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									RFI Global Services Ltd


 Generic Offer No: RFI/TELIT/GE864 QV2
     Prepared By: RFI Global Services Ltd
             Date: April 2010

 Approval for: R&TTE, FCC and Industry Canada

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The Generic Offer from RFI ................................................................................................4
Appendix 1. Technical Specifications for the Modules ...................................................5
Appendix 2. Overview of Approval Requirements...........................................................6
Appendix 3. Terms and conditions....................................................................................7

RFI Global Services Ltd
Make it simple, pay less, launch on time

Our Partnership with Telit Wireless Solutions
RFI have been providing test and consultancy services to Telit Wireless Solutions and their
customers for several years now and have built a solid business relationship and become a
major strategic partner.
This long term partnership between the two companies has led to RFI becoming a Telit
Competence Centre that strengthens our relationship and means that RFI can provide much
technical and regulatory support directly to Telit’s customers.
The integrators of Telit modules can profit from this relationship and enjoy complementary
technical, regulatory support for global certifications whilst also receiving extremely cost
effective packages.

About RFI
From our beginnings as the first independent test laboratory in the UK, RFI has been at the
forefront of many technological developments. From EMC and Radio Performance in 1987,
GSM in 1992, Smart cards (chip and PIN) in 2001, Bluetooth and 3G in 2002, contactless
cards in 2005 and now wireless payments technology, we are leading the way in testing new
engineering developments which will change how we live and work.

What do we do?
At RFI Global, we are a leading provider of testing, approval and consultancy services to the
global technology market. As an independent private company, we use our depth of
knowledge, high quality of service and over 20 years of experience to help guide your
products through the approvals process, so you can bring them to market in the quickest
possible time.
Our expertise covers a wide range of technologies including Cellular, Wireless and Smart
Card technologies, with particular emphasis on convergent products (i.e. those that combine
multiple technologies). We make it easier for you by offering a one-stop-shop for product
testing and approvals, from testing to project management and consultative support. We
also offer subcontract support for those who may need some technical assistance to take a
product from the final stages of R&D to a market launch.
Contact RFI Global Services Ltd.
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The Generic Offer from RFI
This offer details the delta test requirements for the RTTE, FCC, PTCRB and IC certification for
the migration from the Telit GE 864 quad E-Gold Lite to the Telit GE 864 Quad V2.

1. FCC Certification
   •   Radiated Spurious Emissions in accordance with Part 15 sub-part B (covering 15.109
       radiated and conducted 15.107 if required)

       Cost: €600.00

   •   The manufacturer must change the FCC label with the new FCC ID (FCC label needs to
       contain the FCC ID of the V2 module).

2. IC Certification
   •   As per FCC.

   •   ECO Application only.

       Cost: €490.00

4. RTTE Directive
   •   Radiated Spurious Emissions (RSE) testing on all bands – Voice only required.
       Cost: €2,800.00

   •   Radiated Immunity (Worse case testing – 2 bands chosen from the RSE results)
       Cost: €1,800.00

   •   Electrostatic discharge (ESD) (Worse case band chosen from the RSE results)
       Cost: €300.00

   •   Conducted Emission and Immunity tests (if required)
       Cost: €1,000

Summary of Costs
   •   Battery powered equipment:          €5, 990.00
   •   AC or DC powered equipment: €6, 990.00

The offer is based on following assumptions
   •   The V2 module supports quad band EGSM only.
   •   The V2 module is fully certified in its own right for FCC, RTTE, IC and PTCRB.
   •   The final form factor for the V2 module is identical to the E-Gold Lite module.
   •   The only difference between the E-Gold Lite module and the V2 module is the internal
       PCB layout.
   •   Both module versions support voice and data capabilities.
   •   The end product shall meet the conditions of the original FCC grant for the V2 module.

