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									Enclosure to P.R.No. 1000498608                                                      PAGE : ( 1 / 5 )

Scope : Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CNC Controlled Thermal Cutting Machine
with Dual side Rack & Pinion Longitudinal drive, single Rack & Pinion Traversal drive.
                Total Machines required                           nos.       2
               Machine - 1 : CNC Flame Cutting with 3 LPG Gas     nos.       1
               cutting stations + 1 Manual Bevel Cutting unit
           Machine - 2 : CNC Flame Cutting with 3 LPG Gas         nos.       1
           cutting stations + 1 Plasma cutting station
    1      Effective Cutting Width                                mm         5500
    2      Rail Span                                              mm         6000
    3      Effective Cutting Length                               mm         18000
    4      Rail Length                                            mm         20000
    5      Plate thickness to be cut
         a With Single Gas Torch                                  mm         upto 300
         b With all Three Torches                                 mm         upto 100
    6      Piercing Capacity
         a With Single Gas Torch                                  mm        100
         b With all Three Torches                                 mm        50
     7     Part cutting tolerance per ( 1.5m x 1.5m )             mm        +/- 0.3 to +/- 0.5
     8     Maximum Cutting Speed                                  mm/min    Firm to indicate
     9        Marker speed                                        mm/min    Firm to indicate
    10        Rapid Speed                                         mm/min    12000
    11     Cutting table for plate size                           mm        5500 x 18000 should
                                                                            cater to load 300mm
                                                                            thick plate
    12          Drive System                                      AC Servo Digital Drives
         a      Longitudinal Axis                                 Dual side Rack & Pinion
         b      Traverse Axis                                     Single Rack & Pinion
    13         CNC Control System                                 Siemens / Fanuc / Burny Latest
    14         CUTTING STATIONS

         a Cuttting stations                                      nos.       Three with Torches &
                                                                             Nozzle assembly
         b      Bevel Cutting unit                               nos.         One
         i)     Manual and teach mode Bevel cutting unit should be able to cut both in X & Y Axes

         ii)    Swivel of 90deg manually on both X & Y Axes
     iii)    Should be possible to cut X,Y,V,K on Longitudinal & Traverse direction
     iv)     Should have Angle adjustment 0 - 45deg.
     v)      Should have positive drive Height Control Roller with Cooling Device
      Should have Motorized Up/Down control from

      a Cuttting stations (Gas)                                   nos.         Three with Torches &
                                                                               Nozzle assembly
      b      Hi Performance Plasma Cutting station                nos.         One
      i)     Plasma system                                        Hypertherm
     ii)     Capacity to cut/pierce (Thickness)                   mm           32
     iii)    Gas control panel with digital display setting for precise operation
     iv)     Plasma gas should be Oxygen and shield gas should be Air
     v)Firm to indicate the minimum gas pressure
  vi) Firm to indicate the Output current / power rating of the Hi Performance Plasma source
15     The Cutting stations should have Auto Ignition inbuilt in the Torch itself for Gas
     cutting stations
16     Auto Height Sensing
      Gas Torches : The Torches should have integrated Magentic Height sensing system for
    Auto Height adjustment as well as manual height adjustment. Should have digital display
    of operating status and should be controlled through CNC control data base system.
   b Plasma Torch : Should have Initial height sensor, Arc voltage height sensor and Anti
    Collision device should be capable of controlling all the above though CNC Data base to
    avoid any operator intervention.
17    AUTO NESTING SOFTWARE                                 Should be supplied
18    Cutting Gas type                                      Oxygen & LPG
19           Should have Automatic Gas Control System
      a      The Automatic Gas control system should provide a separate user interface containing a
            database of cutting parameters for Flame torches.
      b        Should provide automatic setting and regulation of preheat oxygen, cutting oxygen and
            fuel gas pressure during Oxyfuel cutting.
 B          ACCESSORIES                                                      Qty. per machine
 1          Voltage Stabilizer                                    no.          1
 2          Isolation Transformer                                 no.          1
 3          Gas Manifold system with Flash back arrestors for     set          1
            Cutting Oxygen,Preheat Oxygen & Fuel Gas.

