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									                                                                                       8(a) STARS GWAC
                                                                                        General Services Administration

Streamlined Technology Acquisition
Resources for Services (STARS)

User Agencies: All Federal Government Agencies
Contract Type: Multiple Award ID/IQ
Sole Souce: Up to $3 Million Per Delivery Order

Program Description
Comprehensive IT Solutions Contract available to all                    Advantages
Federal agencies giving the agency full credit for 8(a),
HUBzone and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)                          •   Client receives credit for 8(a) and woman
when they contract with EDJ Associates, Inc. (EDJ)                          owned socio-economic goals;
for Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services.                      •   Innovative solutions for IT data processing and
                                                                            hosting services;
                                                                        •   Application of Best Practices, strategies, and
Quick Facts
   Contract Number: GS-06F-0340z
                                                                        •   Extraordinary past performance record;
   Contract Types: Fixed-Price Delivery Order
                                                                        •   Highly qualified and experienced staff with
   Period of Performance: June 1, 2004 through
                                                                            cutting edge skills;
   September 2007 and 2 option periods
                                                                        •   Management that knows and cares about every
                                                                            project and employee; and
                                                                        •   Competitive rate structure.
Scope of Services
Functional Area 4 NAICS 518210 Data Processing,
Hosting and Related Services

                                                                                             EDJ Contacts
Under   this   Data   Processing,   Hosting    and   Related
Services contract, EDJ provides specialized hosting                     Angela Y. Moody, President and CEO
activities, such as web hosting, streaming services or                        703.738.9152
application hosting, and application service provisioning               Shirley Black, Chief Financial Officer
to clients. EDJ provides complete data processing and                          703.738.9154
specialized reports from data supplied by clients,
automated data processing and data entry services.            

   Application Hosting,     Automated Data Processing,                        8(a) STARS Government Contacts
   Computer Input Preparation,       Data Capture
   Imaging Services,      Data Entry Services,       Data               Delta Helm, Contracts Officer    816.926.1387
   Processing,     Data Warehousing,     Document
   Imaging,      Electronic Data Processing,     Media                  Howard Innis, Contracts Officer          816.926.1387
   Streaming, Microfiche/Microfilm Services,
   Scanning Services,      Storage Area Networks,        and
                                                                        Please see the Government Contract Ordering Guide
   Web Hosting.                                                         at

                          EDJ Associates, Inc. 2100 Reston Parkway, Suite 350, Reston, Virginia, 20191
                                  P. 703.738.9150 F. 703.738.9149
                                                                                      8(a) STARS GWAC
                                                                                       General Services Administration

Streamlined Technology Acquisition
                                                                    CLIN 2 - Data Entry Supervisor:
Resources for Services (STARS)

EDJ Labor Categories                                                Supervises all data entry activities. Assigns work to
                                                                    personnel and directs activities. Reviews and evaluates

        Project Manager – Senior                                    work and prepares performance reports. Frequently
                                                                    reports to a Computer Operations Manager or
        Data Entry Supervisor
                                                                    Production Control Supervisor.
        Data Warehousing Administrator
        Data Warehousing Analyst                                    CLIN 3 - Data Warehousing Administrator:
        Data Warehousing Programmer
        Data Warehousing Project Manager                            Coordinates the data administration technical function
                                                                    for both data warehouse development and
        Database Administrator
                                                                    maintenance. Plans and oversees the technical
        Database Manager
                                                                    transitions between development, testing, and
        Web Operations Manager
                                                                    production phases of the workplace. Facilitates change
                                                                    control, problem management, and communication
                                                                    among data architects, programmers, analysts and
Labor Category Descriptions
                                                                    engineers. Establishes and enforces processes to ensure
                                                                    a consistent, well-managed and well-integrated data
CLIN 1 - Project Manager- Senior:
                                                                    warehouse infrastructure. Expands and improves data
                                                                    warehouse to includes data from all functions of the
Responsible for all aspects of the development and
                                                                    organization using data manipulation, transformation
implementation of assigned projects and provides a
                                                                    and cleansing tools. Requires three yeas of experience
single point of contact for those projects. Takes projects
                                                                    in the field.
from original concept through final implementation.
Interfaces with all areas affected by the project
                                                                    CLIN 4 - Data Warehousing Analyst:
including end users, computer services, and client
services. Defines project scope and objectives.
                                                                    Works in a data warehouse environment, which includes
Develops detailed work plans, schedules, project
                                                                    data design, database architecture, metadata and
estimates, resource plans, and status reports. Conducts
                                                                    repository creation. Reviews data loaded into the data
project meetings and is responsible for project tracking
                                                                    warehouse for accuracy. Responsible for the
and analysis. Ensures adherence to quality standards
                                                                    development, maintenance and support of an enterprise
and reviews project deliverables. Manages the
                                                                    data warehouse system and corresponding data marts.
integration of vendor tasks and tracks and reviews
                                                                    Troubleshoots and tunes existing data warehouse
vendor deliverables. Provides technical and analytical
                                                                    applications. Conducts research into new data
guidance to project team. Recommends and takes
                                                                    warehouse applications and determines viability for
action to direct the analysis and solutions of problems.
                                                                    adoption. Assists in establishing development
                                                                    standards. Evaluates existing subject areas stored in
                                                                    the data warehouse. Incorporates existing subject areas
                                                                    into an enterprise model. Creates new or enhanced