Appendix 1. Technical Specifications for the Modules

Technical Datasheet for Telit GE 864 PY Quad E-Gold Lite and Telit GE 864 V2 Quad


Appendix 2. Overview of Approval Requirements

1.European requirements for pre-approved M2M modules (GSM/3G)
Compliance with the R&TTE directive is required for the EU (CE mark) and is mandatory via self
certification. The main requirements involve compliance against article 3.1a, 3.1b and 3.2. Article
3.1a specifies the protection for health and safety. This article covers electrical safety and specific
absorption rate. (Human Exposure to RF) Compliance for electrical safety can normally be
demonstrated via compliance with the EN 60950 safety standard. (Dependant on the final application)
Article 3.1b specifies the protection requirements for EMC where full EMC compliance is normally
required. Approval with the EMC requirements can normally be demonstrated via compliance with
the EN 301 489 series of standards.         Article 3.2 specifies the Radio Performance requirements
under spectrum control. Note that pre-approved modules will generally not be required to repeat any
radio performance testing apart from Radiated Spurious Emissions as an end product requirement.
It should be noted that compliance with the GCF (Global Certification Forum) requirements may be
required as this is normally a Network Operator pre-requisite. In most cases these requirements will
have already been met by the module manufacturer, though additional SIM Electrical measurements
may also be required. Note that further requirements will be required should the end product have
an application relevant under the Medical or Automotive environments.

2.North American requirements for pre-approved M2M modules (GSM/3G)
Compliance with the FCC rules is mandatory and will normally be demonstrated via compliance with
FCC Part 15 subpart b for digital equipment which is an EMC spurious emission requirement. Also
required is compliance against FCC parts 22 and 24, which are the general Radio Performance
requirements        for     the     two      bands       supported      in     North      America.
Note: The radio performance requirement are normally already performed by the module
manufacturer and do not need to be repeated as long as the original module FCC grant requirements
are met; ie; no change in stated antenna gain, no radio co-location requirement and the product is
not used within 20cm of the body. (SAR requirements) Note: Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)
calculation requirements will be required if SAR is not.    For end products, FCC certification is
required via a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) or directly via the FCC.
It should be noted that compliance with the PTCRB will normally be required as this is a Network
Operator pre-requisite. In most cases these requirements will have already been met by the module
manufacturer, though additional “Over the Air” (OTA) measurements and administrative updates will
only be required if changes are made to the antenna performance; ie; new antenna added or changed
to the end product.
3.Canadian requirements for pre-approved M2M modules (GSM/3G)
Compliance with the Industry Canada (IC) rules is mandatory. In most cases the
requirements are the same as the FCC rules though a separate application and certification
will be required. Note that possible “occupied bandwidth” measurement maybe needed in
addition to the FCC requirements.

Appendix 3. Terms and conditions
1. Definitions
In these terms and conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:-
“We”, “Us”, “Our” or “RFI” means RFI Global Services Limited, (Company Registration Number
02117901), whose Registered Office is at Pavilion A, Ashwood Park, Ashwood Way, Basingstoke,
Hampshire RG23 8BG, UK and any subsidiary Company.
“You”, “Your” or “Customer” means the corporate entity, firm or person who accepts a Proposal from
RFI for the performance of the Services.
“Services” means the Services described in RFI’s Proposal or, if RFI has not produced a Proposal, in
RFI’s letter accepting the Customer’s Order.
“Product Sample” means the physical sample of a product and any documentation upon which the
Services are to be performed.
“Order” means the Customer’s purchase order.
“Conditions” means the terms and conditions set out in this document.
“Special Conditions” means any additional conditions agreed in writing between RFI and the
“Proposal” means the written proposal or quotation produced by RFI for the Customer.
2. General
2.1 These Conditions are the sole conditions under which We offer the Services to You and these
Conditions shall apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions which You may wish to
apply including any terms which are include in the Order.
2.2 In the event of a conflict between these Conditions and any Special Conditions We may agree
with you, the Special Conditions shall apply to the extent that they are inconsistent with these
2.3 We will agree any variation of these Conditions and any Special Conditions with You in writing
prior to acceptance of Your Order.
2.4 RFI’s employees or agents are not authorised to make any representations concerning the
Services unless confirmed by RFI in writing. You acknowledge that You do not rely on any such
representations which are not confirmed in writing.
2.5 We will make every effort to ensure that any prices given are correct. However We may correct
any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in any sales literature, Proposal, price list,
acceptance of offer, invoice or other document or information issued by RFI without any liability on the
part of RFI.
3. Proposals And Orders
3.1 The Proposal is open for a period of 30 days only from the date stated on the Proposal, provided
that We have not previously withdrawn it. We will add VAT to the price stated in the Proposal.
3.2 The proposal will have been based upon information You gave Us at the time of the enquiry and
may be subject to change if the Product Sample supplied differs from the original enquiry. We reserve
the right to charge for additional parameters not identified at the time of enquiry.
3.3 We can allocate time to You on a provisional basis when You accept the Proposal. However, the
time will not be confirmed or guaranteed until We have received an official Order from You.

