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CONCENTRATION by gjjur4356



Concentration provides a key for success in reading, writing, and learning. Your concentration may be easily distracted
by many external and internal factors. Here are some suggestions to help you eliminate as many of these factors as

A)      You should have a place to study that is strictly your own. Keep all your study tools in this place and don't permit
        anyone to invade it. This creates a constant and stable atmosphere to help avoid distraction.

B)      The quality of light by which you study is of crucial importance to your ability to concentrate. Eliminate a light that:
               1)         causes a glare on your books.
               2)         causes shadows on your books.
               3)         flickers constantly.
        These conditions will hurt your eyes and make you tired quickly.

C)      Noise should be avoided. Background music, while you study, can be a major distraction.

D)      Try to solve any internal conflicts before you sit down to study. These problems may greatly affect your ability to
        think clearly about your school work.

E)      Make a schedule that includes study time and breaks. Knowing that you have allotted time for everything will
        keep you from worrying about your other subjects and help you to concentrate on your task at hand.

F)      Make a reminder list of any other commitments you may have and fit this into your schedule. This will also keep
        you from worrying about getting everything done.

G)      Take a break when you cannot concentrate. A moment of relaxation can help restore your thinking powers.

H)      Other factors that affect concentration include:
                1)       lack of sleep.
                2)      lack of proper diet.
                3)      lack of exercise.
        Take the necessary steps to ensure that you do not overlook these requirements.

I)      Don’t cram material the night before an exam. This will only make you very tense and cause more distractions.

J)      Finally, set realistic goals regarding your studies. If you haven't studied, planning to study for six hours in one
        night will require an unrealistic effort and will surely result in failure. Studying should be a gradual process, not a
        last-minute effort.

Following these hints will not stop your thoughts from wandering away from your task at hand, but they will help you
regain your attention when they do.

     This information has been compiled and/or adapted by the Learning Centre. Please Drop by AS 235 and meet the assistants.
Revised Fall 2007

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