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									                                                                                                                                  ISSUE 1/2010


   EDITORIAL                                               PETER WOLTERS GROUP

                                                              PETER WOLTERS relocates the VOUMARD
                                                            product range to the high-tech site in Rendsburg
                                                          The R&D, production, logistics and administration of the VOUMARD product range
                                                          have been completely relocated from Switzerland to the German headquarters in
                                                          Rendsburg. Production, service and process development are continuing as usual.

                                                          With the relocation, PETER WOLTERS
                                                          is counteracting the growing competi-
                                                          tion as well as the increased demand
                                                          from the global machine tools mar-
  Dear customers and business partners,                   ket, especially in Asia. The seamless
                                                          integration of the highly successful
  According to current forecasts, the global economy      VOUMARD product range in Rendsburg
  is on the road to recovery. Especially in Asia, the     has been accompanied by a consider-
  demand for our products and services has increased      able increase in production capacity. At
  dramatically, with positive effects on our business     the same time, the PETER WOLTERS
  success in 2010 and – according to our estimates        service team has been increased by 50                             VOUMARD VM 130
  – will continue to do so in 2011. The global commit-    percent. Additional support bases have
  ment of PETER WOLTERS has paid off.                     been set up in Switzerland / Southern        Mr. Frank Runkel, Product Manager for
  Ultimately, thanks to our high level of investment in   Europe as well as in Asia. Experienced       the VOUMARD product range is con-
  innovative technologies such as continuous grind-       and highly qualified staff at all PETER      vinced: „For the further advancement
  ing, we have come out of the global economic crisis     WOLTERS facilities ensure the conti-         of the VOUMARD product range we
  with increased strength. At the same time, with the     nuity of production, well-known prod-        will benefit from the technological and
  relocation of the MICRON, and now the VOUMARD           uct quality, on-schedule support and         infrastructural advantages by the joint
  product ranges to our high-tech facility in Rends-      increasing the further development of        use of the production, research and de-
  burg, we have fine-tuned our processes for even         products and processes for the entire        velopment facilities at our location in
  greater efficiency.                                     VOUMARD product range.                       Rendsburg“.
  Complete solutions for precision processing from
  a single source: As a technological and innovative                                                   Contact:
  leader we want to put you in the position to work                                                    Mr. Frank Runkel
  sustainably and economically – especially in times                                                   PETER WOLTERS GmbH
  such as the present.                                                                                 Phone: +49 (0) 43 31 458-160
                                                                                                       Fax:    +49 (0) 43 31 458-991 160
  Yours sincerely                                                                            

  Kay Petersen                                             PRODUCT NEWS
                                                          Fast track double-sided continuous
                                                          grinding thanks to automation
                                                          Better than ever before, through a newly developed auto-
                                                          mation interface, the DDG 450/600 machinery generation
                                                          from PETER WOLTERS combines highest precision and
  Visit us at IMTS 2010, 13 – 18 September,               optimum efficiency for unique performance.
  Chicago/IL (USA), Booth N-7057

                                                          Efficient, space-saving and high precision: With the innova-
                                                          tive DDG machine series, PETER WOLTERS offers cutting
  Visit us at AMB 2010                                    edge technology solutions for high precision double-sided
  28 Sept. – 2 Oct.                                       continuous feed grinding.
  Stuttgart/Germany                                       Users benefit from ultimate stock removal rates, maximum            PETER WOLTERS
  Hall 8, Stand 8C51
                                                          process reliability and permanent precision continued on page 2            DDG 600

WWW.PETER-WOLTERS.COM                                                                                               PRECISION UPDATE 1/2010
   PRODUCT NEWS                                                  PRODUCT NEWS

