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									      Education Apps News: AppTech (Stock Symbol: APCX)
     Signs Letter of Intent with SuperStar Learning Company
                For A Strategic Investment And To
              Develop And Market Education Apps

The Woodlands, Texas – March 21, 2011-- PRNewswire

Eric Ottens, CEO of AppTech Corp (Stock Symbol: APCX,
announced that AppTech has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with SuperStar Learning Company
(, to make a strategic investment in SuperStar Learning
Company (SSLC.) The investment is all cash and will not include AppTech issuing any new
stock to SSLC.

      "We are delighted to announce that, together with SuperStar Learning,
      we are committing to develop apps that will target the education markets.
      In some instances this will be in the form of game applications that will
      entertain and educate.”

      “SSLC has the resources for numerous mobile applications as part of their
      product line. Moreover, Apptech is exploring ways to work with SSLC
      in developing these mobile apps in a way that will be beneficial for
      both companies.”

      “This particular segment within the education community has potential for
      unlimited growth and SuperStar Learning is one of the world's leading
      pioneers in online and social media education. We look forward to
      developing some exciting apps that will captivate users throughout the world."

stated Apptech CEO, Eric Ottens.

John Stippick, President of SuperStar Learning, added:

      "AppTech's relationships in Latin America and Brazil will enable us to
      accelerate an aggressive market penetration campaign outside of the
      United States, not only for our education apps, but also for our
      21st Century social learning platforms."
About SuperStar Learning:

The current main thrust with AppTech is to develop these education intensive apps and
expand our international outreach particularly with Room 21™.

This is our flagship online social learning platform where all the members of the learning
community (Students, Parents, Teachers, and Administrators) become engaged in the 21st
century learning process.

John Stippick, added:

"We are at right place at the right time. Our team just presented our technology at a
conference in Palm Springs, CA. There were thousands of teachers from all across the
nation in Palm Springs on Thursday and Friday for the conference called "Computer Using
Educators," or "CUE" for short.

Teachers are learning new technology they can use in the classroom. More than 3,000
teachers and tech experts participated and spent the day trying to create a 21st century

Our company has developed and is rolling out a face-book-like website for students to
learn the distinct advantages of Room 21 that takes concepts that kids are used to, like
Facebook, and puts learning into it.

Instead of taking kids away from what they like to do 24-hours-a-day, we're incorporating it,
saying if this is where you like to play, this is a place where you can also learn. And what is
often a teacher's worse nightmare - the cell phone - is now being touted as one of the best
educational tools around.”

We have to change what we're doing to adapt to the today's student says Stippick. It's not the
same student from the 60s or 70s. There is no chalkboard. The student of today is walking
around with a cell phone, and this is where they want to be. And all the information in the world
is already available in there.

We were also very fortunate to be one of the few exhibitors to be interviewed by the local news
station KESQ, ( and featured as an innovator of education with Google
Education and Apple Computer. This additional visibility further enhances our exposure."
About Apptech Corp

AppTech Corp is developing mobile application market places serving countries
throughout the world with emerging mobile infrastructures including:

      > Latin America
      > Brazil
      > China
      > India
      > Japan
      > And the United States

AppTech is focused on multi-platform mobile apps designed to run on device operating
systems such as:

      > Apple iPhone
      > Google Android
      > Nexus One
      > Research In Motion
      > Microsoft Mobile
      > Palm
      > And Verizon Droid

In addition, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Oronoco Telecom, AppTech is working on
securing agreements with top communication companies in Central America, South America
and The Caribbean.

                                For More Information Contact:

                                       Virmmac, LLC

                                       (810) 333 - 1129


                                    Apptech Corp,
             2002 Timberloch Drive, Suite 200, The Woodlands, Texas 77380

               Visit the Apptech Corp Website:
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