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                                     Eligible     Eligible
        Jurisdiction   Government                   Joint
State                               Individual
           Name           Type                   Allocation
                                                                                     **Eligible       Total Eligible
State                   Jurisdiction Name                                           Individual      Joint Allocation
                                                                                    Allocation       for Disparates
RI      CENTRAL FALLS CITY                                        Municipal           $40,934
RI      COVENTRY TOWN                                             Township            $12,280
RI      CRANSTON CITY                                             Municipal           $48,004
RI      EAST PROVIDENCE CITY                                      Municipal           $23,072
RI      JOHNSTON TOWN                                             Township            $12,652
RI      NEWPORT CITY                                              Municipal           $43,415
RI      NORTH PROVIDENCE TOWN                                     Township            $14,265
RI      PAWTUCKET CITY                                            Municipal           $94,768
RI      PROVIDENCE CITY                                           Municipal          $391,601
RI      WARWICK CITY                                              Municipal           $44,283
RI      WEST WARWICK TOWN                                         Township            $23,072
RI      WESTERLY TOWN                                             Township            $10,668
RI      WOONSOCKET CITY                                           Municipal           $61,773

                            Local total                                              $820,787

                           State award                                              $1,481,748

                  Grand total for Rhode Island                                      $2,302,535

**Shaded allocation amounts for disparate jurisdictions appearing in the “Eligible Individual Allocation” column
are suggested amounts based on what each jurisdiction would have been eligible to receive if there was no
identified disparity. Disparate jurisdictions are responsible for determining individual allocations and
documenting individual allocations in the MOU. Additional JAG Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the
BJA JAG web page at:

* Counties that have an asterisk (*) under the “Eligible Individual Allocation” column are ineligible for a direct
FY 2009 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) award from BJA. For JAG purposes, these
counties remain a partner with the jurisdictions receiving funds and must be a signatory on the required
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). A sample MOU is provided online at:

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