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									                            FRANK W. BACSKAY JR.
1004 Conway Dr Apt 204 ∙ Williamsburg, VA 23185∙ (757) 220-4256 or (757) 784-0287 ∙

                                   SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS
Results oriented Junior Programmer with advanced Visual Basic skills. Outstanding leadership, team building,
and communication skills. Excellent documentation and problem solving skills. Ability to sit and program for
hours and refocus quickly after interruptions. Consistently deliver projects on time. Adept at assessing business
needs and following directions. Analytical, diligent, and dedicated.

                                         TECHNICAL EXPERTISE
Visual Basic.Net, Microsoft Visual Basic, COBOL, Vsam/Vtam TSO VSE OS390, CICS, SQL, IBM/OS390,
MVS, DB2, IDMS/VSE/VSAM/VTAM, Oracle 8i, UNISYS-1100, UNISYS-2200, Case Tools, HP-3000, HP-
9000 Image View, Microsoft Office 2007 and EZTRIEVE JCL

                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Norfolk Public Schools, Norfolk Virginia
Mathematics Teacher (Geometry)
        Taught 9th and 10Th Graders Geometry As a substitute teacher for 1 ½ month.               2007
Proxity, Virginia Beach, VA                                                                     2006
      Created sort programs, traffic programs, multi-screen programs, and consecutive index Files.
      Accessed and manipulated database files using SQL data. Visual Basic. NET; ASP. XML
      Completed projects during short-term assignment, while continuing additional degree programs at Old
       Dominion University.
Denbigh High School, Newport News, VA                                                   2004– 2005
Teacher, Algebra
      Instructed students and 100% of Freshmen Students passed their Standards of Learning Test.
      Continued pursuit of additional college degrees while holding teaching position.
Unisys, Reston, VA                                                                                1998 – 2004
Lead Programmer & Test Engineer
       Championed Y2K initiative for U.S. Postal System to manage year 2000 date turnover problem.
       Evaluated extensive hardware and created resolution strategies. Visual Basic.NET; ASP. XML, SQL.
       Scheduled staff programmers and assessed COBOL programs for date fields in 100+ programs.
       Left for academic hiatus; earned 2 degrees so far and nearing completion of 3rd degree from Old
        Dominion University. UNISYS 1100- UNISYS 2200;CICS
HBOC Amisys, Rockville, MD                                                                        1997 – 1998
Lead Programmer
      Planned and led programming efforts for claims payable component of hospital billing system.
      Collaborated with insurance and hospital clients to ensure complete satisfaction with system.
       COBOL HP 3000 HP9000 Image View.
Page 2; Bacskay Jr.

CIBER Inc., Winston-Salem, NC                                                                 1997
Programmer (Client: US Airways)
     Designed, coded, tested, and implemented program to ensure accuracy of previous night’s posting of
      frequent flyer miles. COBOL Vsam Vtam os 3090.CICS; DB2;
     Resolved maintenance deficiencies occurring in previous night’s batch processing, without negative
      impact to business operations.
     Liaised between CIBER programmers and US Airways staff to achieve 100% accuracy of print reports
      at time of deployment.
Wachovia Bank, Winston-Salem, NC                                                             1997
     Developed, designed, created, and implemented COBOL solution for file transfer system.
       VSAM VTAM OS3090 CICS

Orbital Astronomical Observatory, Judiciary Square, Washington, DC                           1996 – 1997
      Contributed to onsite development, maintenance, and documentation of individual and business tax
       systems.COBOL VSAM VTAM OS 3090 CICS
      Documented existing programs using ABC-Document.
VISTECH Inc., Arlington, VA                                                                  1995 – 1996
Programmer Analyst
     Created, tested, and debugged GUI (graphical user interface) programs.
     Developed address book system and personnel database and file system for U.S. National Guard,
      utilizing MS Visual Basic(5).
     Created Visual Basic license application system for OCR Service, Inc., concurrently.
U.S. Department of Education, Office of Post Secondary Education, Washington, DC               1991 – 1995
Computer Specialist/Programmer, Guaranteed Student Loans
      Assessed needs and recommended hardware requirements for loan tracking system component.
      Evaluated major hardware brands and selected hardware that remains 100% effective to date.
      Researched and updated files, queries, and reports using DBASE IV to track granted and pending
       security clearances for contractors and U.S. government employees, while maintaining strict
       confidentiality and security of project.
      Compiled, monitored, and reported status of mainframe on daily basis. COBOL VSAM VTAM
       OS3090 CICS
U.S. Department of State, Arlington, VA                                                       1990 – 1991
      Designed, developed, tested, debugged, and implemented employee personnel file system.
      Programmed application in highly-secure environment involving access to confidential information.

KENROB and Associates, Sterling, VA                                                      1989 – 1990
Programmer (Client: US Naval Supply Command)
     Created and implemented programs enabling Navy Command to add, modify, or report on database.
Page 3; Bacskay Jr,

EVALUATION TECHNOLOGIES INC., Arlington Va                                                   1984-1989
Programmer; Data Center Manager
    Data Center manager- In total control of onsite Wang VS Computer; In charge of payroll running and

Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy
Bachelor of Arts: Sociology
    Member: Pi Delta Epsilon: Honor Society;
    Member: Alpha Chi Epsilon Honor Society;
    Inducted into International Golden Key Honor Society;
    GPA: 3.67/4.0;
Bachelor of Arts: Mathematics, BS in progress-Suspended;
Va. Tech. (Engineering)
College of William and Mary (Sociology)
George Mason U. (Math)
University College University Maryland (Math)
Programmer Certificate: Computer Science

Dr. Joan Carol PhD 301-349-2813; Principal MCPS; Mrs. Van Lear = 757-892-3200; Principal Lake Taylor;
Mr. Robert Linderman 757-220-3490; Co-Worker DENBIGH AVIATION ACADEMY;

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