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									                                               Leading a Thrivent Builds
                                                       Worldwide Team
The Thrivent Builds Worldwide program is supported by the Global Village Department of Habitat for
Humanity International. In the following documents, please note that Thrivent Builds Worldwide falls under the
category of Global Village.

Before you begin to plan your trip, please review the Global Village Roles and Responsibilities and the Global
Village Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). These documents outline our expectations for planning a
successful GV trip. The FAQ’s and resources on the Global Village Trip Catalog will also provide you with
valuable information. These documents outline our expectations for planning a successful GV trip.

Budget and Itinerary
There is a standard itinerary for each country and host program in the Global Village Trip Catalog and for
Thrivent Builds Worldwide Community trips. Please discuss details of your specific location with your Thrivent
Builds Worldwide staff.

Trip cost includes: meals, accommodations; transport (excluding trip participant airfare); insurance; team
coordination and orientation materials. Some local cultural activities may be included. The team leader’s trip
cost and estimated airfare may be included in the trip budget. The trip cost does not include trip participant
airfare, R&R activities and visa and exit fees (not applicable for all destinations).

Some team members finance their trips themselves, and others do it through fund raising. A Fundraising and
Advocacy Guide is available.

Registration Process for Thrivent Builds Worldwide
All team members must register or have someone register them online with HFHI Global Village. Please provide
your team members with this link http://www.habitat.org/gv/thrivent/, and your team’s GVT event code (from
the confirmation letter). Team members must have the GVT event code in order to access the registration page.
Once the registration is processed, the team member will receive a confirmation E-mail with his/her personal
eight-digit Habitat ID number. You, the team leader, will receive a copy of each team member’s registration
information via e-mail for your files. Encourage your team members to use their eight-digit Habitat ID number
and GV event code on all correspondence with the Thrivent Builds Worldwide of GV office.

Registration Tip: Host a meeting in a location where there is a computer available with internet access and have
team members register at that time.

The registration process requires that each participant “sign” electronic Waiver of Liability and Participant
Acknowledgement forms that will be maintained at the GV/Thrivent Builds Worldwide office. Emergency
contact information will also be required for each participant and this information will be sent to the team leader
as part of the final packet. Passport copies should be collected by the team leader and submitted to HFHI GV in
one packet. Please retain a copy for your records before sending to HFHI GV. We also recommend that each
participant carry a copy of his/her passport.

The packet of passport copies can be faxed to (267) 295-8714, or mailed to:
        Habitat for Humanity International – Global Village
        PO Box 369
        Americus, GA 31709

It is particularly important that copies of the passport picture page be clear and legible.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Membership Status
A Thrivent Builds Worldwide team must be comprised of at least 50% Thrivent Financial members. It is the team
leader’s responsibility to recruit a team that meets this requirement.
Team leaders will be asked to track this information in a Thrivent Builds Worldwide verification log to return to
their Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff using the Thrivent Builds Worldwide member verification instructions.

The participants’ membership status also determines if they receive the Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Benefit
Member discount on the total price of the trip. If team members are not sure of their status please direct them to
http://www.thriventbuilds.com/worldwide/benefit.html or alternatively they can call the Member Connection
Center at (800) 847-4836 and say “fraternal” at the prompt or e-mail fraternal@thrivent.com.

HFHI’s Minor Policy
For international GV teams, applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian,
unless traveling with an institution (school or church). Those under 18 may have limitations on the work site;
please see the minor policy in the GV Team Leader Handbook for more information. The minor’s parents must
complete a special Waiver of Liability for Minors and have it notarized. If minors will be traveling with the
team, please notify your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff and request this form.

Emergency Information (ECI), Waivers and Passports
The applicant’s Emergency Contact Information (ECI), Waiver of Liability and Participant Acknowledgement
forms are filled out online when participants apply. Approximately thirty days prior to departure, your Thrivent
Builds Worldwide staff will send you the information participants filled in on these forms. Participants that filled
out their GV application more than a year ago, such as returning participants, will need to fill these forms online;
please contact your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff if you have returning participants.

