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       Network/Technology Assessment
       Prepared for

       Wheel Engineering Inc.

       Prepared by

       Jef Wirchenko
       Nancy (Shu-Mei Yu)
       Akram Al Rifai

       February 2nd, 2009
Table of Contents

Introduction………. Page 3

Assessment scope and overview………. Page 3

Summary recommendations………. Page 4

Workstation Upgrade………. Page 5

   •   Analysis of current situation………. Page 5

   •   Current issues………. Page 5

   •   Recommendations………. Page 5

Web Presence Development………. Page 5

   •   Analysis of current situation………. Page 5

   •   Current issues………. Page 6

   •   Recommendations………. Page 6

Network Upgrade………. Page 6

   •   Analysis of current situation………. Page 6

   •   Current issues………. Page 8

   •   Recommendations………. Page 8

Continued Maintenance and Growth………. Page 9

   •   Analysis of current situation………. Page 9

   •   Current issues………. Page 9

   •   Recommendations………. Page 9

Cost Summary………. Page 9

   •   Workstation Upgrade………. Page 9

   •   Web Presence Development………. Page 9

   •   Network Upgrade………. Page 10

   •   Continued Maintenance and Growth………. Page 11

   •   Total Projected Costs………. Page 11

The efficiency of any organization today depends greatly in their ability to quickly access and safely store
the information of their trade. The future growth of Wheel Engineering Inc depends upon the ability of
its staff to keep pace with the vastly changing market that is continually growing. In order for Wheel
Engineering Inc to meet the needs of their customers there will be a number of circumstances that will
have to be considered along the journey of the companies’ success. Those concerns are addressed in the
following assessment.

Assessment Scope and Overview


The scope of this assessment is to cover a broad range of possibilities for current upgrading needs as
well as future growth and expansion as the businesses needs change. Throughout this assessment
possible scenarios will be provided for a wide range of implementation from simple computer upgrades
to new web-based business models, all of which provide potential to enhance the current business of
Wheel Engineering Inc.

The scope ranges over the details of the computer workstations themselves, the network that supports
that backbone of information development and exchange, and to the web interfaces (web site, web
mail) that allow the employees of Wheel Engineering Inc to interact with their clients to meet all of the
customers’ expectations.


There have been varying degrees of upgrading ideas proposed by the staff at Wheel Engineering Inc
including: Integrating a file server onto the network, upgrading the Internet connection to DSL or Cable,
creating a domain server for the businesses web presence and upgrading older computers.

All of these considerations are addressed within this assessment to keep Wheel Engineering Inc up to
date with the best possible business solutions. These solutions will allow for immediate benefits to the
business as well as continued adaptability for future growth options.
Summary Recommendations

Based upon this assessment the following recommendations:

   •   An upgrade to current computer workstations

   •   Development of a web presence

   •   An upgrade from the current computer network system

   •   Hiring of an IT professional for maintenance and repair

Workstation Upgrade:

   •   Increase the RAM in all the computers to 2GB each

   •   5 New computers for Engineering Department – minimum of 4GB RAM

   •   Replace Pentium III computers with old Engineering computers

Web Presence Development:

   •   Development of a web site to provide detailed information about Wheel Engineering’s products
       and services

   •   Hosting services regarding this web site are covered in the section Web Server/ Database Server

Network Upgrade:

   •   Install web hosting server from which to host the development of Wheel Engineering’s web site

   •   Utilize web hosting server to provide web mail services for Wheel Engineering

   •   Install database server to securely manage data

Continued Maintenance and Growth:

   •   IT Professional to maintain network stability and security

   •   IT Professional for future network growth and planning
1 - Workstation Upgrade

Analysis of current situation:

The current desktop computers at Wheel Engineering have not been properly maintained for continued
performance or possible growth potential. In their existing state they give the appearance of becoming
degraded in their performance capabilities. Each of these computers was perhaps bought separately
already assembled with the software already installed. If continued this method of developing the
companies network will inevitably become increasingly costly for the machines themselves as well as
the possible down time that the systems may encounter.

