      been dropping. Please continue or begin to
                                                                                                      tithe regularly to the General Fund to
                                              Do you have a hobby? Movies. I LOVE to                  ensure our ministry can continue.
                                             watch movies and analyze them and
                                       discuss their meaning. I often pour over box                   The Building Fund pulled in over $4,800 in
                                office numbers or watch trailers to see what coming                     January, which continues the trend of
                       next. I hope to make my own movie some day.                                    approximately $1,000 per week.

What books are you currently reading or recommend?  Currently reading Prodigal                        The Great Commission Fund brought in just
God by Timothy Keller, currently skimming Desiring God by John Piper. Recommend                       over $4,300 for the month of January. We
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller.                                                 set a goal of raising $60,000 for missions
                                                                                                      this year, which means we need on average
What are you passionate about?  The arts. Primarily theatre and film. I love a good
                                                                                                      $5,000 each month. If you do not already
story. I also love being behind the scenes as a part of the production process.
                                                                                                      do so, please consider giving to the GCF as
Where were you born?  Murray, Kentucky                                                                a gift above and beyond your typical tithe.  

Name a pet peeve:  I’m a jokester but I don’t like when people don’t take me                          Thank you for being a generous people who
seriously. I also am borderline offended when people talk during movies.                               are stewarding well for God’s Kingdom.
                                                                                                      Remember there are multiple ways to give:
Favorite local restaurant:  Don’t really have a favorite but Martinos has good pizza
                                                                                                      on Sunday mornings, through our website,
and awesome garlic knots.
                                                                                                      or you can drop off or mail your gifts to the
Describe a surprising eccentric quirk: I like to look in people’s freezers as a way to                church office. Please direct any questions
get to know who they are.                                                                             you may have to 

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