Payment Procedures
Submitting Donations/Payments
Detailed payment instructions are contained in the enclosed GV Payment Policies and Procedures. An
applicant’s space on the team is not guaranteed until his/her deposit is received by GV. When applicants are
selected for a Global Village team they must confirm their place on the team by submitting a nonrefundable and
nontransferable deposit in the amount of $350. The balance of the trip fee (trip fee minus the $350 deposit) is
due no later than 45 days prior to departure. You may, however, establish a more detailed payment schedule
specific to your team within these parameters.

All payments/donations must be made in U.S. dollars to Habitat for Humanity International. Payments and
donations may be made by personal check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

Participants or donors may submit funds by credit card at https://www.habitat.org/cd/giving/donate.aspx?link=2
or by telephone by calling the Global Village staff at (800) 422-4828, ext. 7530. Participants and donors who
submit funds by credit card will receive an automatic e-mail acknowledgement of the payment/donation.

Checks and money orders must be made payable to Habitat for Humanity International and forwarded to:
        Habitat for Humanity International
        Global Village Program
        P.O. Box 369
        Americus, GA 31709-0369

A participant’s deposit, any payments s/he makes and the donations s/he raises will automatically be
credited toward satisfying his/her financial obligation only when coded as per the “Coding Payments and
Donations” section below and in the GV Payment Policies and Procedures document.

Please note: It may take up to two weeks for donations/payments to post to the team’s account.

Team leaders are responsible for updating participants on the status of funds submitted on their behalf. You may
request an income report from your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff once a week. We ask that you share this
information with individual team members. Please note that the $350 deposit, as well as any funds raised through
fund raising, is credited toward the trip balance.
Example: If the trip cost is $1,700 and a participant submits a deposit of $350 and raises an additional $200, the
balance due 45 days before the team departs is $1,150. No refunds are granted for overpayments.

Coding Payments and Donations
For a participant to receive proper credit, his/her personal eight-digit Habitat ID number and GV event code
must be included on all payments and donations submitted to the Global Village program on his/her behalf.

• Online credit card payments or donations: Include the eight-digit Habitat ID number and GV event code in
the fields provided.
• Personal checks or money order: Write the eight-digit Habitat ID number above the name and address in the
upper left corner of the check; write the GV event code on the memo line located in the lower left corner.

If team members are raising funds, they should collect and code each contributor’s check with the appropriate
GV numbers before submitting them. When supporters donate via
https://www.habitat.org/cd/giving/donate.aspx?link=2, they must provide the participant’s eight-digit Habitat ID
number and GV event code. All monies received will be acknowledged in writing by Global Village.

Web Fundraising Tool
Team members may create a Web page simply and easily by using the GV Web page design wizard at
www.habitat.org/gv/create.html. No technical skill is required. The Web page is personalized with the trip details
and information. The team member can provide the Web address to family, friends, church groups and others to
raise funds to support participation in the GV event.

Team Member Orientation Materials
Once GV receives a team member’s deposit, s/he will be sent a Thrivent Builds Worldwide orientation packet,
which includes: an Orientation Handbook; Thrivent Builds Worldwide DVD compilation; Thrivent Builds
Worldwide t-shirt; Fund Raising and Advocacy Guide; Payment Policies and Procedures; Centers for Disease
Control link; and travel medical insurance and MEDEX Secure description.

Team Leader Expense Advance
All team monies are held by Habitat for Humanity International until just before your team’s departure. When
possible, most of your team’s money will be wired to the host country to pay for expenses. However, if you need
funds to cover team expenses in-country, Habitat for Humanity International will send you a travel advance just
before your team’s departure. At that time your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff will advance you sufficient
funds to cover your team’s budgeted expenses. The advance will be directly deposited into your bank account
approximately one week before your team’s start date. If an advance is needed you will have to fill out the
direct deposit/ACH transfer form (sent to you by your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff), attach a voided
check and return it to your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff.