                          EDJ Associates, Inc. 2100 Reston Parkway, Suite 350, Reston, Virginia, 20191
                                  P. 703.738.9150 F. 703.738.9149
                                                                                       8(a) STARS GWAC
                                                                                        General Services Administration
components of the data warehouse. Requires two years                 CLIN 8 - Database Manager:
experience in the field.
                                                                     Responsible for all activities related to the
CLIN 5 - Data Warehousing Programmer:                                administration of computerized databases. Assigns
                                                                     personnel to various projects and directs their activities.
Responsible for product support and maintenance of the               Reviews and evaluates work and prepares performance
data. warehouse. Performs data warehouse design and                  reports. Confers with and advises subordinates on
construction. Codes and documents scripts and stored                 administrative policies and procedures, technical
procedures. Designs/implements data strategy                         problems, priorities, and methods. Consults with and
methods. Develops appropriate programs and systems                   advises users of various databases. Projects long-range
documentation. Assists with Meta data repository                     requirements for database administration in conjunction
management. Prepares/implements data verification                    with other managers in the information systems
and testing methods for the data warehouse. Creates                  function as well as business function managers.
index and view scripts. Requires two years experience                Prepares activity and progress reports regarding the
in the field.                                                        database management section. Typically requires five to
                                                                     seven years of experience.
CLIN 6 - Data Warehousing Project Manager:
                                                                     CLIN 9 - Web Operations Manager:
Works in a data warehouse environment, which includes
data design, database architecture, metadata and                     Responsible for ongoing oversight of web strategy and
repository creation. Responsible for leading data                    operations. Develops business plan and annual budget
warehouse team in development and enhancements of                    for website function. Accountable for budget, staff
the data warehouse user interface. Establishes user                  planning, management, and product and service
requirements. Creates new standards and procedures                   delivery. Oversees operational activities of the
related to end user and internal interface development.              website(s) with specific attention aimed at content
Works with Data Architect on technical issues and                    creation and website maintenance. Typically requires
system architecture definition. Translates high-level                experience with web technologies and web page design.
work plans and converts to detailed assignments for
team members. Monitors status of assignments and
reviews work for completion and quality. Typically
requires more than five years of experience.

CLIN 7 - Database Administrator:

Participates in the design, creation, and maintenance of
computerized databases. Responsible for quality control
and auditing of databases to ensure accurate and
appropriate use of data. Works with management to
develop database strategies to support company needs.
Consults with and advises users on access to various
databases. Works directly with users to resolve data
conflicts and inappropriate data usage. Directs the
maintenance and use of the corporate data dictionary.
Typically requires two to four years of experience.
                           EDJ Associates, Inc. 2100 Reston Parkway, Suite 350, Reston, Virginia, 20191
                                   P. 703.738.9150 F. 703.738.9149
                                                                                      8(a) STARS GWAC
                                                                                       General Services Administration

How to Order from the 8(a) STARS
There are two ways to order from the 8(a) STARS
GWAC: Direct Order or through GSA FTS.

DIRECT ORDER-Delegations of Authority

Federal agencies that wish to conduct their own
procurements may use the 8(a) STARS GWAC through
a delegation of authority. Delegations of authority are
easy to request. Only two pieces of information are
needed to get started:
                                                                    GSA FTS-3 Steps
        1. a request via e-mail from an e-mail account
        having a “.gov” or “.mil” suffix listing the                Doing business with GSA, Federal Technology Service
        name(s) of the party(ies) for whom authority is             (FTS) requires just three documents:
        being requested; and
                                                                            1. A signed interagency Memorandum of
        2. a copy of the warrant for each contracting                       Understanding (MOU) or Service Agreement
        officer for whom authority is being requested.
        The warrant(s) may accompany the e-mail as a                        2. Statement of Work (SOW) – used for
        scanned attachment, or may be faxed                                 technology or telecommunications services
        separately                                                          projects including the Functional Area under
                                                                            which it falls.

