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DESCRIPTION:                                                                         SIZE:
These two plants have been mixed together mainly to assist the body with             Dandelion root & Celery seed from Vitazan Herbs& Vitamins is available in
different liver disorders.                                                           100 Capsules of 430mg.

Dandelion Root:
Active constituents : Bitter glycosides, bitter resin taraxacerin, phytosterols,
tannins, essential oils, triterpenes, inulin, levulin, saponin, enzyme, citric and
silicic acid, minerals, carotenoids, levulose, glutin, gum, vitamins A, C,
choline, niacin.
The carotenoid content in this plant is extremely high; 14.000 iu of Vitamin A
per 100g compared to 11.000 I.U. of vitamin A on carrots.

                                                                                               EACH CAPSULE CONTAINS:
This herb heads the list of excellent medicinal foods, for the liver and related
                                                                                               Dandelion Root & Celery Seed Powder ......430 mg
glands and organs.
It cleanses the blood stream and liver, and increases the production of bile.
It stimulates the flow of bile directly and also promotes the flow of bile by
inducing contraction of the gallblader.

Celery Seed:
Active constituents: essential oils 2- 3% Including apiol y furanocoumarin,
flavonoids, fixed oils, asparagin, cholin, alkaloid , tyrosin, many minerals and
trace minerals, Vitamins A,B,C,E.
Celery is a food remedy which, is detoxicant and nutritive at the same time.

The main use of celery is in treating chronic deficiency conditions involving
toxicosis. It is a good urinary restorative - stimulant remedy and acts as a
resolvent and draining diuretic, and a dissolvent for urinary deposits.

This formula is very useful for treating liver disorders like liver congestion,
hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver toxicity as well as kidney disorders. It is a good
Regenerates the liver and it is helpful with jaundice, oedema resulting from
liver problems , and fluid retention, rheumatism , gout and stiff joints, bile
duct inflammation , gallstones.
All in all increases the activity of the liver, pancreas and spleen.

As an addition to the daily diet, take 1 or 2 capsules twice a day with meals.

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