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					Solid Waste Management
Capital Regional District
2009 Program Update
CRD Solid Waste Management

                    Solid Waste Function

       Hartland Landfill            Waste Diversion
                                  Programs & Planning
Hartland Landfill - Overview

          • Onlymunicipal solid waste landfill in the
          • 155,000 tonnes of refuse in 2008
          • Waste diversion goal of 60% by 2013
Hartland Landfill Infrastructure

• Automated scale/staffed
• Commercial/residential
  garbage drop-off
• Landfill gas collection and
  utilization facility (2004)
• Leachate management
• Environmental monitoring
• Good neighbour policy
Hartland Landfill – What’s New

Reforestation of Closed Areas
• CRD received $50,000 provincial grant
• Use of native/drought resistant plants
• 5 year plan to rehabilitate 10 hectares
Hartland Landfill – What’s New

 Leachate Management
 • Long term management strategy to address climate
 • Measures include long-term temporary tarping, closed
   cell covers, surface water diversion, reduced filling
   footprint, overflow storage pond
Hartland Landfill – What’s New

Redesigned Public Drop-off/Recycling Areas
   • $995,500 in capital works upgrades
   • Over 65,000 customers/year
   • Designed to meet needs for next 20 years
Hartland Landfill – What’s New

Hartland Open House
(includes tours, displays
and hands-on activities)

• 2006: 600 attendees
• 2009: 2,100+ attendees
Hartland Landfill – What’s New

2009/2010 Waste Stream Analysis
• Two sampling periods
• Sampling of “special”
  loads: ICI, apartments,
  residential garbage/
  routes, rural routes
• Partnerships with
  product stewards
CRD Waste Diversion Strategies

•   Financial incentives     • Household hazardous waste
•   Recycling programs         programs
•   Composting programs      • Education & communication
•   Landfill material bans     programs
CRD Waste Diversion Strategy 1

Financial Incentives

• Refuse tipping fees
• Differential tipping fees for
  selected materials
• Residential user pay garbage collection
Financial Incentives – What’s New

Financial Incentives
• Annual tipping fee increase of
  $5 for three years
  (2009 fee = $95/tonne
• Review of drywall fee
• Investigation of alternate funding sources
CRD Waste Diversion Strategy 2

Recycling Programs
• Curbside blue box program
   for 110,000 homes
• Apartment recycling funding
• Hartland recycling area
  (25 product categories
• Telephone book recycling
• Event recycling program
Recycling Programs – What’s New

       • Revised recycling contracts
         (processing, apartments, Gulf
         Islands) to address commodity price
       • Started work on blue box tenders for
         2012 and beyond
       • Started collection of used
         mattresses at Hartland depot
       • Redesigned event recycling
CRD Waste Diversion Strategy 3

Composting Programs
• Backyard composting (1992)
• Composting facilities bylaw
• Yard and garden waste ban
• Organics collection pilots
  (2006 - 2008)
Composting Programs – What’s New

                      • Transfer of two pilot programs
                        to municipalities

                      • Cost comparison study for
                        different collection options

                      • Investigation of integrated
                        resource recovery options for
                        organics and biosolids

                      • Green cone pilot in rural
CRD Waste Diversion Strategy 4

Landfill Bans
• 13 bans in effect
  at Hartland
• Over 600,000
  tonnes diverted
  since 1991
Landfill Bans – What’s New

• Two new bans being
  proposed for 2010:
   • Wood waste
   • Product stewardship
• Public consultation in
  summer of 2009
• Issues (wood waste
  definition, concerns
  about illegal dumping
  and outdoor burning)
CRD Waste Diversion Strategy 5

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program
• Permanent collection program at Hartland
• Collection events in rural areas
• Assistance to non-profits and at municipal clean up
• Community clean up funding (for garbage)
Household Hazardous Waste – What’s New

• HHW Survey
• Strategy to deal with abandoned waste
• Increased assistance at collection events
CRD Waste Diversion Strategy 6

Education and Communication Programs
•   School program
•   Community outreach program
•   Hotline
•   Website
•   Communication campaigns
•   Media relations
Education and Communication – What’s New

•   Website recyclopedia
•   Pool chemicals campaign
•   Sustainability education centre at Hartland
•   French school program materials
CRD Waste Diversion Strategies – What’s Hot

              Solid     Resource

Integration, Integration, Integration
• Integrated Liquid and Solid Waste
  Management Plan feasibility study
• Inter-regional WTE feasibility study
• Integrated resource recovery opportunities
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