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									                          Memorandum of Understanding
                         Planner and drafting Negotiations

This is to confirm the understanding of the parities during the departmental negotiations
between DTE Energy/ MichCon Gas Company and the Gas division of Local 223 Utility
Workers Union of America. The understanding is as follows:

   1. The intent of the parties around the merging of the classifications of Gas Planner
      (Public Improvement Planner) and the Public Improvement Coordinator in the
      Southeast Region is to insure that there are improvements in the process of that
      area of work. It is under stood by the parities that there are too many specify task
      and job duties to have each detailed in the job classification. If there are issues
      raised in the future around job responsibility and what is or is not bargaining unit
      work the parties agree that the attached job classifications will be the bases of the

   2. By agreeing to the merger of classifications as stated above, the classification title
      of the Public Improvement Coordinator shall no longer exist in Southeast
      Michigan. In addition, the employee in that classification (and job duties) shall be
      transferred in to the Planner classification with no loss of seniority. The
      employee currently in the Public Improvement Coordinator position will have his
      wage adjusted to the current rate of the Gas Planner. In addition, the Public
      Improvement Coordinators outside of Southeast Michigan will receive a .50 cents
      per hour increase to there base rate of pay in addition to the previously agreed to
      lump some payment they are entitled to.

   3. It is understood by the parities that the company shall be able to assign employees
      within the Planner classification any/all duties within all of the planner
      classifications’ and the intent is to ensure stability in the specify area of the job
      responsibilities’. All existing job duties in the planner classifications shall remain
      bargaining unit work. If there are issues raised in the future around job
      responsibility as to what is or is not bargaining unit work the parties agree that the
      attached planner classification will be the bases of the understanding

   4. We have agreed that the duty of “public improvement analyses” shall be removed
      from the drafting classifications.

   5. The department of labor apprentice program shall be removed and the union and
      the company will jointly develop a training program for the Planner classification.
   6. There will be a one time canvass for permanent assignment of the Planners for the
      various locations in Southeast and drafting employee’s assigned to field stations
      agreement shall be considered null and void.

______________________                     ____________________
James Harrison, President                  Dennis L. Dabney, Director
Local 223, UWUA, AFL-CIO                   Human Relations

_________________________                  _________________________
Rich Harkins, Gas Division Chair           Mike Allen George, Director
Local 223, UWUA, AFL-CIO                   Gas Operations, Productivity and Work

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