Many of these machines are still quite valuable and could perform well into the growth of Wheel
Engineering’s future business. By implementing a few changes in the network structure (discussed in the
following sections) the performance capabilities of these computers could be greatly increased with a
few simple hardware upgrades to the systems RAM. The RAM (Random Access Memory) is what will
allow the performance of the individual workstations to be amplified to sufficient levels.

While this hardware upgrade will amplify the performance of the majority of the computers, the
Engineering Department still requires even more performance due to their heavy workload upon their
computers. Upgrading their current machines could allow for a certain amount of expansion, however
this solution will only buy a little time. Inevitably the Engineering Department requires new machines to
allow for future growth capabilities.

Current issues:

    •   Noticeable degradation in workstation performance and stability

    •   Engineering Department requires increased performance capabilities


    •   Increase the RAM in all the computers to 2GB each

    •   5 New computers for Engineering Department – minimum of 4GB RAM with options to upgrade

    •   Replace Pentium III computers with old Engineering computers

2 -Web Presence Development

Analysis of current situation:

Almost every business today requires some kind of presence on the Internet. From a simple web page
for conveying information about a company’s products or services to a fully serviceable ECommerce site
for online sales or ordering. The implementation of what degree a company should develop their web
presence corresponds directly to what their goal is in servicing their customers. The costs linked to the
development of a website is also directly linked to how complex the construction of the site is intended
to be.
Among the variety of possible solutions for generating a web presence for Wheel Engineering, a simple
web site is invaluable. As more and more of the economy is shared with global competitors the presence
of a simple web site that can convey the products and services of Wheel Engineering can not always be
measured in quantity. There is persistence in the web site, in that it is always available for your potential
global market to seek out.

While an ECommerce site sounds like it could work even harder for the business than a standard web
site, the logistics of having an ECommerce site are more complex and bare more responsibility. Most
ECommerce sites provide on-line shopping for ‘off the shelf’ products. For the situation of Wheel
Engineering developing custom products the overall efficiency of an ECommerce site may not prove to
provide any benefits.

Current issues:

    •   No web site available - without a web presence there is a global ‘net’ market that is not aware of
        Wheel Engineering’s products or services


    •   Development of a web site to provide detailed information about Wheel Engineering’s products
        and services

    •   Hosting services regarding this web site are covered in the section Web Server/ Database Server

3 - Network Upgrade

Analysis of current situation:

Currently there is a desktop computer providing the web access capabilities for all of the computers at
Wheel Engineering. While this solution may have provided Internet services to Wheel Engineering thus
far, its capabilities for stability and longevity have ultimately reach their limits.

A solution to secure against these threats is a central Database server which all of the information could
be safely stored. The database server also provides additional security from the networks Internet
connection by isolating all contact and information from the web-hosting server.

Illustrated below is the logical representation of how the centralize servers will allow the benefits of all
the above mentioned security and stability without impacting any physical changes to the present
situations of the logical layout of the office of Wheel Engineering.
Web Server

With the development of a web site comes the decision to host the site on an external web-hosting
provider or to have your own in-house server. Obtaining a web hosting service provides an initial low
cost to start up yet it is a continued fee that must be maintained for the life of the web site. For growing
businesses the ideal situation is to acquire their own server from which to host their web site. This initial
cost is an investment because with an in-house server the company can also maintain its own security,
provide its own web mail services, and provide an unlimited potential for future growth.

The web-hosting server for Wheel Engineering will allow for customers to interact with the web front
that will provide information about products and services, as well as contact information via web mail to
the employees of Wheel Engineering. The web mail services provided from the server will centralize all
communication capabilities for a greater ability to manage security. If the development of an
ECommerce site becomes a feasible investment for Wheel Engineering, the server will already be in
place within the network making such a development a simple upgrade.

Database Server

Using one of the desktop computers to network all of Wheel Engineering’s computers provides a very
limited amount of security and performance for data back up. Desktop computer hard drives are not
sufficient for proper data storage, secure back up, or as a security measure to protect that data. Failure
rates of desktop hard drives are exceedingly high and an insurmountable risk to Wheel Engineering’s
data regarding products, accounting information and customer information.
Below: The centralized server rack located in the server room with all of the web hosting and database
connections physically secured in a separate room.