4. Invoicing
4.1 General Invoicing Terms
4.1.1 If You cancel an Order for Services less than 24 hours before the start time booked, We reserve
the right to charge 100% of the full fee for the first five days of work.
4.1.2 If You cancel an Order for Services in less than five working days, but more than 24 hours
before the start time booked, We reserve the right to charge 50% of the full fee for the first five days of
4.1.3 Where We have guaranteed specific test site availability for You; if You postpone the start of a
job less than 24 hours before the start time booked, We reserve the right to invoice You for the
amount of time that We are not able to reallocate elsewhere, up to a maximum of the full fee for the
first five days of work.
4.1.4 We will invoice You at the end of a job, or at the completion of a part of a job, or at monthly
intervals, whichever is the earlier.
4.2 Invoicing For Testing Services
4.2.1 Unless stated otherwise, the price assumes that any testing will be performed in one operating
mode and that a set-up time of 15 minutes will be sufficient on each test site. An additional charge
may be incurred if further time is required. In the case of separate additional testing there will be a
minimum charge of 1 hour, irrespective of the testing time.
4.2.2 If a Product Sample fails to comply with the specification during unaccompanied work, We will
invoice for the proportion of the work performed up to the point of failure plus any administrative costs
that maybe incurred. If You request that testing is completed, the full test cost will apply. Any re-
testing of a failed unit will normally be at additional cost.
4.2.3 If a Produce Sample fails to comply with the specification during accompanied work, We reserve
the right to invoice for all booked time up to a maximum of 5 days.
5. Payment
5.1 If We have agreed a credit facility with You, We may, at Our discretion, perform chargeable work
in advance of payment up to the value of the agreed credit limit. For jobs where the value exceeds the
size of Your credit limit, We will agree invoicing and payment intervals with You.
5.2 Our standard payment terms are 30 days from the date of our invoice. Any changes to this must
be agreed with Us in advance.
5.3 If We have not agreed credit terms with You, We will invoice You for the price of the Services
when You have placed the Order. We will expect You to pay the invoice in full before We begin work.
Alternatively, in the absence of an agreed credit limit, We may (at Our discretion), agree to perform
the Services provided You pay 50% of the value of the work in advance.
5.4 We are entitled to charge interest at the base rate of the Bank Of England plus 4% on any
overdue balances.
5.5 You are not entitled to withhold any payment or to make any deduction from the invoiced amount
in respect of any set-off or counterclaim.
5.6 If You ask RFI to perform any work additional to the Services and We comply with this request,
You will pay Us for this work at Our current rate of charge.
5.7 In the event of suspension of the Services by reason of test failure, or any act of omission by You,
We may increase any prices quoted to cover any extra expenses incurred by reason of such

6. Product Samples
6.1 You will deliver the Product Sample to Our premises, carriage paid, (and if from abroad duty paid)
by the time agreed for the Services to be performed.
6.2 You agree to ensure that the Product Sample is fully described, performs in a safe manner and,
where testing is required, is fit for testing. If the Product Sample is not fit for testing, We may at Our
discretion either refuse to test the Product Sample until You have made it fit for testing or may make
the Product Sample fit for testing, in which case You agree to pay RFI for this work at Our current rate
of charge.
6.3 If the Product Sample is battery powered, You will provide either a dummy battery or alternatively
spare batteries and a separate charging unit to ensure that battery changes can be made as required.
6.4 It is Your responsibility to supply all equipment required to support and monitor the operation of
the equipment and associated system including any cables, terminators, and power supplies. If
configuration software is supplied, please provide a suitable laptop on which to run it. By prior
arrangement, We may be able to organise the supply of some equipment, however We will not be
liable for any failures associated with support equipment that it supplies.
6.5 We will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the Product Sample whilst on Our premises,
subject to the requirements of the relevant accreditation schemes; but that You acknowledge and
accept that the nature of the Services may damage the Product Sample and consequently You will
not hold RFI responsible for any such damage.
6.5 Subject to the requirements of the relevant accreditation schemes, if You do not arrange for the
collection of the Product Sample after testing We will return the Product Sample to You at Your risk
and subject to the cost of carriage being prepaid by You. If You do not pay carriage in advance for the
return of the Product Sample, We may, on giving You 14 days notice, arrange for disposal of the
Product Sample.
7. Performance Of The Work
7.1 We will exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out the Services which We have contracted
to provide.
7.2 We will perform the Services and send the results to You in the form agreed as soon as We are
reasonably able to do so, subject to the requirements of the relevant accreditation schemes. Time
shall not be of the essence in the performance of the Services.
8. Confidentiality
8.1 We undertake to keep confidential all technical information relating to the Product Sample which
comes to Our knowledge as a result of Your Order, except for such information which is already in the
public domain or such information which We are required to produce by law or is required to comply
with Our accreditations
8.2 If You ask us to return Your confidential information, we will comply with your request however we
reserve the right to retain any information that is required for accreditation purposes under ISO 17020
/ ISO 17025.
8.3 The confidentiality obligations referred to in clause 7.1 above shall not apply to any information
passing between RFI and its subsidiaries or group companies of RFI provided always that any
subsidiary or group company who receives this information will be bound by the confidentiality
obligations set out in clause 7.1 of this document.
9. Limitation Of Liability
9.1 RFI does not exclude liability for death or personal injury.
9.2 RFI will not be liable for any damage to Product Sample submitted for testing where that damage
occurs in the ordinary course of testing.
9.3 RFI shall not be liable in any circumstances to the Customer whether in contract, tort or otherwise
for any special, consequential or indirect loss, damage or injury, costs or expenses howsoever arising
and of whatsoever nature. RFI’s total liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) under or in
connection with any or all instructions received from You shall not in any circumstances exceed
£100,000, or if lower, the value of the Order.