  continued from page 1
  in the production of even large area workpieces                  The Two-Wheel Fine Grinding Machine AC 640-F:
  – with the well-known PETER WOLTERS high
                                                               Optimum Precision and Technology at an Attractive Price
  quality and optimum cost-effectiveness.
  However, even the highest performance can be
  improved: PETER WOLTERS has developed                         PETER WOLTERS has expanded its offer-
  an automation interface, which is optimally                   ing of two-wheel fine grinding machines
  matched to the Double Disk Grinding machine                   to include the AC 640-F. The AC 640-F
  series to significantly increase productivity as              provides the customer with great preci-
  well as process and manufacturing quality.                    sion, excellent flexibility, and efficiency in
  Automation solutions such as tubular magazines                processing plane-parallel work pieces –
  and full automation are becoming increasingly                 with unbeatable cost-effectiveness.
  important to small and medium sized companies                 The AC 640-F is available as both a
  to reduce costs and improve operating margins.                grinding and honing version. With a wide
  Therefore PETER WOLTERS has introduced a                      range of options enabling each user to
  feed concept for our DDG. The feed tooling is                 configure the AC 640-F for high produc-
  integrated into the overall design concept of the             tion productivity, for small to large lots of                construction, convenient control via the
  DDG with the following advantages:                            metal, glass, ceramics and plastics parts.                   Siemens operator panel, attractive soft-
                                                                Naturally, the AC 640-F offers the tried                     ware solutions for process control, in-pro-
  • Robust workpiece guidance. High loading avail-              and tested PETER WOLTERS technol-                            cess power regulation, and components
    ability, even with worn transport wheels.                   ogy and the very highest standards of                        from well known manufacturers and de-
  • Adjustments for changes of workpieces can be                quality.                                                     signed with proven PETER WOLTERS
    carried out quickly and simply.                             Machinists know machine tools so this                        machine design concepts. See why the
  • The tubular magazine can be loaded from the                 tool is built with vibration damping cast                    AC 640-F has already become a “best
    top or from the side.                                                                                                    seller” which compares favourably with
  • Very short setup times for changes of work-                                                                              competitive products, especially those
    pieces.                                                                                                                  from Asian suppliers.

  Contact:                                                                                                                   Contact:
  Mr. Wolfgang Habbecke                                                                                                      Mr. Sebastian Jessen
  PETER WOLTERS GmbH                                                                                                         PETER WOLTERS GmbH
  Phone: +49 (0) 43 31 458-291                                                                                               Phone: +49 (0) 43 31 458-279
  Fax:   +49 (0) 43 31 458-290                                                                                               Fax:    +49 (0) 43 31 458-290                                                                                                                                    The working area of the AC 640-F             


  New PETER WOLTERS Wire Saw Slurry drastically increases Cut Rate
  With increasing competition worldwide and constant pressures on
  prices, wafer manufactures are continually looking for ways to make                                        Figure 1: Wire saw slicing of C-plane sapphire
  their processes more efficient and cost effective. To address this need,
  PETER WOLTERS has developed a new slurry for the wire saw slic-
  ing of sapphire wafers. This new formulation delivers a 40% increase                                 1.4
  in cut rate over the glycol vehicle in use today (see Figure 1). This                                1.2
  improvement in cutting efficiency translates into reduced costs for
                                                                                   Relative Cut Rate

  the manufacturer.
  The enhanced performance of the slurry has been obtained by opti-                                    0.8
  mizing the fluid flow properties of the slurry vehicle. The unique prop-
  erties of this fluid allow it to be viscous enough to suspend and trans-
  port the abrasive when needed, but in the free abrasive cutting zone                                 0.4
  the fluid responds with a lower viscosity to enhance cutting efficiency.                             0.2
  As a result, the slurry vehicle retains its high level of performance even
  when different abrasives are used (see Figure 1). Enhanced cut rates                                         Glycol        PW Slurry        Glycol        PW Slurry
  were obtained using both standard and premium grade diamonds.                                                Standard Grade Diamond         Premium Grade Diamond
  Although this formulation has been optimized for the slicing of C-
  plane sapphire, this concept is extendable to other crystal planes of                                         8–12 µm Synthetic Monocrystalline Metal Bond Diamond
  sapphire as well as other brittle materials. In addition to delivering
  enhanced cut rates, this slurry also delivers excellent surface finish
  and TTV. The ingredients are water soluble making the slurry easy to          Contact: Mr. David Suica, PETER WOLTERS of America, Inc.
  clean and safe to dispose of. This slurry is supplied as ready to use         Phone: +1 847-390-3370 • Fax: +1 847-803-9875
  and is biodegradable and non-toxic.                                  •

