Three Side Planer Moulder

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Three-Side Planer / Moulder

Productivity,      Efficency Plus!
Three-Side Planer / Moulder
Productivity, Efficency Plus!
This M-314 is result of modern technology and our more than 20 year's development and
improvement. It is designed for doing 3-side planing, cutting, profiling, grooving, moulding in
one pass, which eliminates the moving time amony planer, jointer, shaper, and saves your
labor fee.
This M-314 are widely used in the woodworking industry to perform the productions such as
dimension strips, sleepers, shutterings, crates, beams, windows, doors, stirs, skirting
boards, wood floors, wall and ceiling decorations.

 • For any 3-side planing, profiling, moulding, grooving in only one pass.

 • 106 mm dia. Large safe corrugated top head with 4 corrugated knives for
   better planing and moulding.

 • Grouped magnetic controls for easy operation.

 • Variable feed speed system.

 • Table rolls quick-adjust equipment.

 • Heavy duty structure with safe guards for high duty and safe operation.

Three-Side Planer / Moulder

                              The M-314 has following unique features:
                              • WELL DESIGNED heavy duty precise structure.

                              • QUICK-ADJUST equipment for quick adjusting table rolls while
                                encountering with unusual rough bottom workpieces.

                              • 4-KNIFE CORRUGATED 106mm DIA. LARGE TOP HEAD to
                                achieve more smooth planing and moulding performance.

                              • GROUPED MAGNETIC SWITCH CONTROLS at front of the
                                machine for easy access and operation.

                              • UP TO 230mm THICKNESS large cutting capacity while planing
                                UP TO 22m PROFILING DEPTH large capacity while moulding.

                              • SAFE OPERATION Three cutterheads and all other rotating
                                parts are protected with guards for safe operation.

                              • 4" DIA. NOZZLE EXHAUST HOOD.

                              • WELL DESIGNED FENCFS for easy adjusting.

                              • VARIABLE FEED speed system actuated by separate 1HP
                                motor to meet the needs of different kind of materials for
                                powerful feeding and greater safety of operation.
CAPACITY                                                                                          TOP HEAD
For planing                                                                                   Head dia.                                     4 - 11/64"                  106 mm
   Max. thickness                       8"                      203 mm                        Max. cutting circle                           5 - 1/2"                    140 mm
   Min. thickness                       1/4"                   6.35 mm                        Spindle speed                                 5000 RPM
   Max. width                           1/4"                    355 mm                        Motor                                         5 HP 3 ph (standard)
For moulding
   Max. thickness                       3"                        76 mm
   Max. profiling depth                 7/8"                      22 mm
   Max. width                           1/2"                    305 mm
   Min. width                           3/4"                      19 mm                           FEED SYSTEM
                                                                                              Variable feed speed                           16 - 41 FPM               5-12 MPM
                                                                                                    Infeed roll                             2 - 5/16" 60 mm (corrugated)
                                                                                                    Outfeed roll dia.                       2 - 5/16"         60 mm (smooth)
Spindle dia.                            1-1/4"                31.75 mm
                                                                                                    Table roll dia.                         2 - 7/8"          60 mm (smooth)
Spindle height                          3"                        76 mm
                                                                                                    Motor                                   1HP 3ph
Spindle speed                           5000 RPM
                                                                                                  OVERALL DIMENSION (LxWxH) 40 x 43.3 x 49"
Head dia                                4"                       100 mm                                                     1010 x 1100 x 1250 mm
Head height                             2-1/4"      57 mm (standard)                              PACKING SIZE (LxWxH)                      45.2 x 48 x 50"
Knife bevel angle                       25 degree
Max. cutting circle allowed             5"                       127 mm                           NET WEIGHT                                1485 lbs                     675 kgs
Motor (left/right)                      5 HP / 3HP 3 ph (standard)                                SHIPPING WEIGHT(APPROX)                   1750 lbs                     775 kgs

   STANDARD ACCESSORIES                                                                                  OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT
   1. Corrugated top head with 4 corrug ated        3. 3ph 5HP(top),5HP(left),3HP(right),                1. 1PH 5HP(Top), 5HP(Left), 3HP(Right) motor and magnetic switch.
      knives.                                          1HP(feed) motor and magnetic switch.
                                                                                                         2. 3PH 7-1/2HP(Top), 5HP(Left), 5HP(Right) motor and magnetic switch.
   2. 100mm dia. x 57mm H. corrugated side head     4. 4" dia. nozzle exhaust hood for 3 heads.
                                                                                                         3. Corrugated whole high steel knife 14" length, 21/4" length knife gibs.
      2 pcs with 8 pcs corrugated kinves and
                                                    5. Adjusting tools.

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