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					 Netsuite CRM

     By: Kent Neal
Computer Management
 Information Systems
Netsuite CRM
• Gives the company all the customer
  relationship capabilities you’ll need to
  manage the sales and customer
  management process.
• Foundations of CRM
  – Salesforce automation
  – Marketing automation
  – Customer support and service
CRM Table
Ratings for Netsuite

   The best-rated opportunity management
    and forecasting capabilities in the industry
    –   #1   in   Opportunity Management
    –   #1   in   Forecasting
    –   #1   in   Sales Management
    –   #1   in   Dashboards
    –   #1   in   Product Catalog
    –   #1   in   Activity Management
    –   #1   in   Document Management
       More about CRM
Real-time Dashboards
Business Intelligence
Sales Force Automation
Customer Service and Support
Marketing Automation
Productivity Tools
Document Management and Publishing
       Real-time Dashboards
Real-time data can
 guide business
 decisions and
 sharpen competitive
Real-time information is
 a top business
Business Intelligence
              In today's competitive
               market, companies
               must be adept at
               analyzing data in
               order to spot sales
               trends and do product
              Companies need to
               consolidate business
               intelligence, to get the
               real payoff.
        Sales Force Automation
 A highly productive system has an
  enormous impact on the top and bottom
  lines of your company.
 This system allows you to:
     Streamline your sales cycle
     Drive higher close rates
     Better serve your customers
Customer Service and Support

 This is the only CRM
  application that focuses
  on improving online
  customer support and
 Attracts new customers
  and keeps old ones.
 Lowers the customer
  care cost.
        Marketing Automation
• Benefits:
  – You can analyze all your marketing efforts
  – The application tailors itself to your business
  – You can follow the progress of a sale each step of the
• Features:
  – Manage and analyze leads from diverse sources
  – Easy-to-use customization tools
  – Tracking features
          Productivity Tools
 These  help companies get more from
  their employees and allow the
  employees to do more from their
  work station.
 Everyone who comes into contact
  with customers needs these tools.
  This is the only way that will allow
  your business to get the full effect of
  the productivity tools.
     Document Management and
• Benefits:
  – You can eliminate the need to store documents in
    multiple systems across multiple departments.
  – You can restrict access as needed
  – Personnel can work on documents from multiple
    locations 24/7.
  – Your documents are always safe, due to the tight
    security of File Cabinet.
Document Management
and Publishing (continued)
  Features:
    Organize and store content electronically.
    Publish content internally, externally, or to
     customers and partners.
    All content is based in a central File Cabinet
    The File Cabinet automatically records when
     the files are modified.
 Telecommunications/Wireless
 Consumer Goods
 Sport/Entertainment
 Manufacturing
   Challenges:
       Needed newer accounting system
       Needed customer case tracking
       Needed solution to support company
   Results:
       Saves $3,000 a month in
       Saves over $100,000 a year in IT
Consumer Goods
     Challenges:
        Customers demanded client portal that
         was unavailable with existing system
        No automated method to track order
     Results:
        Cut order tracking time to 15 seconds.

        Provided full customer portals

        Gained detail inventory status lookup
– Improve lead management, as
  well as sales tracking and
– Management now has real-
  time access to detailed sales
– The errors of the organization
  have been reduced.
• Challenges:
  • Needed to carefully monitor tight margins.
  • Couldn’t manage inventory and coordinate
    deliveries from 100 overseas factories.
• Results:
  • Saved over $100,000 on software and IT costs.
  • Halved time required for quality management
  • Now has up-to-date reporting on activities.

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