WWW.PETER-WOLTERS.COM                                                                                                                        PRECISION UPDATE 1/2010
    PRODUCT NEWS                                                                                  PETER WOLTERS GROUP

                               PETER WOLTERS AC 2100-L
                                                                                                 Hans Goos from PETER WOLTERS Rendsburg

         High Throughput Double Side Lapping of                                                  Since August 2004, Mr. Hans Goos has been em-
     Prime Wafers with the PETER WOLTERS AC 2100-L                                               ployed at the headquarters of PETER WOLTERS
                                                                                                 GmbH in Rendsburg. Hans is highly respected by
  PETER WOLTERS is recognized as a                 cal tolerances. It offers a capacity of up    both customers and colleagues as a competent
  leading manufacturer of customized and           to twenty wafer (300mm) or six wafers         and dedicated member of the field service team.
  cost effective solutions for industry. One       (450mm) per batch. With the AC 2100-L         In his free time, his wife and four children are
  of our main fields is providing solutions        our customer is equipped for today’s          the main focus of his attention, closely followed
  for the improvement of surface geome-            challenges as well as for the next genera-    by his love of archery. In the archery club, which
  tries for wafers in the electronic industry,     tion of wafers.                               Hans founded ten years ago, he uses a home-
  with its’ biggest applications in silicon        Featuring independently driven inner and      made longbow made from osage wood. It goes
  and sapphire processing. End products            outer pin rings, which provides a maxi-       without saying, that he has made almost all of his
  include micro-electronic, micro-optical          mum of process flexibility. Also, to ease     archery equipment himself.
  devices and LED’s. The achieved surface          in cleaning, maintenance and wheel re-        Hans likes to pass on his enthusiasm and skill in
  results of PETER WOLTERS’s grinding,             placement the machine head can be             archery to other archers and people who want to
  lapping and polishing systems define the         swiveled out, allowing easy access to the     take up the sport. He is an excellent archer and
  leading edge in terms of local and global        lapping wheels.                               not without pride, he describes his great sporting
  geometry (SFQR, GBIR).                           Accurate force control is necessary for       success as follows: “I have been able to explain
  When it comes to manufacturing silicon           proper geometry development of the            archery to many people. Some of my club mem-
  wafers, lapping is a proven and cost ef-         wafers. The automatic force calibration       bers have become regional and German champi-
  fective process.                                 compensates weight loss of the upper          ons with my help”.
  With the introduction of the all-new AC          lapping wheel due to wear and ensures
  2100-L, PETER WOLTERS is perfectly               accurate force control over the entire
  suited for double side lapping of 300mm          wheel life. For optimal control, a contact-    PETER WOLTERS GROUP
  as well as of 450mm diameter prime               less micrometer gauge allows precise
  wafer. The AC 2100-L provides high               monitoring (in the µ-range) of the thick-
  throughput in connection with low cost           ness of the wafer during processing.
                                                                                                 New Product Manager for
  of ownership and excellent geometri-             Users will also recognize the HMI (op-        the VOUMARD Product Line
                                                   erator interface) since it is based on the
                                                   widely known and field proven AC 2000         Effective as of August 15,
                                                   platform.                                     2010, Mr. Frank Runkel
                                                                                                 is the new Product Man-
                                                   Contact:                                      ager for the VOUMARD
                                                   Mr. Sebastian Jessen                          product line at PETER
                                                   PETER WOLTERS GmbH                            WOLTERS GmbH. He
                                                   Phone: +49 (0) 43 31 458-279                  joined PETER WOLTERS
                                                   Fax:    +49 (0) 43 31 458-290                 in 2006 as the Director
  The all-new AC 2100-L: High throughput and                    of Process Development.
  high precision go hand in hand                                  Prior to joining PETER
                                                                                                 WOLTERS Mr. Runkel             Frank Runkel
                                                                                                 held several management
    PETER WOLTERS TRADE FAIR CALENDAR 2010                                                       positions at a manufacturer of high precision
                                                                                                 production tools for the semiconductor industry.
Date                 Trade Fair / Event          Location                  Stand

