Revenue Generation

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					Revenue Generation

   Finding the Funds for Fun!

       Amy Button Renz
        Todd McCubbin
The Basics… Where’s the $$$?
   Institutional Funding
   Affinity Programs
   Membership Dues
   Special Events/Activities
   Sponsorships
   Investments/Endowments
   Other sources
Institutional Funding
   The Budget
   Institutional partnerships
       Financial Aid – Educational License Plates
       Bookstore
       Athletics
       Departments/Schools/Colleges
       Student Government
Membership Dues
   Don’t forget your lifeblood!
   Alumni Association dues
       Annual
       Life
   Chapter dues
Membership Dues
   Important to consider costs of
    generating income
   Benefits of membership
       access to information
       special event invitations or advance notice
        of events
       “insider information”
Affinity Programs
   The dreaded Credit Card
       Easy money?
       Pitfalls and Possibilities
   Merchandising
   Insurance
   Travel programs
Affinity Credit Cards
   MBNA/Bank of America, USBank, Chase,
    Citibank, regional banks
   Multi-year marketing agreements
       Telemarketing
       Direct mail
       Internet marketing
       On-campus and event marketing
Affinity Credit Cards
   Financial packages vary greatly, from
    $50,000 for five years to several million
    dollars annually

   Companies provide services
       Financial planning
       Credit management
Affinity Credit Cards
   Concerns
       Telemarketing
       Perception of selling private information
       Alumni and parents may think you are
        taking advantage of students
       Most alumni understand, but be prepared
        to hear from those who don’t!
Merchandise Madness
   Campus art
   Jewelry
   Class rings
   Furnishings
   Sports memorabilia
   Books
   Clothing
   Both a service and source of funding
   Life Insurance
   Property
       Home
       Auto
   Short Term Medical Insurance
   Travel Insurance
Travel Programs
   Internal
       Institution bears financial risk
       Institution responsible for marketing costs
       Rewards can be greater
       More direct control of itinerary, vendors,
        hosts, etc.
       Be careful!
Travel Programs
   External
       Third party often bears financial risk
       Institutions may share marketing costs.
       Trip is often guaranteed despite number of
       Good dovetail for development purposes.
Special Events
   Fundraisers for scholarships and
       Dinners
       Breakfasts
       Desserts!
       Golf Tournaments
       Walks, Runs
       Be creative!
Special Events
   Silent and Live Auctions
   Concerts
   Book Signings and Sales
   Holiday Dinners
   Maximize your current special events.
Event Sponsorship
   “Naming” sponsorship
   Sponsorships can vary
       Presenting sponsor - $25,000
       $250 works too!
   External partnerships
       Vendors (printers, caterers, etc.)
       “In-kind” donations are great
Event Sponsorship
   Promote mutual benefits
       Demographics of your alumni
       Look for appropriate sponsors who want
       Beat the bushes, but make sure they are
        the right bushes!
       Set yourself up for success.
       What is your “inventory”?
Event Sponsorship

   Be mindful of your sponsors and their
    position in the community. Is it the
    right fit?

   Look for vendors and sponsors whose
    mission is consistent with that of your
    institution. Think co-branding!
Additional Revenue Possibilities
   Alumni Magazine funding
       Advertising
       Institutional assistance
       Voluntary subscriptions
Additional Revenue Possibilities
   Event invitations and brochures
       Vendors want access to audience
       Can occasionally include information about
       Consider subtle placement of advertising
       Vendors can pay for printing or upgrade
Additional Revenue Possibilities
   Alumni Directories
       All Alumni vs. Members Only Directory
       Earn from commission and increased
   Annual Giving Program
       Direct Mail Solicitation
       Reminder Notices
       Telefund – Calling Campaign
Additional Revenue Possibilities
   Home Mortgage Programs
   Online Banking/Debit Cards
   Partnerships with service providers
       Moving companies
       Package delivery companies
       Car rental companies
Other tips
   Be creative
   Be entrepreneurial… Your institutional
    administrators are probably not thinking
    about ways that they can give you more
   Look for things that are intriguing.
The Future?

   Other examples?
   How much is too much?

             Todd McCubbin
            Executive Director
University of Missouri Alumni Association