If you receive a travel advance from HFHI, you must account for these funds using the Expense Accounting
Report. Thirty days before your departure, your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff will send you the Expense
Accounting information that will include an electronic spreadsheet.

Air Travel and Entry Requirements
Each team member is financially responsible for his/her own air travel. The team budget should not include team
member airfare.
Airline reservations need to be confirmed and itineraries finalized as soon as practical. Please ask each team
member to forward a copy of his/her travel itinerary to you. Share this information with your Thrivent Builds
Worldwide staff and carry a copy with you in country.

Each team member is responsible for obtaining his/her own passport and visa (if required). A passport is not
considered valid unless the expiration date is at least six months beyond the end of the trip. Each team member,
including the leader, should make a copy of the ID page of his/her passport and forward one copy to you
and one copy to their Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff. Team leaders should carry a copy of each team
member’s passport in-country.

Health Requirements
The Centers for Disease Control Web site (www.cdc.gov/travel) provides tips about how to stay healthy in
country and recommendations for immunizations. We encourage all participants to be up to date on their tetanus
shots (good for 10 years) and recommend that they consult a travel clinic and/or their personal physician about
shots that are recommended and required.

Embassy Registration
If you are traveling internationally, please register your team in advance with the U.S. embassy at
https://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs, or fax or e-mail a team roster and contact information to the embassy
listed on the emergency contact sheet sent to you by your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff. In the event of an
emergency, the U.S. embassy or consulate can be a source of assistance and information. By registering your
trip, you help the embassy or consulate locate you.

Planning and Coordination
Once the trip is confirmed, the leader works directly with the host coordinator listed in the cover letter to finalize
logistics, reservations, work schedule, etc. Please copy your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff on all written
communications you have with the host GV coordinator.

We encourage you to share supplemental information with your team members about the area/culture, travel tips,
reading list and any pertinent information you receive from your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff.

Before You Go
No later than 45 days before your team departs on the trip, the following items must be on file with your
Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff:

• Forms: Every team member (including the team leader) must have completed the Emergency Contact
Information/Waiver of Liability form as part of their online registration. The team leader will be sent a
spreadsheet with this information approximately 30 days before departure.

• Passports: Every team member (including the team leader) must copy the ID page of his/her passport and
forward the copy to you and a copy to Thrivent Builds Worldwide.

• Balance Due: Every team member must submit the remaining balance of his/her trip fee 45 days before
departure. Checks should be payable to Habitat for Humanity International. All checks and online payments
or donations must include the appropriate GV event code and eight-digit Habitat ID number.

• Travel Itineraries: A copy of every team member’s travel itinerary must be forwarded to the Thrivent Builds
Worldwide staff, and be in the team leader’s possession while in-country.
Travel Tips and Guidelines
Global Village team leaders are responsible for either booking team members’ airline tickets (closed teams) or
ensuring that team members have accurate information in order to book their own airline tickets following your
set itinerary. Global Village staff do not book travel for GV teams.

Group travel can be challenging, or can be a wonderful part of the Global Village experience. With team leaders
in mind, we have developed some suggestions about how to make the group travel to your host community a
positive experience.

1. Group Booking: You may book your team members’ airline tickets directly with an airline or through a
   travel agent. It is generally easier to hand this burden over to a trained travel agent. In times of emergency, a
   travel agent will usually have more clout with an airline than you as an individual will. Some airlines offer
   discounts to groups of 10 or more. Most agencies can also obtain similar group discounts. If you (as the team
   leader) make the arrangements for your team, you will be responsible for handling all reservations as well as
   changes for your team members.