Current issues:

    •   Web Hosting requirements needed

    •   Network has limited Internet abilities

    •   Network has unstable file storage capacities

    •   Network does not provide security from Internal/External intruders


    •   Install web hosting server from which to host the development of Wheel Engineering’s web site

    •   Utilize web hosting server to provide web mail services for Wheel Engineering

    •   Install database server to securely manage data
4 – Continued Maintenance and Growth

Analysis of current situation:

The degradation of the current network system and computer stations is due to the lack of a qualified IT
Professional on staff to maintain current stability, troubleshoot upcoming problems and plan for future
growth. As the necessity for computer workstations becomes increasingly important for the
continuation of the operations and future development of Wheel Engineering it is incumbent that there
be an IT professional on staff, or on call for periodic updates and assessments. Hiring or contracting an IT
Professional to maintain the continued success of the data storage and network operations will ensure
that Wheel Engineering will not be hinder by unforeseen costs to the business, financial or otherwise.

Current issues:

    •   Lacking the presence or advice of an IT Professional for maintenance and growth planning


    •   Hire or contract an IT Professional for maintenance and growth planning

5 – Cost Summary

Following is an estimated cost of the basic implementation of all of the recommended actions that have
been covered in this assessment. Prices are subject to changes and applicable provincial and federal

Workstation Upgrade                                                                    Qty         Cost

Kingston memory - 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR II (KTA-IMAC533/2G)                        15          $ 464.85

Dell Precision T3400 Workstation                                                        5        $ 4555.00

                                                                          Sub Total              $ 5019.85

Web Presence Development                                                               Qty         Cost

Web Development for construction of web site (estimated 100hrs)                         -        $ 2000.00

                                                                          Sub Total              $ 2000.00
Network Upgrade                                                                     Qty    Cost

Dell Inspiron 518 Desktop Computer di518_r_1e (2) +4GB                              2      $ 892.00
Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz (2 DIMM)

Intel Pentium dual-core E5200 (2MB L2, 2.5GHz, 800FSB), 2GB Dual Channel
DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz (2 DIMM), No Monitor, 320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive
(7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache, 16X DVD+/-RW Drive, Genuine Windows Vista
Home Basic Service Pack 1, Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100,
Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
S1709W 17 inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor                                        1      $ 159.00

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Premium 2003                                1      $ 540.99
Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition includes Windows Server
2003 and Exchange Server 2003 technology, plus SQL Server 2000 and ISA Server
2000--ideal for small businesses with demanding IT needs, such as data-intensive
line-of-business applications.

Intensive line-of-business applications, or advanced firewall and Web-caching
Tripp Lite Tripplite 48PORT Patch Panel CAT5E                                       1       $62.84

patch panel: are passive connecting devices that make it possible to establish
communication between a group of individual components. The typical patch
panel will include port locations or jacks where cords and wires can be plugged
into the device. A patch panel is often employed to network several computers
by connecting them through the patch panel, which is in turn connected to the
server driving the local area network.
Belkin 4-post Rack                                                                  1      $ 564.99

Product Overview: is designed to hold heavier rack-mountable computer and
data-storage equipment such as servers.

    • Easy, one-person assembly
    • Open architecture for easy access to cables and installed equipment
    • Highest-quality construction and craftsmanship
Switches 2960G-24TC-L are fixed configuration standalone devices that provide       1     $2710.00
desktop Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, enabling enhanced LAN
services for entry-level enterprise, mid-market, and branch office networks.
                                                                        Sub Total         $ 4929.82
Continued Maintenance and Growth                                                    Qty     Cost

Continued maintenance and growth planning is not a measurable cost that can          -             -
be properly predicted. Therefore it has been left out of this general assessment.

                                                                       Sub Total     -             -

Total Projected Costs                                                                       Cost

Workstation Upgrade                                                                        $ 5019.85

Web Presence Development                                                                   $ 2000.00

Network Upgrade                                                                            $ 4929.82

Continued Maintenance and Growth                                                                   -

                                                                          TOTAL           $ 11949.67

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