The Small Business GWAC Center will then validate the                       3. Funding document which includes the FTS
information received and issue a Memorandum of                              fee for services
Agreement, which includes the delegation of authority.
Training will be provided to all personnel involved in the          Client/customer approval for the items described in
acquisition and a written delegation of authority to the            SOW based on the price and availability proposed by an
covered contracting official will be issued. The                    industry partner is required.
contracting officer’s concurrence on the delegation is
required.   For information on delegations of authority             GSA FTS Client Support Centers:
or to request a delegation, please e-mail or
call toll free (877) 327-8732.                                              • Provide direct client interface and support
                                                                            • Issue and manage delivery and task orders
                                                                              against contracts
                                                                            • Procure on behalf of federal customers

                                                                    Information about GSA FTS is available on the web at
                                                           or by calling (703) 306-6000.
                                                                    How to Order from GSA FTS - 3 Steps

                          EDJ Associates, Inc. 2100 Reston Parkway, Suite 350, Reston, Virginia, 20191
                                  P. 703.738.9150 F. 703.738.9149
                                                                                        8(a) STARS GWAC
                                                                                         General Services Administration

RFP/RFQ Distribution

The Government may disseminate RFQ/RFPs via the
GSA FTS IT Solutions Shop (ITSS) online ordering                              • Any special instructions, conditions, notices,
system at soon to be                      performance measures/metrics, etc.
replaced with an upgraded system known as GSA                                 • The applicable Section 508 accessibility
Preferred. ITSS utilizes contractor distribution lists                standards from 36 CFR 1194.
known as contract families. The contract family in ITSS
is 8aSTARS.                                                           Orders shall contain, to the maximum extent
                                                                      practicable, performance based statements of
Facsimile, e-mail, other electronic means or commercial               work with meaningful performance measures/metrics.
mail carrier are acceptable for issuing RFQs/RFP’s. The               There is a useful Best Practices Guide
use of any one of the preceding ways to broadcast an                  issued by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy
RFQ/RFP notice to all contract holders in the applicable              available on the web at
functional area satisfies the fair opportunity notification 
requirement.                                                          Funding for each Order shall be at the Order level, not
                                                                      at the contract level.
Please be reminded that all contract holders within the
respective functional area must be sent the RFQ/RFP                   Services and supplies will be ordered by:
when the total dollar value of the task order exceeds
the $3 million competitive threshold.      Partial selection                  • Issuance of Written Orders on GSA Form 300,
is strictly prohibited and is in violation of fair                    Standard Form 1449 or DD Form 1155
opportunity provisions found in FAR Part 16.                                           using ITSS or other authorized agency
                                                                              form distributed by mail, fax or e-mail
                                                                                       attachment. Oral Orders are not
Guidance on Order Preparation                                                 authorized.
                                                                              • One copy of delegated orders including SOW
The ordering official responsible for the RFQ/RFP will                shall be sent to the address listed below:
provide a description of the
requirement, which will include some or all of the                            GSA, FSS, GWAC Management Center (4FG)
following:                                                                    Attn: Angela Joslin
                                                                              401 West Peachtree Street, Suite 2600
        • A statement of work                                                 Atlanta, GA 30308
        • A desired completion date along with
milestones and/or delivery schedule, period of                        At completion of performance, Federal Acquisition
                 performance                                          Regulations requires the client agency to complete a
        • The authorized order types available under                  past performance questionnaire. An on-line form is
this contract (i.e., any in the Fixed Price                           available from the 8(a) STARS website at
                 family, Time & Materials, Labor Hour)      
        • Any change from the standard response
deadline                                                              All options shall be priced and evaluated at the time of
        • Evaluation factors                                          initial receipt of offers. Quotes shall contain a line item
                            EDJ Associates, Inc. 2100 Reston Parkway, Suite 350, Reston, Virginia, 20191
                                    P. 703.738.9150 F. 703.738.9149
                                                                                       8(a) STARS GWAC
                                                                                        General Services Administration
breakdown. For any disparity of terms and conditions
between an order and the actual contract, the terms
and conditions of the contract shall prevail. Quotes
shall remain valid for a period of not less than 60
calendar days if the minimum acceptance period is not
stated in the RFQ/RFP. Although ceiling line item pricing
has already been determined fair and reasonable based
upon adequate price competition, government
contracting officers are required to ensure that order
pricing is fair and reasonable for their specific
requirements. Hardware, software, and other IT items
which fall within the scope of the contract may also be
procured at the order level.

                           EDJ Associates, Inc. 2100 Reston Parkway, Suite 350, Reston, Virginia, 20191
                                   P. 703.738.9150 F. 703.738.9149

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