Sept. 13 – 18        IMTS 2010                   Chicago, USA              N-7057
Sept. 28 – Oct. 2    AMB 2010                    Stuttgart, Germany        Hall 8, Booth 8C51    Mr. Frank Runkel
Oct. 19 – 21         SEMICON EUROPA              Dresden, Germany          Hall 1, Booth 1.437   PETER WOLTERS GmbH
                                                                                                 Phone: +49 (0) 43 31 458-160
Oct. 26 – 30         EuroBLECH 2010              Hannover, Germany         Hall 3, Booth G59
                                                                                                 Fax:    +49 (0) 43 31 458-991 160
Nov. 9 – 13          METALWORkING CHINA          Shanghai, China           W1A019      
Nov. 24 – 27         THAI METALEx                Bangkok, Thailand         Hall 102, Booth F15

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    The MICRON series has established itself as a successful
          extension to the PETER WOLTERS range
  At the beginning of 2009, PETER WOLTERS
  took over the range of grinding machinery
  products from MICRON Machine Tools Inc.,
  with headquarters in West Springfield, MA
  (USA) in order to expand its portfolio with
  high-precision solutions for deep, profile and
  high performance grinding. The MICRON
  grinding machines are now entirely produced
  in Germany and have already established
  themselves on the market as a new PETER
  WOLTERS product range.
  The production of high-precision deep and
  profile grinding machines puts great de-
  mands on production and assembly. During
  assembly, deviations in all the axes may only
  be a few microns over the entire travel path.    ment) are arranged above each other in a          customer, the clamping device (See picture)
  The necessary infrastructure for the produc-     space-saving manner behind the machine            was arranged on the indexing table with a
  tion of the MICRON series is available at        bed. All linear movements for positioning and     90 degree offset. In Area I the workpieces
  PETER WOLTERS in Rendsburg, Germany.             grinding are carried out by the grinding head,    are loaded and unloaded. This can be carried
  Air conditioned clean assembly rooms en-         without having to move a protruding table.        out manually or automatically by means of a
  able the production of this and other high       This arrangement ensures an optimum appli-        robot. The workpieces are clamped in Area II.
  precision products.                              cation of force and highest guidance preci-       Grinding is carried out in Area III and in Area
  In order to implement customer trials quickly    sion and allows a considerably more compact       IV, the workpieces are released. With this
  and effectively, PETER WOLTERS has two           form with a smaller footprint, as well as mi-     configuration, the customer is able to grind
  application centres for the MICRON product       nimising thermal influences when grinding.        720 workpieces per hour.
  range. One application centre is located in      Even experts are often unaware of the wide
  Rendsburg, the other in Plainville, MA (USA).    range of deep grinding applications. For ex-      Contact:
  The MICRON series has already received an        ample, deep grinding can be used as a cost        Mr. Ulrich Ising
  excellent reception by the market in 2010.       effective substitute for milling. The MICRON      PETER WOLTERS GmbH
  There have already been a large number of        profile grinding machines help to perform         Phone: +49 (0) 43 31 458-370
  orders from well known companies. Just re-       both more rapid and precise work. A good          Fax:    +49 (0) 43 31 458-290
  cently, several machines were delivered to       example of the considerable improved effi-
  a customer in the rotor industry. Especially     ciency is the MICRON series with the version
  when grinding rotors with CBN grinding           designation I (I = indexing table). This type
  machines, the machine tools are subjected        of machine opens up the possibility of load-
  to enormous loads. Therefore there are in-       ing and unloading workpieces in parallel with
  creased demands on rigidity, damping char-       processing. The indexing table needs only a            IMPRINT
  acteristics and precision guidance.              few seconds to transport the newly clamped
  Here the design concept of the MICRON            workpiece into the grinding area with a sim-
  range shows its strengths, as it is equipped     ple rotation. Long dwell times are therefore
  with the innovative MWH (Moving Wheel            eliminated. Further productivity benefits can
  Head) concept. With this design of machine       be realised by the parallel operation of clamp-
  the guides for the longitudinal axis (x move-    ing and release functions. For one particular


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                                                                                                         kay Petersen (responsible for content)

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