EFIS beta information - Enigma beta release software by gyvwpsjkko


									                     Enigma beta release software
The software installed in your Enigma is at beta release status. This status is expected to last
from initial release date 18/9/2006 to 15/11/2006. Beta release software is identified by a
version number with the first digit being a zero, for example

Please check on our website regularly for latest updates. These are easy to download due to
small size. Installation is simple: The file you download is in a ZIP library. Extract the file
“Enigma.bin” from this library and copy to a SD card that has been formated either as FAT16
or FAT32. The file should be copied to the route folder, i.e. not into a directory (folder). Insert
the SD card into your Enigma instrument and switch the instrument on. Enigma will install the
new software without any interaction required from your side.
Please note, depending on the type of software being upgraded on your Enigma, the screen
may go dark for up to about one minute. Do not remove power during this time, allow the
installation to complete.

Status of the Enigma support programs on the CD:

a) Enigma simulator and screen designer
Beta status, fully operational except for engine only script library file generation.

b) Enigma flight planner
Pre-beta status. Currently used only for import of waypoint data. Obtain waypoints for your
area from www.navaid.com in GPX format. You can then import the GPX data using Enigma
flight planner and convert to the Enigma waypoint.ewd file for use with your instrument.
Enigma flight planner also creates the airports.ewd file that contains airport information such
as runway and frequency information.
Install both files into your Enigma using the import functions available in your common tasks
Flight planner can at this stage also be used to create route files for use with Enigma and you
can maintain your waypoint database.

c) Enigma voice recorder
Beta status, fully operational. You can use this program to create your own voice alarm words
and phrases. Import the generated file “sounds.esd” into your Enigma using the relevant
function in the “System initialization menu” (last menu in “System setup”).

d) Enigma map maker
Beta status, fully operational. Use this program to convert any map image in BMP or JPG
format into Enigma map files. Use commonly available image converters to convert into one
of these formats for other image file formats.
Copy any generated map files plus the generated Mapindex.MM0 onto your SD card. These
files are not installed onto your Enigma but remain on the SD card for use by Enigma.

e) Enigma flight log
This program is not yet available. This program will be used to store your Enigma flight log
for viewing or printing on your PC.

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