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					                                  PHYTOMED HEALTH GROUP

                                     CORN SILK
                                    (ALSO KNOWN AS ZEA MAYS OR MAIZE SILK)
                                CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE

Corn Silk is an herbal remedy made from stigmas, the                     bladder and kidney. The tea is also believed to
yellowish thread-like strands found inside the husks of                  diminish   prostate   inflammation   and    the
corn. The stigmas are found on the female flower of                      accompanying pain when urinating.
corn, a grain that is also known as maize and is a
member of the grass family (Gramineae or Poaceae).                       Since Corn Silk is used as a kidney remedy and in
The stigmas measure 4–8 in (10–20 cm) long and are                       the regulation of fluids, the herb is believed to be
collected for medicinal use before the plant is pollinated.              helpful in treating high blood pressure and water
Corn Silk can also be removed from corn cobs for use                     retention. Corn-silk is also used as a remedy for
as a remedy.                                                             edema (the abnormal accumulation of fluids).

Corn silk is used in a variety of allopathic medicine                    Corn Silk is used to treat urinary conditions in
treatments including prostate disorders, a diuretic as                   countries including the United States, China, Haiti,
well as for bedwetting and obesity.                                      Turkey, and Trinidad. Furthermore, in China, Corn
                                                                         Silk as a component in an herbal formula is used to
Corn Silk also served as a remedy for heart trouble,                     treat diabetes.
jaundice, malaria, and obesity. Corn Silk is rich in
vitamin K, making it useful in controlling bleeding during
childbirth. It has also been used to treat gonorrhea.
                                                                         Health Benefits
For more than a century, Corn Silk has been a remedy                     Corn silk is used for the following:
for urinary conditions such as acute and inflamed
bladders and painful urination. It was also used to treat                      •   diuretic
the prostate. Some of those uses have continued into
                                                                               •   bladder and kidney problems
modern times; Corn Silk is a contemporary remedy for
                                                                               •   edema (water retention)
all conditions of the urinary passage.
                                                                               •   obesity
Drinking Corn Silk tea is a remedy to help children stop                       •   prostate disorders
wetting their beds, a condition known as enuresis. It is                       •   bed-wetting
also a remedy for urinary conditions experienced by the                        •   carpal tunnel syndrome
elderly.                                                                       •   PMS
                                                                               •   reducing stone formation in kidneys
Corn Silk is used to treat urinary tract infections and                        •   clear boils
kidney stones in adults. Corn Silk is regarded as a
soothing diuretic and useful for irritation in the urinary
system. This gives it added importance, since today,
physicians are more concerned about the increased use
of antibiotics to treat infections, especially in children.                        Contact Us
Eventually, overuse can lead to drug-resistant bacteria.
Also, these drugs can cause complications in children.                                          Phytomed Health Group
                                                                                                3570 Marmac Crescent
Furthermore, Corn Silk is used in combination with                                              Mississauga, Ontario
other herbs to treat conditions such as cystitis                                                Canada L5L 5A3
(inflammation of the urinary bladder), urethritis                                               P: (416) 848-1139
(inflammation of the urethra), and parostitis (mumps).                                          F: (905) 569-1587
Corn Silk is said to prevent and remedy infections of the                             

                                                Phytomed Health Group: Corn Silk

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