 4          Hoses & Cables along track with hangers               Mtrs.        60
 5          Setting Device Tool box & Tools - Standard            set          1
1       Tenderer should quote for both Powder marker & Plasma Arc Writer/marker
2       Multi cylinder Manifold system to be quoted as optional
3       Firm should quote for appropriate capacity Compressor with dryer & regulators incase of
       Machine-2 with Plasma Cutting station as optional
4        Firm should quote for Fume exhaust system to suck the fumes generated during Plasma
       cutting from the bottom of the cutting table inline with pollution control norms strictly. ( As
       Optional )
       The tenderer to recommend and quote for itemwise list of fast moving spares for two years
     1 Operating system Embedded Windows XP® Professional
     2 Processor Pentium M 1.5 GHz / 2.8 GHz or Higher
     3 Minimum 2GB RAM
     4 Hard Disc Part Program Memory - min. 40 GB
     5 TFT Colour Screen 15"
     6 Flash memory card with Adapter, RS-232 as well as USB port facility all the three options
       should be available
     7 DVD Writer
     8 Keyboard for input
     9 Integrated network card
    10 Bus system - Digital Data Transfer
    11 Inbuilt uninterruptible Power supply
    12 Restart cut after " Mains Off"
    13 Automatic Fault Display
    14 Service / Maintenance diagnostics
    15 Macro database with approx. 100 variable macros ( extendable ).
    16 Graphic editing of the part programme.
    17 Graphic display of the part programme with display of the current torch position and
       automatic zoom function
    18 Dynamic Zoom
    19 Plate alignment compensation
    20 Programmable Kerf compensation
    21 Jump in programme with/without movement ( hole piercing point, line number)
    22 Consumables and technology data base,
     a Consumables including part number
     b Hole piercing cycles
     c Cutting time
    23 Machine should have Auto as well as Manual setting to set all parameters through its data
       base automatically/manually, like cutting speed, Initial height, Pierce Height, Pierce time,
       Arc Voltage etc. to avoid operator intervention & for more precise operation.
    24 Part Numbers, display of consumables for chosen thickness/current shown on screen,
       which eliminates operator to cross check the manual everytime and increase utlisation of
       the machine.

1      Test run with marking facility.
2      Programming System should support standard ISO, G & M codes and capable of
       converting CAD DXF files to cutting profiles directly
3      Programming units should be both in millimeters and Inches
4      System should be capable to operate in industrial shop environments where temperature
       variations, humidity extremes , metal dust, vibration and RF/EMI and harmonics from
       welding sets, induction motor and SCR loads exists.
 5     Shall have Cooling system to cool CNC Controller and electrical panel during operation
 6     System/memory/status protection in case of power failure to be provided.
 7     Automatic cut path recovery and backward or forward retrace.
 8     Absolute or incremental programming and axes home positioning.
 9     Manual operation , jog mode, MDI input and step mode.
10     Program rotation , mirror imaging and scaling facility
11     Auto hole piercing device are to be provided for all the torches upto 50mm thick in steel
12     Return to any pierce point from start/home position
13      Electricals - shall be suitable for use on 400/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz. AC supply,
       incorporating all the protective devices. All switch gear items shall be of Siemens make .
       Alternatively the firm shall supply machine with Single Phase 230 V, AC , 50 Hz and shall
       provide suitable Isolation transformer - Single phase make : Servomax.
14     The machine should be provided with Working alarm lamp
15     The Machine should be painted with APPLE GREEN ( IS - 5 SHADE NO.281 )
16     The machine should be in accordance with the latest trend in Machine Tool Design
       practice and control technology
17     Shall have Speed setting through speed pot on the panel and feed rate shall be
1      The tenderer should furnish detailed specifications, special features, standard accessories
       supplied with the machine with illustrated catalogue for the specific models quoted.
2      The tenderer to quote separately for Standard & Optional Accessories.
3      Tenderer should indicate the after sales service facilities available for the machine and
       CNC system. Also indicate the scope of training for our personnel regarding programming,
       operation and maintenance of machine at manufacturer's works.
  4    Tenderer should undertake erection and commissioning of the equipment including
       grouting plate at our works and should prove the performance of the same at free of cost.
       However, Civil work shall be carried out by BEML.
  5    GUARANTEE : The Machine should be guaranteed for a minimum period of one year &
       the CNC system for two years from the date of commissioning.
  6    Publications like Operation Instruction Manual, Maintenance Manual, Wiring diagram,
       Spares parts manual etc. should be supplied in three sets along with the equipment

  7    Other items like Service Tool Kit - one set, Machine set-up Data and critical spares and
       consumables list in CD, connected Hardware required and foundation drawings to be
  8    Tenderer should furnish the list of firms with full postal addresses, to whom they have
       supplied similar equipments in India and performance reports may be enclosed with the

  9    The tenderer should strictly ensure pointwise reply as per our tender specifications /
  10   The Validity of the offer should be minimum FOUR months from the due date.
  11   The tenderer should submit the quotation in two bids as mentioned below in two separate
       sealed envelopes.
       a) TECHNICAL BID : Containing only technical details of the equipment with catalogue and
       commercial points without price details.
       b) COMMERCIAL BID :Technically qualified bidders only will be eligible for submission of
       commercial bids. Commercial bid to be submitted through e-mode after confirmation from
  12   Delivery terms should be FOR - KGF Destination.
  13   The required delivery period is at the earliest. Firm should clearly mention about the
       delivery period.
  14   Payment terms : 100 % on 60th day from the date of supply.



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