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					                                                                                                           SPECIALIST POROUS SURFACE


                                                    DURAFLOOR WB
DURAFLOOR WB is a latex based floor and wall coating designed to protect and beautify concrete structures and surfaces.

DURAFLOOR WB is ideal for sunny and high humidity environments.

Cured DURAFLOOR WB coating prevents mildew growth and has excellent weather resistance.

Available in both clear and pigmented systems offering the following features and benefits.

  Concrete membranes
  Inhibits concrete dusting
  Light industrial floor coatings
  Garage floors etc

  High Tg
  Low soap, proprietary hydrophobic stabiliser technology
  Water resistant, low blushing
  Small particle size
  Superior adhesion

  Protects surfaces from wear
  Facilitates easier cleaning and maintenance
  Protects surfaces against certain aggressive chemical agents such as acids and alkalis
  Enhances the surface aethetics and decorative properties
  Excellent adhesion
  Resists hot tyre pick-up
  Alkali resistance
  Water resistance
  Abrasion resistance
  Excellent durability
  UV stable
  Non-yellowing and non-saponifiable
  VOC compliant
  Simple application
  Single component
  Quick drying

  Do not ingest
  Rinse eyes with copious amounts of clean water
  Wear protective gloves and goggles

The information in this publication is based on tests that we believe to be reliable. It is the responsibility of the user to ascertain the suitability of the
product to the situation since conditions of use are outside of our control and therefore all expressed or implied warranties are confined only to the
replacement of product found to be defective upon receipt of goods by purchaser. Written representation for faulty goods must be made to the supplier
within 7 days of receipt of product. All products/names are the registered property of SPECKLEEN®

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