2. Individual Booking: Many of your team members will be experienced travelers and will want to handle
   booking their own tickets. If this is the case, make sure your participants have correct dates, meeting
   locations, etc., before they book a ticket. Also, let them know that the cheapest tickets typically have the most
   restrictions. It may be worth the extra money to have more flexibility in terms of missed flights and other
   unexpected events.

3. Planning Your Team Arrival: You may have team members leave from a designated point of departure,
   meet in a gateway city, or arrive in the host country on their own. While each of these options has benefits,
   each also has its drawbacks. It can be very difficult on both you and your hosts if each team member arrives
   at a different time. This means coordinating in-country travel and having greeters at the airport. It offers the
   most potential for confusion. You may want to meet your team in a gateway city. A gateway city is a natural
   stopover where travelers can meet before continuing on to their destination country. Contact your Thrivent
   Builds Worldwide staff for travel suggestions, or talk with your travel agent about options.

4. Planning for Delays: Encourage your team members to arrive in the gateway city early. Delays are common and
   a participant can jeopardize his/her entire trip if one leg of the flight is delayed or postponed. Double-check with
   your travel agents about requirements or suggestions for layovers. For international flights, allow no less than two
   hours, with a good standard of four to five hours. Provide an emergency number for team members to call if they
   have flight delays (preferably the team leader’s voicemail).

5. Frequent Flyer Miles: Encourage your team members to register for frequent flyer miles. This is a valuable
   trip and can amount to a great number of miles.

6. Ticket Distribution: If purchasing group airfare, ask your travel agent about how they plan to distribute
   tickets. The best option for you as a team leader, if electronic tickets are not an option, is for the agent to add
   the mailing costs to the total cost of the ticket and express mail the tickets directly to the team members.
   Provide your agent with a roster of names and street addresses. (PO Box numbers cannot receive express

7. Names on Tickets: Instruct your team members to make sure the name on their airline ticket matches the
   name on their passport. Most airlines will not allow you to check in and most countries will not allow entry
   unless the names are identical.
8. Visas: Visas are often required for entry into a country. While some visas are issued upon arrival, some visas
   must be applied for well in advance of departure. Some visas can be handled electronically and can be issued
   along with the airline ticket. Check with your travel agent and the U.S. Department of State about visa
   requirements. In most cases we advise team members to apply for a tourist visa. Consult with your HFHI GV
   Engagement specialist.

9. Deviations/Extended Travel: Deviations are permitted by most airlines. Tickets should be purchased and
    issued 30 days prior to departure. Advise your team members to make decisions about side trips and deviations
    as quickly as possible. For team members who are traveling in the region before meeting up with the team,
    provide instructions to them for meeting the team either at the airport or hotel.

10. Baggage Weight Allowances: Verify baggage weight allowances with the airlines. If you have an in-country
    flight, the baggage weight allowances may differ from the international flight weight allowances.

Thrivent Builds Worldwide Staff
In addition to collecting, reconciling and acknowledging receipt of your team’s funds and retaining the
Emergency Contact Information (ECI)/Waiver of Liability forms, a copy of the passport ID page for each team
member, and the team’s travel itinerary, the Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff is your partner in finalizing the
plans for your trip. They are readily available to answer questions and provide advice. Please copy your entire
Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff on all written communications regarding your trip.

Thirty days prior to departure, your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff will send you a final packet containing: a
supply of accident claim forms; a MEDEX information card; GV Emergency Management Plan; GV Emergency
Contact Information sheet; a team roster with emergency contact information for each member; and evaluation
forms for each team member, the team leader and your host.

Available to you 24/7 while your team is traveling, your Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff will be monitoring the
progress of your team and will assist with any problems or concerns. Do not hesitate to call upon your Thrivent
Builds Worldwide staff.

Additional resources
Please visit http://www.habitat.org/gv/catalog/resources_catalogue.aspx for more Habitat, Global Village and
travel resources.

Please visit www.thriventbuilds.com/resources for specific Thrivent Builds Worldwide resources.

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