10. Cancellation And Insolvency
10.1 Upon the occurrence of any one of the events set out in 10.2 below:-
(i) We have the right at any time to cancel the Order and to cease work immediately; and
(ii) Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, any payment in respect of any work already done
shall be immediately due.
These rights shall be without prejudice to any other remedies RFI may have in relation to cancellation
and the events set out in 10.2 below.
10.2 The events referred to in 10.1 above are:-
(i) any default or breach of any of Your obligations under these terms or any delay on the making of
payments due to RFI;
(ii) If any distress, execution or other legal process shall be brought or served against Your property
or assets;
(iii) If You shall make or offer to make any arrangement of composition with Your creditors or commit
any act of bankruptcy;
(iv) If any petition or receiving order shall be presented or made against You;
(v) If the Customer is a company, any resolution or petition to wind it up shall be passed or present, or
if a Receiver of all or any of its assets shall be appointed.
10.3 The cancellation of an Order by the Customer shall not be effective without the prior written
consent of RFI.
11. Rights On Termination
11.1 In the event of any Order being cancelled by Us under Clause 10 of these Conditions prior to
completion of all the Services by Us, We shall be entitled without prejudice to any other claims against
You to recover from You the full cost of Services.
11.2 For the duration of the Services and for a period of one year thereafter the Customer, its officers,
employees or agents or otherwise agrees that whether as a consultant, principal, partner, director,
employee or otherwise it shall not approach, solicit, entice away or employ any employees, agents or
consultants of RFI who were involved in providing the Services.
12. Notices
Any Notice to be given under these Conditions shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been
duly given if sent or delivered to the other party at the address set out on the Proposal or such other
address that the party may from time to time notify in writing and shall be deemed to have been
served when received if sent by registered post or by fax.
13. Waiver
The failure by RFI to enforce at any time any one or more of these Conditions shall not be a waiver of
those Conditions or of the right at any time subsequently to enforce these Conditions.
14. Force Majeure
14.1 We shall not be liable for any failure to perform the Services arising from circumstances outside
Our control.
14.2 Non-exhaustive illustrations of such circumstance would be an act of God, war, riots, explosion,
fire, flood, strikes, lockouts, Government action or regulations (UK, EEC or otherwise) accidents and
shortage of labour or facilities.
14.3 Should We be prevented from performing the Services in the above circumstances We will notify
You of the fact in writing as soon as reasonably practicable after discovering it.
14.4 If the circumstances preventing performance are still continuing three months after You receive
Our notice then either party may give written notice to the other cancelling the Order.
14.5 If an Order is cancelled in this way, We will refund any payment which You have already made
on account of the price but We will not be liable to compensate You for any further loss or damage
caused by failure to perform.

15. Headings
The headings of these Conditions are for convenience only and shall have no effect on the
interpretation thereof.
16. Proper Law And Legal Construction
All Agreements incorporating these terms and conditions shall be construed and governed in all
respects by English law and all disputes arising under or relating to these Conditions shall be referred
to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales only.
Issue: 1.4 Dated: June 2009

                                          End of Document


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